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Funny / Garfield: Royal Rescue

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  • Internet Persona's reading of Part 1, with guest LittleKuriboh.
  • Wha-Chow's reading of Part 2 (episodes "Explosion of Maximum Impact", "Is It With a Y or an I?", and "Crikey I'm Sexy Salamander"), with such highlights as:
    • Kirbopher singing the "Love is Lasagna" lyrics to a random piece of music perfectly.
    • MasakoX doing a Gilbert Gottfried impression for Prince Harry.
    • Garfield's reaction to Sarah Ferguson blowing herself up after they had sex.
    • The particular reactions to the phrases "He was at Stonehenge chained to stone!", "The chains were made of adamantium and magic!", and " he tore through guards like lawnmower through warm cheese."

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