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  • After orientation, Charlotte goes to the locker room to "observe" Damen. Mid-change, his friend Sam, who is butt-naked, runs over to him. Damen slams his fist into Sam's crotch and Sam grabs it, thus shoving his butt into Charlotte's face. Good thing she's dead!
  • During lunch, when Pam and Charlotte are eating lunch, Pam tries to get Damen's attention for Charlotte by shouting "PLAY ME!!" Needless to say, Charlotte was pretty damn embarrassed. However, Damen didn't see them (since they're invisible).
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  • The cheer-off doubles as a Moment Of Funny and a Moment of Awesome. Scarlet's cheer at the end of it really takes the cake!
    Scarlet: After graduation, you'll be all cellulite and fatty./Sittin' next to Maury search for yo' baby's daddy!
  • Ghost-form Scarlet changing the letters on the blackboard from "Charles Dickens" and "Homer" to "Charles Dickhead" and "Homo." (uncontrollable laughter)

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