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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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Season 1

     1x01: Pilot 
  • The brutal beating is juxtaposed with Fish talking to Cobblepot about her hair getting frizzy from the rain.
  • Butch arguing with Fish's other goons on how to get the best shot for a video in which they execute Gordon. "What are you, a director?"
  • Jim and Harvey's Casual Danger Dialogue while being strung up in a meat-packing plant by Fish's goons.
    Harvey: Hey, Jim. How ya doin?
    Jim: You know...could be better. Thanks for trying to save me.
    Harvey: Kinda wish I hadn't.
    Jim: Eh.
  • And after Falcone saves them, Harvey parrots his "Yeah, there are rules!"
  • The comedian's joke, while dark as hell, is still Actually Pretty Funny.
    Comedian: I always wanted to die peacefully in my sleep, like my father. Not screaming in terror, like his passengers.
  • Alfred curtly ordering Bruce to, in his own words, "get his bloody arse off the roof."
    • While the scene is meant to be startling, Jim seeing Bruce on the roof and then wordlessly pointing to Alfred, and Alfred just scolding him like a parent.

     1x02: Selina Kyle 
  • Even as a kid...
    Gordon: What do you want me to do?
    Bruce: He wants you to talk some sense into me.
    Alfred: Haven't I told you to stop creeping up on people like that before? It's bloody rude!
  • Harvey asks Captain Essen if Fish is still mad at him and Jim.
  • Harvey calling a toast right in the middle of the Mayor's debate with Jim.
  • Harvey to Jim: "You're a monkey on a Racehorse." Despite not saying anything in response, it's clear Jim has no idea what that means.
    • Jim's disbelieving that Harvey knows anything about women.
  • Harvey to suspect: "That means I can beat you like a bongo drum and Saint Jim here won't say a word!"
    • That whole scene, inverting the entire Good Cop/Bad Cop routine where Bullock's doing the beating but being nice about it, while St. Jim is standing there glaring and doing nothing, which is somehow worse.
  • Extremely Black Comedy, but Oswald's inability to convince the mother of the guy he's kidnapped that his ransom demand is genuine, apparently because of the guy's Crying Wolf already.
    • Oswald's line about how he's willing to negotiate on the ransom as if he were selling an automobile.
  • Everything about Oswald's poor, oblivious, and not-all-there mother, with her insistence that her son's absence is due to a "painted hussy" dragging him away. (Honestly, the hussy would probably be in more trouble!) And then there's her "angelic" portrait of Oswald with slicked-back hair and a little bowtie, looking like a stereotypical Momma's Boy, which serves as a hilarious contrast to his usual ghoulish and disheveled appearance.
  • More Black Comedy. When Selina scratches the guard's eyes out, he screams to one of the child kidnappers that he needs a Doctor. The woman completely deadpan, says the doctor is here and it doesn't look that bad, and then shoots him in the face.
    • The poor guy doesn't even realize he's hearing her clear the gun when it jams first.

     1x03: The Balloonman 
  • Selina is able to swipe Bullock's pen without him noticing.
  • Gordon handcuffs Selina to a rail while he looks for the wallet she dropped in the sewer in the first episode. She picks the cuffs with the pen she stole from Bullock and then casually tosses them to him, topping it off by saying "Oh Detective! You're gonna need these".
  • Harvey repeatedly pointing out that he's mostly on the Balloonman's side, while the man has a gun to his head.
  • Harvey taking a lunch break in the middle of tracking down a suspect, which Gordon thinks is part of the process at first.
  • The episode’s quota of Black Comedy is filled when one of the Balloonman’s victims flattens a little old lady who was walking her dog.
    • Also the brief TV clip we see of the third victim being lifted up by balloon. He's a Pedophile Priest who's wearing his full Cardinal's garb when he's attacked, so the sight of him hanging by his ankle from the balloon looks like something out of a Monty Python skit ("There's another Bishop on the landing!").
  • Jim goes for the actual suspect and takes him down in routine fashion, while Harvey is getting his ass handed to him by the suspect's companion in the background. Jim stops things right before Harvey gets a television smashed down on him. Harvey returns the favor with a quick right hook. It's the look on Gordon's face that sells it. Did we mention she's a woman?
  • Bruce shows Alfred a news article about the Balloonman. Alfred's only comment is to dryly note that there really are easier ways to kill someone.
  • Oswald arriving back in Gotham, witnessing several crimes taking place in broad daylight - and getting fuzzy Home Sweet Home feelings because of this.

     1x04: Arkham 
  • A colleague of Gladwell's freaks out and seems to honestly think Gordon and Bullock are pulling their guns on her for stealing a box of paperclips.
  • Fish Mooney’s reaction to the first singer's attempt at "seduction"
    Fish: At least you can sing.
  • This exchange between Gordon and Bullock.
    Gordon: What do you think?
    Bullock: It's a complete waste of time.
    Gordon: It's a lead. Our only lead.
    Bullock: Says you.
    Gordon: Come on, there's no way you can be this lazy.
    Bullock: Have you ever considered that I might be a better detective than you?
    Gordon: (smiling sarcastically} Yeah, I considered it.

     1x05: Viper 
  • The note in the Guitar Player's guitar case at the start: "Why Lie? I Need Money For Drugs."
    • And a guy actually puts some money in the guitar case.
      • And then a guy actually puts some drugs in the guitar case... except that turns out to not be so funny after.
  • After Gordon drags him to a crime scene on hearing an alarm, Harvey Bullock only has one question: Did anyone die? On being told no, he concludes, "Well, we're homicide, and on lunch break," and turns to walk away.
  • The episode gets its Black Comedy streak going early with the guitar player's death via ATM, in addition to his bones crumbling to dust. And that's just the start. Bloody Hilarious, indeed.
    • And a bit earlier, when Gordon and Bullock first learn about the super strength, the Jump Cut to the guitar player with the ATM on his back, running down the street like a mad bull.
  • Oswald Cobblepot's hilarious reaction when he's asked if he doesn't like the name Penguin.
  • Bullock wondered if there was dark and moral problems when he asked the professor on the suspect since he and Jim were told that he made shampoos for a living.
  • Bullock asking a murderous professor "What's altruism?" To specify, he has no idea what the word means and is convinced it's a vital part of their case.
    • Even funnier? Gordon's exasperated explanation of the word triggers a Eureka Moment about where the killer will target next. So it was a vital part of the case.
  • Speaking of Black Comedy: "Fascinating!"

     1x06: Spirit of the Goat 
  • Any time Oswald enters Snark Mode.
    : Oswald: Hi Ma, I'm alive.
  • Oswald splashing in the bathtub.
  • Bullock's failed joke about the word "therapist".
  • Bullock telling a brainwashed man to heel after being attacked by surprise.
  • Gordon is surprised to learn that Bullock had white knight tendencies when he was partnered with Dix.
    Gordon: ...we're talking about Bullock here?
    Dix: We're talking about Bullock here.
    Gordon: Harvey Bullock?
    Dix: [mouthing] Harvey Bullock, yeah.
  • Nygma "helping" the police archivist by reorganizing everything "laterally," with accompanying hand-motions whenever he says the word.
  • As Gordon is being arrested for killing Cobblepot, shouting that he didn't do it, Bullock leaps in to agree, not getting at all that Gordon is admitting to Bullock himself that he really didn't do it. It takes Oswald himself strolling into the building for Bullock to get it, at which he instantly starts trying to beat Gordon up. The scene basically reads as:
    : Gordon: I didn't kill Cobblepot!
    : Bullock: That's right, he didn't kill him! (Penguin walks in) ...YOU DIDN'T KILL HIM?!
  • Bullock has been arranging for Dix to get a steady supply of dirty magazines, much to his nurse's disapproval.
  • When arresting the therapist, Bullock says she's under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder, coercion and "a few other things we'll probably have to name after you."

     1x07: Penguin's Umbrella 
  • A completely plastered Bullock brings a prostitute - "Duchess"?! - to Gordon's apartment on his trip to join Gordon's fight against the city's corruption, and insists on sleeping with the woman first. Gordon thinks he's joking at first, then gets a look of pure horror when the two actually head into his bedroom.
    • No, seriously, her name's Duchess?!
      • Wait, they used Barbara's bed?!?!
    • Furthermore, when Gordon explains his grand plan for taking down Falcone, Bullock has one hell of a retort:
      Bullock: What, did you sit down with a panel of chimpanzees and a bucket of crack and come up with that one?
    • Apparently Bullock has a fetish for playing Marco Polo. Do not get into a pool with him.
  • During the face-down at Falcone's mansion, once Falcone has turned the tables and is openly talking about killing Gordon, the corrupt mayor can't get out of the room fast enough.
    • Bullock, in the middle of Falcone's monologuing, interrupts with a request for a last drink or a meal.
  • Zsasz's angry expression when he realizes Falcone is letting Gordon, Barbara and Bullock go unharmed. Like a spoiled child finding out a parent isn't going to let him enjoy adding to his body count.
    • The fact that Zsasz's ringtone is Funkytown.
    • Almost every bit of dialogue out of Zsasz's mouth, due to the hilariously deranged expressions he makes. Particularly the way he says, "PLEASE," when ordering the police to leave the precinct.
  • Oswald having to explain to Maroni what sound a goose makes.
    Oswald: Why do they want me back so badly?
    Maroni: I know why. Because they know I got a stone money maker here! A golden goose! They know it, and they don't want us to have him! Right, Penguin?
    Oswald: Honk honk!
    Maroni: ...What?
    Oswald: "Honk honk". It's what geese say.
    Maroni: R-right, right, honk honk!
  • Oswald's 'sincere apology' to Fish Mooney. Even better, the apology is actually sincere! He truly doesn't mean disrespect to Falcone! He's just taking the time to wind Fish up!
  • The mayor confused on Gordon serving an arrest warrant on him with the mayor asking if he's nuts. Bullock tells him that it depends on the perspective.
  • Gordon explains to Captain Essen that he plans to just go to just flat out arrest the mayor and Falcone. Essen's response is to ask him if he's insane. Gordon's reply?
    Gordon: No. (Pauses, thinking) Well, maybe a little. Feels good!
    • Just... Just look at Gordon's face when he says "Feels good!" He looks like he's starting the slow descent into madness.
  • Mooney's goon Butch stops a shipment of Maroni's guns, and tells the drivers that they're not letting any of Maroni's trucks through until he hands over Cobblepot. The goon then adds that he's going to have to rough up the drivers, and asks if they'd like to be beaten up or shot.
    Driver: Why do we have to be roughed up?
    Butch: So Maroni knows we're serious.
    Driver: We'll tell him, he'll know you're serious.
    Butch: [frustrated] You know what? [shoots the drivers in the legs, then walks off looking annoyed]
    • How that scene even happened: Butch politely kidnapped and tied a troop of nuns across a bridge underpass to stop the truck. Black Comedy up the wazoo with that stunt.
  • Maroni orders Oswald to come to the table he is sitting at with Mooney, remarking that he doesn't have to be afraid, she won't bite him - and then asks Mooney if this is indeed true. She answers with cold silence, as if seriously considering it.

     1x08: Masks 
  • The entire premise of turning dog-eat-dog corporate finance into a fight club.
  • Mama Cobblepot's homemade rat traps built like dollhouses. So cozy-looking rats might intentionally go in just to use the sofa at least once.
  • Gordon's trapped in the office space used for the fight clubs. Black Mask tells the three would-be employees that the rules had changed for this fight: the one to kill war-hero cop Gordon gets the job. Just as Gordon tells the three that they could still walk away from this, Black Mask casually adds, "Oh and a million dollar signing bonus." At which point Gordon has a fight on his hands.
    • Part of what makes the whole thing funny is Gordon's response to the signing bonus announcement: "Aw, crap..."
      • After Gordon defeats the three prospective employees, Sionis pithily remarks that he'll just have to give himself the million dollars. How that would even work is anyone's guess.
    • By dint of Gordon beating all three, as well as Bad Boss Black Mask, doesn't he get that signing bonus...?
      • Since Gordon was not a prospective employee, he probably wasn't eligible.
  • Bullock, realizing Gordon's done gone run off and got captured again, tries to get the GCPD to get off their asses to help find Gordon. Considering what happened previous episode, Bullock's not getting any takers. So it's up to him to give a Rousing Speech where he admits Gordon's an "asshat" but that he's still a cop, and the Gotham cops ought to help their own. Becomes a Heartwarming moment when the cops - starting with Essen, who apologized earlier to Gordon for her cowardice - relent and help out.
  • Bruce failing to convince Alfred to home-school him.
  • What does Bruce wanna do after beating up the school bully Tommy Elliott? ORDER A PIZZA!
  • At one point in the episode, a pair of policemen see fur coats, a purse and other objects flying out of a storm drain. Curious, they walk over to investigate and out pops Selina Kyle. Her reaction to being caught like this is priceless.
    Selina: Hi. ["What-can-you-do?" look] A girl's gotta shop.
  • Gordon is on edge after all the other cops turned their backs on him last week, and is unusually threatening with a suspect. Bullock adds "I'd give you a good cop routine, but it's not in my playbook."
  • Nygma is doing a forensic examination of a body. While recording, having noted the time, date and name of the victim, he pauses and adds in the exact same tone that he had part of a muffin earlier and is saving the rest for later.
    • "What do a dead man, a cruise ship and an emu have in common? (holds mike to the dead guy) That's right. Nothing."
    • What really sells this scene is at the end, when it's revealed that Nygma's not actually allowed to examine the bodies and that he makes a habit of doing this behind the medical examiner's back.
    • Later on, we have Harvey Bullock walking out on one of Ed's riddles.

     1x9: Harvey Dent 
  • Selina, watching Bruce test himself underwater: "You are the weirdest kid I know!" Oh, Selina, just you wait...
    Selina: What, so if someone attacks you with a diving board, you'll be ready?
    Bruce: Yes.
    Selina: *Incredulous look.*
  • The ringtone on the hidden bomb? The Final Countdown. Gotham's criminals may be a superstitious and cowardly lot, but they have a sadistic silly streak as well.
  • Bruce's reaction when Selina asks him if he's ever kissed a girl, and asks him if he wants to. He's a stuttering wreck for about ten seconds before Alfred announces it's time for his studies. They way Bruce says "Thank you Alfred" sounds like he's thanking him for getting him out of that awkward situation.
  • There's something profoundly hilarious about the fact that the first ever showdown between Batman and Catwoman is a food fight in his living room.
  • When Selina, who is staying at Wayne manor, mentions that she's hungry:
    Bruce: There's plenty of food in the kitchen, and Alfred will be happy to make you-
    Afred: No, he won't be, will he, because it's not a bloody hotel.
  • Lovecraft's completely befuddled face when Harvey Dent reacts to his threat by getting into full scary mode and threatens him back.

     1x10: Lovecraft 
  • Selina and Bruce's conversation at the beginning of the episode:
    Selina: You want to kiss me?
    Bruce: No, thank you.
    Selina: No?
    Bruce: I would like to, but I can't help feeling you have an ulterior motive. I don't imagine you consider me a suitable romantic partner, so why would you want to kiss me? I don't know.
    Selina: You think too much, kid. I'm just trying to be nice.
    Bruce: No offense, you don't strike me as a nice person.
    Selina: What do you mean? I'm nice.
    Bruce: I don't mean you're not a good person, but you're not nice. You don't care much for other people.
  • After his first try at roof-hopping and barely managing to not go splat, Bruce, very politely, asks Selina to stop running because he's out of breath.
  • Alfred, having found Bruce alive at the flea market warehouse, does his best Stiff Upper Lip response over his desperation to find the boy, saying he can't let Bruce die because nobody else employs butlers anymore in this day and age.
  • Just the idea of Bullock teaming up with Alfred during the hunt for Bruce and Selina...
    • And how Alfred plays Good Cop during a perp sweat by simply bribing him with money.
    • Alfred laying down an insult on Butch, mocking his name before laying the smackdown on the mobster.
  • Just as a gun fight goes down: "Am I the only person in this city who waits for back-up?"
  • In a way, this episode marks Bruce and Selina's first date on the town.
  • After Selina pulls Bruce away from Ivy:
    Bruce: She's just a little girl. Why are you so scared of her?
    Selina: Because she's scary! Don't look back!

     1x11: Rogues' Gallery 
  • The episode begins with a prisoner's production of 'The Tempest'. No one seems particularly invested except for Frogman Jones, who begins twitching irritably when Royston starts singing and eventually just runs up on stage and starts beating him up.
  • When Cobblepot is in the holding cell at the GCPD, Bullock compares him to a "bonsai tree". Another in the holding cell just asks, "What's a bonsai tree?" With some added laughs to how Cobblepot Head Desk after hearing that comment against the bars of his cell.
    • Just the smooth, sarcastic way Bullock mocks having Pengy in that jail cell.
  • Maroni calls a GCPD detective a "mook" for not listening to his request to free Penguin from his cell.
  • Just having Bullock in this episode, period. The second he shows up at Arkham on Gordon's phone call for help, almost gleeful in teaming up with Jim one more time.
  • Selina breaks into Barbara's (and Jim's) abandoned apartment in order to find Ivy a warm bed and meal. "I'm sure they're gone. There's something smells bad."
    • And Ivy later answers the phone. Turns out it's Barbara having been run off by Montoya seeing if Jim's back. Ivy pretends over the phone to be a "friend of Jim's" and getting poor Barbara jealous enough to hang up in a rage.
    • Ivy asks Cat to make her something vegan?! TRAITOR...
  • The interrogation montage of the Arkham inmates has some funny moments, including...
    • When asked if he stole the keys, the inmate just breaks out crying.
    • Another inmate just sits there with a messed up look on his face, laughing.
    • Another simply sits there petting a teddy bear, before lunging forward and trying to strangle Gordon.
    • When told an inmate was a nice boy: "It says here you killed your family with an axe!" Inmate replies "I said 'Sorry'!"

     1x12: What The Little Bird Told Him 
  • Bullock making a deadpan introduction on "The Electrocutioner".
  • After Gordon and Bullock find out who The Electrocutioner is after, the show immediately cuts to Maroni at lunch, as he is in the middle of telling all of his goons about a time he viciously ripped someone's eye out. laughing and going on about it as if it were delightfully hilarious. Penguin and the rest all laugh along with him, of course.
  • Cobblepot's bad excuse for leaving Maroni to meet with Falcone regarding his mother's heart condition, saying things like "it's her... valves."
  • Cobblepot getting electrocuted and blasted across Maroni's restaurant. It happens to him again later on at the police staton. Again, right as he was about to leave. By the end of the episode, he looks banged up bad enough that you'd be mistaken for forgetting that this was his triumphant moment over Fish.
  • The bomb that blasted Maroni and his men. You'd expect some people to die from it, but instead everyone walks out singed and frazzled. It seemed like it was more of a childish prank than an attempt on Maroni's life.
  • When taking refuge at the GCPD precinct, Maroni casually makes himself at home by taking someone's chair, plopping Penguin's unconscious body onto a random desk, and ordering a uniformed female cop to get him a coffee.
  • Nygma's continued failed attempts at making a good impression on his crush, Ms. Kringle.
    Ms. Kringle: You left this on my desk.
    Nygma: It's a riddle.
    Ms. Kringle: It's a cupcake with a live bullet sticking out of it.
    Nygma: ... It's a riddle.
    Ms. Kringle: It's menacing and weird and inedible!
    • Though his explanation of the riddle ultimately doesn't make much sense, this is still a funny way of illustrating how Nygma's mind works.
  • The Electrocutioner pointing out Maroni to his henchman, who lies unconscious with Cobblepot sprawled on top of him.
    The Electrocutioner: He's over there, beneath the funny looking fellow.
  • It's pretty funny how Falcone shows up to the meet with Fish wearing Liza's little purple flower on his lapel. It turns into a bit of Nightmare Fuel quickly, but it's still an unusually funny sight.
  • Falcone raging at Fish for using the affection he had for his late mother against him, referring to her as "My sainted mother!"
  • Bullock deflating Gordon's attempt to declare the gloves are off in his fight against the city's corruption, as he can only ask over and over if Gordon actually thought he was being subtle before.
    Gordon: I'm done being careful.
    Bullock: You think you've been careful so far?
    Gordon: I'm taking them all down.
    Bullock: You think you've been careful so far.
    Gordon: The mayor, Falcone, and every dirty cop I know about.
    Bullock: You think. You've been careful. So far.
  • The priceless look on the Electrocutioner's face when Gordon takes him down with a cup of water.
  • Bullock asks if Gordon got "nasty pictures" of him and Loeb from the press.
  • After Gordon mouths off to Loeb:
    Loeb: Follow me.
    Bullock: Real nice knowing you.
    Loeb: Bring your friend, Bullock.
    Bullock: I hate you. I hate you.

     1x13: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon 
  • Drunk Penguin. That is all.
  • The encounter between Bruce and Ivy.

     1x14: The Fearsome Dr. Crane 
  • When Maroni tries to give Penguin a Secret Test of Character, he obviously leaves his gun in an obvious bag, and, of course, Penguin grabs it as soon as Maroni leaves the room. Maroni tells him that the gun is loaded with blanks. Penguin tries to shoot him.
  • Even when Penguin is about to die via car crusher, he still tries to save his skin by calling Maroni's cell. At this point, Maroni is beyond fed up with the little bird's crap. The whole interaction makes it all the funnier. When Maroni is watching the car crusher, he hears his phone ringing and looks at his phone to see it is Oswald and sees him on the phone in the compacting car.
    Maroni: (Chuckling) You have got to be kidding me.
    • Then Maroni's reaction when Penguin gets away.
  • When Edward gets caught performing an unauthorized autopsy on a corpse (again) he does a Face Palm with his blood-stained glove.
  • Bullock is terrified of the thought of a single Jim Gordon, given what a pain he's been while actually getting laid.
  • The sheer surrealness of Penguin being rescued by a church choir. His pouty expression when getting on the bus is priceless.
  • Crane's murders fill this episode's quote of Black Comedy:
    • The first victim is hung by being thrown down of the roof of a skyscraper. The hanged body is visible can be seen from a room in the building, only the colf in it is too busy cleaning and singing to look out.
    • The second victim is seen exiting home, and panicking at the sight of Crane holding a small pig in his arms and petting it. Later, Jim and Bullock (who just had the discussion about Jim being a pain while actually getting laid) barge on Crane's accomplice about to kill him... And after shooting him they notice he's surrounded by pigs, and can only say "What the hell?".
  • Ed getting back at the medical examiner for getting him suspended by doing something with his closet. What, exactly? Well, when he opens it, the examiner gets hit by the mountain of human arms and legs inside it. And then he's seen with some in his arms by other cops.
    • One of the cops later goes to Essen with one of the arms.
    "Not now Joe. *Beat* Wait. Tell me that's not what it looks like."

     1x15: The Scarecrow 
  • Don Falcone metaphorically telling the Penguin that he needs to sort out his priorities while Penguin assumes he's ignoring the prospect of Maroni trying to whack him.
  • When Gordon and Bullock discuss the recent murder with Edward Nygma, Bullock takes one of Nygma's chemicals and thoughtlessly attempts to drink it. Edward stops him just in time.
    • Nygma cheerful giddiness in seeing the lovely Leslie Thompkins coming in as the new Medical Examiner, chatting up how "pretty" she is right in front of a flustered - and potentially jealous - Gordon. He also notes that she's much nicer than the former M.E. and lets him use one of the rooms to examine bodies.
  • Oswald Cobblepot meets Edward Nygma. No moment in particular; just the entire scene, really, starting with the hilariously awkward eye contact. The start of the greatest Villainous Friendship on the show, everybody.
  • The lone punker slamdancing on his own in front of the rock band at Penguin's grand re-opening of Fish's old club.

     1x 16 The Blind Fortune Teller 
  • Barbara goes back to her apartment looking for Jim and and instead finds Selina and Ivy squatting there. After they tell her that Jim has moved out some time ago, Barbara just sits down on the couch and starts chatting with them as if it is perfectly reasonable for the girls to be there.
  • Barbara taking fashion advice - trying to win Gordon's attention back - from a couple of street urchins squatting in her apartment.
    • Granted, the street urchins are femme-fatales-in-the-making Ivy and Selina. But what does it say about Barbara when pre-teens are more sensible about dating tips than her, a grown woman?
    • And she doesn't seem to notice that one of them has roughly the same voice that she got so upset about a few episodes ago.note 
  • Gordon using a snake to sniff out the whereabouts of the circus' missing snake handler. Which kind of borders on genius considering snakes do have a good sense of smell and the snake would be particular in finding its owner. Still, Gordon has to explain this one to Essen - and the audience, who were all sitting there going WTF?
  • Gordon's exasperated expression when the circus he's taken Leslie to for a date breaks down into a riot/fight between the clowns and the acrobats. Why yes, another night arresting more clowns...
  • The Mythology Gag of meeting Dick Grayson's parents.
    • And the Feuding Families situation between the two making it so much a Shout-Out to Romeo and Juliet. Over a horse? Even Bullock can't take it seriously.
      • A dispute over a horse-involved incident that occurred three generations ago (50 to 75 years).
  • Bullock uses his keen detective skills to figure out Gordon finally got laid.
  • Bullock's reaction upon entering the police station and seeing all the circus people who were brought in for questioning.
  • While holding her speech in front of the other prisoners, Fish uses one of them as a pedestal.
  • Despite Leslie being the one who invited Jim to dinner, she's the one still mulling over Cicero's words. Until she figures them out, turning them into a lead. A location at the bottom of a bridge. And then she insists on kicking the investigation along by going there. Just after sundown. In the middle of dinner. Jim's expression just screams "WOMAN..."
  • When Leslie called out Jim hypocrisy for wanting a woman who share his actions yet (in her words) he wants her to "stay home and bake cookies". Jim said that's not really true...He would want her to stay home to bake any kind of pie.

     1x 17 Red Hood 
  • The initial wearer of the hood emceeing the robbery, chattering madly. Gains even more hilarity to comic book fans who know the identity of the original Red Hood.
    • The elderly bank guard firing practically point-blank range and missing the Red Hood. Lampshaded immediately by Gordon and Bullock, who are told that the guard wasn't wearing his prescription glasses.
    • Even before the robbery, as the gang stands outside bickering over whether they should have color-coordinated with the guy bringing the red hood.
  • The foolish one falling victim to Klingon Promotion after suggesting that the wearer of the hood should be the leader.
  • The bartender at Oswald's explains that they've run out of booze. Oswald points out that there's a whole wall of bottles behind them, only to find that the bottles are only filled with water for looks and the real stuff is under the counter. Which is a practice of many bars in real life.
  • Barbara returns the favor from the previous episode and tries to teach Selina how to use her appearance as a weapon. Selina asks how well that's worked for Barbara.
  • Bullock's effective detective skills not only find the body of the first Red Hood, but the stash of beer in the same fridge.
  • The cops find an eyewitness to the second robbery, who'll only agree to viewing a lineup if the department clears a bunch of parking fines that his wife nags him over. And after the lineup, complains about his mistress getting upset if he doesn't show up on time.
  • The name of the gang leader - and the second Red Hood - is Destro?
  • How does Butch procure liquor for the Penguin's tavern? An IPO caper that fools even the Penguin!

     1x 18 Everyone Has A Cobblepot 
  • A moment of Black Comedy that doubles as a Mythology Gag for The Dark Knight. Cobblepot has the elderly couple that were guarding Loeb's daughter in his club, and tells them he knows Falcone will have them killed for failing him, but fortunately for them , Cobblepot has one train ticket to Arizona. The husband refuses since they've been married 30 years, but the wife turns on him and strangles him with a table cloth. She then turns around and finds Cobblepot pointing a shotgun at her. There's no train, he just needed their help; he only has one shell left. *bang*
    • Just the gleeful way Cobblepot watches the ensuing fight, enjoying the rare wine he just ordered as well.
  • When Bullock says Loeb's farmhouse doesn't look like what he expected, Oswald asks if he was expecting a sign that said "Super secret blackmail horde." Bullock shot back saying the last time the three of them went for a car ride, Cobblepot was in the trunk (reference to the first episode) and liked that way better.
  • And the uncomfortable polite chatter with the friendly elderly couple living at the farmhouse.
    • With Bullock making snide comments about the noticeable thumping of some huge raccoon upstairs...
  • When Loeb's bird-obsessed crazy daughter spies Cobblepot for the first time: "He looks like a bird!" Considering what she does to birds, Cobblepot might want to reconsider his deal with Gordon to be alone with Loeb's secret for five minutes...
  • Gordon and Dent's dawning realization of what's about to go down in the Chinese restaurant.
    • There is something both terrifying AND funny about being chased by knife-wielding Chinese accountants.
  • Nygma's sure the attraction between Ms. Kringle and Flass was not intellectual. Why?
    "How could it be, with that gorilla?"
  • The Dollmaker asks his new assistant Fish whether the guests would enjoy a salsa night. She responds with a blunt 'No.' The Dollmaker appreciates her honesty, but he likes salsa and puts it on the schedule for Tuesday anyway.

     1x 19 Beasts of Prey 
  • Bullock's none too happy that Gordon's taking on extra cases, and confronts Edward Nygma with it. "Question: do you want to work more or work less?" Nygma responds with "Is this a riddle?" So you saw it, boys and girls: Bullock out-Riddled the Riddler.
    • "Let me say it in Spanish: No!" A delightful subversion of El Spanish "-o".
  • Some Black Comedy when the Penguin interrogates the guitar player who apparently seduced the daughter of a bar owner they've been trying to buy over. The Mook with Penguin suggests shooting the truth out of him. Penguin points out that as a guitar player, the loss of his fingers would hurt more. The mook suggests shooting his fingers.

     1x 20 Under the Knife 
  • Alfred's gleeful Shipper on Deck attitude when Bruce tells him that Selina is gonna be his date of the charity ball.
    • His description of Selina as a "healthy young girl with a penchant for wearing too much leather."
  • The nonchalant way Selina tells Barbara that she's going to be Bruce's date at the Charity Ball.
    • Followed by a delivery of fancy clothes and accesories for her to chose from for the Ball courtesy of Alfred. Selina is not thrilled at the prospect of having to wear high-heeled shoes. They hurt.
  • As Bruce and Selina dance together at the ball, they begin to draw attention from the other partygoers.
    Selina: Why is everyone staring?
    Bruce: Well, I am Bruce Wayne.
  • Edward Nygma researching and deducing stabbing stabbing watermelons to a pulp.
    Edward (pretending to talk into a speaker): Yum.

     1x 21 The Hammer or The Anvil 
  • Nygma's look of exasperation as he's trying to dispose of Dougherty's body and Ms. Kringle interrupts him (and discovers the body parts), as well as his explanation for them, is good Black Comedy.
  • Bullock going undercover at the Foxglove sex club, and witnessing the "main attraction" onstage. The viewer doesn't get to see what it is—we only hear the sounds of a woman, a man, a whip, a chainsaw, and a pig—but it's horrifying enough to make Bullock drop his cover immediately.
    Bullock: Oh no... hell no. [voice cracking] GCPD! Nobody move! [points at the stage] Especially you two!

     1x 22 All Happy Families Are Alike 
  • Gordon stopping Penguin right when he's about to kill Falcone.
    Penguin [frustrated]: ...Walk away!
    Gordon: Shut up. You're both under arrest for attempted murder.
  • When he's tied up at the mercy of Fish Mooney, Gordon tries to win over Selina (who's joined up with Fish) by giving her a very insincere smile. It does not work.
    • Fish gives a rundown of how she's going to kill Falcone, Oswald, Gordon, and Bullock; she tells Gordon she'll keep it simple for him, but lets Harvey live!
      Fish: And you? We're cool.
  • The shocked look on Oswald's face when he sees Fish alive when they arrives at the old warehouse where Falcone's gang used to resides is priceless, considering he's been relishing in the belief that she was gone.
  • In the middle of Barbara going full Ax-Crazy on Leslie, we get a pretty obvious Shout-Out to The Shining as Babs batters down the bathroom door to get at Lee. Bordering more on Black Comedy than pure Narm.
  • The aftermath of the fight when Gordon, Bullock, and Falcone walk on Lee banging Barbara's head on the floor and when Les say Barbs' gone crazy. Harvey shouts out that he's called it.

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