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Digging into the Smash Bros. Shovel Knight Rumors (Insert Clickbait here)
Pun warning: prepare to enter a World of Pun, courtesy of André Segers.


  • Tom humming the GX theme at the beginning of one of their E3 2016 discussions, and André deciding to Throw It In! instead of the actual tune.
  • When they all agreed that the game ending Sony's E3 2016 conference was disappointing:
  • André having all the difficulties of the world remembering the exact name of the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. When Derrick talks about the "mystery of Link", he argues that it would make a good title, Derrick then coining "The Missing Link".
    Ash: I am really impressed by how far Nintendo is stepping out of their Zelda comfort zone with this game. [...]
    André: Does it feel like... a Breath of fresh air?
    Ash: Actually, I was gonna say: my favorite part of this discussion so far is the fact that you've only called it Zelda Wii U still.
    • About Link's ability to use different weapons being an extension of a Wind Waker concept:
      Derrick: Wind Waker Link was just not big enough to make use of that effectively. There never really was a point to it.
      André: Spears have points, Derrick.
    • About the voice acting:
      Derrick: It sounded mysterious, it didn't sound forced.
      André: ...Triforced?
      (Collective Groan)
  • When Ash stated that he didn't hate Paper Mario: Sticker Star that much and thought that it was an okay game, André snarkily replied that this was expected coming from a Callie supporter. Then the discussion became a Waifu War.
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  • When talking about Pokémon Sun and Moon's new mons:
    Chuggaaconroy: Tapu Koko sounds like some kinds of island deity, like "We must pay our respect to the LEGENDARY TAPU KOKO!"
    Derrick: Offer your virgins!
    Chuggaaconroy: Oh god! I was gonna say "first born"!
  • When a rumor hinted that the upcoming Nintendo Switch might not be that powerful of a console which generated a huge Hype Backlash from specs enthusiasts claiming once again that "Nintendo is doomed", their discussion of the rumor started with an ominous Red Alert a healthy dose of sarcasm:
    André: Are you guys still here? Are you guys still alive?
    Derrick: Can we come out from the bunker? Is that allowed?
    Ash: I don't think there's a world anymore. I think the world has ended and we're all just imagining that we exist.
  • During the pre-release discussion on Splatoon 2, the topic of the first Splatfest comes up, Ice Cream vs Cake. It rapidly devolves into a debate over whether ice cream cake counts as ice cream or cake.
    • Doubles as Hilarious in Hindsight since Pearl and Marina go through a similar argument during the in game announcement.
  • The August 8 Smash Direct discussion starts abruptly with André yelling "Holy shit!", following a Record Needle Scratch.
    • The discussion for New Pokemon Snap similarly opens up with Andre unleashing a spectacular Big "OMG!" at the game's announcement. It notably caught a lot of viewers off guard.
  • André opens up their discussion about the 2019 Game Awards by playing the "What have you done, Derrick?! Nothing!" scene from Zoolander. Derrick then remarks that he feels personally attacked.

Gameplay sessions

  • Derrick gameplay sessions of Duck Hunt and Kirby's Dream Land with his sweet grandma, the latter always giggling at what was happening onscreen.
  • One of their E3 2016 Breath of the Wild videos is called "Playing Baseball with Bokoblins" (which shows how you can hit some projectiles back to the sender).
  • When playing the Rhythm Heaven Megamix game "Karate Man", which consists in punching incoming flower pots:
    Derrick: You're hitting your pot habit, good for you.
    Tom: I was gonna say: "say no to pot". [...] Don't be gardeners, that's all we're saying.
    • About the game being a World of Pun:
      Derrick: Now I see why you like it so much, André.
      André: I really should be at the Treehouse.
      Tom: It's your Plan "Bee". (they've met a bee just before)
  • André's awfully Failed a Spot Check during a preview demo of Paper Mario: Color Splash in the presence of one of its lead developer: he was literally stepping on the Toad he was looking for!
  • Derrick playing Mighty No. 9:
  • How would you call a SSB4 tournament hosted by Ash? "SmASH GX", of course!
    • A weird turn of events made Ash's Mega Man use his Rush Coil, being spiked by an enemy Lucas, but then being miraculously saved by the same Rush Coil that was still in midair. Later, his Ness was about to get ejected when an enemy Robin unintentionally footstooled him and saved him. And in a Corrin mirror match, the two of them were at one point doing the same attack repeatedly, cancelling each other.
    • Ash had to leave because of a particularly laggy match... and got a 10-min ban from his own tournament for it!
  • André playing Pokémon GO:
    Prof. Willow: Some [Pokémon] run across the plains, others fly through the skies...
    André: Actually, you would think the one in the planes would be the one flying.
    • Then you have Derrick's commentary of his gameplay sessions, becoming a child again:
      Derrick: Oh no, get out of the street, Doduo, you're gonna get run over!
      Derrick: Get off that fence, Nidoran!
      Derrick: (to André) Protect that guy's car, throw a Poké Ball at the window!
    • André encounters a Caterpie. Of course, he had to say "encounterpie".
    • He got pretty into the clan system, being extremely hostile toward the "punk scum" from the Red team who captured his Gym.
  • André losing his precious Marie costume in Super Mario Maker:
    André: Oh no, I got Blooper'ed! What a Blooper!
  • Andre's "Oscar-worthy" Performance in WarioWare Gold's Recording Studio. As one of the comments puts it:
    UnderBreak: But these are the default professional voices. I thought Andre was going to dub a character.
    Héliozen: Better scream than Rex's voice actor in Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    • "E-!"
  • Derrick did a blind playthrough of Super Ghouls and Ghosts for Halloween, and at one point, following a montage of deaths, the continues screen appears, which is then followed by a clip from Bugs Bunny gets the Boid where Killer states “Nope, nope, nope. I don’t wanna” before being kicked out of the nest.
  • The Hype for Smash! Castlevania(later named Castlemania) Streams aren't short of these, partially thanks to the Nintendo Hard nature of the games, but also due a healthy dose of Accidental Innuendo or mere snark from Derrick:
    • His brief Sanity Slippage in the Castlevania III livestream, after loading a save state instead of creating a new one
      Derrick: I think this is hell.
    • During the Belmont's Revenge Livestream:
      Derrick: (after beating Soleiyu) Yes! I killed my Son!
    • During the Hall in Super Castlevania IV:
      Derrick: (while fighting the ghost maidens) After killing these women, things will get much easier. (beat) That was an awkward sentence to say
    • During the swamp level in Rondo of Blood, we have these gems:
      Derrick: Oh no, I got to greedy! Went too far! Angered the frog!
      Derrick(after saving the last maiden): Richter's almost looking at the camera being like "alright, got myself a harem"(...)Oh, he's commenting something like "you're not hurt". I died to a frog, lady!.
    • His comment on the story of Castlevania Legends?
      Derrick(after the last cutscene): And that caps off my fanfcition!
    • During the Castlevania Chronicles Stream, while traversing the Clock Tower, Derrick got a lucky extra life:
      Derrick: God is in Simon's side! (gets immediately smacked by a falling gear) Nevermind, God hates Simon
    • Derrick's response to Leon's infamous Badass Boast in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence?
      Leon: I'll kill you AND the night!
      Derrick: Screw the moon!
    • After a few fairly calm games, Derrick's rage mode returns in Dawn of Sorrow's Julius mode. Specifically, when facing Death, after then nth attempt, he gets killed, stops to contragutlate someone in the chat and then keeps raging:
      Derrick: NO! no! Oh, Congratulations King Kaido for Graduating. MPH!
    • During the Portrait of Ruin Finale, while facing the Two Creatures in the Nest of Evil Derrick's Rage mode returns in full force. After being suggested to keep on the upper left side of the room to avoid the attacks, we got this:
      Derrick: Allright, you guys say to stay here (gets killed by a missile regardless). Well, that didn't do sh-MMph.
    • In Part 2 of Order of Ecclesia, Derrick misses Barlowe telling him to do a Glyph Union and kills himself trying to get the bad ending.
    • In Part 1 of Mirror of Fate, Derrick comes to a grapple point, but since he doesn’t have the grapple ability, he writes a note to come back to it. He then proceeds to jump off the platform, thinking he was supposed to and ends up getting killed.
      Derrick:Okay. Not the way I was supposed to go down. Got it.
  • The entire GX crew do a stream together to celebrate reaching the channel’s 10-year anniversary along with reaching 1 billion views. They start off playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Steve ends up leaving Jon’s island because his Switch turned itself off.

Real Talk

Episode 20: Derrick's Inside Job

  • The title is a reference to a hacking of their Twitter account that happened just before the podcast, coupled with the fact that Derrick isn't present for this episode, leading to the theory that he was The Mole from the beginning.
  • They have a Special Guest in this episode, Matthew from Studio Ravenheart, and note that at this point Tom could almost be considered a special guest too, even joking that Matthew already appeared more than him.
    Matthew: Wait, even though it is my first time?
  • Ash talking about his hype about Horizon Zero Dawn, especially because it has one of the only thing cooler than dinosaurs: Robot Dinosaurs! (though not yet IN SPACE! which Tom suggests was saved for the sequel.)
  • When criticizing the lengthy ending of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Tom asks if that was in this game that Snake stopped to buy a burger.
  • They misheard Matthew saying "put an end to Ganon" as "put it into Ganon", the rest of his phrase about "the seven sages" and the Master Sword having then a whole new meaning.

Episode 21: The Intention of an Oreo:

  • Ash realizes that Derrick and André's long Game of Thrones talks are justified since it is still a "Game" related topic, triggering this Hurricane of Puns:
    Ash: I'm really sad I am the one who figured that out before you André. You're off your Game.
    André: But I'm on the Game of Game of Thrones!
    Derrick: He's knocking you off your Throne, André.
    • When Derrick said that he did not expect so much fatalities in the season 6 finale, Ash asked him if he would have preferred more "babilities" and "animalities". Cue them imagining a Mortal Kombat series on HBO, or alternatively GoT characters in MK
  • André is glad that Sega didn't "Sonic Rush out" Sonic's 25th anniversary game.
  • When realizing that "What is your favorite snack?" asked by username "André from the future" was a tougher question that he initially thought, André declared that "André from the future is a dick!"
    • The lengthy discussion about "What is a snack?" was immediately dubbed "SnackXplain".
  • The title is based on a quote from Ash who said that "the intention of an Oreo isn't to be peanut better" which was judged surprisingly philosophical by the others.

Running Gags / Other

  • André's Running Gag of including Captain N in Super Smash Bros. He is not even a fan of the show or the character and doesn't really wants him to be in the game, but he loves bringing him up just to troll the viewers who left mad comments about it.
  • When discussing what new character could appear in Hyrule Warriors, they jokingly came up with Link's uncle riding the Wind Fish. And they never let it die!
  • Their "apology" for a "clickbaity" video? Making the next one even more clickbaity in Self-Deprecation!
  • Derrick mistakenly used a SiIvaGunner version of "Spiral Mountain" from Banjo-Kazooie for the background of a Yooka-Laylee video, which was quickly deleted despite the Approval of SiIva. The latter eventually posted a rip of "Don't worry" from Xenoblade Chronicles X mixed with the GX theme tune and audio clips from Derrick's review of the game praising the music.
    Derrick: I don't think a mistake has ever made me so happy
  • When asked about Game of Thrones, Ash who knows nothing about it usually answers that "the Thrones were better this season but the Game not so much".
  • When the last Splatfest — Callie vs. Marie — was announced, André couldn't stop himself from openly stating his position on the matter by putting "Team Marie Baby!!!" in the very title of the video. This was the beginning of a dreadful Waifu War between him and Ash (who prefers Callie) going on for several weeks.
  • Derrick has been a recurring guest on other channels, such as BrainScratch Commentaries and Find the Computer Room, to the point that he's joking called "Mistah Gamexplain" by them.
  • During the Predictions Discussion for the September 13th, 2018 Nintendo Direct, Jon predicted Switch ports for Final Fantasy VII, IX, X and XII, along with a 3DS port for Kirby's Epic Yarn. He got it all right. Their reupload of the Final Fantasy announcement even includes "Jon was right!" in the title.
  • Kirby Gets Edgy! Kirby & QBBY Swap Shapes (HAL’s April Fools) begins with Jon teaching us how to draw Kirby, but instead of drawling a circle as usual, he draws a square. After he's "finished", he asks the viewer "What do you mean that's not Kirby?" followed by his drawing of QBBY, who is a circle instead of a square, causing him to question himself if he got his shape wrong as well.

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