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Season 4

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     4x 01 Pax Penguina 
  • The sheer Refuge in Audacity of Penguin licensing crime.
  • The band at the wedding is playing a retro cover of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. The show's not even trying to pretend it's not trolling the audience anymore.
  • Bruce pulling his first Batman-style Stealth Hi/Bye on Gordon, in the middle of the GCPD in broad daylight. Gordon's confusion is priceless.
  • Zsasz is back, and as usual is worth some Black Comedy laughs:
    Zsasz: [kisses the bride's hand and begins to grab her ring] Mazel tov!
    [his men shoot into the air and begin robbing the guests]
    Zsasz: [to the bride] Seriously?
    [The bride lets him take her ring]
    Zsasz:' Best. Wedding. Ever!
    • His back and forth with Tabitha when he shows up at her and Selina's rundown apartment.
    Zsasz: Didn't you use to be rich?
    Tabitha: That was before your boss stole my club.
    Zsasz: Well, you killed his mother and tried to kill him, so... call it even?
  • Oswald does a big speech to the frozen Ed, noting how he now feels trapped and "I wonder which one of us is frozen." Naturally, Ivy points out it's Eddie.
  • Oswald cheerfully claiming he has medical records to back up Eddie being frozen due to a terminal illness. The hilariously melodramatic sob story he conjures up really sells it.
  • Oswald under the effects of Fear Gas. Although his vision of a demonic Riddler could double as Nightmare Fuel, it's amusing to see one of the most feared criminals in Gotham reduced to a terrified, sobbing mess. Jim's face when Oswald hugs him around the waist sells it all.
  • Alfred's exasperation at the latest round of The Masochism Tango between Bruce and Selina — her making him balance on a rooftop ledge with her to deliver his apology for being a jerk last time they talked.
    "You two! Why can't you meet at the bloody cinema like normal teenagers?"

     4x 02 The Fear Reaper 
  • Bruce explaining he got caught simply because he naturally assumed the Gotham cops would never respond to an alarm so quickly.
  • Bruce's explanation to Gordon for why he was on a rooftop: "I was looking for Selina Kyle."
    • Gordon's face is is priceless— On one hand, he thinks Bruce is bullshitting him; on the other, loitering on rooftops in order to find Selina is exactly the kind of thing Bruce would do.
  • Barbara brushing off Tabitha and Selina's shock at her being alive.
    Barbara: It's Gotham. Next time, check for a pulse.
  • Zsasz practically squeeing over the weapons in Barbara's arsenal.
  • Harvey's trying to persuade Jim from not going to Don Falcone for help.
    "You killed his son! Italians don't forget that sort of thing!"
  • When Lucius Fox delivers the first of the proto-Batman suits, he keeps mentioning the equipment is for "rock-climbing," even mentioning the two way radio installed to keep in touch whilst "climbing rocks."
  • It seems Bruce is a fan of The Simpsons: when getting out his proto-Batman suit, he remarks that it's so lightweight it's "like I'm wearing nothing at all!"

     4x 03 They Who Hide Behind Masks 
  • When he discovers Ed's body is missing, Oswald freaks out. Victor is less upset as he takes in the massive hole in the ice block.
    Zsasz: I don't know. I think it opens up the room.
  • Also, how very pleased with himself Zsasz sounds to have nailed the "frog in a blender" riddle.
  • Just the insane humor of Nygma being "rescued" by a nutcase stalker who was also a former grade school classmate.
  • Bruce's pathetic attempt at a "tough guy" accent at the docks.
  • Bruce hamming it up at the auction. A theme of the episode is Bruce learning to wear masks, whether they be actual masks or metaphorical ones in the form of new personas. He's learning now how to play Bruce Wayne.
    • Bruce and Barbara want the same knife, and twice, Bruce outbids Barbara by one dollar. The third time, he outbids her by one cent.
    • And the Penguin deliberately cutting off Barbara's rival bid just because she annoys him.
  • Selina comes into Wayne Manor's study to find Bruce in the dark.
    Selina: Why are you sitting alone in the dark?
    Bruce: I was expecting someone else.
    Selina: Like who?
  • In a bit of Black Comedy, Victor Zsasz complimenting Myrtle's dress before he shoots her dead.

     4x 04 The Demon's Head 
  • Ed sends Oswald a message in the form of two homeless men, who rap the riddle. Victor bops his head along with the tune.
    • There's also Victor repeatedly whining about wanting to torture the men. Finally, Oswald gets so annoyed he lets him.
    • Perhaps inevitably, the show's aversion of the One Steve Limit gets a lampshade when Penguin tells Zsasz not to kill Riddler.
      Penguin: I want Victor to freeze him again.
      Zsasz: Huh?
      Penguin: Not you. The other Victor.
    • Later, when Nygma shows up to confront Penguin, he's ambushed by Freeze, who casually asks him if he wants to be frozen in the same pose as last time, or something new, as if discussing a haircut.
    • Oswald outright telling Nygma that his riddles suck.
  • Oswald and Victor find a trio of mobsters wanting to throw in with Falcone.
    Oswald: Victor, how many graves did you dig?
    Victor: Two. But they're roomy.
  • Gordon getting rid of Anubis, Ra's vicious dog-man, with an absurd yet logical action: Throwing him a dinosaur bone to fetch, out a window.
    • When Gordon demands Anubis' handler state who sent them, the man responds viciously in another language.

     4x 05 The Blade's Path 
  • #4 on Penguin's "To-Do" list is "Kill Sofia Falcone". When she comes to him to offer him an alliance, he tells his employee to add a question mark to the end.
  • Ed tries to rob a pharmacy and screams about how they don't have anything for him. The tied-up clerk notes that "a pill to handle your brain being frozen and unfrozen? That's kind of specific...."
  • The clerk claims he has some experimental drugs hidden away. Ed looks for them just in time for the clerk to ram a quill pen into his hand. He then grabs Ed's gun...which turns out to be fake. He tosses it into Ed's ribs causing him to yell and stalks out, adding that the pills are just sugar.
  • Almost all of Ed's interactions with Solomon Grundy, the newly zombiefied Butch, are hilarious and oddly touching:
    • After his Epic Fail of robbing a pharmacy, Ed downs the sugar pill bottle he took, then runs into Grundy. He shouts, "Butch?!" in a You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! tone, tries to goad him to go after Barbara instead, and comments on his Undeathly Pallor. Grundy gives him a Tap on the Head and remarks, "Man talk too much." After waking up the next morning, Ed first assumes the incident was a freaky trip from the pills before Grundy shows himself again.
    • Ed rants, heartbroken, that he is too damaged himself to help Grundy remember his past, Grundy finds a way to cheer him up: A stolen hotdog cart.
    Ed: Well, I am feeling a bit peckish.
    • Ed being proud of himself for thinking of something mundane as to throw water on Grundy when he gets lit on fire, and Grundy thanks him with a Bear Hug.

     4x 06 Hog Day Afternoon 
  • Penguin's annoyance when Zsasz keeps referring to his time with Sofia as a "date".
  • Due to his brain damage, the only threat Nygma can give Lee is a vague promise of doing "something" to her clinic if she doesn't help him. She can't help but laugh in his face.

     4x 07 A Day in the Narrows 
  • Brant brags that he can get them into this club. The club bouncer can't find the guys on "the list," so Bruce buys the club, in about 30 seconds, then bars Brant from entering.
  • A child blocks the TV Oswald is watching, she doesn't move when he asks so Oswald resorts to picking her up and putting her down out of the way.

     4x 08 Stop Hitting Yourself 
  • Nygma's ridiculously over-the-top Penguin impression during the pre-fight show, complete with a makeshift penguin mask, a cartoonish waddle, and a nerdy, nasally voice.
  • Penguin's chief aide tells Barbara, Tabitha and Selina about the mocking in "a terrible commedia dell'arte!" The trio stare at him as if he's speaking Martian. An exasperated Penguin elaborates:
    Penguin: He is making fun of me... in a clown show... IN THE NARROWS!
  • Selina can't help giggling at the news of Nygma mocking Penguin in the fights.
  • Barbara's amazing Oh, Crap! face upon seeing Butch. Seeing her absolutely caught off guard for once is immensely satisfying.
    Tabitha: Do you know what this means?!
    Barbara: Yeah, it means you owe me an apology for electrocuting me.
  • Oswald's "teaching" the adorable mute sociopath how to properly take revenge against bullies is both endearing and disturbing.
    • The way the youth communicates via drawings shows a mind so dark you can't help but laugh.
  • Ed mocks Lee's "only thing that stinks is you" line before shooting Firefly.
    Lee: I get melodramatic under pressure.
  • Tabitha is about to fight Grundy in the ring. Barbara has... reservations about it.
    Tabitha: Butch is still in there, I know he is. He loves me too much to hurt me.
    Barbara: Babe. I love your faith, but I really think you should take this. (Holds up a mace made out of hammers)

     4x 09 Let Them Eat Pie 
  • However dark and grisly the situation, Pyg's rendition of the "Meat Pie Tango" provides a nice moment of levity:

    Professor Pyg: Ladies and gentlemen, as you by now have surmised, there's been a change in the program. Tonight, we are proud to present the six merry Gothamites of Squatter's Row, and Martin, from the Falcone Home and School for Orphans, in our rendition of the "Meat Pie Tango".


    (triangle ding)
    You have it coming, you have it coming
    You only have yourself to blame
    If you'd have been fair, if you'd have been keen
    I betcha these pies wouldn't taste the same!
    • Pyg reassures Sofia that he didn't harm the children that were supposed to perform for the dinner, because despite appearances, he isn't an animal. And then he oinks like a pig.
    • Next, he directs the hostages to open their envelopes, which have photos of who they'll be eating tonight:
    Oswald: [looking at the girl in his photo] Who is Trish?
    Pyg: Well, I thought you should see who you're eating. Bob, Fricks, Trish, Nunuh, Cyrano and Vincent all deserve our gratitude.
    Pyg: People. Yep. They're people pies.
    • One of the elite doesn't seem too fazed by Pyg's threats to kill Martin, prompting Oswald to grab the knife pinning Sofia's hand to the table and use it to kill said socialite by ramming it into the top of his head. The guy then faceplants in his pie.
    Pyg: What a waste of a good pie. But I do applaud the sentiment. Especially as you, Mr. Cobblepot, are the reason I'm here.

     4 X 11 Queen Takes Knight 
  • Barbara's "what did you say?!" reaction to learning Sofia slept with Jim.
  • The Sirens are tied up while their captors are in a gunfight. One is killed, his gun slides over to Tabitha's feet, and she rolls to pick it up.
    Barbara: Left! (Tabitha fires and misses) No, my left!
    (the third goon turns around)
    Barbara and Selina: Left, left, LEFT!

     4 X 12 Pieces of a Broken Mirror 
  • Jim goes to a brothel to ask the madam if she's seen Harvey. She tells him how he asked for two very heavyset ladies.
    Jim: Yeah, that's him.
  • A diner resident notes Alfred "isn't from around here." In his clipped British accent, Alfred asks "what gave you that idea?"
  • Ivy's "well that's a hell of a thing" reaction to poisoning a guy with a touch.
  • Lucius' You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! reaction to the various deadly toys like a bomb strapped to a robot and machine guns in a nutcracker's arms.
  • Ivy breaking into a rich family's home, putting on a designer dress and plopping her bare feet on a table while eating ice cream.
  • The ad for the Siren Club. Barbara and Tabitha are doing hot dancing while Selina is doing some lame hopping with a "please shoot me" expression.
    Barbara: The Club is back with a passion.
    Tabitha: Women drink for free while men...don't.
    Selina: (flatly) You'll like it. It's nice.
  • Bruce's role in the episode is primarily hanging around in the background, leaning into the billionaire brat facade he cultivated as a cover just a few episodes before and making mildly annoying comments everyone ignores.
  • All it takes is seeing an annoying redhead causing trouble and driving men crazy for Selina to figure it's Ivy.
  • Barbara beautifully trolling Gordon by telling him where to find "the Doc," not letting him know it's Lee.
    • Followed by Jim's "oh come ON!" look, first seeing Lee and then realizing Nygma is working for her.
  • Jim brings Eddie up to speed on his target.
    Gordon: Toymaker turned assassin.
    Eddie: Oh, that is so Gotham.
  • Jim and Lee catch up.
    Gordon: So you're partners with Ed. Why?
    Eddie: I'm right here.
    Lee: Why not? He wouldn't have been my first choice but the universe has funny ways.
    Eddie: Still here.
  • Alfred is surprised to find Harvey is now a bartender.
    Harvey: I love bartending. It involves two of my favorite things. Drinking and ignoring people.

     4 X 13 A Beautiful Darkness 
  • Ivy uses her new toxins to make an entire family adore her.
    Selina: So your perfume turns people into your super-fans?
  • When Ivy tells the four to "freeze," Selina slowly sneaks over to take a necklace right off the throat of the wife. She grins to check out the rest of the house.
  • A hung-over Bruce wakes up to his cockatoo repeating some words he'd said last night.
    Parrot: Pour me another shot! Pour me another shot! SQUAK Party time, party time! SQUAK I'm gonna throw up! I'm gonna throw up!
    • Especially funny in that, judging by hung-over Bruce's befuddled expression and the fact we've never seen the bird on-screen before, he doesn't even remember buying the cockatoo.
  • Bullock showing up as Alfred in Bruce's nightmare. And for some reason, he's petting a chicken.
  • When Harper talks of Ivy as "the coolest", Jim automatically calls her a psycho. He then sees every cop in the building glaring at him and Selina confirms this is Ivy's work.
    Harper: What did you mean by Ivy's a psycho?
    Jim: Hold that thought, Harper...we'll be right back.
    • He and Selina do a horrible job pretending to love Ivy later.
  • Oswald tries to trick Jerome into being electrocuted. When Jerome escapes, Oswald does a hysterical "ah, nuts" pout. He then grabs a spork off a table.
    Jerome: Yeah, that's a spoon.
    Oswald: It is also a fork!
  • The "mime-off" between Oswald and Jerome has to be seen to be believed.
  • Then there's the fact that all of the horrible things that Jerome put Oswald through this episode were essentially a psychopath's version of an intervention.
    Jerome(after Oswald finally snaps and attacks him): See! I told you I'd cure you! *Starts laughing hysterically*
  • The exasperated eyeroll Oswald gives Jerome when he laughingly tells Oswald to kick him again is hilarious. On the one hand, he's terrified of Jerome, but on the other hand, his expression says that he can't believe this weird kid.
  • Oswald, while obviously hurt by Nygma's taunting, still has this to say to him:
    Oswald: Sorry, I don't put too much stock in the opinions of simpletons!
  • Ivy leaves a brainwashed Lucius to face Jim.
    Lucius: Jim, I must warn you, I'm a black belt in jui-jitsu.
    Gordon: (incredulous) Since when?
    Lucius: Night classes.
    Gordon knocks Lucius out with one punch
  • Bruce tells Jim about his dream.
    Bruce: You had a moustache.

     4 X 14 Reunion 
  • Realizing Ivy is after Harvey, Jim leads cops to burst in. When they see Harvey laid out on the couch, Lucius groans "we're too late" but Jim knows Harvey's just drunk.
  • Harvey realizes that he is the primary target for Ivy's revenge, and he's going to go after her alone:
    Harvey: ...I got more contacts in The Narrows than any of you. I'm going to find her. Alone.
    Harvey: (comes back in) Once I find my pants.
    Gordon: (nods, "good call")
  • Ed offering the street urchins "a complete set of encyclopedias...minus the T." Then, finally motivating them with "...and twenty bucks."
    • Later, his summation of the almost soap opera-like relationship web Lee, Gordon and Sofia are in:
    "So, your ex was sleeping with your dead husband's mafioso sister."
  • We get the long-awaited first meeting of Jim Gordon and Batman...and Gordon promptly shoots him in the chest.

     4x 15 The Sinking Ship, The Grand Applause 
  • Bruce comes to the kitchen to find Selina rummaging through the shelves.
    Bruce: What's wrong?
    Selina: Why does something have to be wrong for me to drop by?
    Bruce: Seriously?
  • Oswald's elation at solving a guard's riddle, only to realize the implications a second too late.
    Penguin: I've got it; a knuckle sandwich! (beat) (gets punched in the face)
  • Penguin's increasing frustration at finding his former allies working for Sofia.
    Penguin: (To the Dentist) You're working for her?! Of course you are!
  • Jim staving off an infamous Penguin tantrum, looking like a patient parent or a wild animal tamer.
    Oswald: (muttering frantically) I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill him -
    Jim: (placatingly) Oswald? Oswald, calm down.
  • Sofia's expression when Zsasz brings in Headhunter. She's clearly thinking "when did my organization get filled with these weirdos?"
    • Her exasperation when Riddler will only answer her questions with riddles, even while being tortured.
  • The climactic battle of Gordon's war with Sofia somehow goes down at a fetish hotel for adult babies.
    Harvey: What fresh level of hell is this?
    • It's hard to say who's more embarrassed when Jim and Harvey apprehend Mr. Penn: the cops for interrogating someone who's dressed in an oversized baby romper, or Mr. Penn for being questioned in one.
  • The I'm-sick-and-tired-of-minding-this-weird-kid look that Sofia's guard gives Martin, when the boy shows him a drawing of a toilet to explain why he's leaving the room.
  • Riddler tells Martin that "Uncle Penguin" sent him.
  • The sight of the Riddler with a flashlight atop his derby hat.
  • The close-up of Riddler's Oh, Crap! face when he realizes Grundy is Butch again.
    Ridder: Oh dear.
  • Barbara matches Riddler when Butch says hi. She grabs a corkscrew to stick in his face.
    Butch: Scary.
  • Victor Fries' completely over-it attitude during his brief appearance. He's done with all of Oswald's shenanigans.
    Penguin: Wait! I'm not ready!
    Fries: Don't care. ::zap::
  • Oswald saves Riddler as he's about to be gunned down at a certain spot in Gotham...
    Riddler: I have a strong never, ever see this pier again.
    Oswald: Oh, I agree!
  • Penguin and Riddler together again.
    Riddler: So it turns out, Zsasz: huge fan of the disco! So I dress up as an old Polish woman-
    Penguin: Perhaps some other time.
  • Zsasz and Headhunter abandoning the assassination on Penguin to go get ice cream, just as the cops show up.

     4x 16 One of My Three Soups 
  • Any episode with Jerome in it is guaranteed to be a laugh-riot. Highlights from the ginger maniac include:
    • The sheer weirdness of Jerome, of all people, acting like the sane man of the Jervis-Jonathan-Jerome trio, amidst the other two's loony ramblings and lack of focus.
    • As he exits his cell, checking his bare wrist.
    Jerome: When I say three hairs past the freckle, gentlemen, I don't mean five hairs past.
    • Him hiding from the police under a table, only to find some gum under there to eat.
    • What he says to his uncle (though this borders on Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel territory as well): "You really brought back the utter helplessness of childhood."
    • His indecision of whether to save Bruce or let him be killed, including his giggling all the while.
    • The very sleazy grin he gives when he first lays eyes on Selina.
  • Jervis calling Jim to tell him his location like an excited child:
    Jervis: Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim.
    • Him becoming a sudden Mood-Swinger in the same conversation.
    Jervis: To wit, James, find your way to Witt and James Way. (Suddenly yelling) Do it, or I'm gonna kill someone! (Suddenly very calm) In case you had any doubts.
  • Jervis lampshading a certain tendency villains have: "There'll be plenty of time to stab each other in the back later."
  • One for Selina: "Bruce... your ego. It's huge."
  • Bruce's quip to Jim after letting him know where to find Jerome: "You can yell at me there."
  • Bruce's method of stopping Detective Harper from finding Selina stealing Jerome's file is to burst into fake tears.

     4x 17 Mandatory Brunch Meeting 
  • At last, the show's Freaks gather together: Jerome, Oswald, Freeze, Firefly, Scarecrow and Mad Hatter. All around a table where Jerome not only drops the episode title but names them "The Legion of Horribles." Just the sight of these lunatics in their various costumes having a sit-down meal is hysterical.
    • One of the brunch servers, Carl, clearly doesn't know how to do his job.
    Jerome: USE THE TONGS, CARL!
  • Jervis's attempt to hypnotize Harvey is derailed by Harvey letting out a berserker roar and bullrushing him. Cue Jervis and Crane immediately turning tail and running for their lives from the kamikaze detective.
    Harvey: Oh, HELL NO! YOU ARE NOT HYPNOTIZING ME AGAIN! (starts yelling and running after the two)
    Jim: (amused) That's one way to handle it.
    Jervis: (while running) Must go! Must go! ... They're-after-me-and-the-Scarecrow!
  • Jerome taking an elevator up with a shotgun and tapping his feet to the muzak. He mutters about how "I used to be a good whistler" to the elderly woman with him who's just frozen in terror.
  • Jerome matter of factly asks a receptionist to tell her boss he's in. She runs off screaming.
    Jerome: Don't bother calling security, they're sort of- (the woman screams off-screen) headless.
  • The Riddle Factory. As in, the Riddler has set up his own game show promising cash to whoever can solve riddles which is the perfect insanity job for him.
  • The punishments on the wheel include "having a live barracuda stapled to your face" and "shoving your head into a sack of rabid rats".
    Riddler: My personal favorite!
  • When Fries raises his hand, Jerome tells him to "put all questions on ice until the end".
  • This exchange when Jerome holds Jeremiah hostage:
    Jerome: Get any closer and I splatter him! I'm gonna splatter broski!
    Gordon: No you won't. If you wanted him dead, you would've killed him already.
    Jerome: Hehehe... (deadpan face) he's right. I'll see you soon. (kisses his brother on the head)

     4x 18 That's Entertainment 
  • Jerome actually forces a player of the festival band to play a drumroll for a big announcement.
  • Penguin is not thrilled by Gordon telling him he's going to have to pilot a blimp over the river.
    Oswald: Steer a blimp? Are you out of your mind, Jim? I don't even drive my own car!
  • At the end of the episode, Oswald calls Gordon to ask if someone can get him down. It is hilariously comicbook-y.
    • He then proceeds to have a tantrum, including head-banging and screaming, "JIIIMMMM!" as the camera zooms away on the huge 'Gotham' blimp, while Penguin's leitmotif blares.
  • Just as Bruce is looking at his cake, Selina pops in to blow out the candles.
    Selina: For a billionaire, your security is laaaaaaaaaaame!"
  • Bruce's birthday party is interrupted by Gordon and company bursting in to ask Bruce if he could be a hostage for Jerome in order to possibly jam the signal on his explosive collar remote and save some other hostages. Alfred blusters and promptly calls the cops out on suggesting Bruce put himself in great danger at the hands of a homicidal maniac who has tried more than once to kill him already. Selina quips, "For once, I agree with Alfred!"
    • Funny Background Event: While everyone in the room is discussing the hostage situation, Selina casually continues eating birthday cake.
  • In a Black Comedy moment, while waiting for Jim to come back with Bruce, Jerome decides to kill another hostage completely at random.
    Jerome: Eeny, meenie, miney, moe, one of these people have got to... go. (presses a button; a hostage's head blows up, quickly takes a look) Oh. (points to the body behind him) It was that guy. Oh well.
  • Jerome characterizes Jeremiah as their mother's favorite because he cleaned his room, did his homework, and didn't try to kill everyone.
    • During this little speech, you can hear someone in the crowd yell out: "Who cares?!"

     4x 19 To Our Deaths and Beyond 
  • Oswald's reaction to Riddler and Lee being together.
    Oswald: Oh. My. God. Are you kidding me?!
  • It was Ed's turn to taunt the Riddler.
    Ed: "Lee, what am I to you?" Does that sound like you to you? Because to me, that sounds like me.
    Riddler: I'm not proud of that phrasing.
  • Ra's confronts Barbara on misusing her gift.
    Barbara: You might have left a "how to" manual.
  • Alfred and Tabitha pretend to be a married couple as a distraction.
  • While Selina justifies her actions to Bruce, Alfred repeatedly concedes that she has a point.
    • Bruce's anger at Selina seems hilariously misplaced, since she handed over the knife at gunpoint. As in, if she hadn't, she and possibly Bruce and Alfred too would have been shot. Though, in spite of her many good points, she fails to bring this up.
  • Barbara stabs Ra's al Ghul with the Balahsi Blade in an attempt to kill him, but it doesn't work this time. Ra's merely responds with a mocking "Ouch."
  • Selina teases Bruce about the un-stealthiness of his Cool Car due to its loud engine. Bruce promptly engages the quiet exhaust mode. Selina's look is somewhere between laughing at his geekiness and being impressed.
  • Ra's al Ghul awkwardly interrupting Bruce and Selina's moment. Even more so once he tells Bruce that Selina was right when she said that Ra's likes Bruce, indicating that he'd been creepily watching them for a while.
  • The fact that the proto-Batmobile gets stolen by Babs and Tabitha within days of Alfred giving it to Bruce.

     4x 20 That Old Corpse 
  • Jerome's headstone: "SECOND TIME'S THE CHARM."
  • Riddler warns Lee's pack not to go after her.
    Riddler: You think I want to leave her in the sweaty palms of Jim Gordon? I would sooner debate you all on teleology versus deontology than leave her with that overgrown boy scout.
    -Woman: Teo—-wha?
    Riddler: Exactly.
    • He then calls in his "crack team" with such items as a bicycle pump, a can opener and a pickle jar.
  • Jerome's diary looks like it belongs to a thirteen year-old girl, covered in sparkly stickers with his name on the cover.
  • Butch and Penguin spend a lot of time sniping at each other and have apparently been robbing liquor stores for money for groceries.
  • The prisoner sitting in the back of the van is wrong a lot.
    Prisoner: The Riddler! We're saved!
    Riddler: (closes door)
    Prisoner: (later) Penguin! We're saved!
    Penguin: (grabs one guy and closes the door)
    Other prisoner: You ever get tired of being wrong?
  • When Penguin and Butch are torturing one of Jerome's followers:
    Butch: Want me to shove chicken bones up his nose until he squawks?
    Penguin: (impressed) Yes! That will do!
    Butch: (grabs chicken bones from plate) Here comes the wing bone train!
    Penguin: (pumping his hand in the air) Choo-chooooooooo!
  • Riddler putting on an absolutely ridiculous clown costume in order to save Lee from the Jerome cult.
    • And then Lee knocks him out.
    • When Lee asks if he has a clown costume for her, Riddler admits he'd be into that but the store only had one.
    • He gets stopped by one of Jerome's followers who brings him over to the coffin, to reveal that it's being used as a cooler for the festivities and is filled with ice and alcohol.
      • Which Harvey snags a drink out of when the GCPD is carting it out of the station.
  • Harvey takes in the mess of the police station.
    Harvey: Kind of reminds me of my first apartment at Crown Point.
    Harper: How long ago was that?
    Harvey: I still live there.

     4x 21 One Bad Day 
  • Harvey's use of eeny meeny miney moe to pick which breaker to destroy.
  • Gordon is in utter denial at the idea of Lee and Riddler being together.
  • Oswald, Butch, Tabitha and Barbara regroup at the bar.
    Tabitha: If you had asked me this morning how many people I was going to kill today, I would have been way off."
  • When Jeremiah tries to kill Ra's, his low-key frustration at not being able to kill the invincible ninja is amusing, as is the exasperated face he makes when he accurately predicts Ra's next move.
    Jeremiah: (sounding resigned) You're standing behind me, aren't you?

     4x 22 no Man's Land 
  • When Tabitha gets the call about Selina and says she has to go, Butch understands and tell her to go check on the kid. That was not at all what she meant.
    Tabitha: What? No, she's in surgery, I'm going to kill Jeremiah.
  • Lee's first reaction to seeing Jim in Riddler's Death Trap is to correct Riddler on how much weight it would take to crush Jim's ribs.
    Riddler: It's not how it looks...
    Lee: It looks like you're trying to crush Jim because you think we still have feelings for each other.
    Riddler: Let's jump to how this is a good thing.
  • Tabitha, Barbara and a machine-gun-toting Oswald head out to kill Ra's. Following behind them, Alfred is wearing a clear look of "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"
    • The fact Oswald decided to go with a gun about half his size (height-wise) while everyone else is armed with either handguns or melee weapons.
  • Tabitha looks happy when someone shoots Jeremiah just as he was about to stab her. When she sees it's Oswald, she just looks upset as if thinking "I should have let him kill me."
  • Funny Background Event in an otherwise serious scene: When Barbara confronts Jeremiah and Ra's at the end of the episode, just before everyone starts fighting, she addresses Ra's by his name, but just calls Jeremiah "Freak". He gives her an affronted look like he can't believe she would stoop to name-calling.
  • This exchange between Gordon and Jeremiah at the beginning of the episode, when Jeremiah has just been brought into the precinct by an enraged Alfred:
    Jeremiah (who is now sporting two black eyes): I would like to press charges against the Wayne Butler. Look at what he did to my face.
    Jim: I think you look great.

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