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  • When the heroes first meet Thoth, he's working hard to preserve all the knowledge he has, while contemplating what makes lettuce special.
    • Him pondering lettuce's specialness is twice as hilarious when you remember lettuce's role in Horus and Set's conflict.
  • Bek appealing to Thoth's ego in order to get him to join the group.
    Bek: But before it (the Sphinx) kills me, I'm going to tell it that I asked the God of Wisdom to come but he was afraid he'd get the answer wrong.
    Thoth: This is the cleverest strategy you could devise? Playing on my ego? How vain do you think I am? (Bek, Horus and Hathor look around at all the clones of Thoth, and Thoth realizes what they're all thinking) Yes, well... Fine. Fine! Let's go.
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  • Set and chief architect Urshu discussing the newly built obelisk.
    Urshu: No one has ever so honored the great God Ra. He will pass over it's peak and marvel at the tribute you have built in his name.
    Set: Is that it?
    Urshu: I'm sorry?
    Set: Well, can you make it any taller?
    Urshu: T-Taller?
    Set: Yes, it's a simple question.
    Urshu: Well, that might be difficult, um, now, I mean...
    Set: Relax, Urshu, I'm joking.
    Urshu: (let's out some forced laughter)

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