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Moments pages are Spoilers Off.
  • The mini animated video series "G-Bites" are full of funny moments:
    • "Melt its face! MELT ITS FACE!!
    • The entirety of "Fancy Dress", which includes Russel scolding Murdoc for dressing like a Nazi and 2D happily walking around in his mummy get-up.
    • "Jump the Gut" has Noodle scam Del in their bet (with Russel implied to also be on the act), 2-D tripping over and the picture of a turd in his think bubble when Russel scolds him.
    • Russel keeps shaking 2D to mimic the figurines of them in "Hey! Our Toys Have Arrived", much to Murdoc and Noodle's amusement.
  • Murdoc's tour of the IE9 beta.
    • One of the top comments for the YouTube video is rather humorous.
      bobdrantz: So... The future is a green-skinned British cartoon rockstar riding a toy boat and very enthusiastically talking about the (then) latest Internet browser system? Sounds good to me!
  • Rise of the Ogre is full of hilarious quotes and stories:
    • The gang recall having to recolor every frame with the cross on the truck in "Dirty Harry" from Demon Days to avoid copyright:
      Murdoc: I was hiding in a cupboard over at passion pictures, spying on him. When he got to frame 49,996 I burst out and demanded that he change the cross to a kind of "magenta-y pink". I live for things like that.
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    • A story from their tour travelling days about Murdoc:
      2D: Also, Murdoc always acts like such a dick. Every bus we go in, he goes over to the microwave and pops an egg in there when no one's looking. Two minutes later "Pffffffhhh!!!" The egg's exploded everywhere. Murdoc always acts like he knows nothing about it. So annoying. And when you accuse him, he ignores you or acts all indignant.
      Murdoc: (snootily) I have never put an egg in a microwave.
      Noodle: You lie.
    • Murdoc's dismay that the song "Rock the House" from Gorillaz apparently contained panpipes, and him commenting how the check they got after their first gig were of those super-sized variety.
      Murdoc: I can't tell you how much of a dick I felt carrying that down to Barclays. Although I can at least I can say I didn't lose it. How could I? It's enormous.
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    • Murdoc's response when 2D tells him he loves him:
      Murdoc: Look, I won't say it again. I saved your life, you owe me your soul.
      2D: Okay!
      Murdoc: Oh, nice one.
    • Murdoc recounts how he was harassed by a drunken Jughead at a party, accusing him of stealing his "idea" of a cartoon band. Yes, Gorillaz share the same universe with Archie of all things.
    Murdoc: Fuck Jughead.
    • Murdoc's general attitude to the technical interviews, the funniest easily being his making Charlie Brown "mwh mmah mwah" noises.
    • A supposedly heartwarming moment between Murdoc and Russell is shared:
      Murdoc: And when you're cramming that much into your day, your diet just goes out the window. You end up living on fast food junk. I was sitting there scoffing away on some chili Jack flame-grilled alloy nonsense from a well-known burger chain, when a mouthful of "Freedom Fries" became lodged in my throat. I turned blue. They're quite hard to swallow. Fortunately, Russ punched me in the back hard enough to dislodge the blockage, which shot out across the room. ...I never thanked you for that, Russ. You saved my life.
      Russel: I didn't know you were choking.
    • When discussing flatulence in the tour bus.
    Noodle: It can be a truly unpleasant existence.
    2D: Shut up, Noodle. You're the worst!
    • Discussing the "Dirty Harry" video, none of the band has a clue what kind of animals they brought in to dance along near the end. 2D decides they're "desert otters"; Russel corrects him, they're actually stoats; Noodle suggests they're "sand weasels"; Murdoc blows them all off and insists they're "Namidian dune ferrets". Capped off perfectly when the narration pointedly clarifies that they are, in fact... "meer cats".
    • When the gang talk about "Dirty Harry" and working with the children:
      Murdoc: Kids! Gotta love 'em. Couldn't eat a whole one though.
    • When discussing the Search for a Star movement, this exchange happens:
      Noodle: I wanted to assemble a creative army. It is better to light a candle than complain about the darkness.
  • The entire Gorillaz Cribs episode:
    Noodle: 出て行け! ("Deteike!") (Japanese for "get out!") (angrily throws a Game Boy at Murdoc and the crew) IT'S MY ROOM! GET OUT!
  • The seagull and pelican on the website. Made even better when you know that the seagull is Damon Albarn's voice and the pelican is Jamie Hewlett.
  • Cyborg Noodle's data log.
    Unknown Command detected "MALL RUMMSZ"
    CMD:Yoohoo! Robocop! Fetch Rum Pour Favor!
    Running Translation; Language Detected "Bad French".
  • Murdoc and "David Bowie" take a crack at the shipping forecast.
  • Their iTunes sessions interview:
    • Murdoc talks about the troubles he used to face with his band due to their... inconvenient naming senses.
    Murdoc: It's important to get a name right, though, isn't it? I had this one band called: 'THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED.' And, uh, well, no one ever came to see us. Pointless, really. So, we split up. We did reform briefly about a month later under the name: 'WE HAVE SPLIT UP,' but, yeah, again it was just a waste of time.
    2D: You're an idiot.
    Murdoc: SHUT YOUR FACE!
    • Later in the interview, 2D is talking about his early musical loves.
    2D: But, y'know, keyboards was the thing that I loved. Stylophones, Moogs, synths, electronic stuff—anything that makes a bloopy noise. Uh, I was a bit like Brian Eno.
    Murdoc: Only... without the talent. Or brains.
    Murdoc: RIGHT! That's IT!
    *breaking glass and 2D squealing*
    • Murdoc goes on a long monologue praising Rise of the Ogre, calling it the best book ever and even saying that it should be compulsory reading in schools. This exchange follows:
      2D: I haven't even read it.
      Murdoc: Neither have I.
      • Earlier on, Murdoc calls Rise of the Ogre "the best book I ever wrote (well, the only book I ever wrote)." He doesn't make clear how he managed to write the whole thing without ever reading any of it.
  • Everything about the "Stylo" music video.
  • The entire Feel Good Inc. commentary.
    Noodle: The windmill that bursts through the clouds was greatly inspired by Japanese animation. The colors, the tones, the textures and the brightness of the clouds... It was important to make something that seemed like it has sprung from the mind of a child. In this way it would fit with the pure sentiment of the song.
    Murdoc: Great idea, eh? Really very cryptic, isn't it? Actually- next video, Jamie wants to stick a talking horse in there.
    • From that same video, Murdoc commenting they had to turn the floating island around because someone had daubed "GORILLAZ KNOB OFF" on one side.
  • Murdoc and 2-D being locked in the dressing room while the concert is going on.
    • At one point, 2-D somehow manages to find another door and uses it to go to the bathroom, much to the annoyance and confusion of Murdoc.
    Murdoc: Where the bloody hell have you been?
    2-D: Toilet.
    Murdoc: Toilet!? What do you mean "Toilet"!? (slaps 2D) Where the hell did this door come from?!
    • And his sassy walk and pimp slap.
    • Murdoc trying and failing to open both jammed doors.
    Murdoc: Need! To! Get! On! Stage! Can't! Yank! Knob! Any! Harder! (Breaks the knob off and crashes into the table) Right! That's it! I'm going to smash that door down with brute force! (Charges into the door).
    Murdoc: It's all gone wrong.
  • The Motorola Sting short, in which Murdoc is wearing nothing save a hat and a thong, playing a piano in the middle of... some lovely meadow, complete with rainbows, goats and sheep. Suddenly, his phone rings, and...
    Murdoc: Mmmmm... Motorola! Look, I can't talk now, I'm naked! *immediately goes back to playing piano*.
  • Murdoc's "love story" from Pirate Radio 4.
    2-D: I think I need to change my pants after that one.
  • Any of the Pirate Radio broadcasts, really. It seems Murdoc has finally lost it.
    • A few highlights:
    2D: Why are you being so nice to me?
    Murdoc: Hey, is that a whale?
  • All of "DoYaThing". Every. Last. Second.
    • The 13-minute explicit version has 9 minutes of Andre 300 screaming about how he's the shit. 61 times.
  • "Noodle, you friggin' wasabi bitch! I'm on fire!"
  • A good deal of the mockumentary Charts of Darkness. Highlights include Jamie smearing hamburgers on the wall and "Jamion".
  • 2-D and Murdoc live in New York, particularly Murdoc relating a story where he had to explain who he was to the lady at the ticket counter.
    Murdoc: Well, I may just be a puppet, but I'm a multimillionaire rrrockstar puppet.
    • His trying to re-enact uh... whatever it was he did with her. Complete with charading and some interesting sound effects.
    2D: I don't understand.
  • Additionally, Murdoc's pelvic thrusting in "Rock The House" must be seen to be believed. And then a stray ball hits him where the sun don't shine.
  • The extended Kong Studios tour on their YouTube is narrated by MEL, an extremely snarky, sarcastic, and bitter AI that is located in the Studio's basement. The comments it makes on almost everything, combined with a hilarious text-to-speech voice, makes for some great moments.
  • The We are the Dury interview has multiple moments:
    • Murdoc's recounting of his time in Mexican jail.
    Murdoc: Prison food is rubbish! I don't think I could ever eat another burrito in my life.
    2D: Yeah, but yew still like a bit of Mexican sausage, eh, Murdoc? *snort*
    Murdoc: Shut up, you f-
    • The band's half-hearted mumbles of agreement when Murdoc asserts that Kong Studios "can't be all that bad."
    • Russel describing their absence from Kong Studios.
    Russel: (Kong Studios has) been broken into a couple of times since we were away. Some vandal's been spraying Anti-Murdoc graffiti on the walls!
    2D: Uh, things like, "Murdoc is a twat", and, uh, things like, "Murdoc is a twat" -
    Murdoc: You mongrel! Still in the mood, aren't you, 'cause Busted split up.
  • The video for "Hallelujah Money" is for the most part very eerie, with Benjamin Clementine's creepy stare, delivery and background projections being the main focus, but the video ends with an increasingly noisy outro seemingly building up to a Last Note Nightmare... before suddenly cutting out to Benjamin shouting "Hallelujah money!" and a clip of Spongebob Squarepants comically bursting into tears.
  • The unsettling music video of "Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)" still contains funny bits:
  • In 2D's new room in the Spirit House, there's a picture of Murdoc with darts stuck in it. Considering everything Murdoc's done, fans don't blame 2D at all.
  • Some of 2D and Murdoc's interviews and promos (which were heavily improvised by Kevin Bishop and Phil Cornwell) feature gold banter:
    • In the Amazon music and Spotify announcements, Murdoc inexplicably introduces himself as Rusty Schweickart from Apollo 9 and Ed Mitchell from Apollo 14, respectively. 2D is quick to shut him down:
    2D: (for Amazon) No you're not, he's being facetious and obnoxious.
    2D: (for Spotify) No you're not. Murdoc, you're scaring the kids.
    • For a French interview they gave a weather forecast for France.
    2D: Yeah, we've got a north-easterly breeze coming in from, uh...
    Murdoc: From the Northeast.
    2D: Northeast!
    (they have been talking about how 2D feeds his cat.)
    Murdoc: Is he alright, now? Did you feed him a little pipette of milk?
    2D: No, pipette? No, I gave him, um...I gave him a Kinder egg.
    Murdoc: (as his voice actor cracks up) Really? I find that quite funny!
  • From the live interview with 2D and Murdoc.
    • 2D and Murdoc are asked what happened to the Geep from the "19-2000" video. Murdoc tells Mistajam that the Geep was sold on eBay by someone, who Murdoc and Mistajam both assume is the record company. While the two talk about this, 2D proceeds to point to himself.
    2D: I had a pain in my arm. Don't worry, carry on.
    • The story of when Grace Jones first arrived at the Gorillaz house. Upon arriving, Jones asks 2D to take her handbag. 2D declines because he's carrying two glasses of orange juice, which Jones responds to by decking him in the face with said handbag.
  • This live performance of DARE, which Shaun Ryder showed up to completely drunk off his ass. If you listen carefully at 43 seconds in you can hear what sounds like Damon yelling "Stop!" In some parts the backing band members can be seen laughing and later on Damon tries taking over for him.
    • From the song's official music video, 2D, Russel, and Murdoc's confused reactions to the noise coming from Noodle's room are ten times funnier when you realize that Noodle neglected to tell them about the video shoot, meaning their confusion is genuine.
  • For the release of Humanz, the band hosted an AMA on Reddit, and many of their responses are good for a laugh.
    • When asked how the band can revisit their own music as just casual listeners, Murdoc responds by saying he just casually listens to his own genius anyway while in the bath.
      Murodc: I'm in the bath right now. Better be careful not to drop the computer. Don't try this at home, kids.
      SlavsWearAdidas: I don't think you realise the scale of what you've just re-kickstarted.
      • Another fan offered some insight on the topic, posting a very long story about re-listening to his own music, then asking "play a song on repeat 2 thousand times over the course of 4 or 5 months, and tell me if you can still listen to that song or not?"
      Murdoc: No.
      2D: Yes. Thanks for typing that long story. You must be very tired. Maybe have a lie down.
    • One rather simple question: "What is your most memorable/craziest encounter with a fan?"
      2D: A fan once threw me her knickers. They were a bit dirty so I washed them after the show and gave them back to her at the next show. Now she brings her laundry to every show. It's becoming a bit of a burden, especially the hand wash only items. The recent warm weather has made drying easier, though. So I count my blessings.
    • Another fan asked 5 relatively short questions in a single post, but Murdoc's response was:
    • On the topic of Murdoc's age and his possible connections with demons:
      Murdoc: 51? That is totally wrong, mate. I'm an Immortalist, which means I live forever. I'm not quoting Oasis, by the way.
      2D: I'm an Optimist.
    • In a chain regarding one user and how he and his soon-to-be wife met through Gorillaz, another user mentions how "A friend of mine actually uses 'does she like the Gorillaz?' As a parameter for whether a girl is worth dating", and Noodle pipes in:
      Noodle: That sounds a little narrow. Try and find out a bit more about them. E.g. is she a zombie or an axe-murderer? That would be a good start. :D
    • "Is the band boxers, or briefs type of people?"
      All: Commando.
  • The music video to "Sleeping Powder" combines 2D's shoddily-mo-capped animation, some really trippy backgrounds and video effects, and some really awkward dancing, and the end result is something that's just as hilarious as it is utterly bizarre.
  • Another Reddit AMA, this time only with 2D for the release of "Sleeping Powder" also has a few great responses:
    • "What's the most interesting thing that's happened backstage with the band that fans won't know about?"
      2D: I was in my dressing room and I found this little spider on the ceiling. We became pretty good friends. But when I came back off stage he was gone. Henry, if you're reading this, please get in touch.
    • "How's your relationship with Murdoc these days? I'm surprised you're getting along so well after the events of Plastic Beach".
      2D: It's pretty good actually these days. He used to beat me up and torture me loads, but since he got into hardcore S&M he's been beating himself more. So I think we've turned a corner.
    • "Describe your relationship with each one of your bandmates using one word. Any word."
      2D: Noodle: chilled
      Russel: respectful
      Murdoc: Help
    • "What exactly does Grace Jones have against orange juice?!"
    • "How did you find the spirit house?"
      2D: Ghougle maps.
      Walopoh: booo
    • "How many times have u fallen in love?? Cheers."
      2D: I fall in love quite often. But due to my poor eyesight, sometimes with the wrong people. The other day I fell in love with a beautiful lady, until someone told me it was actually a hatstand. It was a shame cos our first date was going really well. Until they told me at the cinema I wasn't allowed to bring a hat stand in with me.
    • "What is your favorite horror movie/zombie film?"
      2D: Shrek 2.
  • From the "Strobelite" video:
    • The first thing that happens in the video? A stereotypical trap artist note  gets punched in the face with a boxing glove.
    • Murdoc walks up to a bar and sits next to a Camp Gay man, who then gives him his card. Upon reading the card, Murdoc dons an Oh, Crap! expression when he realizes what the card is for. Even better, the next time we see Murdoc, he's grinning at the camera...
      • As an added bonus, that Camp Gay man? That's Phil Cornwell. Murdoc got hit on by his own voice actor.
      • The aforementioned Remi Kabaka getting punched is all that remains of a cut subplot involving him and Russel having a fight. So, the video would have had Russel hitting, and Murdoc getting hit on by their respective voice actors.
    • Though he only appears briefly at the beginning, there's something humorous about Russel being fast asleep in the middle of a busy nightclub.
  • Colombians, a track from the Super Deluxe edition of Humanz, is an instrumental track with a sound reminiscent of a window squeaking playing over the majority of it. It has to be heard to be believed.
  • Only someone with as much Refuge in Audacity as Murdoc Niccals could make an acceptance speech as he's being dragged off to prison.
    • Topped only by who the band got to fill for him in his absence. Ace.
  • The music video for "Humility" has its fair share of laughs:
  • As part of the storyline for The Now Now, a petition was started on the Gorillaz website for the #FreeMurdoc movement. Fans who had grown tired of Murdoc's abuse of the band however had... other ideas.
    William G.: Murdoc Niccals is one of the least influential celebrities of the century. Locking him away will result in a flourish in the music industry and overall popularity and quality of Gorillaz. He needs to stay in jail.
  • Russel's goofy face during the Tranz music video.
  • The first Machine Bitez promoting "Momentary Bliss" includes this golden exchange about 2D bringing slowthai and Slaves into the studio:
    Murdoc: And you just brought him right on I mean you got his background?
    2D: I don't know his background, no, no.
    Russel: You know his foreground?
    2D: I know his foreground, it's very clear, his foreground's very clear, his background's a bit hazy.
  • Russel's commentary on the creation and meaning of their song "Désolé:"
    Russel: Making ‘Désolé’ with Fatou was a real moment for me, you know, […] She’s an African Queen. This lady made the song what it is, beautiful, like life. What can I say about ‘Désolé’? They say sorry is the hardest word, but that’s not true… Try saying antidisestablishmentarianism with a mouth full of gluten-free cronuts on a speed boat without licking your lips.
  • The picture of Murdoc Niccals as a kid in Rise of the Ogre. That hair...
  • During an interview, Murdoc brings up the time he had sex with the band's first guitarist Paula Cracker in the Kong Studios bathroom. 2D goes ballistic.
  • The Machine Bitez accompanying "The Pink Phantom" features a discussion about Elton John and 6LACK:
    2D: You kept calling him "Six-Black."
    Murdoc: I know...
    2D: It's pronounced "Black."
    Murdoc: I know...
    2D: You even said it to his face when we met him!
    Murdoc: I know. I was having a joke!
    Murdoc: Yeah... I do tend to milk it a bit...
  • Murdoc's random appearances throughout "The Pink Phantom" music video as he attempts to capture the titular phantom, especially because the song itself is rather serious. Made even better because none of the other artists have any reaction to it.
    Murdoc: Ahhhh... The Pink Phantom, don't even talk to me about that. Hang on, I gotta get that mother–
    Russel: But how you gonna chop him down when he an ethereal being?
  • Machine Bitez #17 has them discussing the title of "Valley of the Pagans", and what the meaning could be about. It quickly becomes Metaphorgotten as end up talking about Christmas instead.
    Noodle: It means that God is in everything and at the same time... nowhere!
    Russel: Omnipresent! That's the best kind of presence to have. Whatcha want for Christmas?
    Russel: Dang, you're right. You're right...
  • Murdoc and Russel's panicked reactions to Noodle driving the band through Los Santos in the music video for "Valley of the Pagans." Understandable, considering the first thing she does after being launched out of the portal that brought them there is to crash the car they're in.
  • The Gorillaz Almanac features a two-page spread of a text conversation between the band in the last minutes before recording Desolé began, detailing Russel being bothered by a bat while in the kitchen. It takes a good while to solve the problem, with Noodle growing more and more exasperated until 2D finally rescues the bat... only for Russel to head right back to the kitchen a mere minute later.
    Noodle: KILL ME
  • In the Cracker Island video, in spite of how scared and frustrated she clearly was, when 2D looked at her, Noodle still sang back-up. Even funnier when you realize 2D was hallucinating Thundercat so in reality there was no music or backup vocals. Just him high as shit, bellowing it out in the middle of a waiting room. When he looked at her, she obviously knew how awkward it would be if she joined in but she did anyway.