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  • The Billionaire Burger Boyz of the "Fantastic Duos" competition were a laugh a minute. A pair of portly dudes with a wicked sense of humor who run a food truck in LA, they hammed it up the entire way, complete with bringing their own microphone to the judging. And doing a Mic Drop when they won the match with a Crazy Awesome pizza burger that included lobster.
    • In their Fantastic Duos reprise episode, they did a reprise of said burger when the first round asked them for a surf and turf, making this ridiculous Dagwood Sandwich. The judges' eyes nearly bulge out when they see the monstrously huge concoction. Props to Alex Guarnaschelli for just squishing it down best she could and digging in, but Guy had to hold back her hair.
  • Another one for the Billionaire Burger Boyz; they were saying "boom" so much while cooking that they rewound the tape and started a counter of how many times they said it (sixty).
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  • During one judges' contest, Carl Ruiz and Antonia Lofaso didn't even budge when Guy did his Running Gag of sneaking the "3, 2, 1, Go" countdown into his banter with them. He did it again. And again. And again. And they just stood there. It took almost 45 seconds before either of them figured out what was going on and headed into the market.

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