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  • The live version of "Supper's Ready" on the box set has Peter break into his usual pre-song story, which is supposed to be punctuated by Phil's drumming at two points. Phil apparently missed the cue, and the result is hilarious.
    Peter: "Phil, there's people out there!"
    Phil: "I'm really sorry, everyone. I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying."
    • The second time around, Phil gets a massive round of applause when he actually comes in on cue.
    • Speaking of "Supper's Ready", there's the "Willow Farm" section, both in regards to both the music itself and for Peter prancing about as a flower.
      • "There's Winston Churchill dressed in drag, he used to be a British flag, plastic bag, WHAT A DRAG!"
      • "Fly away you sweet little thing, they're hard on your tail! They're going to change you to a human being!"
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  • One bootleg features an audience member shouting something that can't quite be made out. Gabriel's very calm, deadpan reply was, "My mother does not suck cocks.".
  • "Jesus He Knows Me" mixes an absolutely hilarious video with a vicious lampooning of televangelism.
  • The video for "I Can't Dance" had many of these, and the video for "Anything She Does" features Benny Hill doing his usual shtick.
  • The video for "Invisible Touch" basically features the band members goofing around with each other and the crew.
  • In Come Rain Or Shine, there is a very This Is Spın̈al Tap-esque moment with a rather confused GPS system:
    "You have arrived at your destination." [It's an empty field.]
    "Have you been drinkin', luv?"
  • The Three Sides Live concert video for Who Dunnit?. Highlights include:
    • Phil Collins trying to pull his shirt over his head.
    • Mike Rutherford fooling around on Phil's drum kit, and awkwardly watching Chester Thompson to keep the tempo in check. He's clearly out of his depth playing Collins' (left-handed) kit, and he mostly just slaps the snare drum and one of the toms.
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    • Tony Banks, who hated the song more or less from the beginning, staring glumly at his keyboards, wishing he would rather be anywhere else.
  • Even "Land Of Confusion" has plenty of darkly silly moments.
    RONALD REAGAN: "...I'm parched. I need a drink of water..."
    He proceeds to accidentally press the "Nuke" button instead of the "Nurse" button on his bedside table.
    RONALD REAGAN: "Wow! That's one heck of a nurse!"
    NANCY REAGAN: *gives Ronald a Dope Slap*
  • While the band was on their Duke tour, Phil would announce the eponymous suite with a short story called "The Story of Albert", about a guy who was "a born loser". Some of the funniest moments of this story include:
    • Albert trying to make love to his television and his walking stick, both ending rather painfully for him. He also had a brief relationship with his wheelchair afterwards.
    • Later, Phil listed "some of [Albert's] most forgettable books" and some of his other works, including Romeo and Albert, A Midsummer Night's Albert, Albert vs. Kramer, Kramer vs. Albert, Albert vs. Albert, Dark Side of the Albert, and I Left My Albert in San Francisco.note 
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    • Phil ended the story by insisting that the next set of music had nothing to do with Albert, repeatedly describing it as "music from our album called Duke".
      Phil: "I was deliberately wasting your time, sir!"

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