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Showa Era

Heisei Era

  • Yes, even this era has some laughs.
    • While doing some online research on the girl connected to Gamera (Kusanagi Asagi), Honami has to run off to observe a Legion autopsy. Obitsu can't read English, so an older colleague of theirs volunteers to read it. He presses something and the page vanishes like a paper being crumpled into a ball. The baffled colleaque cajols Obitsu to do something about this, but all the latter does is stare and make uncomprehending sounds at the screen.
      • Honami's father stares daggers at her friend Obitsu, making the latter uncomfortable. When she invites him upstairs for some brainstorming, the father tries to follow, but his wife pulls him back while smoothly hawks a product to a customer (They run a pharmacy). But that's not the best part. The father is later seen trying to spy on them on the stairs and his wife bodily drags away while he desperately claws to the railings.

Millenium Era


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