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  • Mickey and co.'s utter thrashing of Pete once they realize they can flip the movie screen around.
  • Clarabelle showing some leg- and udder- to try to get into the cart.
  • The scene where Horace walks in wearing a Captain America t-shirt while holding a smartphone and eating popcorn and Milk Duds.
    • Even better, when the phone rings and Horace answers it, a voice is heard shouting "Give me back my phone!"
      • As the ringtone goes off, Pete's immediately stops in the middle of his evil laughter and looks around to identify where the sound is coming from before focusing on the road!
  • When Mickey flips the screen to rewind the scene until it stops when Pete is just about to hit the pitchfork. Mickey, the rascal he is, flips the screen so Pete gets closer and closer to the fork as he's begging him not to until he hits it.
    • Earlier, when Mickey figures out he can manipulate the screen to change gravity. Pete + cactus + ability to fall on command = hilarity
    • (while getting hit on the head with his car) Daddy? It's you! I used to have a little cat once. *BONK!* Company dismissed!
  • After breaking into the real world, Mickey looks down at his suddenly colored shorts and says, "Oh my gosh!...Red!"
  • Mickey trying to fight Pete and lays a single soft punch on his car. Pete retaliates by butting Mickey away with the car.
  • Minnie's reaction to getting out of the screen: "Where are we? Poughkeepsie?"
  • Pete getting stuck in the iris, and then his pant flaps fall down revealing "THE END". ("HEY!")
  • Minnie's panties being used as a parachute as in Plane Crazy.

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