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Funny / Golden Age

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First Contact:

  • Queen Jane running around the bridge, granting asylum to the crew, all while continually taunting the highblooded captain.

The Great Escape:

Dream Sequencer:

Stillness of Hours:

  • Karkat deliberately waiting until Sabiha had taken a big sip of water before revealing Feferi's existence.
  • Jinda, the kid Karkat saved, manages to make the conversation not awkward by explaining what she remembered in a very... kid-like fashion.
    • And her sheer shock and horror at Karkat not having Farmville.

(i'll see you on) the other side:

  • "You can tell there's lethalchemy up the ass in this bitch."
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  • The Spiceler's attempts to greet Eudora, using the incorrect secret password of a different society each time.


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