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If you can take Gligar's remarks with a grain of salt, you might discover that he says some pretty chuckle-worthy things in between his criticisms.

Bad Games: Sonic Adventure

  • His description of the cutscenes:
    Gligar: The first thing you'll notice is the cutscenes. Note how all the characters move like animatronics at Chuck E. Cheese.
  • During the shower scene in Casinopolis:
    Gligar: Why did you have to put Sonic in a shower? That's just so wrong. The only people who are gonna like that are R34 freaks.
    • Yet again:
    Gligar: Okay, seriously, you guys? How did this get past the ratings?
  • After the Knuckles battle:
    Gligar: If you had a giant thing that could enable the destruction of a world, would you let some dumbass in a hovercar pick it up?
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  • Gligar calling the Sky Chase minigame "low-budget Star Fox."
  • Gligar's vocal slip while introducing Tails:
    Gligar: Now, l-let's look at your first forgettable character. TAIL!
  • His comment on Tails' plane about to crash:
    Gligar: First off, it looks like he's jacking off, all while unfitting music plays. And then he crashes his plane while it moves around, like in Garry's Mod. I've seen more convincing performances in Garry's Mod. That's bad. And in Garry's Mod, they do it for humor, not because they can't program. (laughs)
  • His opinion of the treasure hunting stages with Knuckles:
    Gligar: Is it hard, though? Not really. Just extremely long and TIME-CONSUMING! Especially with the annoying camera in this piece of shit, because the camera is on crystal meth, like with all the characters.
  • Gligar saying that Amy deserves to be stalked by a robot "because she's so annoying."
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  • The camera glitching (probably intentionally) while Gligar introduces Big.
  • Gligar: And what is the ending, pretty much? A bunch of furries bitching about pointless shit.
  • During the ending:
    Tails: All's well that ends well, right?
    Gligar: (sighs) No, Tails. You're retarded. "All's well that ends well" and look. Thousands of people are dead, a city's been destroyed, and that's all you say? What the fuck? Seriously! What would you say about Japan's tsunami?
    • [plays news footage of the tsunami]
    Tails: All's well that ends well, right?

    Gligar: Or 9/11?
    • [Shows a clip of the September 11th attacks as the second plane impacts]
    Tails: All's well that ends well, right?

    Gligar: Never mind, Tails. You just suck. In fact, this whole game is a piece of crap.

Bad Games: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

  • As Gligar begins playing:
    Gligar: When you first start the game, you'll see cutscenes. And what is it this time, you may ask? This time, you see a random helicopter. What does this really have to do with Sonic, and why are there helicopters in a Sonic game that are not Eggman's stuff?
  • The "Seinfeld music."
  • His addendum to the graphics standard he apparently saw in the first game:
    Gligar: Just look at those lips, and the way all the movements are just spasms. Oh my god... this looks like Chuck E. Cheese again!
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  • At the start of the Big Foot boss battle:
    Gligar: And then we get the most common boss battle in 3D Sonic history: the run around in circles and hit the giant robot in the head boss battle. Seriously, play any 3D Sonic and there's about fifteen of these bosses.
  • When Shadow appears in the Hero Story:
    Gligar: Not only is this awkward character movement bad, but the military in this game is stupid! How can they mistake Shadow with Sonic? Unless they're admitting that they're both crappy recolors.
  • Gligar: 11:08. Chuck E. Cheese ball pit.
  • Gligar constantly bringing up how Knuckles and Rouge "spaz" during their intro cutscene.
  • When Knuckles jumps up to shatter the Master Emerald in Eggman's possession:
    Gligar: Check out my... Game Genie! SPAZ!
  • Gligar calling the music in the Wild Canyon stage "wannabe rap," or "music that would be played at Sears while you're shopping for clothes."
  • Gligar: Eggman, didn't Tails just kill you, pretty much? You're such a pussy, Eggman.
  • Gligar saying that the egg hatching in Chao Garden looked kind of pervy (mainly because he mistaked it for rubbing when it was really supposed to be a light shaking motion.)
  • Gligar suggests that Shadow "inspired all the autistic kids making recolors." Take that however you want.
  • After he discovers that Rouge's level is another treasure hunting level (which he should have known in the first place):
    Gligar: For Rouge the Bat... oh my god, you've got to got to be kidding. It's a Knuckles re-skin! Same treasure hunting crap, same everything. To relieve my rage, I just threw around Omochao, because it's actually more fun than the game. As for this game, it's a pile of GARBAGE!
  • Gligar telling players to kill Omochao at the end of the review.