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"Don't mind whoever this guy is, he's been frozen in shock since the end of your run."

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  • The blooper reels. All of them.
  • Everything about Tri-Hex's 2014 Yoshi's Island run. From the dreaded fire alarm to the cat rescue to the accordion of shame.note 
  • Practically every word out of RWhiteGoose's mouth. "C'MON BABY."
  • UraniumAnchor's 2014 Deus Ex run, simply because of how much the game utterly trolls him right from the start.
  • Toufool31's "Doo Doo Doo Crew" while playing Super Mario Sunshine at SGDQ 2013. This became a tradition in later marathons—sometimes unwillingly.
    Toufool31: What is going on behind me?
  • The Source engine giveth, the Source engine taketh. There's something really funny about Gordon Freeman beating Alyx Vance in the head with boxes.
  • The Shakespearean-style recital of "I Want To Be Your Canary", the play from Final Fantasy IX by Puwexil and Spikevegeta along with some of their friends. Dramatically so.
    Spikevegeta: What, ho! OUT VERMIN AWAAAAAY! (raises the roof)
  • PJDicesare's Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts run is full of close calls and everything going wrong, up to and including the game itself trying to fuck up his run of trying to use the Torch weapon only. It legitimately tries to sabotage his attempts.
  • From AGDQ 2011, Carcinogen gives us a Rage Quit for the ages during his run of Resident Evil 4.
  • From AGDQ 2013's bonus stream, in which CrazyBus is "played". Cue the joke from the bystander asking how one would TAS it.
  • From SGDQ 2013, Blueglass would like some serious time.
  • SGDQ 2014 featured a three-way Metroid Fusion race in the incredibly difficult 1% category, which most players can't do at all. After winning, JaggerG explained the hilarious reason he and kirbymastah had agreed to do it: this was the only way they had a chance of beating BioSpark in a Fusion race. He's the undisputed master and would have won any% easily, but anyone can die in 1%. (Indeed, all three runners took at least one death.) Within the race itself, kirbymastah has a funny Damn You, Muscle Memory! moment when he tries to start off Sector 4 by going right instead of left.
  • The entire BattleBlock Theater run in AGDQ 2015. The whole thing. It didn't help that the devs contributed to the hilarity. Even the runner MechaRichter known to be The Stoic can't hold his laughter with some of Will Stamper's shenanigans.
  • There was a lone donation read aloud during the Kaizo Mario World run in AGDQ 2015. From who? ProtonJon.
    Proton Jon: "You're crazy. Absolutely crazy. Why would you do this to yourself? I mean, I know you'll clear it but why would you do this to yourself?''
    • Also from the same run: the first time the runner, dram55, died to a Muncher, he got a box of little Muncher plushies dumped on him in real life. (A larger version of the plushie was later given away as a prize.)
  • Jackafur's accidental Precision F-Strike when he makes a (thankfully harmless) mistake in Mischief Makers in the 2015 marathon.
  • slowbeef gave a $100 donation during the run of The Town with No Name and left this comment.
    "I decided to donate equal to the game's budget, but that seemed cheap so I added an extra zero."
  • A lot of donation messages in general.
    Announcer: [Reading] "What do you call a group of people who create impossible questions to perplex people? The Prevent Answer Foundation!" [A few seconds of silence, then laughter from the crowd] ...Who's filtering these?!
    • This moment was made even funnier when the GDQMonitor erased its previous message and responded one simple word.
  • The grand finale to the AGDQ 2015 Super Metroid 100% speedrun race. The traditional "Save" vs. "Kill the Animals" donation incentives were neck and neck until one final, whopping donation of $10,000 was sent in from an anonymous donor. Their message?
  • Vanquish One-handed Bromance% note 
  • medibot, one of the goons who was responsible for the famous Let's Play of the game Sonic 06 and the player of the Avenger Miriam Webster from the web Dungeons and Dragons game, Something Awful: Dungeons & Dragons, has both played and commentated in AGDQ. Given his status as a Cloud Cuckoo Lander, this very fact alone makes it hilarious. Highlights include being one of the best Yoshi's Cookie gamers worldwide, all while talking about owls and cooking, going in dressed as a wizard, and commentating over his hate of sand during the Floating Runner Speedrun.
  • Donators occasionally decide to put their money to the 'runner's choice' (or anyone else in the room). Sometimes, the donators decide to put their money to a runner's choice... as long as they choose some incentive that is against the runner's goals. An example was a donator giving Bonesaw577 money to put towards killing the animals in the 2013 SGDQ during his Luigi's Mansion run, despite him being solidly in the "Save the Animals" camp.
  • Durin Stivitybobo's run of Banjo-Kazooie, he perfectly ran through the infamous blade room in Clanker's Cavern, without using the golden feathers. As he was almost through them, he purposely misses a note, then goes through them again without getting hit to get it.
  • SGDQ 2014's Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door run, wherein because of a sequence break in getting Bobbery early, Flavio is a party member for the rest of the game as a Living Prop on every single screen no matter how out-of-place. This gets especially hilarious during The Moon Launch and the ending.
  • Just about anything that came out of Patty's mouth during either his own Maldita Castilla run or as a commentator for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Reverse Boss Order run.
  • The 2014 Metroid Prime run has several Forgot About His Powers moments, including one where someone in the audience has to remind Miles (the runner) he has Spider Ball.
  • Klaige's run of Super Pitfall from AGDQ 2015 is already something special, thanks to the game's cryptic and broken nature, but the highlight comes at the end of the run. After completing all of the objectives, Klaige repeatedly kills himself on the nearest enemy, getting a game over. The game return to the title screen, starts up the Attract Mode... and immediately cuts to the victory screen. Apparently, game overs don't clear the flag for completing everything, and since the game requires you to go back to the beginning of the map to finish it, this is the quickest way to complete the game.
    Klaige: So right now, everybody is like, "Who is this awful speedrunner and why is he allowed to touch things?", and you're not wrong. But there's a method to my madness, I swear to you all. So—oh that's time, by the way.
  • The infamous Tomba 2 speedrun mostly due to the horrifically awkward chemistry of Chibi and CavemanDCJ.
    Chibi: "So confirmed Santa's number one helper is a squirrel."
    CavemanDCJ: "I would really prefer if you'd be quiet." *uncomfortably long pause* "But yes, you are correct."
  • Pretty much all of Murphagator's run of Double Dragon Neon at SGDQ 2013 with the game and commentary, but especially with having one of the devs on the Skype call for the run who has several moments of utter disbelief over how badly the game can be broken.
  • Alex Navarro's run of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing at AGDQ 2015 builds up some crowd tension during its last minute, despite the only actual challenge being cycling through menus and waiting for the game to load. It's very rare that a Game-Breaking Bug has caused a room full of people to burst into applause, but that happened to be the runner's goal in this notoriously broken game.
  • Any time Final Fantasy VII is run, the squatting minigame in Wall Market is accompanied by the audience also doing (the game's version of) squats.

    SGDQ 2015 
  • The Roundabout run from SGDQ 2015. The game itself is already pretty silly, but like the AGDQ Battleblock run, they had some of the devs in the call who only contributed to the silliness. Also Jeffrey the Skeleton was the only person on couch.
  • During SGDQ 2015's I Wanna Be The Boshy, the runner Witwix said he'd donate $30 for each death and $50 for each boss death with Ray Narvaez Jr. agreeing to match it. Cue Witwix dying multiple times on purpose to raise even more money.
  • In SGDQ 2015's Donkey Kong 64 run, the run requires that they hand in several blueprints to Snide, resulting in what the couch affectionately calls the "Ooh, banana" marathon, in which donation reading is encouraged. The reader began donations... with a recursive donation. The couch immediately suggest going back to listening to "Ooh, banana" over and over again.
  • Several donation comments often bring in some great laughs too. One particular example from SGDQ 2015 is one donator who contributed $500 during Super Mario 64 and promised another $600 if the runners would convince his roommate to get him a beer. A later donation confirmed that he had done so.
  • Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 run by PJDiCesare. There was an incentive for "Hype Mode" which consists of glitching the game so Nathan would keep screaming and it was made into a bid war during the run to switch between hype mode and turning off the screaming. The totals when the first checked the donations had the total for hype at $602. Silence? A penny.
    Murphagator: We may have misjudged this bid war.
    • Also this little gem:
      spikevegeta: When PJ says he's found a new game he likes, I immediately worry for the safety of that game.
  • During the Tetris: The Grand Master demonstrations, the staff started to come up with nonsensical estimates due to the players sending the "Holy Shit!" Quotient through the roof: "TOO COOL", "OCTODAD", "TUBULAR", "!!!", just to name a few examples.
  • Vulajin's Ori and the Blind Forest run had multiple funny moments. Some highlights:
    • When performing the Save Glitch after getting the Wall Jump ability, he accidentally quits the game.
    • Vulajin explains that the analog stick on the Xbox controller he is using has a small deadzone. Because he makes frequent use of the Bash Glide technique, this often sends him in the wrong direction, such as heading face-first into spikes.
  • The Deus Ex: Human Revolution run during SGDQ 2015, though not as good as some others, does have some very entertaining commentary by the runner such as the awesomeness of boxes, questioning the sanity of the guards, and wondering if pushing himself though the wall of the elevator in the hotel they're playing in would be viable.
  • During and after the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga run during SGDQ 2015 they decided to show off some glitches resulting in messed up graphics and other such stuff. As the icing on the cake, the last one completely crashed the game.
  • Shenanigans' Pokedex completion run of Pokemon Blue has a few hilarious scenarios arise from its heavy use of inventory underflownote . The setup for the glitch is funny in and of itself, thanks to the runner's Bait-and-Switch commentary.
  • MuchaKoopas does a shovel-only run of Shovel Knight with the devs as his couch commentators. It's fun to watch their simultaneous amusement and horror at the corners Muncha cuts to shave off time and make up for his lack of relics, as Yacht Club Games embraced the speedrunning community but was not prepared for this level of dedication.
    • He finishes up with a comical glitch very similar to the 'backwards boss door' glitch in Mega Man where you force yourself back out the boss entry door. Unlike Mega Man, Shovel Knight is able to handle this unintentional glitching. What makes it hilarious is that the devs ask if King Knight will actually follow him back out, whereupon King Knight lunges in from offscreen and poses as if he heard them like the Attention Whore he is, making the whole couch burst out laughing.

    AGDQ 2016 
  • The Paper Mario Run of AGDQ 2016 had some funny moments.
    • When Bowser defeats Mario during the Prologue GigaD8 then Jokingly claims the Run is Over.
    • Whenever Edobean used her Twink voice.
  • Halfcoordinated's run of Transformers: Devastation, with the escalating Incredibly Lame Puns.
  • BattleBlock Theater did not disappoint again for AGDQ 2016, with the reveal of the setup used and the technical difficulties, apart from one really cringe-worthy Black Comedy moment towards the end.
  • Noir's Half-Life 2 Speedrun at AGDQ 2016, filled with sexual innuendos, cringy and awkward moments and being trolled by Barney and a bucket near the end. Pillow smacking and solving the magic cube were also some of the things that happened during the run.
  • While the Awful Games block is usually one of the funnier parts of the event with the commentary often making fun of the games and just being silly in general to make up for the games' quality, but with AGDQ 2016, special mention has to go to Keizaron's run of Animorphs for the Game Boy Color which was nothing short of a hilarious train wreck as the RNG constantly screws him over to the point where he had to restart the run as they decide to go with it and repeat what they said the first time.note 
    • Also the Lagoon run is pretty fun, while the game itself isn't too funny, it's technical enough to be entertaining while the runner and couch lambaste all the poor choices the writers made with the story. PJ running it is also helpful.
    PJ: I wouldn't [risk my remaining health] because I like having fun.
    Couch: No you don't, you're playing Lagoon.
    • While discussing how Lagoon's story doesn't even line up with the graphics:
    PJ: You can see [the muddy water] right there.
    (The water is a healthy blue)
    Couch: That's totally muddy. Just limitations of the Super Nintendo hardware.
    (The game fades in to a screen that is almost entirely different shades of brown)
    • Also there's Linkum's King of Kings: The Early Years which had some very entertaining donations.
    Host: Well, FIVE DOLLARS, donated FIVE DOLLARS, and their comment is FIVE DOLLARRRSSSSS!!
    • And that donation then proceeded to start a game of one upping.
    Linkums: Man, Five Dollars needs to get on their game.
  • During the Pokémon glitch exhibition at AGDQ 2016, Shenanagans shows off a glitch that allows the player to get on the S.S Anne multiple times, and while he's in the area decides to show that using Strength under the truck doesn't allow the player to find Mew...except it does, thanks to Arbitrary Code Execution done beforehand by injecting a hacked save onto the cartridge.explanation 
  • The TAS block of AGDQ 2016, basically being engineered runs, is very, very funny almost all the way through, but there are a few highlights.
    • In the Brain Age section:
      • A part where Tasbot fakes a long loading screen complete with progress bar, then pretends to gain sentience.
      • "7-4=3? Half Life 3 confirmed!" followed by a caricature of Gabe Newell.
      • For one question, Tasbot streams the Twitch chat into Brain Age so it can ask them for the answer. Thanks to stream lag, the results are totally irrelevant and full of memes anyway. Tasbot's comment?
    • In the Super Mario 3 portion, they program in color-a-dinosaur, give Mario a shinespark, let him choose from various powerups on the fly, play with the scrolling on the 8-1 tank level, reverse gravity and walk on the ceiling, parody the old "cheating" accusation against TAS runs, then actually let someone play the edited game.
    • In the Super Mario World portion, they input extra code to turn it into Super Mario Maker. Then they let Twitch chat have a run at it. The chat ends up destroying the game without causing it to crash, and they even change the title of the stream to "Twitch Beaks Mario" and in the area where it says the year the game was produced, it instead says "Wat". After they start wrapping up, "Wat" changes to "This has never happened before"
  • The Super Metroid run in AGDQ 2016 received a donation that is a Call-Back to the memetic ending of the animals bid war in AGDQ 2015. note 
  • During the Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz run, Miles requests that his favorite monkey be referred to as Baby instead of "the baby", because the latter brought back horrible memories.
  • ZFG's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Master Quest run was one of the most entertaining Zelda runs at any GDQ. It was marred, however, by one accidental death... to Morpha. Morpha! ("I guess that's my never-happened-before...")
    • Since then, it's been made clear in every subsequent GDQ Ocarina run (by ZFG or not) that he is never going to live this down.
  • The finale to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 100% run was a blindfolded four-players-one-controller against Majora. When the players put their blindfolds on... they promptly lost track of the controller.

    SGDQ 2016 
  • During her New Super Mario Bros. 2 run, EeveeSpirit had her 3DS battery run out in the middle of the final level, so people had to scramble to find a charger for her since she didn't have her own. While she did have the foresight to safety-save ahead of time and only had to redo the final couple of levels, plenty of donation comments were offering to buy her a new charger.
  • The end of the Goonies II run at SGDQ 2016 has one of the couch commentators give runner Dragondarch a SNES cart. Dragondarch's response:
    Dragondarch: (in an Oh, Crap! tone) You have cursed the entire marathon. It is going to die.
    • Said cart was a copy of Drakkhen, a replacement for Dragondarch's own copy that gave a particular performance at RPG Limit Break earlier that year, consequently breaking (in his own words): two TVs, a controller, and then itself. In reality, they thought the original SNES was making the game mess up, so they switched to MetaSigma's "Candy SNES" (which had crushed Smarties in it)...only to have it still mess up. Then they tried cleaning the cart and it still messed up. They ended up killing the original run and had to redo the run the next day from where the original run failed at with another cartridge, with Dragondarch saying before the run starts that he was using MetaSigma's controller for the off-stream setup and the R-button ended up dying. By the time it was finished, they jokingly said that the TVs and maybe the SNES equipment the runs were done with were likely not long for the world.
      • Even funnier, once it was revealed to be Drakkhen, there was a Big "NO!" from the audience.
  • The Bioshock run for SDGQ 2016 got interrupted by a (fake) Windows 10 update!
    Blood_Thunder: That's not good...
  • During Jet Set Radio occasional references are made to glitches that can occur, including this gem:
    Maxylobes: I do apologize if the game crashes here because that happens. (game crashes immediately)
  • During the blindfolded Symphony of the Night run, the runner ran into a serious problem in the library section during an attempt at an item duplication glitch. He got all the prerequisite materials and proceeded to the shop... but partway into his menuing he realized he hadn't actually activated the glitch somehow. He spent nearly a solid 15 minutes attempting to get the menus all in order, resetting multiple times and was completely baffled the entirety of the time. Turns out the button on his controller he was using to navigate menus just happened to die right at that particular moment.
  • Bonesaw577's epic fall into insanity during his Jak and Daxter run at SGDQ 2016. Between Bonesaw, Patty's commentary, mistakes, celebrity impersonations, random clapping, trolling, crashing the game, and the funny sign antics coming from the staff, it was "a great ab workout" according to the donation reader due to the sheer, occasionally inappropriate comedy.
    Patty: So what's the over-under on half of us never being allowed back to a GDQ?
    • Speaking of donations...
      $5 from Jeb Bush. "Please clap."
      (cue the couch breaking down in laughter)
    • At one point, Patty asks for more donations to be read (out of desperation), only for that to be impeded by the donation guy being unable to speak due to laughter.
    • The Brick Joke set up at the beginning of the run with, "We did it! We found the khakis/car keys!" upon finding the final fragment.
  • The Pepsiman playthrough at SGDQ 2016, complete with a Pepsiman cosplayer on the couch. This run made Pepsiman trend on Twitter, temporarily made it the most viewed game on Twitch, and septupled the amount of Twitter followers Mike Butters (the man in the live-action cutscenes) had.
  • This small bit from the Kirby & the Amazing Mirror playthrough.
    Yeah, we're the only ones who run it two player, I think we got world record.
  • During the interview with the Super Metroid winner, another worker sat at the table and remained locked in an expression of total shock over the outcome of the race for the entire interview.
  • Near the end of Super Mario Bros. 3, one of the couch commentators insists that the entire game is just a propaganda play made by the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and the Kings of the other various Kingdoms (including Bowser) to discredit the entire Koopa race. It gets even better; the reason the 'play' is performed is so that the citizens of the Kingdoms don't make a stink about the economic inequality inherit in the Kingdoms where the royals live in big, fancy houses and the people literally live in mushrooms. Whenever the people start to get up in arms, the Princess is kidnapped to distract the populace from their unfair treatment.
  • The incredible discovery of a brand new glitch during tripl3ag3nt Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) run.
  • One from the official Twitter account during usedpizza's Mega Man 9 run: "Tech is looking into screen issues. That's what happens when the pizza isn't new."note 

    AGDQ 2017 

    SGDQ 2017 
  • During the I Am Bread run, a series of unfortunate incidents causes the run to go overtime. Once this happens, the estimation time goes from "15:00" to "Bread".
    • Also during the run, a loaf of bread (complete with headphones) is sitting on the couch.
      Blood_Thunder: Also on the couch is my girl Sara Lee.
      (audience laughs)
  • Deciding that it was kind of boring to watch the Gummi Ship missions since they're not very speedrunnable, the staff and couch participated in singalongs again to various famous Disney songs during these 'downtimes' on the Kingdom Hearts II run.
  • Vulajin's reaction to a pun-filled comment early in the Chrono Trigger run is a full on Face Palm and a groan that almost screams Despair Event Horizon as the puns just keep coming and he laments, "Ugh... he's still going..." and is far better than the comment itself.
  • During the The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening run, the reason why the runners keep Bow-Wow the Chain Chomp with them for the whole game (you're only supposed to use her for one obstacle) takes Extreme Omnivore to Mind Screw levels: due to the way the game treats cutscenes as objects on the field, Bow-Wow lets you skip them by eating the cutscene itself.
  • During the Super Metroid segment, both Overfiendvip and Oatsngoats got wiped out just over twelve minutes into a Low% Ice Race by a rather aggressive Phantoon. Patty and the couch had a ball with this one as Zoast carried on for a solo run. Later on, someone donated under Phantoon's name, saying he was sorry for ruining the race, and to put the money towards saving the animals to make things worse.
    • And then the Hyper Beam scene occurs and as Zoast is blasting Mother Brain in the face after minutes' worth of avoiding damage to not inevitably die:
    Patty: Taste the rainbow.
    • After the run was over, when it was briefly still displayed in the "Up Next" box, the listing for it instead read "Any% Ice- zoast, zoast & zoast".
  • During the Final Fantasy VII run, when they reach the part where Aeris dies, SpikeVegeta can be heard yelling a drawn out "WHY?!" from the crowd.
    • During the Squats minigame in Wall Market, the audience gets to participate. In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, one guy messes up the squat, complete with head scratching animation.
  • The Super Panga World run by DoDeChehedron began with CarlSagan42 of the couch pledging $10 per pun from the couch or from the donations. This does not slow them down one jot.
    CarlSagan42: Dode, I know there isn't mush-room for error in this run... (audience audibly laughs and groans)—alright, that's $20!
    Grand POOBear: (laughing) Why am I friends with you?
    • After a boss fight with Pepsi-recolored Reznors:
      CarlSagan42: Yo Dode, that was—
      Grand POOBear: Oh my god, no, no! No! NO!
      CarlSagan42: —that was some tricera-top notch gameplay! (audience boos) No! You can boo me, but Boos are in the game, you're just making another pun!
    • At one point, a donation comes up, and POOBear gets fed up:
      Announcer: We've got $100 from Jay Gelvar: "Carl, I'm donating pun-hundred dollars just for you!"
      Grand POOBear: That doesn't work, that's not a pun! That's just replacing "one" with "pun!"
      CarlSagan42: It was pun-derful, I don't know what you're talking about.
    • 30 minutes into the run and nearing the ending:
      Announcer: I got word that "Super Panga World" is trending worldwide on Twitter.”
      CarlSagan42: Is that Super Panga World or Super Punga World?”
    • Freaking out over the invisible floor in the "Dolphin Hideout" level and acting like it was a glitch.
  • Blackbeltginganinja's "glitchless" run of Mirror's Edge getting ruined by the guy on the couch constantly mocking him for using minor glitches during the run. Also doubles as cringe.

  • During the Undertale race, the Twitch chat could hear the players mashing certain keys on their keyboards—so the chat naturally spammed keyboard-mashed gibberish every time the players mashed their own.
  • HRDQ had a 6-hour Chrono Trigger run on Saturday night. Though some were quick to complain, the run was extremely funny thanks to the chemistry between the runner and his virtual couch, and thanks to the person in charge of the marathon overlay beginning to add Chrono Trigger sprites to it about halfway through the run. The piece of art that resulted should be in a museum.

    AGDQ 2018 
  • During the pre-show, JHobz is one of the team at the booth talking about the upcoming runs. He then announces Blechy is doing an interview next with the first runner, and there's a Pregnant Pause before ProtoMagicalGirl reminds him that he is the first runner, and he abruptly runs out of the booth area to get to the interview he just announced!
    • It then cuts abruptly to SpikeVegeta playing a very dubious game of Uno with ProtoMagicalGirl, involving cheating with a Pot Of Greed card, shortly after, a very crudely drawn "We'll Be Right Back" card is pushed in front of the camera as they wait for JHobz to get back.
  • During the inFAMOUS: First Light run, the Twitch stream cuts out, and the test card says, in typical AGDQ fashion, This Has Never Happened Before.
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum: The runner makes several Baneposting references during the Bane boss fight, specifically calling him a "big guy" and saying that pulling the tubes from his back must be "extremely painful".
  • The run of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was already pretty funny on purpose, with the runner using a horse-tilting exploit that allowed the character to speed across the landscape so quickly that the game engine sometimes couldn't keep up, all with a ridiculous-looking super-fast running animation. The whole run went off the rails, however, during the first Alduin fight, where, due to some bad RNG, the level 1 character got hit with two Frost Breaths, bringing their health down to a sliver, after which the runner made a quicksave. The next few minutes were spent with the character trying to hide behind rocks to slowly regenerate health, only for Alduin to breathe Frost through the cliff face to find them again and again, until they give up and enable the God Mode cheat just to save the run.
  • Carcinogen's run of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on Madhouse difficulty (with a fresh file!) is as hilarious as it is awesome, as he manages to come in ten seconds under estimate despite the game trolling him every step of the way. The funniest section is during Mia's Flashback, where Carcinogen gets an unexpected visit from a Molded who's normally not supposed to spawn in that part of the level. He has Mia close the door and hide, hoping this will make the Molded despawn. Then the game decides to screw with him - the combat music cuts out, making Carcinogen think that the Molded has despawned, but it's waiting for Mia and ready to attack as she opens the door.
  • SuccinctAndPunchy's run of Silent Hill happened in the middle of the night, and at one point, he and the couch have this amusing digression:
    Punchy: I downed like 5 pints of Coke before this run. Like, cola.
    Techie: Welcome to America. (crowd laughs)
    Plywood: You need a bucket or something? Like a barrel?
    Punchy: Dude, everywhere I go to has free refills, it's not like that in the UK, it's amazing! I'm enjoying it so much!
    Maxylobes: I saw you eating a red velvet cake the other day.
    Punchy: I know! I went to IHOP the other day and they just had a whole cake as a meal — I got halfway through it before I realized "I'm just eating a whole cake as a meal, this is amazing." This country's fascinating!
  • "So what Ghetsis really needed... was an Excadrill."
    • The player name is "Oh no, I". This leads to instant hilarity when getting items and sending out Pokemon.
  • One of the prizes in the giveaway is an Atari 2600 with a copy of Dragster signed by Darbian. The minimum bid to get it? $5.57. Explanation 
  • The Awful Games block was mostly side splitting, but highlights include the ThaRixer's Dog's Life run where a skip through the groomer's was failed at least 10 times (it usually takes 3 at most) leading to an unskippable 20 second cutscene every time, and self declared "King of the Mercy Kill run" Keizarion getting a "never happened before" glitch through a platform on the last level of Animorphs: Shattered Reality, causing him just enough time loss to come in slightly over estimate.
  • Sent embracing his Memetic Mutation status by randomly appearing at the end of interview segments to plug the latest merchandise giveaways—sometimes embellished by a So Bad, It's Good screen transition.
    • SpikeVegeta attempts to mimic him late in the marathon, but can't get the Instant Transmission off.
  • heyZeusHeresToast's run of Bloodborne is this in its entirety thanks to Zeus's commentary, which includes getting the entire audience incredibly excited over a succession of ladders (to the point of somebody in the crowd chanting "LADDER! LADDER! LADDER!).
  • In the middle of PJ's Battletoads arcade run, his attack button breaks. Any other runner would get nothing but sympathy for this. PJ? Mid-run disasters are such a constant for him that everyone — couch crew, announcer, even donators — just rides him for it. Relentlessly!
  • In espumbrajolt's run of Burnout Paradise, at one point the announcer briefly slips up a donation by saying "thirty daughters" before correcting himself to "thirty dollars." This ends up triggering many snarky donations for the rest of the run:
    "Here's five more daughters and go fasta." I'm not gonna be able to live that one down, I don't think.
    We have— oh, goodness, $50 from Prashker saying "50 daughters hyyyyype!"
    "Here are five children, genders runner's choice."
    We have $5 from Shang, saying "Did they give me daughters / When I asked for sons?"note 
    "Serious respect to the announcer for taking in all these lost children. Here's some financial support because childcare is expensive."
    "I would like it if you never talk to me or my 50 sons ever again."
  • Half of the commentary for the randomizer romhack race of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is hilarious, mostly due to Patty's constant lighthearted heckling of Andy over his use of the hover glitch in a No Major Glitches run.note 
    Patty: Oh my god, he's cheating again!'s not actually cheating, I just hate that he can do it.
  • During ZFG's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 100% run, he uses a routine bomb boost... and accidentally triggers a cucco swarm. Until he leaves the area, he has to try to keep the run going while the cuccos are attacking him.
    • In the same run, someone comments as Ganondorf, expressing confusion over Link's speedrunning antics despite the fact that they're supposed to be having an epic confrontation.
  • So how do you liven up a (Hero side) Sonic Adventure 2: Battle race between Seraphim1313 and a_moustache? By having the crowd—and the runners—get in on the Fountain of Memes nature of the game by having everyone singing along to "Escape from the City" and the pre-fight dialogues during Rival fights!

    SGDQ 2018 

    GDQX 2018 
  • In the Super Metroid/The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past crossover randomizer, Andy found Ganon's Tower's Big Key in its worst possible location, out of a possible 22: On Bob's Torch, which requires the Pegasus Boots, which he didn't have. The resulting wild goose chase across the entire ALttP world and some of the Super Metroid world for a pair of running shoes lasted for the better part of an hour.
    • The game kept trolling Andy by giving Palace of Darkness's last item to its boss, then Andy almost cleaned out Misery Mire, only to forget he didn't have the Cane of Somaria and try to head for the boss.
    • After almost an hour of looking for the boots amidst various boot-related puns from the donations, Andy finally finds the boots in Tower of Hera's Big Chest. His comment? "Funny thing about that chest, I specifically didn't do that one [when completing the dungeon] because I didn't have the boots."note 
    • Patty even makes a quick donation out of spite from the last time they did a randomizer:
    Patty: Where is your hover god now?!
  • Ecdycis' run of Silent Hill 2 has a few laughs in it:
  • SpikeVegeta kept getting yellow cards during his Funky Mode run of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, but it became clear as the run went on that the staff was messing around with him. He and the couch commentators were covered in post-it notes by the end, which meant that his bonus run of Picross S2 (which he played a bit of before his Tropical Freeze run) was given to the next runner, Bryonato (who hadn't played it before and had to be given a tutorial in the time allowed before his Titanfall 2 run).

    AGDQ 2019 
  • The preshow starts with Darkman at the Dulles airport, which he thinks is where AGDQ is taking place, but a sponsor shows up and tells him that the site is in a different location. This results in Darkman running all the way to the real site (which is in a completely different state, mind you), and the other commentators having to get someone else to fill in for Darkman. Over the course of the pre-show, they occasionally cut back to Darkman, who is still running. At one point, when the commentators see how he's doing, he's inexplicably having lunch in a restaurant.
  • Keverage had a hilarious Tempting Fate moment during his Mario Kart DS run when, during one course, he commented that "Things are going pretty well so far." Cue his getting hit by a Lightning Bolt...immediately followed by a Blue Shell.
  • Mythicalnine, a couch commentator for Krankdud, laments in Krankdud's Mega Man Zero 2 run that, because some of the glitches and exploits are region-locked to the Japanese version of the game, the viewers will not be able to understand the story. Instead, Mythicalnine offers to retell the events of the story for the viewers. His version of the story is...different.
    Mythicalnine: This is Elpizo, and, uh, I think he's the one in command because he has the best hair. It's the longest, with the curliest, the most gold, so that puts him at top. We're going to see, uh, Ciel in a little bit, with her long blonde hair, also a high ranking figure. And of course when Zero shows up, with that lovely, long blonde hair, he immediately receives a high position in the ranks and will be put to work on some missions.
  • The Bomberman 64 run was a perfectly entertaining disaster of worst-case RNG and Streamer's Curse, but what really made it this was that after the run finished a minute over estimate, when nothing else could possibly go wrong with the run itself, the stream audio malfunctioned and had to be repaired.
  • The met incentive for RagnellGoW's God of War II run resulted in the entire thing being done with Kratos wearing a goofy fish suit, inspiring no shortage of awful fish puns from the donations. At one point, Ragnell stops asking for "donations" and instead specifically asks for puns.
    TiraLyra: We've got $10 from SonicMega saying "Don't hate on the pun donations, they're all for a good porpoise!
    tharixer: No, I'm not hating on the donations, they're all for a good cod.
  • During the final boss fight of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, the runner, Jay_Cee, already low on health, manages to die to Dracula's third form after landing the finishing blow, which results in him having to fight Dracula all over again. Jay_Cee jokingly called time after he was sent back. As a bonus, this was after he turned down a safety wall meat, to the annoyance of one couch member.
  • The Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze race was full of great moments, but the highlight came at about 51:40 when, after much peer pressure (and a $200 donation asking for it), the donation announcer sang part of the DK Rap, despite not knowing the lyrics or rhythm beforehand (he had to look up a YouTube video to get the beat right). Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    • Partway into the run, Spikevegeta's name plate is replaced with "Spikevegeta2", possibly due to conflicting with another GDQ user who got the name first. Even further on, it gets changed once again to "Spike "Urban Yeti" Vegeta".
  • Sanic Ball. Dear God, Sanic Ball. Gyoo turns a So Bad, It's Good racing game that consists of balls with Sonic characters' faces on them into one of the funniest runs of the event:
    • The first few tracks are fairly normal, with the expected music tracks and stage references for a Sonic racing game. But later tracks switch things up with Guile's theme and Deja Vu, and the final stage is literally just Rainbow Road.
    • BigJon accidentally manages to get in on the hilarity from reading out one donation, referring to the character select poll before the run:
      BigJon: $25 from Tasix23 that says: "If 'Knackles' didn't win the poll, a lot of people would've been... salty. See, NaCl is salt's chemical name! If you say it out loud, it sounds like— I'm sorry, I'll see myself out."
      BigJon: Oh, "na-ckle"! Sorry, I'm slow. (everyone bursts out laughing)
    • Following the run, Gyoo shows a few of the other playable characters: Metal Sonic, who's a cube instead of a ball; Dr. Eggman, who's just an egg with Eggman's face on it; and Vector, who's literally just a realistic crocodile model.
  • Blacktastic's controller dies in the middle of his Guacamelee! 2 run, leaving him with only keyboard controls he not only never practiced with but doesn't even know. This doesn't stop him from attempting to play while the tech crew tries to find a new controller, and he even hot-swaps controllers during a miniboss fight.
  • In KingDime's Doom II run, while trying to manipulate an Arch-Vile to open a door (whom the couch named "Barney"), the Arch-Vile randomly decided to just run away instead of trying to fight. Then it decided to fight one of the other enemies instead. Then it decided to walk through another teleporter and not come back. Dime was not amused.
    Couch Member: Barney, nooooo! Barney, where are you going?!
  • Punchy's got a Motor Mouth in his run of Silent Hill 2, which leads to a variety of funny moments where he comments on (among other things) the game's programming and a fight he's having with the Silent Hill wiki over the briefcase passwords. It climaxes with him and his couch acting out the Dog Ending...complete with dog mask. (Punchy later asks where the mask came from.)
  • From Awful Games block:
  • The repeated use of dead lions for everything during the Twitch Plays Super Scribblenauts segment of TASBot's block. Remember that TASBot always donates to kill the animals and it becomes even funnier.
  • The "ORB" audience participation meme made its way into the Super Mario Odyssey run and mutated into "MOON" whenever the runner collected a Moon. Later on during the run, someone in the audience decided to clap at the end of the oft-repeated "You Got a Moon" jingle; the rest of the audience (and the commentator couch) caught on, then kept it up as best they could for the rest of the run.
    • It also leaked into 2nd half of TGH's Celeste run, when the bubbles and Badeline show up. This led to much confusion among the couch commentators—which then led to the crowd calling out "CLOUD" and other in-game objects. One of the donations called the run a game of "See & Say."
  • About halfway through the marathon 9-hour-long run of Final Fantasy IX (approx 4h 35m), host Mr Game and Shout comments that, in his mind, the voice of starting villain Queen Brahne is that of Takahata101's Super Kami Guru from Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged. He proves his point with a credible impression.
  • ThaRixer's run of Jak 3: Wastelander may as well be a Spiritual Successor to the infamous Bonesaw Jak run in 2016, albeit one whose game is far more cooperative with the runner (and thankfully, nobody was banned this time). In terms of an actual demonstration and/or technical breakdown of the game, the run is kind of a disaster (everyone seems to forget they're even at GDQ, as they completely forget about asking for donations until just before the final boss), but the sheer irreverence of the couch and their hilarious and at-times random commentary more than makes up for it.
  • The 100% run of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD may have had a certain couple of soundclips from the Squid Hunt minigame as a Running Gag, but it also had runner Linkus bidding the maximum 999 Rupees in the auction to get a treasure chart that has the location of...50 Rupees (in the original game, it was a single Rupee). And it saved time for that massive net loss.
  • NME livens up his Super Ghouls N Ghosts run with Pro Wrestling memes, including Steiner Math,, and Botchamania's "You Talk Too Much".

    SGDQ 2019 
  • Zallard1 had more trouble figuring out the Punch-Out!! Wii menu blindfolded than in the actual fights themselves.
  • A stretch of Keizaron's run of Pokémon Crystal was long enough for the couch commentators to do their own three-way glitched Pokemon Blue race, and eddaket taking out a Switch to practice his run of Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu! and Let's Go Eevee!!
    • Totodile's chosen name is Carapuce, which is the French name of Squirtle.
    • The chosen name for the caught Raikou was DIO?!?!. The memes were great enough that at one point Viz Media (the US license holders for the manga and anime) chipped in!
    • Keiz initially had the estimated time at 3 and a half hours. Knowing his track record of going overestimate, staff extended it by 25 minutes. A good call, as his time was 3:31:15.
    • Following the run, Keiz was interviewing...himself? Yes, really. At the end, JHobz sent him a message to come see him.
  • During Ralsei's big reveal in the Deltarune race, one audience member yells something that sends the entire crowd into laughter. He was extremely amused when it made the highlight reel.
    Sean Chiplock: OH NO, HE'S CUTE!
    • Cookiepocalypse opts to take the fast strat during the Thrash Machine sequence and proceeds to be jeered by the crowd for not building a duck. Shay takes a 3-second time loss to build the duck, to cheers from the audience (and later a Big "NO!" from the crowd when the duck explodes).
      Shayy: You low-tier memer! I cannot believe you!
      Cookie: Oh look, the leaves are floating behind Susie's head, you should all forget about how I didn't build the duck!
    • Later, during the Jevil fight, both of them end up summoning a bird with perfect timing to make it look like the bird flew off Cookie's screen and into Shayy's.
  • While the whole co-op run of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 by Raelcun and CovertMuffin was a joy, the best moment was at the very end. After going through an elaborate explanation of how to get the Soviet hero unit to the final objective so she could one-shot it with her special ability, they execute the dangerous plan flawlessly... then accidentally cancel the ability right as they call time. After a few seconds of confused laughter they claim I Meant to Do That and finish the game for real.
  • During Hagginater and Duck's 100% race of Banjo-Kazooie, the crowd was encouraged to do some of the signature Speaking Simlish.
    • As if lagging behind in the latter half wasn't enough, poor Duck got the wrath of the RNG when Mumbo screws up and turns his bear and bird into the washing machine (wasting even more time).
    • The trash talk between Duck and Hagginater and the various donations in support of one or the other made for some hilarious and entertaining banter throughout.
  • From the Silly Block, the entire Mort the Chicken run that has a whole bunch of hilarious cutscenes and chicken-related puns. Also during that same block came the equally hilarious Shrek Extra Large run, if only for Shrek running around at breakneck speed, launching everything around him, and using farts to do boosted jumps.
  • During the TASBot All Berries run of Celeste, the "Kevin blocks" were modified to do CovertMuffin's laugh instead. Covert took it rather well.
  • The 100% run of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is pretty much 5 hours of MajinPhil and Patty being Heterosexual Life-Partners. A good chunk of comments poured in support of one particular contestant that never wins in the dog race, and combined with his horrible luck with the postman earlier Phil gave up his aim at sub-5 to pick the blue dog twice...followed by it placing top 5 when he goes with a winner.
  • During Eddaket's Pokemon Let's Go! Eevee run, after accidentally going into the menu and hitting the Partner Play button, he jokingly said that he'd pet his Eevee if someone donated $500. KrunchyLex's reading of the donations sold that quite a few people called Eddaket out on his bluff, and he immediately relented.
  • Patty was on the couch during the co-op race of SMZ3 Rando, and he tried to be an equal opportunist on heckling the runners...emphasis on tried. Also, no one being able to decide whether this was a race until both were in Go Mode, cueing the category to be modified to say '(And Also a Race)'.
  • From puwexil's Chrono Trigger run:
    • Towards the end, he used an area-effect spell to attack optional boss Mother Brain in order to kill her display adds. At the same time he killed the display minions the Twitch video feed crashed. Doubles as Hilarious in Hindsight because the video feed crashing was a constant problem when he ran Final Fantasy VI for the SGDQ 2018 finale.
      Couch: "Those weren't the only displays we killed!"
    • puwexil & co spend about 30 seconds fiddling with the menus to allow donors to achieve one final incentive, leading to the incongruity of them huddling around questioning minutiae against the backdrop of an extremely raucous crowd.
    • The "Orb!" Running Gag came to a head when one of the last regular enemy encounters in the game is against a "Boss Orb" in the Black Omen.

    GDQX 2019 
  • Brossentia's run of Rambo for the NES. All of it.
  • Keizaron shows up late for the Pokémon White 2 run, leading to his being "grounded" by having his mic muted, which quickly becomes a priceless Running Gag.
  • The Wind Waker randomizer run finds a new way to torture Brossentia - making him say "Uwu" while reading donations. It gets worse when the donators start factoring puns into the uwus.
    • Linkus tries to explain what "uwu" would be in Swedish.
  • "Y'know, when me and my brother played this game as kids, I thought that was Wario in disguise."
  • Lizstar runs Return to Zork - a game she is frighteningly familiar with the dialogue of.
    Nikasaur: Liz, I'm worried about you... But also so proud!
  • Simpleflips is on the couch for 360Chrism's run of the Super Mario 64 Randomizer. Shoutouts ensue.

    AGDQ 2020 
  • The preshow was once again full of funny moments, from the recreation of the CGDQ opening, KungFuFruitCup's attempts to turn the preshow into a musical and the sudden shift into the style of a morning talk show.
  • During a particularly long cutscene of Fallout 4, TomatoAngus started explaining the clipping glitches... using a diagram consisting of a couple cardboard sheets, plastic cups glued to them and a plastic stick figure.
    • Before that on the Fallout 3 run, his character kept spouting "I guess it was nothing" after getting out of combat, which actually had a lot of comedic timing.
    • Near the end of the Fallout 4 segment of the run, he realizes that he took too much radiation damage and cannot survive a corridor which requires him to take some damage, meaning he needs to find RadAway somewhere. This results in him losing several minutes, while he thinks he can find it so long as the one store he knows that sells it isn't aggro'd because of a strat he used. The fun part comes after he finds RadAway somewhere else and comes back to the corridor he was supposed to run... only to find that there was a lone RadAway sitting right next to the door all the time.
    • It says a lot that Tomato had so much charisma and knowledge that Covert Muffin, a couch commentator for the run and infamously big personality by himself, could only really laugh at the shenanigans going on and put on a large number of pants.
  • Keizaron finally faces off with Animorphs on the Game Boy Colour again... and still finishes two minutes over estimate.
    Keizaron: Hey, Edo? You're my friend.
    Edobean: Aww. You're my friend too.
    Keizaron: You fool.
    • Even the donations got in on the fun. One donation early in the run promised an extra $25 if Keiz finishes below estimate for once, and Keiz confidently affirms that he'll pull it off. Then, after several bouts of bad RNG, they get another donation that pledges an extra $50 if Keiz finishes above estimate. It's capped off by a third donation that pledges extra if Keiz finishes within 25 minutes of his estimate.
    • Some of the couch members are lying in a bed during the run, and Keizaron himself is sitting on the corner of it. During the fifth chapter's minigame, Keizaron lies back on the bed and pretends to take a nap, much to the bewilderment of the donation reader.
    • After the run, Keizaron just leaves the room without a closing remark because he claims that he's taken enough of everyone's time already.
  • The Final Fantasy VIII run had the runner and couch doing a surprisingly good rendition of "Eyes On Me"...and then they suddenly included a slide whistle solo.
  • Duelling comments during Spidey's boxers and mask-only run:
    One donator claiming to be J. Jonah Jameson: Suddenly I don't want pictures of Spider-Man anymore.
    Another donator claiming to be J. Jonah Jameson: I, now, more than ever, want more pictures of Spider-Man.
  • During the Pokémon X and Y run, the couch gets in a silly argument about pineapples on pizza, which turns into a larger, sillier argument about pineapples in general, with Keizaron being firmly against pineapple and Shen being firmly in favor of it. This culminated with someone on staff handing Keizaron an actual pineapple much to his amused chagrin, which got passed around the couch for the rest of the run.
    • Keiz slowly dabbing after making a bad pun.
  • A donator during the Link's Awakening 2019 run asked for runner TGH to read out loud one of the tutorial books in the library. TGH said he thinks he could spare the time, before remembering that he's playing on the German version of the game and would have to read the book in German. A bidding war ensued between donators that want him to read the book vs. those sending in donations for him not to read them. In the end, he read two of them, with the worst German pronunciation ever.
  • Bryonato exploit the Fission Mailed "ending" in Control to call time on his run... only to be "confused" when the game keeps going.
  • Andy's randomized run of A Link to the Past, with the added element of Crowd Control, where twitch chat donates bits to change (i.e. interfere) with the game. And, of course, Patty's on the couch. Poor Andy.
    • The run opens with one donator immediately donating 10,000 rupees to immediately kill the player.
    • He does get a surprise burn on Patty when the run was over though — telling people to subscribe to Patty's channel cause he needed them more.
    • Patty is more than happy to take advantage of the audiences' love of memes, in this instance Untitled Goose Game.
      Patty: You honked it up.
      Audience: HONK!
      Patty: It's so easy. It's so easy. I feel like a puppeteer. I just say a word and, like, a few hundred people behind me repeat it. Honk.
      Audience: HONK!
      Andy: Don't give Patty this kind of power, all right?
      Patty: Ultimate powaaaah!
  • StoneAgeMarcus's run of The Bindingof Isaac Afterbirth + seemed to be going smoothly until he got to the final character, Azazel. Early on in the run he comes across the D100, an item that can turn the game into a Luck-Based Mission due to completely rerolling all the players stats and items he currently has. He leaves it behind at first, then goes back for it after hearing the audience demand it. Hilarity Ensues.
  • When Golden Deer is the route chosen for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Claris turns herself upside down on the couch and attempts to play the game that way. It doesn't go well.
  • Mike Uyama begins his run of Super Hydlide by throwing coins in a pond while singing a song explaining why.

    SGDQ 2020 Online 
  • On the first day of the marathon, viewers were treated to B.G.B.'s speed run of DUSK with co-commentary by developer David Szymanski and producer Dave Oshry. Dave immediately dives straight into Cloud Cuckoo Lander before the run starts and later on is absolutely floored by B.G.B. performing trick after trick to skip large segments of the maps. His commentary is hilarious in a morbid sense, quickly opening up the pre-run with "Frick Covid in the Bum" and as his sanity is slowly lost as the run progresses and parts of his game he's particularly fond of are skipped over, he utters other comments that come almost completely out of nowhere including "Check out our website Dusk dot GG not Fortnite dot com" and "It's called Games Done Quick, not Games Explained Slowly".
  • During the Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger IX run by Benja, commentator KeatonRL brings up how, when he first joined the Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 community, Benja showed him the ropes.
  • Punchy's Baba Is You run is Rapid-Fire Comedy incarnate. With how quickly each level is played, Punchy has to explain the process of finishing each level in only a few seconds and he's not short on humor despite the breakneck pace of the run.
    • Before the start of the run, Punchy pulls a Scott Pilgrim reference with his drumsticks, even throwing them away just as the timer starts. More than one minute into the run, he drops this gem:
    • One level is finished so quickly he doesn't give himself a chance to explain it.
      Punchy: "ThisisNearlythisintroducesswap and it's over."
    • In the Even Less There level of the Forest of Fall world, he explains more usage on the "NOT" operator to utilize the fences in the level and solve the puzzle, culminating with below punchline as he exits the level:
    • In the Deep Forest world, he accidentally enters a level not part of the route, prompting him to deliver a blunt and straight-to-the-point response:
      Punchy: "...No I picked the wrong level. Baba Doesn't Respond is not a stage we do in this run, go away."
  • The Ocarina of Time co-op randomizer had a lot of silliness, including a trolling seed, questionable routing choices, accidental successes, trash talk between runners and couch, and spikevegeta getting more and more incredulous.
    raikaru: I might be a bit of an idiot.
    spikevegeta: (through cackling laughter) HOW DID YOU GUYS MAKE TOP EIGHT?!
  • The Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon has the runner, Starwin, trying to counter Bloodless' Desperation Attack. Even better, he was looking forward to showing it off at GDQ.
    ecdysis: Cleave it. Cleave it!
    Starwin: ''Oh, I'm gonna do it the best way. By looking backwards!

    AGDQ 2021 Online 
  • During pale2's Turok: Dinosaur Hunter run, pale2 gets a Game Over on one of the later levels after referring to the one-up-granting collectables as Doritos all game due to their triangular yellow shape. Afterwards he mentions having to "farm an extra life" and out of nowhere pulls out a bag of Doritos and pours its contents all over himself. From there he continues to play and eventually finish the game with Doritos on his lap and all over his floor.
    pale2: Am I eating enough Doritos? Yes I am.
    pale2: I've got Doritos on my everything.
  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles, run by Zaxon96, includes a selection of custom music thanks to the modding support of the fan-made Angel Island Revisited build. The music replacements range from being rather tame (Sunny Park Colosseum for Angel Island 1 and Rushing To Eggmanland for Ice Cap 1) to outright absurd (Egg Reverie mixed with Perry's theme replacing both boss themes and "BIG CHUNGUS" for the final boss). And it's not just the main level themes- the Act Clear music is given a ridiculous Totino's Pizza-themed remix.
    • Instead of proper themes, random Phineas and Ferb quotes are placed into the acts that are ended quickly due to glitches, including Marble Garden 2 and Launch Base 2.
  • The marathon's Awful Block opened with the infamous Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon with Grumpmeister in the driver's seat. Every cutscene is shown in all their glory and not even Grump is immune to their unintentional humor, having to hold back his laughter on several occasions. Even host Kungfufruitcup enters a laughing fit while watching the run.
  • The final run of the Awful Block was Sammy Suricate in Lion Land by rythin. Thanks to an exploit with the music toggle key (called the "Magic" key by rythin), the game is broken wide open by jumping over and clipping through walls and zipping up and through large bits of vertical geometry. Practically every level is abused in some way due to the game's programing and when one exploit is over, another happens almost immediately after.
  • One donator during the Pokémon Platinum run said that they used to pronounce Quagsire as "Costco." The runner and commentators were completely derailed for several minutes.
  • Mike Uyama donates during Eddaket's run of Pokémon Blue, praising the success of the event in these difficult times... and thoroughly owns Keizaron (on commentary) in the process.
    Mike: 2020 has been worse than Keizaron's ability to hit estimates.
    Keizaron: What the hell, man?!

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