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Funny moments are few and far between in Going Clear, but they are a welcome sight when they come.

  • Paul Haggis' recollection of first reading OT III is priceless, especially when he refers to Xenu as "this space guy."
  • As Jason Beghe mocks the Stepford Smiler tendencies of Scientologists, he makes a hilariously crazy face and crosses one of his eyes.
  • When L. Ron Hubbard's lies aren't dangerous, psychotic, or paranoid, they're downright hilarious. Probably the best example of this was during Hubbard's military "career" in World War II, during which he was posted to the Oregon coast and given command of a small subchaser. After detecting a Japanese submarine with the ship's sonar, Hubbard ordered his crew to drop no less than 35 depth charges on the elusive sub for more than two days. The military ultimately ordered Hubbard to stop when it became obvious that he was firing at nothing. Upon reviewing the incident, naval officials determined that Hubbard was forcing his crew to attack magnetic deposits which activated the ship's sonar. Hubbard was finally relieved of command when during a military exercise he shelled a deserted island that he didn't realize belonged to Mexico.


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