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Funny / Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

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  • In one episode a series of unfortunate events turns Gomer's simple errand into an impromptu world-tour. He calls Sgt. Carter from the airport in Paris:
    Gomer: (on the phone) "That's silly, Sergeant. How could I get you arrested for murder?" (beat) "Oh."
  • Sgt. Carter's nightmare in the episode where he sends Pyle to paratrooper school, only to learn that Gomer named him beneficiary for his life-insurance policy; "Ten thousand dollars!"
    • In the same episode, watching Pyle's first jump:
    Carter: "That's Pyle alright; he's trying to fly."
  • In one episode, Sgt. Carter tried to get Gomer out of the military when it looks like his hitch is about up. So he helps him out - he finds him a good job, sets him up with a nice lady, and generally does everything possible to ensure him a comfortable post-military life. But Gomer re-enlists. His reasoning? Sgt. Carter was being so nice, he had to repay the favor and help him some more.
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  • In the very first episode, Gomer Overcomes the Obstacle Course, Gomer enters a tiny culvert headfirst and, somehow, emerges feet-first. Sgt. Carter's reaction sells it.
  • Sgt. Carter's reaction to finding that Gomer has stashed a girl in his (Carter's) locker (long story). It begins with one of the most incredible double takes you'll ever see and builds from there.
    Carter: "Why? Just one thing: why?"
  • This exchange:
    Gomer: "I guess you made me everything I am!"
    Carter: "Yeah..."
  • One episode has Sgt. Carter's Marines participating in amphibious war games with the Navy. Gomer manages to sink three rafts before they even leave the ship.
  • Probably one of the most epic subversions of a Required Spinoff Crossover ever; Gomer goes back to Mayberry on leave, but Goober, Andy, and Opie are all on vacation. Following the episode's plot (Gomer helps the police capture a pair of criminals who had Gomer fix up their car), Gomer gets back on the bus...only for Goober, Andy, and Opie to pull back up to the police station as the bus pulls away, while Gomer frantically bangs on the bus windows to try and get them to notice him.

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