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  • In general, whenever he breaks out into uncontrollable laughter is pretty infectious.
    • The voice given to the guy who gives Benjamin the Mega Grenade in Mystic Quest.
    • Gabe Newell's surprise appearance in Katawa Crash.
  • The deadpan reaction and literal invocation of The Battle Didn't Count against Gades in Lufia II.
  • Completely losing it upon the reveal of how ridiculous the villain of Fire 'N Ice looks and giving him an appropriately ridiculous voice to match.
  • Using the MST3K end credits theme to close the Tom Servo (Mega Man 3) LP, complete with The Stinger.
    • Quoting the infamous "Not the bees!" line from Wicker Man while being swarmed by enemies and then continuing along like nothing happened.
  • Utilizing the song that plays during the self-destruct scenes from Spaceballs during Super Metroid's ending escape sequence.
  • Realizing what he's doing with Say My Name combined with Iku's name from Touhou Mother.
  • During Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, he only reached the highest point in the end-level mini-game once during the whole LP up through the main game. Upon returning to a previous level to collect a power to use against the boss of Level 7, he ends up going into the wrong stage, clearing the said stage for the heck of it, thinking he didn't even get close on the mini-game, and ended up just barely making it up there.
  • Breath of Fire II:
    • The first-person thought process of child Ryu vs. Babaroi.
    • The perfect segue into Monty Python's Lumberjack Song after obtaining Bunyan's axe.
    • The voices given to the frog people of Fort Nageur are so full of cheesy French accents he has a very hard time holding himself together for a good while. It gets even better when he gets characters mixed up and gives them the wrong voices.
    • The voices for the dolphins and Grandpa the whale only get sillier, with the latter being a Shout-Out to Finding Nemo.
    • The Uparupa (Oompa Loompa) song.
    • Quickly switching from Aspara's Spock Speak to his own rant of how he could have left the cage at any time.
    • Almost goes into a Heroic BSoD over Aspara's cute mushroom girl form and completely loses it on how to describe him/her.
    • His reaction to the absurd notion of the idea of a "Royal Diet Wizard" and the sad, but true statement on how his methods of weight loss are unhealthy and pointless.
    • Integrating the idea of "Killer ninja robots on flying machines!" into the list of Gigi Kupp's ideas without breaking pace or character makes it sound hilariously natural for her.
    • The voice given to Habalk brought down the house in the chat during those recording sessions.
    • There's a hilarious irony about how he is able to do Gigi Kupp's Motor Mouth voice without messing up and yet gets tongue tied so often otherwise.
  • Being on the wrong end of a Curb-Stomp Battle at the start of Mystic Quest Remastered v2.x and almost going into shock.
    • Losing a longer, more drawn-out battle later on after Tempting Fate. It's hard to tell if he's laughing or crying.
    • "Holy monkey butts on pogo sticks!" Even he has no idea where that came from.
    • When a bug causes the regular battle music in the final dungeon to play at a much lower volume, he softens his voice to make up for it.
    • Seeing the bonus boss Hades having the sprite of Kid Icarus: Uprising's Hades definitely made his day.
  • Part 9 of Return of Touhou Mother has a rough, Yosemite Sam-esque, voice given to a My Name Is ??? character before it's revealed to be Cirno. She's given that voice for the whole video instead of switching it out.
  • A real mishmash of voices in Part 11 of Return of Touhou Mother leads to him voicing Yukari doing an impression of Porky.
  • In Illusion Of Gaia, Lilly's Hartman Hips are greeted with the chorus of "Shake Your Booty" and parted with "I Like Big Butts".
    • Part 5 has a spirit talking about its people "becoming very thin, turning to stone, and melting into a puddle like water," followed up with the comment, "I think we found the origin of the X-Men!"
  • From the Super Metroid Speed Run:
    "Question: Which one wins, the Original Star Wars Trilogy or the New Star Wars Trilogy? Oh, that's a no-brainer. (Beat) Batman!"
  • Part 7.5 of Final Fantasy VI uses the most appropriate music he could think of when having to endure the auction house: "Yakety Sax"
    • The Kefka line of his bursting out with, "Now watch me take a shit!" in Part 9.
    • The latter half of Part 10 is Kefka completely unleashed and, much like Habalk, had the viewers of the recording session on the floor.
    • Drunk Setzer in Part 13 was good enough for a fan to request that Setzer be given that voice for the rest of the game.
    • The combination of Kefka's absolutely Chewing the Scenery upon being defeated followed by a small dash of Mood Whiplash.
      Dyne: (Beat) Well, that's done.
  • His defeat of Circuit Man in the first Mega Man Rock Force recording stream.
  • The Mega Man 4 race has a ton, ranging from funny comments to Sinisterkun's Karmic Deaths and the achievements that tend to snark at a lot of onscreen events.
  • Several during the Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 race:
    • The worst enemy faced during the whole race? The DLC notification menus!
    • They have a lot of fun with CFW Judge's hammy, "Dammit!" in his English voice.
    • Several character voices: Dyne's Russian Nisa, Raiza's Neptune, and celtics's Mickey Mouse.
    • Although the context of the conversation was lost, the Jump Scare moment in Part 4 counts.
  • His Kefka Plays Final Fantasy April Fools video, especially the Refuge in Audacity ending.
  • Part 4 of Soul Blazer features moose skeleton enemies. Upon seeing one he shouts, "Bullwinkle, no!" and the follow-up.
    • The reaction to the harpist playing Lisa's theme and clearly singing even though he states there are no words to the song.
  • The Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory race picks up where mk2 left off.
    • The return of the DLC notification menus! Damn them!
    • Dyne getting a little excited when Iris Heart first appears.
      Dyne: "Oh, slow pan, Male Gaze on Iris Heart. Oh, spank me mistress. Ohhh yeaah~"
      Raiza: "What the hell?! What is wrong with you, man?"
      Dyne: "I'm a straight male!"
    • Anything out of the mouth of Angry Russian Nisa.
    • Raiza "going deaf" after another "What am I fighting for?!" outburst.
  • The mechanics of some of his Super Mario Maker levels:
    • "Be a Burglar" is about breaking into Bowser's castle and robbing him blind, if you can find the correct entrance that doesn't trigger the security system.
    • The twitter announcement for "Grinding Nemo" was simply, "All drains lead to the ocean, my ass!"
    • "Forget Peach! I'm Going Home!" is about Mario giving up and heading back to the start. The actual level? A mirrored 1-1.
    • "Springfield PD Training Course" implements two of the funniest moments from The Simpsons S6E23 "The Springfield Connection" into a Super Mario World-style level.