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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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The books — in general:

Individual books:

    Original series 


     Goosebumps Series 2000 

    Spinoff series 

     Goosebumps: Most Wanted 

    Goosebumps SlappyWorld 

Spinoff media:

    The Series 

  • In "More Monster Blood", the kids defeat the Monster Blood by feeding it airline food. And when Evan asks Conan what being inside it was like, he says "It was like being inside a giant nose".

    The Movie 

  • As our heroes are running from the Lawn Gnomes:
    Stine: The basement's locked!
    Zach: I picked it!
    Stine: That's breaking and entering!
  • The cops seem to carry a reputation:
    Champ: Dude, we should call the cops...
    Zach: Have you met the cops in this town?
    Champ: ...fair enough.
  • "Who are you calling dummy, dummy?"
  • Chased by a giant praying mantis, with everyone screaming indications at him, Stine delivers this line:
    Stine: Does someone else want to drive? 'Cause I'm pulling over right now.
  • The running gag:
    Stine: Your name is Champ?
    Champ: It's short for "Champion."
  • This:
    Zach's Aunt: You're a—
    Slappy: Don't do it.
    Zach's Aunt: —Talking—
    Slappy: Don't say it.
    Zach's Aunt: —Dummy.
    Slappy: ...You said it.
  • The numerous times romance in horror films and books was mocked by, "Now's not a good time!" or a variation of it so the protagonists could focus on taking down the monsters.
  • Most of Slappy's one-liners. In any other situation they'd risk becoming Narm, but he delivers each and every one of them with such malicious glee that it becomes hilarious.
    • Anything Slappy says as he goes throughout the town in The Haunted Car and throwing the opened books out of the car and releasing the monsters.
    • Peaking when one of the cops aims a gun at him and tells him to shut his mouth. Slappy closes his mouth and answers, "Okay, but it won't stop me."
  • Likely unintentional, but Stine's briefly forgetting about creating the giant Praying Mantis is a lot funnier if you've actually read A Shocker on Shock Street. It's only in the book for a few pages towards the start.
  • Zach's aunt crashing into the Werewolf of Fever Swamp, unknowingly saving the heroes.
    • And then she assumes she just killed a bear. And Stine thanks her for saving their lives with her reckless driving.
  • During the climax, Stine has to find a place to write in the school and goes into the auditorium. What play does the school have set up in there? The Shining. It's even funnier since the real R. L. Stine is sometimes referred to as the Stephen King of children's literature.
    • Not to mention that Stine had previously been goaded into admitting his identity when Zach claimed that the guy should stop trying to be Stephen King when he writes.
  • At the end when the monsters are getting sucked back into the book, Slappy tries to get one last hit in by attacking Stine. And what does Stine end up doing? He dropkicks him into the vortex. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome, especially for every adult in the audience who grew up terrified of that evil little bastard.
  • At the beginning, when Zach is intent on following Hannah and the Abominable Snowman, Champ grabs his arms and puts his whole weight trying to prevent Zach from doing so. Zach is able to keep walking anyway, dragging Champ with him.
  • In the sequel, after Stine makes a timely appearance in the climax only to discover his stories have come to life once again, reacts in shock at first upon realizing which story it is, but then he notices an ominous balloon floating from a sewer grate and exclaims excitedly "HA! I knew I thought of that first!"

    The Comics 

  • From Download and Die!:
    Flips: How much outdoor time are we gonna have to log?
    Kyra: Oh, next to none. The state congress cut fresh air out of the school budget.


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