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  • Star first getting the name Scar mixed up with Oscar.
    Oscar: Oh, Scar is a good enough name.
    Star: A noble name. A hero's name. Oscar.
  • As Rufo lay's out all the available weapons, including swords, guns, a lance, a flame thrower, some bazookas, a tommy gun, some brass knuckles, a machete, some grenades, bows and arrows. Oscar can't help but quip.
    • Then Rufo immediately replies asking if he wants a real sling type or a kid's forked stick with a rubber band.
  • The moment when Star sketches out the valley the group will be traveling to Oscar. He can't resist this joke.
    Star: Yes. That's the clay they have. Does it matter?
    Oscar: I guess not. Just don't make a Hobbit out of it.

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