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  • Sophia once tried to pull a massive prank on Rose with the help of two radio DJs who enjoy pulling jokes on "incredibly stupid people". They managed to make Rose believe she's responsible for accidentally killing one of the DJs, and then later he comes back as a vengeful ghost to torment Rose. Sophia is laughing her ass off, until she hears the gunshots. Rose returns with a smoking gun in her hand, and announces she "Sent him back to Hell where he belonged!" A horrified Sophia tells Rose that she murdered a man and the whole thing was an elaborate prank, at which point Rose states "You took the words right out of my mouth." The DJ and his not-dead partner walk into the room and reveal that the whole thing was a prank on Sophia. They felt someone as spiteful as her deserved it.
    • Sophia then tries to fake a heart attack and collapses, but no one's buying it. After everyone leaves the room:
      Sophia: Well, they didn't buy the heart attack, but the joke's on them. I think I just broke my hip!
    • Earlier, Rose makes a vow to be a protector of the living and saves a moth from a spider's web. Which she then sets free right in the path of a bug zapper. When Rose asks if the moth bit was part of Rose's prank, Rose admits no that was an accident on her part.
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  • The girls receive notice that Stan has died. Sophia inquires as to how it happened, and is told he died while he was making love. Sophia sadly says "There's nothing worse than dying alone," getting nodding agreement from Blanche and Rose. Rose then adds that at least it was over pretty quickly.
  • When Dorothy was staying at the hotel and offered to help the guys out, she had to deal with a totally insufferable customer in the dining area. She then walked into the kitchen and asked Rose if they had anything to remove stains. When Rose asks why, Dorothy picks up a big pastry, walks back into the dining room and, followed by several cries from the aforementioned customer, walks back in to the kitchen nonchalantly saying "I spilled something."
    • From the same episode, Dorothy's comeback also marks the return of the original series' Ask a Stupid Question... humor:
    Dorothy: (about Sophia) Has she come down yet?
    Rose: Has who come down yet?
    Dorothy: Amelia Earhart, Rose.

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