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  • "The Grouch" has to be one of their catchiest piss-take songs ever. "I've decomposed, yet my gut's getting fat/Oh my God, I'm turning out like my dad."
  • The music video for "Walking Contradiction" features the band walking around in the city, indirectly causing mayhem. For example, near the beginning of the video, Billie Joe throws a stick onto the road, which then catches on the front wheel of a cyclist behind him.
  • In the video for "Nice Guys Finish Last", Billie Joe gets taken down onstage by a fan. What makes it funny is the the replay after the incident, which looks like a football replay.
    • The entirety of the video, which treats Green Day's performance of the song as a football game, complete with going over the strategies in the locker room. "I want you on your mark, dammit!"
    • Mainly, all of these tie together as a parody to Green Day's name being similar to the Green Bay Packers, a football team.
  • "Platypus (I Hate You)". The song is already venting tons of hate, then this line comes along:
  • The 2:50 mark in this video, where Billie Joe takes a male fan and kisses him. The euphoric look on the fan's face is remarkable.
  • "All By Myself", a hidden track after the end of Dookie that has Tré singing an acoustic ballad about masturbation. No, really
  • Speaking of songs where Tré sings, there's "Dominated Love Slave", which can only be summed up as Green Day making a country song.
  • This performance of "She", where Billie Joe is apparently high onstage. Instead of singing the lyrics, he just rattles off a rapid-fire Cloud Cuckoo Lander stream of consciousness. He sounds less of himself and more like a child.
    • Made even funnier since Mike and Tré ignore him and just keep on playing the song as they should.
    • However, as the end of the video shows, he does get around to actually singing the song.
  • Billie Joe and Bill Maher discussing marijuana, as well as Billie Joe explaining to Maher what a "gravity bong" is.
  • After taking the time to honor everyone playing onstage with him, Billie Joe finally gets back around to himself and says "And my name is George W. Bush." Cue mass booing. Then he says "Actually, my name is Asshole."
    • When Billie honors Tre, he runs towards the center of the stage only to comically fall down and then dramatically run back onstage.
    • At the end of the video, we see footage of Tre including one scene of him trying to smoke lettuce, causing him to go into a violent coughing fit and fall over.
  • This gif from SNL is in the running for being the single greatest damn gif on the Internet. Mike's dancing, Billie's head is walking past, Tre's doing the Worm, and Cameron Diaz is with them. Utter madness of the most blissful variety.
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  • This live SNL performance of "East Jesus Nowhere" starts innocently, but then when the chorus is reached...out comes Will Ferrell on cowbell.
  • During one of their earlier performances Billie Joe encourages the Fans to throw clothes on stage which starts putting on. Everything he fine until somebody decides to throw a shoe on stage which promptly hit him in the nuts.
    • extra Funny Whilst he lying on the floor in pain Mike prances around him in a circle laughing.
  • The time they tried to perform Eye of the Tiger, and Billie couldn't remember more than two of the lyrics.
  • As heartwarming as it was for the band to perform at Gilman Street again, they weren't immune to trolling, as the chants of NICKELBACK from the crowd proved.


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