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     How Aquaman Should Have Ended 
  • After wondering why Batman and Superman are trying to take over his movie, Aquaman realizes that both of them are jealous since not only did his movie was well received but it also made a billion dollars. And to further rub it in their faces, he tells them not only are both of his parents are still alive, his mother is not named "Martha". Cue Batman and Superman going into a Heroic BSoD over this!

     How The Meg Should Have Ended 
  • The Shark from Jaws supporting the protagonist due to be jealous of the Megladon and once the latter is killed, the former turns on the humans.

     How Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Should Have Ended 
  • Much like the movie condensing Spider-Man's overall comic and movie history into three minutes, the HISHE opens up with Spider-Verse Spidey recounting his previous HISHEs, with the "we don't really talk about this" incident being when he held Batman hostage back in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 HISHE.
    Spider-Man: Yeah, that one got dark, not gonna lie.
    • Which leads to one hell of a Call-Back as Spider-Man re-encounters the kid from the Spider-Man 3 HISHE, all grown up and still bemoaning Spider-Man's narration.
  • Miles' Spider-Sense kicks in and he saves his Uncle Aaron AKA "The Prowler" just in time from a gunshot fired by Kingpin.
    Aaron: Whoa, thanks Miles. You saved my life.
    Miles: You're welcome, Uncle Aaron.
    Spider-Ham: But you're still going to prison!
    Aaron: Aw, man...
  • Peter B's cruelly accurate put down of Batman and Superman mocking other people's work when their own recent screen appearances were not very good:
    Miles: Is that Batman and Superman?
    Peter B. Parker: [stage whisper] Yeah, they just sit here all the time and pass judgment on other people's work. It's kinda sad but it's all they've got, so just go along with it. [loud voice] Hey fellas!
  • Batman's attempt to be a Caustic Critic ends up failing miserably when he suffers an emotional breakdown and admits that he considers Spider-Verse to be the GOAT of superhero movies, even admiting that Noir is his favorite. Miles, for his part, is both flattered and horrified by Batman getting so emotional.
  • Superman claiming that Spider-Man Noir sounds a bit familiar.
  • The Fridge Logic of an alternate Kingpin going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge after the main Kingpin takes his family from an alternate universe is discussed, before an alternate Fisk in white appears in the Villain Pub guns blazing.
  • Batman's own idea of a Spider-Verse like event where he hangs out in a cafe with Adam West Batman, Michael Keaton Batman, Val Kilmer Batman, Christian Bale Batman, DCAU Batman and the original Detective Comics Batman that devolves into who should say "Because I'm Batman" that Ben Affleck Batman ("I was Batman!") and even Terry McGinnis join in on. There's also Lego Batman standing on the table.
  • Miles showing Batman the shoulder touch.

     How Captain Marvel Should Have Ended 

     How Shazam Should Have Ended 
  • When Superman joins Shazam and Freddy at the lunch table, he's shown with that infamous mustache.
    Superman: It's a long story.
  • And then Batman shows up.
    Batman: Your Mom quit!
    Shazam: Wow. That was a really hurtful way of saying that. But, I'm glad you're here.
    Batman: Sorry. I don't have any parents. Batman never quits! Which means I never quit! Because I'm Batman!
  • Then the rest of the Justice League show up, followed by Billy's foster siblings becoming the Shazam family. But that isn't enough to satisfy the other kids in the cafeteria when they start chanting "Endgame! Endgame! Endgame!", due to the film having taken the spotlight after its release. Batman responds by asking the audience to "shut up and let [them] have this".
    • If one looks closely in the crowd of students, the Losers Club can be seen.

     Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 
  • In addition to Nick Fury and Maria Hill stating why they couldn't contact Thor or Captain Marvel, they shoot down Peter suggesting Black Panther ("He's running a country!"), Hawkeye ("He's got a family!"), Hulk ("He hurt his arm." and "Plus, he doesn't like smashing things anymore."), Bucky, Steve and Falcon.
    Peter: But what about—
    Fury: That's it, no more "but"s! Got it?
    Peter: Yes Mr. Fury.
    Fury: Alright, let's go to the—
    Hill: They're too faraway!
    Peter: What about Doctor Strange then? He can teleport! Or War Machine? Or Scarlet Witch? She almost killed Thanos all by herself! They'd be way better at doing this job than me! (Nick and Maria just look at each other) And what about Valkyrie? She literally has a flying horse! Did you see that thing? I even rode it! I'm still a highschooler!
    Fury: Fine, you don't wanna do this?! We'll call somebody else!
    • And then all the aforementioned heroes show up to face Hydro Man.
  • When Peter and Mysterio discuss the multiverse, an offscreen voice says they like to call it the Spider-Verse. Pan over to reveal Miles Morales, Peter B. Parker, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker and Spider-Ham.
    Miles: Hey.

     How Aladdin Should Have Ended (1992) 

     How Avengers: Endgame Should Have Ended 

    How Venom Should Have Ended 

     How The Lion King Should Have Ended 
  • Simba pounces on Zazu...and eats him. Mufasa is appalled by his son's action, but when Simba explains that it's the "circle of life", he agrees before they laugh together.
  • While Scar is placing the blame for Mufasa's death on Simba, Mufasa's spirit appears in the clouds and reveals that Scar is the one who killed him. Simba, however, has a question first.
    Simba: Wait, Dad! You just told me that when we die, we turn into the grass. Why are you in the clouds?
    • He also says what had happened: Scar shoved him into the stampede and is a big jerk.
    • Even death doesn't stop Mufasa from arguing with Sarabi over who should have watching Simba.
  • Simba gets onto Pride Rock, where he proclaims that he's king now.
    Spirit Mufasa: Simba, it's too soon!
    Simba: I told you, I couldn't wait.
  • Once Scar is exiled for being revealed to be Mufasa's murderer, he ends up in Timon and Pumbaa's jungle, where he chases the duo over their log.
    Timon: This lion does NOT wanna Hakuna Matata with us!
    Pumbaa: He's gonna eat me!
    Timon: Run, Pumbaa! Run for my life!

     How Spider-Man: Far From Home Should Have Ended 
  • The "Here's a bright idea" scientist from the Spider-Man 3 HISHE makes a comeback, advising Tony not to give E.D.I.T.H. to a hormone-addled teenager like Peter, so he instead gives it to Rhodey.
  • Jason Ionello discussing the Fridge Horror coming from Hulk reversing the Snap.
  • Peter discovers Mysterio's deception a little too early...
    Peter: (attempts to touch Mysterio, but finds out he's a hologram) Why are you a ghost?!
    Mysterio: Whelp, gotta go! (flies away while still in a sitting position) BYYEEE!!!
    • This joke is repeated with the fight against Molten Man with Peter wearing a fireman hat with his Night Monkey suit and throwing a jet of water at it from a fire hose.
      Nick Fury: (disappointed) Now that is some bullcrap.
      Maria Hill: Nick Fury wouldn't say "crap."
      Nick Fury: Dangit girl, you're gonna give me away!
  • The other live-action cinematic Spider-Men and the Spider-Gang aiding Peter in the fight against Mysterio. Highlights include:
    • Noir shooting at drones while saying, "Pew, pew, pew."
    • Miles using the Venom Strike on a drone while invoking the shoulder touch.
    • Maguire Spider-Man performs his infamous upside-down kiss on a drone. And the drone blushes, despite being a robot, before Garfield Spider-Man uppercuts it while riding a skateboard.
    • After Mysterio collapses, Spider-Ham offers to check if he's still alive by poking him with a stick.
  • At the Villain Pub, Loki calls Mysterio a copy of Syndrome, and Syndrome himself appears to tell Mysterio to go stand next to Aldrich Killian.note 
    • Followed by Beck saying that they're all just jealous because he's more attractive much to their chagrin (Zod asks "What about Killmonger? I mean me?"), Voldemort saying he's the most attractive before Palpatine tells everyone to be quiet because he's preparing for his return and Joker leaning against Quentin saying "I wish I could quit you."note 
  • Talos drops his disguise when a swarm of drones appears and shoots him down.
  • When Spidey reunites with Batman and Superman at the Super Café, we have this Subverted Catchphrase from Batman:
    Batman: Because I'm... an adult, and I can handle it.
    • Which serves as Foreshadowing that he and Supes are Skrulls, with Batman being Talos in disguise. When Talos drops the disguise and contacts the real Batman:
      Talos: They don't seem to suspect anything.
      Batman: Did you say, "Because I'm Batman"?
      Talos: (Beat) No.
      Batman: You gotta say, "Because I'm Batman"!
      Talos: Why?
      Batman: Because I'm Batman!
      Talos: I'm sorry! The opportunity didn't really present itself!
      Batman: I seriously doubt that.
      Talos: I don't know what to do! They're all gone now!
      Batman: Just don't forget next time! Ugh!
  • When Peter tells about how he revealed his secret identity to MJ, EDITH tells him to say "Well, I did and I'm awesome, so in your face."
  • Peter has E.D.I.T.H. hack J. Jonah Jameson's broadcast to hide his identity as Spidey. Cue Jameson's message being replaced with a corny text-to-speech voice framing him as Spider-Man and calling Spidey a hero, making Jameson angrily fire his staff.

    How Godzilla: King of the Monsters Should Have Ended 
  • Ghidorah, Rodan, and Mothra mocking Godzilla for not being able to fly—only for Godzilla to use his atomic Breath to launch himself ala Godzilla vs. Hedorah and rams himself into the former two.

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