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  • Near the very beginning, when Link gets his sword, he tries to fight the boulder with it. It doesn't go very well.
  • This:
    Link walked in and found himself inside the Deku Tree. He saw a web in the middle of the floor. "I would avoid those webs if I were you," Navi said.
    -5 seconds later-
    Link was stuck on the web in the middle and couldn't get off. "I warned you," Navi said.
  • Ganondorf's laundry issues.
  • After Link wins a bottle of milk from Lon Lon Ranch, he decides to pour the contents down Ingo's pants.
  • King Zora "mweep"s over a little too far, and falls off his ledge. He then accidentally rolls over the diving instructor.
  • The first thing Link notices when he steps out of the Temple of Time? Death Mountain is a few inches shorter.
  • Link's race with Dampe's ghost. It takes him almost 7 hours to complete, and Dampe robotically reads off his time down to the second, then still gives him the Hookshot for "being faster than him".
  • "Link screamed out in frustration as he tried to push the block farther. He had spilled grey paint on the arrows on the floor. He had of course tried to get it off but ended up smudging it. Now he was lost."
  • Link deciding to snipe at Ganon's tomato plants after seeing his castle for the first time:
    "Hey, Ganondorf has tomato plants over there!" Link said, taking out his bow. "How much do you want to bet I can shoot them?"

    "Can't on first try for 400 rupees," Navi said.

    "Can on second try for 250 rupees," Gate said.

    "Will hit someone first try for 700 rupees," Phantom said.

    Link shot an arrow which missed. It went in through a window, there was a scream and someone fell out the window into the lava. Link swore and threw an arrow which speared a plant.

    "We all win," the three said at once. Link swore again.

    Ganondorf walked out the front door, staring at them from across the gap. "Stop shooting at my tomatoes!" he screamed.
  • At the Bottom of the Well, Link finds himself surrounded by Redeads. He asks how to get out, and one of the Redeads calmly tells him. Link then pays him and leaves. Yes, a Redead.
  • Fire Temple:
    "I have an idea," analyzed Phantom Ganon. "Go up top and stand at the edge. Quickly drop an explosive onto the switch and quickly climb the fire before it restarts." Link walked through the fire and climbed. "Or you could just go through the fire since it isn't solid…"
  • The very brief appearance of "Boritae", a green Barinade who gets killed by Barinade about two seconds after appearing.
  • The voices of the Spirit Temple arguing with each other.
  • "Volvagia's stuck in the well?"
  • After the Fire Temple, Medigoron ends up in the pit below the Chamber of the Sages. When the group enters after the Shadow Temple, they find that he's set up "Medigoron's Sage Stall", a souvenir shop, in the pit.
    • The whole Shadow Medallion scene in general.
  • During the final time cycle of Majora's Mask, Twinmold's mission is to fly to the four temples and kill each of the bosses.
  • After talking about wanting a laser mask for quite a while, Link finally gets the Fierce Deity Mask and realizes he can shoot lasers with it. The result is part Funny (for the readers), part Awesome (for Link), and part Crowning Moment Of Oh Crap (for everyone else).
  • The end of Majora's Mask shows us what becomes of all the bosses. Gohma was finally turned on by the Deku Scrubs who thought she was a god and decides to go back to Hyrule to find another sentient tree to live in, King Dodongo gives the biggest no ever after his tavern is flooded thanks to Volvagia and Sharp, Barinade, Phantom Ganon, Bongo Bongo, and Twinmold set off to explore, Morpha ends up on trial and is punished by being turned into Morpheel, Twinrova decide to go and kill and replace the temporal clone Twinrova ruling the Gerudo after their potion shop burns down, Ganondorf is hogtied, Odowla purchases Majora's Mask and torments Gyorg, and Goht escorts Link back to Hyrule.
  • Diababa kissing Link.
  • Link explores the Lakebed Temple.
    The handle dropped, opening a nearby barred door. Fyrus safely lowered him down and the not-hero reluctantly proceeded into the unknown.
    The unknown looked an awful lot like a Lizalfol smacking him in the face with a shield.
    • Not too long after...
    "Fyrus help!" He grabbed at the Bari but it immediately zapped him. "OW! Fyrus help! OW! Fyrus help! OW! Fyrus help! OW!"
  • Negotiating with Fyrus is like negotiating with a brick wall, only even less intelligent.
    "I know. Fyrus, do you agree?"
    "Does Fyrus agree?"
    "That's... Is it a yes or no?"
    "Well, which one?"
    Fyrus pointed ahead of them, grinning. "That one!"
    A quick glance told Link he was pointing at nothing. "I need you to answer me with a yes, or a no. Choose yes or no, please..."
    "Why can't Fyrus have both?"