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Funny / Goodbye My Princess

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  • Xiao Feng and Cheng Yin's first meeting. He thinks she's an assassin and attacks her when she rescues him. So Xiao Feng ties him to a tree and tells him she'll let him go when she thinks of three things he can do for her. By the next morning she still hasn't thought of the three things, to Cheng Yin's annoyance. Then she discovers a document he has with him and tries to read it... but doesn't realise she's holding it upside down.
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  • Xiao Feng asks A Du to take her away. A Du asks where they're going. There's an awkward silence as Xiao Feng realises she hasn't thought that far ahead.
  • Gu Jian drinks water which Xiao Feng thinks is from the River of Forgetfulness. Xiao Feng freaks out and tries to make him spit it out. He refuses and pretends he's forgotten who she is. Then Xiao Feng's friend tells her it's just ordinary water. Xiao Feng is not happy with Gu Jian when she realises he was pretending.
  • After she escapes, Xiao Feng's father offers a reward for her return. Xiao Feng is outraged... at how small the reward is.
  • Mi Luo tells Xiao Feng that Ming Yu Brothel is the most famous brothel in Shangjing. Xiao Feng misunderstands and asks if they serve good food there. Mi Luo says no, so Xiao Feng asks why the brothel is so famous.
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  • A boat trip goes wrong when Xiao Feng loses the oars. She and Cheng Yin have to paddle back with their hands. The water's so cold that they have to stop every few minutes to warm them.
    Cheng Yin: Why do I always have bad luck when I'm with you? [...] Hapless woman!
    Xiao Feng: You're hapless!
  • The emperor's mother locks Cheng Yin and Xiao Feng in a room together. Xiao Feng comes up with a way to get out: she'll say Cheng Yin's fainted. She starts screaming for help, while in the background Cheng Yin complains he can't act that well. Then some servants run in, and he has to very quickly lie down and pretend to be unconscious.


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