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  • When Akko calls Mari's house to check up on her and gets on the phone with Mari, the first thing out of Akko's mouth is to complain about how much she stuttered while trying to ask for Mari. Immediately after reciting what she'd tried to say to Mari's mother, Akko suddenly realizes out loud, "Hey... I didn't stutter this time!"
  • Naru-chan mentions that the last time she dated was about 10 years ago, and gets very annoyed when Mari tries to calculate how old she is].
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  • When Naru-chan tells Mari about her husband, she can barely contain how unpleasant she finds the union.
    Naru-chan: So while my husband might look like a toad and have a weird job and strange hobbies, and we never agree on anything...
    Mari: That bad, huh?

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