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  • After Rob tells a female coworker that Bucky was being "funny" that morning:
    Coworker: Aw, you have a funny kitty? What kind of cute stories can you tell?
    Rob: "Cute" stories? My cat?! Oh....No, no. He's not funny in a "ha ha" kind of way. It's more of a "Good Lord, no!" kind of deal.
  • This strip from an arc about the strip's new editor:
    Bucky: Excuse me, I am inquiring as to when we will be dinnerfying tonight.
    Rob: Dinnerfying?
    Bucky: Dinnerying. Session de chew. Eatification.
    Rob: You know, I don't think your editor's very smart...
    Bucky: Nonsense. Me editor am smartastic.
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  • Bucky's paranoia gets validated.
  • How to handle 3rd party voters.
  • In one strip, Bucky asks Rob for his Red Sox cap because "B is for Bucky". Rob refuses and Bucky warns him of revenge. Next strip: cue Bucky walking past Rob with a new Yankees cap on and Rob's face is pure outrage.
  • Bucky writes a cover blurb for his own as-yet-unwritten book.
    Bucky: Listen: Three out of four people prefer reading this book over the leading toothpaste.
    Satchel: Wait. So 25% of people prefer to be entertained by toothpaste than by your book?
    Bucky: ...
  • All your treat are belong to us. A reference, of course, to the infamous line "All your base are belong to us" from the intro to Zero Wing.
  • The water dish "system."
  • Bucky's favorite card game.
  • Insane Troll Logic at its finest.
  • Another Bucky Noodle Incident.
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  • After Satchel has a "dog conference" with all the neighborhood dogs, Bucky tries to convince Rob to let him have a "cat conference". Rob doesn't let him, since every cat Bucky knows is just as mean and psychotic as he. Bucky tries another tactic...
    Bucky: Okay, Robbo, let's talk deals here. What's it gonna take for you to let me have my cat conference here?
    Rob: Nothing. I seriously doubt you could even swear on the Good Book enough that nothing disastrous would happen to make me change my mind.
    *Bucky walks away, returns 15 minutes later, holding a book*
    Rob: What is that...Richard Scarry's Best Rainy Day Book Ever?
    Bucky: It's a very good book.
  • Rob's awful perfume ad. Rob begs them to turn it off, then...
    Rob: (sticking his fingers in his ears) AAAAAAAAAA! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!
    Satchel: (to an annoyed Rob) Ha! Ha! Ha! YOU say that, Rob!
  • In one storyline, another cat says that Bucky owes him money. The reason? Bucky bet that the Patriots would win the World Series. note 
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  • Also counts as a slight Heartwarming moment too, as one Christmas, Bucky gives Satchel a present (at Rob's insistence): a photo of the two of them, displayed in a frame with "best friends" engraved on it. Satchel is overcome with emotion.
    Satchel: I promised myself I wouldn't cry.
    Bucky: I promised myself I wouldn't let you cry.
  • Satchel asks Rob for another advance in his allowance to start a magazine subscription, but since he's asked for numerous advances before, Rob tells him anymore and he'll have to go to work.
    Satchel: WORK?! ME?! I CAN'T GO TO WORK! I'M TOO PRETTY!!!
    Rob: Satchel, you're confusing work for prison.
    Bucky: And you're not pretty.
  • One strip in which the Wilco clan has finished dinner.
    Satchel: Mmm! That was a good dinner!
    Rob: (Holding his stomach) Yeah, but I'm not feeling too good. That sandwich didn't agree with me.
    Bucky: Man, you can't be taking no jive from food, you need to show that hoagie who's boss!
    Rob: (Silence)
    Bucky: I mean, it sounds like you're afraid of this sandwich, and that's just sad.

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