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Series 1

Who Do You Think You Are?

Gorilla War

  • Mary's strategy for getting Alison to leave the house? Getting uncomfortably close to her and repeating "Get out" over and over again. By the time Alison has gone to bed, she's still going.
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  • When Alison interrogates the ghosts about what exactly it is they want, Pat says that he just wanted to say hello. When Alison angrily snaps "Hello!" at him, he cheerfully responds in kind and tries to start up a conversation, as if they were just introduced at a party.
  • Fanny's only demands are that the portrait of her hated dead husband be removed from in front of her room, and that Mike fix the hole in her wall he made while trying to fix it. He patches the hole... with the portrait, making the late Lord Button's face stare directly into the bedroom.

Happy Death Day

  • Thomas getting annoyed over the melancholy Pat sitting in his "sighing place".

Free Pass

Moonah Ston

  • The entire lunar eclipse ritual. Featuring hopping, dancing, howling, and Thomas trying to recite the reading dramatically over the Captain and all the other noise.
  • After Alison yells at Robin for holding a lunar eclipse ritual while she's holding a dinner party, the Captain says that she should show Robin some respect.
    Robin: Yes, moonah-
    Captain: Shut up, Robin!

Getting Out

  • Fanny's emotional speech about how the house should belong to Alison starts thusly:
    Fanny: When you first came here... I thought you were a prostitute. [Sudden Soundtrack Stop]

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