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  • Garrett the tour guide stating what Gertrude Aldridge's father wrote about her:
    Garrett: "It is said that God makes no mistakes, but I think he was pretty drunk when he built Gertrude's personality."
    "And they fed her… through this slot. [beat] Cucumber slices, pancakes, crepes, basically anything flat."
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  • The increasing Implausible Deniability regarding Erin and the paranormal book she wrote with Abby.
    Erin: It-it was just a gag!
    Ed Mulgrave: The first line is "This is not a joke."
  • When they reach the haunted house, Erin tells the tour guide that she spoke with Ed Mulgrave. He freaks out, since Ed Mulgrave has been dead for fifteen years. As Abby and Holtzmann are getting excited, Erin points out the man she spoke to, and the tour guide says that's Ed Mulgrave junior.
    Erin: That's obviously who I was talking about.
  • Erin screaming about ghosts being real. On video. That the dean is watching.
    • The title of the Youtube video is "GHOSTS ARE REAL".
  • Erin and Abby are having a moment together when Abby reveals that the equipment they're wheeling away is stolen.
    Abby: Okay, we should probably get this equipment out of here, 'cause they're going to want it back.
    Erin: I thought this stuff was yours?
    Holtzmann: All stolen.
    Erin: We're stealing this stuff?
    Abby: No, we—
    [Dean emerges from building in the background]
    Abby: Scatter, scatter!
  • Erin is the first of the new team to get slimed.
    Erin: That stuff went everywhere, by the way. In every crack. Very hard to wash off.
    • By the third time, she asks if the slime is specifically targeting her.
    • During the climactic battle, Erin happens to be running by as a ghost is being attacked. You can hear her shout "Missed me!" as she avoids some as a Funny Background Event .
  • During the scene where the real estate agent shows them the Firehouse, Erin's reaction to the rent is great.
    Erin: [smiling in excitement] So, how much is this place?
    Real Estate Agent: $21,000 a month.
    Erin: [still smiling] Burn in hell!
    • Which is too bad, as Abby and Holtzmann love the place, praising the high ceiling and doing performances on the "stripper pole". To the point that when they get City Hall funding, they promptly get the Firehouse—and Holtzmann proceeds to say the entire second floor is hers, something Patty questions.
    • Even funnier in the extended cut, which turns Erin's response into a Precision F-Strike.
  • Erin and Abby stumbling over each other trying to say "Let's go" before the team's first mission.
  • Just about every time Holtzmann is on screen. Kate McKinnon chews the scenery and doesn't keep still and it's as funny as it gets. (there's even on the Blu-ray a whole ten minutes of her improvising, adequately titled "Holtzmann Gone Wild")
    • Her very introduction, "Come here often?"
    • Erin is already terrified about the prospect of seeing a ghost... and then Holtzmann starts loudly chewing on Pringles. When the ghost of Gertrude Aldridge finally appears, she's still eating them.
      Erin: How can you be eating right now?
      Holtzmann (Theatrical Version): You try saying no to these salty parabolas.
      Holtzmann (Extended Edition): Once you pop...
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    • While wandering through a theatre dressing room, Erin goes in front of a shelf full of wigs—and then jumps at the sight of Holtzmann standing there in a bright purple wig and gaudy hat.
      • Theatrical Edition:
        Erin: Holtzmann! Come on.
        Holtzmann: It's the hat, it's too much, right? [Beat] Is it the wig or the hat?
      • Extended Edition:
        Erin: Holtzmann! This is serious!
        Holtzmann: And I agree. We all agree. [points to nearby bust] Except for Kathy. She doesn't get it.
      • One cut even has Erin flipping Holtzmann the bird without flinching.
        Holtzmann: I thought that would get a better reaction...
    • Grabbing a guitarist's instrument to smash it, and apologizing afterwards because she can't buy a replacement.
    • Holtzmann dancing to DeBarge's "Rhythm of the Night", complete with reckless usage of blowtorches (and using the fire extinguisher without breaking the performance...) - all while lip-synching it to Erin.
    • Sweetly singing "Come out, come out, wherever you are..." as the ladies try to blast Rowan's ghost.
    • Holtzmann's response being squished by the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man:
    You guys, this is exactly how I pictured my death.
    • As a Funny Background Event, Holtzmann is always smiling, doing a weird pose, and at times even licking seductively (such as when she's looking baffled at the "Let's go" above).
    • Her reaction to Erin's origin story is saying she questions it... while doing a seductive wink that Erin is flattered by.
    • During the climax, she licks her guns before using them for the first time. Following the ass-kicking, "You've been Holtzmanned!"
    • One cut scene from the climax has Holtz stopping Erin, then poking her noses with a "Boop!"
  • All of Kevin's interview. For starters, he covers his eyes when he doesn't want to hear something.
    • Which may be a reference to some similar sensory confusion in the original movie:
      Ray: Listen! Do you smell something?
    • One moment that shows the movie may have some self-awareness about its premise is when Kevin shows the team a possible logo design—it's a ghost with boobs.
      • Could also rate as a bit of a Visual Pun Mythology Gag, as it illustrates how this film's Ghostbusters have actual busts.
    • Kevin's third proposal for a logo consists simply of clipart of a hot dog and a house. When Erin comments, "I don't think that's for us", Kevin explains, "I just thought the floating hot dog implies that a ghost is holding it." Even funnier, this picture would later appear on actual merchandise.
  • Kevin, far from realizing he's a moron, seems quite proud of himself when making (what he feels are) astute observations. (e.g., "You know, an aquarium is like a submarine for fish!")
  • As Kevin slowly begins to reveal how dumb he is and the team realizes it too, they visibly start deflating. Holtzmann's expressions are initially amused, but even she starts getting baffled by Kevin's antics. When he starts trying to answer the phone in the fish tank, her eyes bug out in an alarmed fashion.
  • Another meta moment is when the Ghostbusters start getting annoyed at comment sections.
  • The rest of the team is a bit alarmed that Patty got them a hearse for a car (except Jillian Holtzmann, who is thrilled). Patty's justification for the hearse?
    Patty: It's a Cadillac!note 
    • The resulting discussion to whether a corpse might still be in the car. Holtzmann even says, "I can find about seven uses for a cadaver today."
  • Patty's Epic Fail at Crowd Surfing while trying to battle a ghost at a rock concert.
    Patty: Ok, I dunno if it was a race thing or a lady thing, but I'm mad as hell!
    • One cut has Patty groan how they could let "a bitch" fall like that.
    • Afterwards, she's awkwardly trying to ignore the ghost hanging on her shoulders...
    • As she's walking away, a few of the patrons take a selfie with her and the ghost in the background.
    • Patty noticing Mayhem's heavy metal music is making the ghost angry, and demands they "Play something gentle!"
  • Patty has a few moments during the theatre scene:
    • When the group splits up and she's on her own, she says that she thought that the group would be more like a book club, and that if she sees the twin girls from The Shining, she's leaving; when she comes across a creepy room full of mannequins, she declares, "Okay, yup. Room full of nightmares. Not going in there," and walks away. When one of those mannequins appears suddenly behind her in the hall, she knows exactly what's going to happen:
      Patty: Was that there before? Please do not answer. [mannequin suddenly turns to face her] I said don't answer! [runs away in horror as the mannequin chases her]
    • As the mannequin is following her, she's talking to herself:
      Patty: I don't understand how I get wrapped up in this stuff. I had a good job at the MTA. Was it perfect? No! Of course it wasn't perfect! But I tell you what, everybody was alive.
  • Erin trying to get to the mayor through the glass wall while he and Lynch look on.
    Erin: [knocking on the glass] Mayor Bradley, it's me!
    Bradley: Who the shit is this?
    Erin: [trying to open the wall] It's me! It's Erin.
    Lynch: She thinks that's a sliding door.
    Erin: [trying another wall] It's Erin. Hi!
    Lynch: She thinks they're all doors. That's sad. She's a scientist.
  • Mayor Bradley does NOT like being compared to the mayor from Jaws. When Erin does so, he immediately goes from calm to completely losing his shit while Lynch winces.
  • Erin being dragged out by the mayor's security like a raving lunatic — hoisted bodily, clinging to the table (forcing security to drag it with them), and shouting about ghosts.
  • Every single Remake Cameo, from the original cast to Slimer and Stay-Puft.
    • Dan Aykroyd's adds a Mythology Gag when Erin tries to get a ride from him as a taxi driver:
    "They're Class-5 Floatin' Vapors. Nothing to worry about."
  • Slimer hijacks the Ecto-1. By the next time he's seen, he has a Distaff Counterpart on the passenger seat and plenty more ghosts with him.
    Abby: That thing is having the time of its life!
    • When the ECTO-1 crashes into the portal at the end, the front bench seat flies up in the air with Slimer and his girl still on it. They don't scream in terror. They scream like it's a roller coaster.
  • All equipment demonstrations. The first enhanced proton pack has Abby doing what the others liken to "a deflating balloon impersonation". Holtzmann shouts a Big "NO!" at the BFG Erin picks up, saying it's not ready, but gives her... a Swiss Army knife ("Every woman needs to go out armed!"). A grenade that was supposed to give a "small poof" creates a big blast ("Looks like it's a medium poof!"). A ghost vacuum\shredder covers Erin and Abby in garbage. And an ionic knuckle generates a Pinball Projectile that ends destroying the motorcycle of the delivery boy Abby is always berating.
  • "I should have known this would happen. The dye box read 'Garfield'. And it isn't even the cat, it's the president." In the extended cut, Erin adds that it was part of a "Dead Presidents Color Collection". Holtzmann replies with "You stay away from Taft. It's my mother's color. I don't wanna see it on anyone's head."
  • The Running Gags:
    • Kevin's inability to properly operate the phone at the office, whether it be not answering it properly, hanging up because he didn't like the caller's voice, or trying to use Techno Babble to sound like the other Ghostbusters. During Rowan's attack while possessing Kevin, the girls demand he unhand him because "He was getting the hang of the phone!" In one of the stingers, Abby says that she's just going to unplug his phone, and Erin agrees he probably won't notice.
    • Abby's feud with the Chinese food delivery man, who is unable to get her a proper wonton-to-broth ratio in her soup, as well as always arriving late. Even when the Ghostbusters' office is directly above the restaurant.
      Abby: How long does it take to climb one flight of stairs?!
    • Erin constantly getting slimed, slipping on slime, and so on, to the point that she thinks it's targeting her.
  • When the Ghostbusters first confront Rowan and he gives a speech about how Humans Are the Real Monsters and the world needs to be destroyed, Abby tries to give a speech about how many great things there are in the world... only to freeze up and only be able to think of soup. And her desperate plea to the others for suggestions just leads to Patty suggesting salad.
  • Rowan's Peter Pan impression, complete with musical notes and ectoplasmic pixie dust.
  • Rowan's ghost manifesting as a cartoon version of the Ghostbusters' logo and posing with his hands behind his back.
    • As Rowan starts to grow larger, Patty screams at him to be cute.
  • The entire conversation with the "dean" of the school Abby and Holtzmann work at.
  • In the credits, the Big Bad possessing Kevin decides to use his vast powers... to make everybody do a Thriller-esque dance number.
  • When a ghost possesses Abby and Patty proceeds to literally beat the Hell out of her... and doesn't notice when the ghost leaves.
  • After the subway ghost gets stuck on a train.
    Patty: I guess he’s heading for Queens! That ghost will be the third scariest thing on that train.
  • The fact that all four ladies choose exactly the same spot to simultaneously blast their largest opponent, without having to discuss the tactic in advance. You'd think somebody would have shot at his hands to "loosen his grip", but these ladies instinctively fight dirty.
    • And then Patty asks if that was what they were all aiming for, just to make sure.
  • After the final showdown, the Ghostbusters find Kevin eating a sandwich. They then question how he had the time to get a sandwich during all the chaos, and he is just nonchalant about it. Abby grabs the sandwich out of his hand and throws it away, only for someone offscreen to throw it back to Kevin. In the Extended Cut, he also gets a drink and a donut from this off screen person, making the girls ask if he's a wizard.
  • When Erin and Abby ask what year it is due to their hair turning white as a side affect of having just been in the portal after the final battle is over, Holtzmann messes with them by saying it's 2040 and the president is a plant.
  • At the end of the film, the Mayor is shown in a streetside interview, explaining to a TV reporter about how there was no massive ghost outbreak in the center of New York City, witnessed by millions of people. The reporter he is talking to suggests an alternative possibility that it was actually a massive group hallucination, due to some kind of massive hallucinogenic attack launched by terrorists. The Mayor briefly agrees with that explanation, before suddenly balking as he realizes what was just said.
    • More like he's baffled because he was never told the cover-story his own subordinates have been spreading around to the press. To cap it off, some dude photobombs the interview while the Mayor is standing there looking dumb.
  • The Blu-ray has two reels of Hilarious Outtakes. Aside from non-stop Corpsing (mostly coming from the actors forgetting their lines), a highlight is a montage of the cast shoehorning the Working Title "Flapjack" into dialogue (such as Melissa McCarthy holding a threatening fist saying "You're just getting your jack flapped!" and Kristen Wiig stating "I've just been invited for the annual Flapjack Fundraiser Brunch").
    • The word actually does make it into the ending, when Patty's uncle (Ernie Hudson in his Remake Cameo) shows up looking for the portal-destroyed Ecto 1. When Patty suggests he hold two funerals at once to deal with the loss of one of his hearses, he protests that he's not stacking them (the bodies) like flapjacks.
  • While Ozzy Osbourne's quip in the theatrical cut is amusing ("Sharon! I'm having flashbacks!"), the extended one is even better:
    Wankers! Black Sabbath did that shit in '74.
    • Another improved one is Patty's comment regarding the Fourth Cataclysm, which goes from "That sound like a franchise nobody ever wanted." to:
    Man, what they gonna do, make a fifth one, starring The Rock?
  • In the extended cut, Dean Fillmore is at first un-amused by the ghost chaos unveiling...until he sees that right next to him is the ghost of a Red Sox fan who then screams "Yankees suck!", prompting him to haul ass. The ghost then proceeds to ask "Why am I in New York?"
  • The theater manager harping at the Ghostbusters for demolishing the theater while battling the ghost at Mayhem's concert. When he sees the ghost coming, he lets out a high-pitched scream.