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  • JLA #32, page 8, with Superman miles above Earth's surface informing Huntress of a serious threat, all while icicles are forming on him; not to mention a page 12 panel with Plastic Man where he is half disguised as an assault rifle blowing a raspberry at the man holding it.
  • In JLA #9, Green Arrow (Connor Hawke) stumbles upon everyone in The Key's Lotus-Eater Machine. The Key destroys GA's equipment, forcing him to use his father's old stuff.
    Net arrows! Boxing glove arrows! How about just one! Pointed! Arrow! Dad!
    • The same issue marks the first time Batman in Morrison's tenure directly addresses rookie Green Lantern Kyle Rayner:
    "Nintendo has a lot to answer for."
  • In the "Rock of Ages" storyline, Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern are hurled into the future, and they come up with a plan to use Flash's speed and a device they find to get back.
    Aquaman: What's likely to happen here, Flash? We seem to be moving very fast, very quickly... Can we take this kind of acceleration?
    Flash: This is jogging. But when I hit top speed, then the treadmill takes over, amplifies my velocity and we hit... I don't know... faster than light squared... We're accelerating to speeds where our entire physical structures will be converted to hyperlight information!
    Aquaman: We're doing what?
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  • JLA #27: Bruce Wayne is meeting Clark Kent in Tokyo. Clark is with another woman who is introduced as Hino Rei. Bruce immediately recognizes that she's really J'onn, because the name gave it away.
  • #28: Hourman uses his knowledge of future events to basically tell the Justice Society to shut up with their Seinfeldian Conversation and move the plot along.

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