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Seems like Photo Mode is one hell of a drug...

WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Funny Moments pages.

  • Near the end of the Story Trailer, Kratos and his son are able to face what appears to be some unknown monster when Artreus asks his father if he can kill something "that big." Kratos, who's slain Titans the size of skyscrapers and killed the entire Greek Pantheon, looks at his son and, thanks to the light reflecting on his eye, it looks like he's giving the audience an Aside Glance.
  • At the beginning of the game; when Kratos is teaching Atreus to hunt, there is a meta joke when crossing the bridge area from the demo. When Kratos finds his way under the bridge for some loot, Atreus off-handedly remarks he 'half expected a troll to be under that bridge'. With Kratos following up with 'you are not ready for trolls'. Anyone who remembers the E3 reveal trailer years ago, can have a little chuckle at that subtle call back.
  • When Kratos first confronts the Stranger, the Stranger remarks that he was Expecting Someone Taller. Note that Kratos is already about a head taller than him. Becomes even funnier when you find out why the Stranger is there and it turns out he has perfect reason to think Kratos would be taller; he thinks Kratos is a Frost Giant.
    • Also, once Kratos finally takes the bait and starts beating the crap out of the Stranger, the latter just lets out an exasperated “finally!”, in the same tone as someone who’s been waiting too long for a fast food order.
      • Baldur confused Kratos for his dead wife, Faye. This means it's possible - and highly likely - that Faye had a giant beard, like Kratos, for Baldur to make the mistake.
    • In a hidden joke an animator definitely added to make the dev team laugh, after Kratos finally snaps the Stranger's neck and rolls his corpse off him into the chasm, using a modified camera reveals that Baldur flips Kratos off as he falls out of sight.
  • Mimir is an absolute fountain of snark and one-liners, from commenting on whatever development Kratos and Atreus get into, to casually telling Kratos that he needs to chop his head off.
    Atreus: Wait, what?
    • Kratos sends Atreus away so he can chop off Mimir's head. While the boy is out of earshot, Mimir reveals that he knows Kratos is a god and encourages him to tell his son sooner rather than later, lest it form a rift between the two. He pesters Kratos about it until Kratos finally answers with deadpan Tranquil Fury.
    Kratos: I'm going to cut your head off now.
    Mimir: Fair enough.
    • When Mimir discovers that Kratos's father is Zeus.
    Kratos: [sees the illusion of Zeus] Zeus...
    Mimir: Zeus?!
    Kratos: My father...
    Mimir: Your father was Zeus?! Well, that explains a lot.
    Mimir: (laughing) Almost talked them into it too... Can you imagine? Mimir of the Bifrost Teats! (laughing) Those were the days...
    Atreus: Ewww.
    Mimir: Okay, okay... I'lll stop now.
    • While exploring Konunsgard, Mimir "educates" Atreus on the power of dragons:
    Mimir: Nearly everything about dragons is useful, and contains power. Teeth, scales, even excrement.
    Atreus: "Excrement"?
    Mimir: Uh... "shit".
    Atreus: Dragon shit is powerful?
    Mimir: [chuckling] Aye, lad. Potently powerful!
    Kratos: [faintly amused] The head is having fun with you.
    Atreus: Oh! I- I knew that!
  • At the beginning of the game, Kratos hunts a deer with Atreus. After completing the ritual to burn Faye's body, Kratos has to test Atreus, telling him they're going hunting with a Mathematician's Answer.
    Atreus: What are we hunting?
    Kratos: You are hunting deer.
    Atreus: Which way?
    Kratos: In the direction of deer.
    • Then they arrive to a fork and the player is free to wander astray from the main path to explore the woods, while Atreus meekly tries to remind his father that they have to hunt.
    Atreus: Uh... deer's this way. I can see the tracks. (cue Kratos going on his merry way looking for hidden loot) ...Or we can follow you.
    • Upon stumbling onto the deer, Atreus cries out in surprise. He then says this little gem:
    Atreus: Uh — found it!
  • After Kratos and Atreus save Sindri from a dragon, the latter tries to reward them with a gift. The next scene has him take out several item out of his little Bag of Holding (a bunch of arrows, a halberd, a sickle, a horn, a spoon and finally a salmon), while listing everything his brother has to say about him. The salmon startles him and he then drops it in disgust, just after he mentions that he's "fussy" according to Brok.
    Sindri: Burn that.
  • As Kratos prepares to enter the Light of Alfheim, he offers Atreus his axe to defend himself while he's gone.
    Kratos: Use it only as a last resort.
    Atreus: You're giving me your axe?
    Kratos: I am letting you hold my axe. It is not a gift.
    Atreus: Still...
  • Right as Mimir is explaining how the tree he's trapped in is enchanted to ensure that even Mjolnir can't destroy it, Atreus immediately tries cutting it with his puny hunting knife. Well, he's at least trying.
  • When Kratos and Atreus are bringing Mimir's head to the witch so that she can revive him, Atreus asks the following:
    Atreus: If she can't bring it back to life, can we keep the head?
    Kratos: No... But you may feed it to the fish.
    Atreus: (cheerfully) Okay!
  • After the boss battle with Magni and Modi, if you talk to Sindri you get this exchange.
    Sindri: Hey, did you hear? Magni, the Aesir god, son of Thor? Dead! I know! Now Modi's on a rampage across Midgard, looking for the killer, swearing that once he finds him he'll— Oh shit, that was you guys, wasn't it?
    Atreus: We should probably discuss that more quietly.
    Sindri: Or not at all. I think that's a great plan.
    • And later, once you see Brok again, he brings up the same conversation and sets up a hilarious Bait-and-Switch.
    Brok: Word is someone put down that loudmouth Magni. Wouldn't know anything about that, would you?
    Atreus: Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?
    Brok: Bad for you once his daddy finds out...(cheerfully) But one less Aesir farting around suits me just fine. In fact, next upgrade's one the house!
    Atreus: Really?
    Brok: No.
    Atreus: ...Wow.
  • When the player first activates the Yggdrasil Travel Room table, Atreus can be seen jumping up and down in the background, because he's too short to see over the table.
  • The Witch asks Kratos to pick a couple of flowers from her garden. Cue the God of War performing what amounts to a full-body eyeroll at this indignity.
  • Doubles as a heart warming moment but when Kratos reveals to Atreus of their divine heritage, Atreus' first question about his godhood is if he had the ability to turn into an animal. Cue the look on Kratos' bewildered face.
    • It's even funnier when you recall that the gods Kratos fought did have the ability to turn into animals. Kratos might have been remembering that when he gave his answer.
    • And for Norse mythology buffs, it calls to mind Loki, famous for his shapeshifting. Which makes the line predictive and ingenious; because Atreus is Loki.
  • That moment where Sindri tosses an apple at Kratos, who casually raises his axe and slices it as it passes, to the dwarf's mild disappointment.
    Sindri: Well that was a waste of a perfectly good apple.
    • Fun fact: in ancient Greece, throwing an apple at someone was a marriage proposal, and catching it meant they accepted it. note  With that in mind, this scene becomes 10x more hilarious.
    • And then Kratos tosses the axe just inches from Sindri's face. But that's not what upsets him; he's more upset that Kratos let Brok handle the axe again.
  • This exchange when Kratos figures out that the reason Mimir tends to become scatter-brained when it comes to Baldur is because Freya enchanted him so that he literally can't talk about anything related to Baldur's weakness.
    Kratos: Now head, why did you not tell us Baldur is the son of Freya?
    Mimir: He IS! It's shocking every time I hear it and yet obviously I know it. But when I think of Baldur and Freya, I...
    Atreus: Mimir?
    Mimir: Yes, lad?
    Kratos: (chuckle) Freya.
    Mimir: How's that, brother?
    Kratos: Head, tell me Baldur's vulnerability.
    Mimir: Baldur is blessed with invulnerability to all threats, physical or magical.
    Atreus: Wait, what is happening?
    Kratos: He is bewitched not to speak of what he knows.
    Mimir: I am? I AM! That's it precisely. Ooh... I wonder how long that's been so, since she had m'head at her mercy, or back when I figured out Baldur's weakness?
    Atreus: Mimir!
    Mimir: Yes, lad?
    Atreus: You just said you figured out Baldur's weakness!
    Atreus: AUGH!
    Kratos: Enough. This means there is a way. If he troubles us again, we will find it.
    • When he figures it out something in Kratos' tone actually sounds...almost proud of himself for putting it together. Especially when he puts it to the test asking Mimir what Baldur's weakness is again to see if he gives exactly the same wording, it's the most casual his tone gets before the climax.
    • Mimir has another broken record moment while walking on the World Tree.
    Atreus: I'm confused. I always heard that Baldur's mother was Frigg.
    Mimir: Aye, Frigg...well, that's more of a pet name, you see. It means, "beloved." Something Odin called Freya after they wed. Out of affection, at first, or so I like to believe. As things turned sour, it became a way to manipulate the truth.
    Atreus: How so?
    Mimir: Odin didn't want Freya, a Vanir goddess, getting credit for anything in Asgard. So anything worthy she accomplished was attributed to Frigg.
    Atreus: Like being Baldur's mother.
    Mimir: That's RIGHT — Freya was Baldur's mother all along!
    Atreus: (sighs)
  • The climax has Kratos be briefly reunited with Athena's ghost. This time, Kratos isn't having any of her nonsense and just walks through her, erasing her from his path.
  • In the ending, Kratos has a touching moment where he comes to terms with his past. To ritualize this, he takes off his bandages to reveal his chain-shaped scars from when the Blades of Chaos (and their ilk) were linked to his arms. Kratos is no longer ashamed for his son Atreus to see him as he truly is, with the removal of his bandages symbolizing that he has nothing more to hide. Then... well, Atreus asks his father if they can get going already. There's just something amusing to hear Kratos' son speak in a "are we there yet?" petulant tone, completely ignoring the significance of Kratos' ritual. As if to acknowledge that maybe he was being a little too self indulgent he remembers why they came here in the first place and hands Atreus his mother's ashes, so they can spread them off the highest mountain in the realm.
  • The dwarves are still arguing about the weather. Sindri clearly is in denial about it while Brok is wanting to brace themselves for the three years of winter.
    Brok: I'm telling you, it's Fimbulwitner. I can feel it in my scrote — this is the big one!
    Sindri: Oh, you're making me nervous. It was bound to snow sooner or later.
    Brok: That ain't just snow and you know it! It's the end times!
    Sindri: How dare you make me the voice of reason!
    Atreus: Guys?
    Sindri: Just discussing the weather. Bit of a cold snap lately.
    Brok: What he means is, Fimbulwinter's upon us, boys! The winter to end all winters! I can feel it in my scrote!
    Atreus: Yeah...yeah...we heard.
    Sindri: So, if you're heading home, try to keep moving, and also, to not die.
    Brok: Or if you're not heading home, same advice.
  • Mixed with Heatwarming, but after moving the Bridge to the mystic gateway (i.e., by flipping the entire Temple over), Atreus asks Kratos in sincere tone if he hurt his back. Kratos just says grumpily, “I did not hurt my back”.
  • Late in the game, Kratos and Atreus go to speak to the Dwarven brothers about retrieving Mimir's missing eye. Sindri handles it about as well as you would expect. While everyone else is continuing the discussion at hand, you can hear Sindri in the background quietly gagging and saying things like "Is that corn?"
    • He re-enters the conversation when he's done, then almost immediately re-exits the conversation, since they're now talking about fetching said gouged-out eye from within a giant serpent's belly.
  • In Tyr's Vault, Kratos channels his inner Deadpan Snarker to deliver us this funny exchange with Mimir.
    Mimir: Ah, a Sgian-dubh from my homeland (a Sgian-dubh is a small knife). Used to have one of my own back in the day. You should take it, boy!
    Kratos: Yes, boy... take it. We might need to butter bread somewhere on our travels.
    Mimir: This is why no one likes you.
  • Also in Tyr's vault, what prevents Atreus from seeing the vase depicting Kratos' past as the bloodthirsty Ghost of Sparta before Kratos smashes it? Him stumbling around, wearing an Egyptian crown too big for his head.
  • In one conversation with Sindri, Atreus asks him why Brok is blue while he isn't, only for Kratos to chide him with a slightly shocked "Boy." Kratos, of all people, reprimands his son over manners. Though Kratos has had experience of being judged for the color of his skin, to put it mildly.
  • You have the option to jump off the branches of Yggdrasil. And the first gameplay tip you get after this is "You were advised not to stray from the path." What makes this funnier is what Atreus says while you fall to your doom.
    Atreus: BAD IDEAAAAAA!!!
  • This exchange, after finding some runes carved on a wall.
    Atreus: (reading) Until gods grow good.
  • In what's otherwise a touching moment, Kratos shares some Greek wine he took from Tyr's Vault with Atreus, who can barely stomach the taste and thinks the wine smells like rotten eggs. Kratos just chugs the rest of the bottle, nonchalantly chucks it over his shoulder, and lets out a satisfied “Ahhh...” Atreus mimics him with a smile.
  • Reading some runes, Atreus explains to Kratos that they represent the three Nornir, aka the fates.
    Kratos: The fates? No good comes from them.
    Atreus: ...Okay?
  • Kratos' reaction to the story of Bergelmir, son of Ymir.
    Mimir: If I'm not mistaken, we've yet to discuss the tale of the giant Bergelmir...
    Atreus: Oh yeah, I remember his shrine... It looked happier than the other ones. Mostly...
    Mimir: It begins... in an ocean of blood!
    Kratos: (in his best 'I'm so done with all this shit' voice) Finally! A story worth hearing.
    • When Mimir tells the story of Groa the Sorceress, he suggests they take a moment to reflect on the depths of Odin's cruelty, and goes silent. It's the perfect moment to end the story, so many players assume that Mimir is done. But then he tries to start his next story...
    Mimir: And so-
    Kratos: Reflect longer.
  • When Atreus learns the name of the turtle who hides the witch in the woods' home under his belly: Chaurli. note  What makes it even funnier is that Kratos seems off-put by the name, one of the few times he seems taken aback.
  • Prior to the final battle with Baldur after he forces the World Serpent to regurgitate Kratos and Atreus, the two fall out of the serpent's mouth and into the snow. Kratos looks around for Atreus and then...
    Atreus: (pops out of the snow) Pffah-! I'm good... Think I'm getting kind of used to this.
  • After one of the Valkyrie battles, Atreus tries to convince Kratos to go on a quest to liberate all Valkyries from their curse, when this gem dropped:
    Atreus: Father, these are Valkyries! They’re the ones who keep the dead from overrunning Midgard!
    Kratos: (after spending most of the game killing undead) Then they are terrible at their job.
  • When Kratos has Mimir talk to the World Serpent, Mimir clears his voice by howling "Aaaaa-wooooooo" at him. A few seconds later, he speaks a word that, through some brilliant animation, you practically see Jörmungandr giving a "'The fu*k'd you say?!" expression towards our heroes, making Mimir go "Oh dear!" and correct himself to finally calm him. Atreus questions afterwards why Jörmungandr seemed mad at that time, with Mimir explaining that he accidentally said Atreus and Kratos were friends of Odin.
    Mimir: Forgive me. I've never spoken the Ancient Tongue sober.
    • This implies that Mimir only speaks the ancient language of the giants when he's wasted, evidenced by his statement and the tale about trying to put Bifrost crystals in his nipples mentioned above.
    • When the party calls upon Jörmungandr to talk to him about opening a passage to Jotunheim, the first thing the giant snake does is eat the giant statue of Thor. Mimir explains that since Jörmungandr hates Thor, it probably got pissed from looking at the Aesir's statue for so long. Pissed enough that the idea of chewing and swallowing solid stone was preferable over looking at "the fat dobber" any longer.
    • A bit further in the game, the party has to retrieve Mimir's lost eye which Odin had put somewhere. When they asked Brok about it, he said that Odin once commissioned a statue with a hiding place for such an object. Unfortunately, Brok didn't get the job, but he did remember the statue was of Thor. Just like the one that was outside the Temple.... and is now inside Jörmungandr's belly. Jörmungandr will cooperate and let you in his belly for you to find Mimir's eye. When Atreus expresses some reluctance to actually go inside, Mimir mentions that Jörmungandr isn't wild with that idea either. Then, as you make your way into Jörmungandr's belly, this exchange occurs.
      Mimir: Well, brothers, I've been to many strange places, but this'll be a new one.
      Atreus: Heh, yeah, I've never been in a giant's belly either. How about you, father?
      Kratos: Never one that was not trying to eat me.
      Mimir: We really should expect that sort of response at this point.
    • Almost immediately after, if you choose to pick up the Aegir's gold whilst inside the Serpent, Atreus will exclaim that the "water" he dipped his hand into seemed to hurt for some reason. It's a mixture of stomach acid and the water from the Lake of Nine, which explains why it burned.
  • Mimir's supposed Well of Wisdom, Mímisbrunnr, in this take on Norse Myth, was actually a well filled with hallucinogenic herbs and mushrooms that Mimir tricked Odin into imbibing. He then claimed that Odin had received "wisdom" from it, which is how he got the job of Odin's advisor. The image of Odin getting stoned out of his mind is pretty hilarious.
    • In the Norse myth, Mimir's price for Odin drinking at the Well was one of Odin's eyes, which Odin gave willingly, hence how he became known as "Odin One-Eye". In the game, Mimir tells it that Odin hallucinated something that made him want to tear his own eyes out, and that Mimir stopped him before he could damage both. The whole "Odin willingly sacrificing his eye for wisdom" was apparently something Mimir made up after Odin sobered up to cover his own ass.
    • Mimir later comments that he thinks Odin figured out that it was all a trick shortly after sobering up, but decided to 'hire' Mimir to be his adviser anyway. The idea is that if Mimir could trick Odin into doing something like that, then it's better if Mimir is on the Aesir's side... although Mimir claims that Odin never forgot about the trick, which may have helped lead to him getting stuck in the tree and tortured every day.
  • Ratatoskr. Everything that comes out of its mouth. The "Bitter Squirrel" Runic Summon who will dig up consumables for you, including Health and Rage stones. And the sharp-tongued Messenger of The World Tree makes it clear to you that he does NOT enjoy you using him as your errand boy. Especially if you're at full health.
    Ratatoskr: Whatever.
    Ratatoskr: Have you NO respect for my time?!
    Ratatoskr: [When you're at full health] You barely have a SCRATCH!!
    Ratatoskr: I... want you to know I have rabies. You should probably get tested.
    Ratatoskr: There you go... fucko.
    Ratatoskr: Your shield is shit!
    Ratatoskr: [sounding utterly disgusted]: You... two... suck at this.
    • There's also the fact that Ratatoskr, this cute little squirrel scampering around Atreus' shoulders, has the voice of Troy Baker (who also voices Magni in the game) in a British accent.
  • Since Kratos and Atreus don't even have bags with them, Sindri will sometimes say this whenever you sell something to him:
  • During a favor for Sindri, Kratos and Atreus run into a spirit that was murdered by his son. The spirit is upset, but isn't surprised, since he did the same to his father when he was that age. Atreus is aghast that someone would murder their own father. The camera then pans to Kratos, who is pointedly looking away from Atreus.
    • Going off to find the murdered man's son, Kratos decides to straight up yoink the dagger, pulling it from the man's back. His ghost is not happy about this, and futilely swipes at Kratos while yelling at him.
    • When you come back to talk to the ghost again at the end of the questline, he snarkily asks if you came back to steal his boots and underwear.
  • A bit of meta-humor: Polygon got Christopher Judge, Kratos' voice actor, to recite several Dad jokes. Even he couldn't keep a straight face.
    Kratos: Only fire when I tell you fire.
    Atreus: I'm sorry.
    Kratos: Hi, "Sorry." I'm Dad.
  • At one point, Kratos tells Atreus that he did a good job, to which Mimir says "Thanks!"
    Kratos: The boy.
    Mimir: Just having some fun, you big grump.
  • During boat rides, Kratos can tell Atreus of the fable of the tortoise and the hare.
    Kratos: They wager on a race between them. The hare is too confident of victory, and foolish, while the tortoise is steady, and disciplined. The tortoise wins.
    Atreus: You haven't told a lot of stories, have you?
    • One of said boat ride stories is a story about a mother crab telling her son to walk forward proudly instead of sideways which Atreus criticizes because as the mother is a crab she would walk sideways too, leading to this.
      Atreus: He should say "Sure, I'll walk forward as soon as you show me how!"
      Kratos: [awkwardly] Yes. He did say that. That was the story.
      • It's even more hilarious on a deeper level, as Kratos obviously meant the story to be a parable of their relationship, and Atreus has just unwittingly demonstrated that he figured out the lesson of the story by himself without his dad's 'wisdom'.
    • Atreus' reaction to his father's lackluster attempts at storytelling are made even funnier with the revelation that Atreus is Loki. One can only imagine him being inspired to show his father what real storytelling looks like.
  • The newly added Photo Mode. Mainly because you can change Kratos and Atreus's facial expressions, which means you can put a dumb, goofy grin on Kratos whenever you want.
  • While carrying Andvari around (a spirit trapped in a ring) on a side mission for Brok, Atreus translates what the spirit says for Kratos. At one point, Andvari asks Kratos not to destroy anything of his old workshop, with Kratos saying he doesn't care. Andvari then says something that makes Atreus reply "Well, I'm not gonna tell him that." The implication being that Andvari likely said something along the lines of "Fuck you" to Kratos.
  • In the mountain on Midgard, Kratos and Atreus come across a dead beast, leading to this:
    Atreus: What happened to him?
    Kratos: It died.
    Atreus: Uh, okay?
  • If you keep going in the Valkyries' lairs without fighting them, eventually...
    Atreus: Another Valkyrie.
    Mimir: Maybe we should do something.
    Atreus [imitating Kratos' voice]: It is none of our concern, head.
    Kratos: Watch it, boy.
    Atreus: What, it's not what you were going to say?
    Kratos: ...Maybe.
  • Late in the game, Kratos has Mimir tell the World Serpent that they need something from the statue of Thor that he ate, with the World Serpent responding they are allowed to go inside his belly to look for it, before opening his gigantic mouth for them. You'd think Atreus would perhaps have some fearful reaction at this, instead he just goes "Ewwww."
    • Made even funnier by the point just before it; look in the background as you travel up to the horn, and Jormungandr has fallen asleep!
  • In order to get to Jotunheim, the party finds out that Tyr has hidden another realm travel room underneath his vault. In order to access said travel room, you'll have to flip the room over. Mimir's reaction says it all.
  • Freya and Kratos had a falling out once it was revealed that Freya's a god. When Kratos returns and demands an audience, Freya's response is "I'm still a god, go away!" in the most petulant voice imaginable for a goddess.
  • Near the end of the game, you finally get to go to Jotunheim by using Mimir as a travel crystal. When Kratos orders Atreus to set Mimir up, this exchange happens.
    Atreus: Let's hope this doesn't cause you to explode or anything.
    Mimir: Oh... hadn't considered that. Maybe we should talk about this a bit more.
    Atreus: Nah, I'm sure you'll be fine.
  • One shade offers to reunite Kratos and Atreus with Faye should they gather the bones of the shade's wife. This gets Atreus very hopeful at seeing his mother again, while Kratos doubts the shade's ability and intentions. When the quest is done, it turns out the shade meant they would be Together in Death with Faye, leading to a predictable fight and this exchange:
    Atreus: Go on, say it. "I told you so."
    Kratos: I told you so.
    Atreus: [Imitating Kratos' deep voice] "You are naive, foolish boy".
    Kratos: [Clearly trying not to laugh] This is true as well. But do not take your disappointment out on me, boy. Take it as a lesson.
    Atreus: Yes, sir.
  • When the group get attacked by Revenants should they spawn, Mimir will complain about their poison, and Kratos shouts back with "NOT NOW, HEAD!!"
    • He has a similar reaction the first time you summon Ratatoskr during a fight.
      Mimir: Ah, Ratatoskr. Funny story, there. You see-
      Kratos: HEAD! BE SILENT!
  • After Atreus and Kratos meet Brock after leaving Alfheim. Atreus curiously asks about Brok's "beast of burden" which leads to this.
    Brok: What do you mean? I ate her. Crapped bits of 'er out just a while ago.
    Atreus: [disgusted] What is wrong with you?
    Brok: What? Her milk ran dry.
    Atreus: She was your friend!
    Brok Then she'll be happy I'm so well fed.
  • With the New Game + update, Kratos can now purchase and upgrade even stronger armour sets than before. And when you run in to Brok on the bridge, the first armour you're allowed to purchase is a magnificent blue set covered in stylised scales called. . . Cod of War.
  • Should one re-examine Mimir's beheaded corpse on the second visit to the mountain, his response is:
    Mimir: Well that's a sight no man should see; thanks for that!
  • When Kratos and Atreus return from Jotunheim at the end of the game they'll find Brok and Sindri arguing over whether the coming winter is the Fimbulwinter. Brok insists that it is, attributing it to his "scrote" while Sindri believes that it isn't.
    Sindri: How dare you make me the voice of reason.
  • When you introduce Mimir to Brok.
    Atreus: Brok, this is our new friend, Mimir!
    Brok/Mimir: [deadpan] We've met.
    Atreus: Oh! Why didn't you say so?
    Brok/Mimir He knows why. I know why? YOU know why!
    Kratos: Quiet! No more of this.
    Atreus: Know what, I'm sorry I brought it up.
    • When Atreus introduces Sindri to Mimir, the dwarf tells him to keep Mimir away from him.
      Atreus: Sindri, have you met Mimir?
      Sindri: If you mean the head that is blinking at me, please keep it far away from me.
      Mimir: Nice to see you again too, Sindri. [beat] Nob.
  • When Kratos and Atreus first meet Sindri, the latter offers to improve on the Leviathan Axe. Kratos agrees and holds the axe out for him. Sindri, germaphobe he is, politely asks Kratos if he can put it on the table for him. Kratos says no. Nice to know that even after taking a level in kindness, Kratos can still be a total dickhead.
    • After this, Sindri reluctantly agrees to carry the axe... and the entire time he does so, he’s cringing in horror and generally acting like he’s carrying a rod of plutonium.
    • It's even funnier when you remember Kratos tried to hand his axe to Brok the first time they met as well, except Brok ignored him and he had to grumpily stalk after the dwarf instead. Seems like Kratos' patience ran out after the first time.
  • If you make a return trip to Helheim before the story dictates, Atreus will say with excitement that he's finally seeing the realm... until he experiences the cold and immediately wants to go back.
  • After Sindri and Brok patch things up, they still will be seen alone at their individual shops. When Atreus asks Sindri why he's outside, Sindri replies he's 'getting some fresh air', clarifying that Brok smells like a 'fetid dung heap'. But due to being able to trigger these lines during any shop, Sindri can say this in Niflheim, where most of the realm is covered in horrible, poisonous fog, implying Brok smells worse.
  • In Tyr's Temple, while Kratos is passing through a corridor full of traps, Mimir asks Kratos to let Atreus, who's safely crossing through a tunnel, carry his head. Kratos' answer:
    Kratos: And let you miss this? No.
    Mimir: You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?
    Kratos: Hmm.
  • While lugging around a light crystal in the Alfheim temple, Atreus decides to get snarky with his father, who responds in kind:
    Atreus: You gonna carry that everywhere?
    Kratos: I just might.

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