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Season 5

     1 - The Wars to Come 
  • After pondering how his own execution will be carried out, Mance remarks that being burned to death is a "bad way to go."
  • Tyrion and Varys don't take very long to get their snark on again:
    Tyrion: I still don't see why I had stay in this fucking crate once we set sail.
    Varys: I saved your life. If they catch you, they catch me. I cannot say I feel overly guilty about leaving you in that 'fucking crate'.
    Tyrion: Do you know what it's like to stuff your shit through one of those air holes?
    Varys: No; I only know what it's like to pick up your shit and throw it overboard.
    • After Varys says Tyrion has compassion, Tyrion cites some recent events proving otherwise.
      Tyrion: I killed my lover with my bare hands. I shot my own father with a crossbow.
      Varys: I never said you were perfect.
    • Varys tells Tyrion that he has a choice between drinking himself to death, or accompanying him to Meereen to meet Dany. Tyrion's response?
  • When Tyrion pukes up all the wine he's been living on, Varys is the only one who is fazed by it and his body language looks offset and nauseous, even making a little jump in reaction. Tyrion is entirely unconcerned and wastes no time in pouring himself another immediately after.
  • Daario fondling his dagger behind Hizdahr, (who is grating on Daenerys' nerves with protests to re-open the fighting pits), non-verbally promising Dany an evening she won't forget after his mission to Yunkai.
    • Their pillow talk has some darkly comic moments as well from Naharis. If but from his refreshingly optimistic outlook on life considering his horrific past, which he seems almost to look back fondly on.
      Daario: My mother was a whore, I told you that. She liked to drink pear brandy. The older she got, the less she made selling her body, the more she wanted to drink. So, one day, when I was twelve, she sold me to the slaver she fucked the night before.
      Daenerys: (aghast) I'm sorry.
      Daario: Why? (cheekily) I was a bad child.
    • This rebuke.
      Hizdahr: Opening them, would show the people of Yunkai and Meereen that you respect their traditions.
      Daenerys: I do not respect the tradition of human cock-fighting.
    • Also, when Dany finally puts her foot down with a "no means no" warning statement, Hizdahr lets out the most adorably outraged quiet little gasp. As if he was just about to say something and thought better of it.
  • Cersei visibly restraining herself from throttling Loras during his bland, rambling platitudes about her father. This also pisses her off enough to shut Pycelle down when he tries to offer his own.
    • Loras' actually attempting to say something nice about Tywin to Cersei, which when translated from polite-speak was that he was flat-out fucking terrified of him. Doubly funny considering that the departed cultivated and relished precisely that image and would find the words highly praising. You can picture Tywin giving one of his scarce hums of approval to the line.
      Just being in his presence was enough to make it so clear just how formidable a person you were dealing with. What a— what a force to be reckoned with
    • Also, this exchange.
      Cersei: What can I do for you?
      Lancel: You can forgive me.
      Cersei: What could you possibly have done to warrant my forgiveness?
      Lancel: I led you into the darkness.
      Cersei: I doubt you've ever led anyone anywhere.
    • There's also Kevan Lannister treating his son, Lancel's whole born-again religious conversion as if it were an annoying, childish phase, like being emo or goth.
  • Pycelle also keeps being ignored, which is by now a Running Gag. This time Cersei strolls past him wordlessly when he starts to condemn Varys.
  • Jon feels the need to break the ice with Melisandre while they're ascending up the Wall in the crank lift to speak to Stannis and she asks him out of nowhere if he's a virgin. Give props to Melisandre for producing an Uncomfortable Elevator Moment in a world where lifts are so rare.
  • Cersei is hitting the booze hard, almost every scene she's in features her drinking wine. The beginning of one scene has her finishing off a glass and then by the ending she's grabbed another glass to drink as she leaves.
  • Lord Robin Arryn's training session at Runestone mainly showcases his complete ineptitude with a sword. The little wimpy yelps he does throughout getting his ass schooled doesn't help matters either. Lord Royce doesn't bother to hide his contempt, while Littlefinger provides somewhat disingenuous/backhanded praise.
    Baelish: Lord Arryn will never be a great warrior...
    Royce: Great warrior?! He swings a sword like a girl with palsy!
  • When Gilly wonders why Sam is not training, he gets defensive and nonchalantly points out that he actually killed a White Walker and a Thenn.
  • While talking with Jon, Stannis exhibits a couple of unsmiles that make you wonder if he's actually amused by the situation or merely too socially awkward to realize how unsettling his expressions are.

     2 - The House of Black and White 
  • Varys and Tyrion's cart ride to Volantis is full of these:
    • Varys having just about had it with Tyrion's self-pity tries to snap him out of it one last time.
      Varys: Are we really going to spend the entire voyage talking about the futility of everything?
      Tyrion: You're right, no point.
    • Tyrion complaining about an insect in his wine.
    • On the subject of bounties:
      Varys: Cersei has offered a lordship to the man who brings her your head.
      Tyrion: She ought to offer her cunt. Best part of her for the best part of me.
  • Tyrion muses, "How many dwarfs are there in the world? Is Cersei going to kill them all?" Gilligan Cut to a severed dwarf head (which resembles Tyrion's) being placed on a table before Cersei. Qyburn then asks for the head for his wacky experiments, which nonpluses the men who brought it even more.
    • Note that the bounty hunters made an effort to replicate Tyrion's scar from the Battle of Blackwater. Problem is, the cut is obviously fresh...and on the wrong side of the face.
  • During the council meeting where Kevan is delivering his "Reason You Suck" Speech to Cersei, he demands to know where Jaime's gone. Cersei informs him that, apparently, the Master of War does not need to know anything about the diplomatic status of his kingdom. Upon hearing this, Kevan's face is basically the expression equivalent of a Flat "What".
  • Cersei's body language during the Small Council meeting is understatedly funny. The way she wiggles into the Hand of the King's chair is equal parts, "Yeah, that's right, this is my seat now; deal with it", and "How did Father sit comfortably in this thing?"
  • When Shireen is teaching Gilly to read the alphabet, Sam chimes in from reading one of the historical books.
    Sam: Did you know that the youngest Lord Commander in history Osiric Stark, was elected at age ten?
    Gilly: (looks down at book) I know 'S'.
  • Lyanna Mormont telling Stannis to shove off in her ten-year-old's handwriting.
    • The scene is even funnier after we meet Lyanna in person, as she is revealed to be every bit as blunt, willful and unyielding as the man who called her a "wretched girl." You get the sense that if they had met they would have either furiously despised each other or gotten along famously.
  • To general amusement, Sam relates the cowardice of Janos Slynt during the battle and how Sam found him in a puddle of his own making.
  • Bronn and his betrothed stroll through a beach, but he's completely aloof and uninvolved in her conversation about their wedding, and is instead concentrated in stone skipping.
  • Arya acting more like she’s on her first date when she arrives at the House of Black and White.
  • Though it was during a tense moment, Pod throwing a rock at a fully-armed knight was pretty amusing. And missing.
    Vale Knight: I guess that means you're unarmed.
  • When Jaime shows up and Lollys asks who it is, Bronn responds with, "Jaime Fookin' Lannister."
    • Also, Lollys' giggly schoolgirl reaction when Jaime kisses her hand- cue Bronn promptly shooing her away so they can talk.

     3 - High Sparrow 
  • Margaery mercilessly trolling Cersei, first with regrets that it's too early for her and her ladies so they don't have wine available, then gushing about how great Tommen is in bed, and then poking fun at Cersei's age.
  • Arya shouting, "Cunt!" when the Waif suddenly smacks her painfully on the arm. Followed by her wide-eyed fury at being so easily bested by a fellow Little Miss Badass.
  • Tommen declares he wants to spend the rest of his life having sex after he and Margaery consummate their marriage.
  • Tyrion complaining that the only face he's seen since coming to Essos is Varys' face, with Varys' witty and slightly offended reply.
    Varys: It's a perfectly good face.
    (later in Volantis)
    Tyrion: I need to speak to someone with hair.
    • Varys grows tired of denying Tyrion's Madness Mantra:
      Tyrion: I have to get out of this box.
      Varys: (sigh) I'm not sure how many new ways I can find of saying this...
    • Tyrion abruptly wandering away from Varys to observe the Red Priestess's sermon, apparently drawn by the sight of a Red Priest more attractive than Thoros of Myr.
    • Also, his commentary to the sermon, during which he compares the prayers to ward off greyscale to dancing away the plague, and — when the priestess declares Daenerys to be the new messiah — providing this beautifully sarcastic aside to Varys.
      "We're going to meet the saviour! You should have told me! Who doesn't want to meet the saviour?"
  • At the start of the High Septon Faith of the Seven-themed orgy, Olyvar is bizarrely dressed as the Father, complete with a cheap pair of scales and a hilariously fake beard — which doesn't even match his own hair colour. He doesn't seem to be happy about his role, openly breaking character to grumble that the guy always worships the same girl and reminding him that he'll have to pay extra for two.
    • And the High Septon irritably cuts him off, as if saying: "Don't ruin the moment with your stupid accounting!"
    • Apparently it's not enough for the High Septon to be a Dirty Old Man who's (presumably) breaking a vow of celibacy; the show felt the need to go all out and give him a straight-up blasphemy kink.
  • After the High Septon is found "ministering" with prostitutes, after being sarcastically questioned by Qyburn over the matter, he actually tries to pass it off as serving the low classes — or as Qyburn puts it, "devout prostitutes." Doubly funny, Pycelle is quick to spurt an indignant line about a man's private affairs, a knee-jerk, defensive reaction about his own whoremongering.
    • Also when the High Septon arrives to complain to the Small Council, he addresses Cersei, Pycelle and Mace Tyrell by their titles, but is completely flummoxed on how to address Qyburn, having absolutely no idea who the guy is.
  • Alliser Thorne is the last person standing in the way of the other brothers as they advance on Slynt to take him out to the chopping block. For a minute Thorne looks like he might do something, but then he steps aside and gives Slynt a half-apologetic/half-contemptuous look that says, "Sucks to be you, bro!"
  • There is something weirdly funny seeing a look of pride on Slynt's face after insulting Jon, as if he thought it was the best idea he had in his entire life. It wasn't.
  • Tyrion's wit hasn't waned from his depression:
    Bouncer: (in bastard Valyrian) It is good luck to rub a dwarf's head.
    Tyrion: (common tongue) It is even better luck to suck a dwarf's cock.
    • Followed by an "oh, for fuck's sake" reaction from Varys.
  • When Brienne and Pod discuss her relationship to Renly, Pod tries to bring up the latter's homosexuality while simultaneously struggling not to actually use the word. Brienne bluntly cuts him off.
    "Yes Pod, he liked men, I'm not an idiot!"
  • Lord Tyrell now has the very important task of opening and closing the door of the Small Council room. He goes about it and prances in his slow, dignified way, which makes him all the more ridiculous.
  • In a possible nod to the show's infamous Loads and Loads of Characters, the High Septon struggles to remember Qyburn's name, to which he gives a blithe "It doesn't matter."
  • Cersei quietly seething as the common people only cheer for Margaery during the royal wedding procession.
  • The Daenerys-themed prostitute. Apparently, making the Mother of Dragons into a saviour wasn't enough for Volantis, so they decided to make her into a franchise as well.
    Varys: Someone who inspires priests and whores is worth taking seriously.
  • Varys' "Oh, for the love of..." expression after Tyrion wanders off.
  • Stannis scowls at The Godfather.
    Jon: I heard it was best to keep your enemies close...
    Stannis: Whoever said that didn't have many enemies.
  • Qyburn being a creepy Devil in Plain Sight: Cersei visits him in his chambers (basically a stock Mad Scientist laboratory) just as he's cutting open a rat for some unknown purpose. They have a normal conversation, but right after she leaves, the camera focuses on whoever/whatever is strapped down on a gurney (probably whatever is left of Gregor Clegane). The thing starts struggling and Qyburn reacts calmly as if this was totally normal.

     4 - The Sons of the Harpy 
  • Bronn's summation of Dorne and his worries about traveling there.
    Bronn: You ever been to Dorne?
    Jaime: No.
    Bronn: I have. The Dornish are crazy. All they know how to do is fight and fuck, fuck and fight.
    Jaime: You should be happy to go back.
    Bronn: There's nothing like a good fight to get you in the mood for fucking. And there's nothing like a fuck-mad Dornish girl to clear your head for the next fight. It's how the two work together. Now I know we're gonna be doing a lot of fighting, I'm sure. Well, I am. But I don't imagine we'll have time to stick around for the rest...
  • In a scene destined to become memetic, Jaime and Bronn are on a little boat rowing toward the shores of Dorne. Well, Bronn is rowing. When he looks at Jaime, tired and expectant, Jaime just raises his golden hand, like "Not happening." Bronn sighs and keeps rowing.
  • Bronn casually killing a snake that was sneaking up on Jaime's head.
    Bronn: Breakfast.
  • Bronn tells Jaime the way he would want to die.
    "In my own keep, drinking my own wine, watching my sons grovel over my fortune."
    • Even more so in that it's a bit of a Call-Back to Tyrion's answer to the same question from Shagga.
  • One of the Dornishmen asks our duo who they are. Bronn introducing himself as "Cooper" (and Jaime as "Darnell") almost without missing a beat is so unexpected it's hilarious.
  • Jaime's lying is a bit rusty when he and Bronn are accosted by four Dornish riders.
    Dornishman: Why are you here?
    Bronn: Our ship capsized in the night. We managed to swim ashore. It was a near thing, really.
    Jaime: I thought the sharks would get us.
    Dornishman: There are no sharks in Dorne.
    Jaime: (shrugs) Could've sworn those were shark fins.
    Bronn: ... Dolphins, maybe.
    • Blink and you miss it, but Bronn gives a subtle but brilliant, "You just couldn't keep your big mouth shut, could you?" reaction when Jaime blunders in.
  • Of course, Jaime saving himself at the last second by catching a Dornish rider's saber with his golden hand, giving him time to retrieve his own sword and kill the man. The saber's still lodged in the golden hand, though, and he has to kick it loose.
    • When Jaime says they have to bury the soldiers they killed, and by they he means Bronn, the sellsword's face is saying: "I'm this close to killing this SOB myself!"
    Jaime: I can't dig very well with one hand. Not at all, really.
  • A villainous example, but there is this exchange after Cersei has Mace Tyrell shipped off to deal with The Iron Bank in Braavos:
    Pycelle: The small council grows smaller every day.
    Cersei: Not small enough.
  • When Margaery comes to Tommen to reveal that Cersei has manipulated The High Sparrow into imprisoning her brother, the boy king's obliviousness is as funny as it is sad.
    Tommen: ...Aren't you and mother getting along?
    • As dramatic as it is, Margaery's clear annoyance at being married to such a sweet, good-natured, and weak-willed boy is pretty amusing when considering everything her family did to get rid of his polar opposite brother. Not such a perfect plan after all.
  • Tyrion is trying to tell Jorah to remove the gag from his mouth. When he realizes Jorah isn't going to right away, he starts singing the Rains of Castamere through the gag. After a moment of staring at Tyrion in bemused exasperation, Jorah finally ungags him. Tyrion proceeds to figure out who he is, what he wants and why his mission is so pointless. Then he starts trolling him about it, as Tyrion is prone to do. Jorah stands up, looking as if he's about to untie the imp but then bitch-slaps Tyrion — who, until now, was the show's resident bitch-slapper — and knocks Tyrion out, which is more than Tyrion can say for any of his slaps!
    • As he talks, Tyrion casually admits he was drunk through most of the small council meetings and has trouble remembering what was talked about during them.
    • The snark Tyrion delivers in every line is solid stuff.
    Tyrion: You're going the wrong way. My sister is in Westeros. And Westeros is west.
  • Stannis takes his bloody time to return Shireen's hug, as if he didn't know how.
    • Earlier in the scene when he asks Shireen if she is lonely.
      Stannis: Are you lonely?
      Shireen: Just bored.
      Stannis: My father used to tell me that boredom indicates a lack of inner resources.
      Shireen: Were you bored a lot too?
    • This little bit as well:
      Shireen: I thought I'd be left at home. I know Mother didn't want to bring me.
      Stannis: Why do you say that?
      Shireen: She told me, "I don't want to bring you."
    • Also, in an otherwise heartwarming tale of how he refused to give up on his daughter, Stannis remarks that the trader who brought toys to Dragonstone after hearing of Shireen's birth must have thought new fathers were easy marks. The very next sentence is him describing the toy he bought Shireen. Seems the trader was right, even about fathers as...Stannis-y... as Stannis.
  • Barristan mentions to Daenerys that he and her brother, Rhaegar, once used the money that Rhaegar earned in the streets with his minstrel work to get "horribly drunk." Many joined Dany in laughing at the thought of the old knight and the young prince hanging out and getting wasted.
    • Additional humor comes from the fact that Rhaegar was the Crown Prince of the Seven Kingdoms, and Barristan was a member of the Kingsguard, but that they used the money earned from Rhaegar's singing means that they must have gone to a tavern to go drinking. The mental image of Rhaegar and Barristan slumming it with the smallfolk and drinking all night proves quite amusing.
  • Melisandre's attempt to seduce Jon is so straightforward that it seems taken from a porn movie, just disrobing and telling the guy to feel her heart with some excuse. She's so confident in her assets that she does not find the need for less sleazy moves. Her annoyance showing that she's not at all used to rejection is also amusing.
    • Of particular note: when Jon tries to put her off by mentioning his oath of celibacy, earning a wonderful "Who are you trying to fool?" glance from Melisandre (and probably most of the audience).
      • According to Carice van Houten, the stage direction in the script went along the lines of, "Melisandre gives Jon Snow a 'Bitch, please' look." [1]
  • When Ser Barristan seems tired of having to deal with Hizdar:
    Daario: I think I can protect the queen from Hizdar Zo Loraq.
    Daenerys: I think I can protect me from Hizdar Zo Loraq.

     5 - Kill the Boy 
  • Jon asks Maester Aemon how he's feeling.
    • Jon tells Maester Aemon that his latest decision will divide The Night's Watch and half the men will hate him. Without even hearing what Jon's plans are, Aemon very pointedly tells him, "Half of the men already hate you. Do it!"
  • A Night's Watchman uses "less" when he should have used "fewer." Stannis can't help but correct him under his breath, much to Davos's confusion.
    • This hearkens back to a moment in Season 2, ep. 4, where Davos mentions having "less fingernails to clean", and Stannis corrects him.
  • Roose's hilariously forced smile when Ramsay announces that "Reek" will give away Sansa in their wedding, which prompts him to announce that Walda is pregnant, in a not-so-subtle threat to disinherit the bastard.
  • A dark example, but Ramsay abruptly breaking the twelve-second silence he caused by parading Theon in front of Sansa and forcing him to apologize for killing her brothers is actually pretty funny:
    Ramsay: There! Over and done with. Does everyone feel better? I do! That was getting very tense.
  • Sansa's surreptitious enjoyment of Ramsay getting the smug wiped off his face by the announcement that Walda is pregnant. The awkward and mounting silence is just hilarious.
  • In the scene immediately following this, father and son have a private conversation that starts with Ramsay inquiring how Roose managed to get Walda pregnant. Ramsay's childlike pouting met with Roose's deadpan frankness is as close to actual humor as we're getting with these two outside of their individual trolling.
    Ramsay: How can you be sure?
    Roose: Sure of what?
    Ramsay: That she's pregnant. I mean (holds his hands far apart) how can you tell?
    Roose: Maester Wolkan has assured us beyond all doubt.
    Ramsay: ... So how did you — manage it?
    Roose: Manage what?
    Ramsay: Getting her pregnant.
    Roose: I imagine you're familiar with the procedure.
    Ramsay: Of course, but how did you find it?
  • When Davos asks Shireen if she's afraid of the idea of being near a battle, she tells him she is not, prompting Davos to ask for her protection when the battle comes.
    • Then Selyse tells Davos not talk to Shireen about battles, because he'll scare her. This is the same woman who happily watches people she's known all her life burn alive and keeps stillborn babies in jars. The hypocrisy is out of this world.
  • Stannis and Sam talk to each other. First, Stannis walks right past Sam and begins looking around the library for someone who looks more like the son of a famous warrior and is taken aback a bit, as unexpectedly, Sam the-white-walker-killer Tarly doesn't look like a warrior. He can't keep the surprise out of his voice when he realizes "You're Samwell Tarly!?", but is nice and praises Sam's father, not knowing the two Tarlys hate each other. Then gives him the validation that Sam never got from his father, telling him that his knowledge is important in the conflict with the White Walkers.
    • Stannis basically starts the conversation by remarking that Sam's father was the only one who ever defeated his much-resented brother Robert in battle, and that it might not have happened had Robert listened to his advice back in the day.
      • There's also something amusing about the way Gilly scurries out of the room when Stannis shows up — especially as he looks slightly bemused as he watches her leave.
  • Jon wishes Stannis good luck and thanks him. For a moment, Stannis seems to be about to reciprocate in kind with some parting words. True to himself, Stannis doesn't. Not a word, not even a last glance or look back. Off to Winterfell it is then.
  • When Daenerys comes to his cell, Hizdahr seems to think she's going to execute him and begs for his life. She's actually there to tell him she's going to heed his advice and reopen the fighting pits, as well as strengthen her bonds with the Meereenese by more or less forcing him to marry her! Hizdahr's a bigger Butt-Monkey than Lancel ever was.
    • From the same scene, Daenerys quipping that fortunately, her 'suitor' is already on his knees.
    • He has the biggest 'wtf' face as she leaves. Two minutes ago he thought he was going to be fed to hungry dragons, now he's been told he's marrying the Queen!
  • Tyrion reacts to getting slapped around by Jorah in the last episode.

     6 - Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken 
  • When the slavers are going to cut Tyrion's dick off, he manages to confuse them with circular logic; saying that a merchant wouldn't know they were giving him a dwarf penis unless they had the live dwarf. Despite this, they have no reason to spare him, they could just keep the body! Tyrion is also not only trying to defend himself, but his comment in response makes it seem he is offended that they would even think so!
    Slaver: It would be a dwarf-sized cock!
    Tyrion: Guess — again.
    Malko: ... The dwarf lives until we find a cock merchant.
    • Just the fact that there exists such a thing as a "cock merchant" is absolutely hilarious, gruesome details aside. One wonders if Tyrion accidentally invented a new superstition when he, a couple of episodes ago, declared that sucking a dwarf's cock brings luck.
    • After Tyrion extolls Jorah's feats in battle to convince the slavers to take him to Meereen's fighting pits, Malko asks Jorah if it's true that they: "sang songs about him", Jorah only answers with a modest little nod as if saying: "well, I don't want to brag or anything, but... yeah, I am pretty awesome."
      Tyrion: Sure, he's a bit long in the tooth, a bit withered, been in the sun too long. We can all see that. But he is a veteran of 100 battles. They wrote songs about him.
  • Littlefinger's reaction to Lancel's proclamation that the Faith Militant have effectively made everything he does in King's Landing punishable or destroyed:
    Littlefinger: Well done.
  • Before they get down to business, Cersei and Littlefinger take time to reacquaint themselves by trading insults.
    Littlefinger: House Tyrell won't tolerate this insult.
    Cersei: House Tyrell won't tolerate it? I am the insulted party, Lord Baelish. Ser Loras was promised to me. Instead, he chose the company of boys.
    Littlefinger: One's choice of companion is a curious thing.
    Cersei: ... Most curious. Lysa Arryn, for instance. Thoroughly repellant woman. Forgive me, I know you're still in mourning.
    Littlefinger: Lysa was — a good woman. A kind woman —
    Cersei: She was neither of those things, we both know it.
  • Olenna is back and as sassy as ever. Her opening comment while approaching King's Landing: "You can smell the shit from five miles away!"
    Olenna: Put the pen down dear, we both know you're not writing anything.
    Cersei: Ah,yes, the famous tart-tongued Queen of Thorns.
    Olenna: And the famous tart, Queen Cersei.
    • The crowning moment is when Olenna tells Cersei to stop pretending that she's too busy writing to greet Olenna and how far Cersei falls from the tree. Tywin could believably pull that one because he was often enough a busy, legitimately hard worker to sell an act, while Cersei's lackluster imitation only begs ridicule.
    • Her astonishment at the bare-faced insult is hilarious too.
      • There's also Olenna's "for God's sake" face when Cersei claims, "We [The Lannisters] have no rivals."
  • Jaime's awkward handshake with Prince Trystane, choosing to greet the guy with a backhanded move but with his natural hand. The whole scene has the whole "boyfriend meeting dad" aspect even if "uncle" Jaime has to continue to remain Myrcella's uncle. You half expect him to blurt out, "Get off my daughter!"
  • When Jaime and Bronn happen to make their move on Myrcella at the exact same time as the Sand Snakes, Bronn simply gives an aggravated: "oh, for fuck's sake!"
  • After Bronn condescendingly praises Tyene Sand with the words "You fight pretty good for a little girl," he's visibly amused by her enraged reaction as the guards have to keep the two apart.
    • The funny part is that Rosabell Sellers is genuinely quite cute as a Tyke Bomb so it tends to be pretty funny.

     7 - The Gift 
  • Sam losing his virginity to Gilly is as funny as it is heartwarming.
    Sam: Oh, my.
  • Tyene apparently does the "Don't you think I'm pretty?" routine a lot, judging by Obara and Nym's reactions.
    • Tyene's apparently genuine clapping for Bronn's singing and the way she stops when Obara and Nym glare at her has some great comedic timing, as well.
    • Nymeria's wordless reaction to Bronn's singing is hilarious on its own. She has her head in one hand as if nursing a bad headache, and a look on her face like, "Please, gods, make this idiot stop."
    • For a slight meta example, this scene was also a great example of Trolling Creator. With them pulling Death by Adaptation on a number of still important book characters, and Bronn having essentially stopped being important in the books by this point (and not being in Dorne), it appeared that Bronn was about to share the fate of Ser Barristan, but nope!
    • There's also the almost Belligerent Sexual Tension way Tyene and Bronn snark at each other- especially the way Bronn trails off mid-sentence when Tyene shows him her breasts, and her satisfied expression when he finally tells her what she wants to hear.
  • Yezzan's shock at finding Dany among the spectators at the fighting pit, followed up by him making an extremely undignified sprint around the ring, hastily turning his gladiators in Dany's direction and providing last-minute stage directions for the unexpected royal performance.
    Your Grace... your future grace.
    • Yezzan muttering to one of his fighters, "stand straight. That's the fucking queen." Which Dany clearly hears and pretends not to have noticed while studying her hands in exasperation.
    • Funnily enough, the really brutal pit-fighter who takes the most guys out until Jorah makes his debut even takes off his helmet for the queen before he salutes. Bless! What a gentleman.
  • When Malko is selling Jorah, he buffs up his accomplishments. According to him, Jorah was first (really second) into the breach at the Siege of "Spyke" (Pyke) and wielded a flaming sword (done by Thoros of Myr, who was incidentally the first into the breach), and slew Khal Drogo in single combat (really Qotho).
    • Upon hearing the tale, Jorah gives Tyrion a sullen look for the embellishment, Tyrion gives him a "let's just roll with it" look.
  • Tyrion beating the shit out of a cruel overseer, much to the amusement of everyone at that slave auction.
    Yezzan: (buying Tyrion from Malko) You're right. He's funny.
    • As soon as he's bought, Tyrion immediately tries to talk Yezzan into unchaining him and Jorah and possibly paying them wages. Yezzan responds by backhanding Tyrion in the face. The way Tyrion screws up his nose in pain and indignation and inhales deeply after the smack, evidently trying not to scream and do something incredibly violent, (like headbutt his "master" in the balls), is absolutely hilarious.
  • Jaime discovers that Myrcella is as lovelorn as her father (both of them) and as headstrong as her mother, making his mission much more difficult.
    • This exchange:
    Myrcella: You look different. The last time I saw you, you had... more hair.
    Jaime: And more hands.
  • Stannis starts coming on to Melisandre in his tent. Sexy is not a side of him we typically see, and the fact that he's doing this after he's just been told how slim his chances of winning are now looking makes it even more audacious.
  • The Queen of Thorns vs. The High Sparrow in a Battle of Wits.
    Lady Olenna: You there! Where would I find the High Septon or High Sparrow or whatever fool name he's got?
    The High Sparrow: It's not as good a name as The Queen of Thorns, I'll admit.
    Olenna: You should have the decency to stand when speaking to a lady.
    High Sparrow: You should have the decency to kneel before the gods.
    Olenna: Don't spar with me, little fellow.
  • Olenna Tyrell is clearly annoyed at having to meet with Littlefinger in a brothel. A wrecked and abandoned brothel, but a brothel nonetheless.
    Littlefinger: It was an establishment like no other. The sheer range of appetites catered to, desires that didn't even exist until we invented them.
    Olenna: You've always been rather impressed with yourself, haven't you?
  • Cersei being finally Hoist by Her Own Petard is as satisfying as it's ironic. One of those small pleasures that puts a smirk on your face, even as it finally wipes the smirk off hers.
    • Her smile stays on even as she realizes what's going on, but her eyes darting around in fear are hilarious.
  • Alliser Thorne tells Jon Snow that his mission is reckless, foolish, and an insult to all that have died protecting the Wall. Jon politely thanks him for his honesty. They are both completely deadpan during this exchange.
  • When Stannis is informed of the desertion of the Stormcrows, he doesn't bother to express indignation, just tosses their piece away from the big board and recalls how unreliable sellswords are, all with a clear, "Boy, I hate being right all the time" demeanor.
  • No one has called Daenerys "khaleesi" all season, and nobody says "khaleesi" quite like Jorah Mormont, inventor of the Khaleesi blast. After Jorah singlehandedly decks all the pit fighters and reveals himself, the very first thing he says to Dany is: "KHALEESI!"
    • Not only that, Jorah is in a close-up and says it just as men come to drag him away with a desperate look on his face. It practically sums up his entire "Ser Friendzone" reputation in the story. While still counting as a Tearjerker, of course.

     8 - Hardhome 
  • The first bit of verbal sparring between Daenerys and Tyrion at the start of the episode.
    Queen Daenerys Targaryen: How do I know you are who you say you are?
    Tyrion Lannister: If only I were otherwise.
    Daenerys: And if you are Tyrion Lannister, why shouldn't I kill you. To pay your family back for what it did to mine.
    Tyrion: You want revenge on the Lannisters? I killed my mother, Joanna Lannister, on the day that I was born. I killed my father, Tywin Lannister, with a bolt to the heart. I am the greatest Lannister killer of our time.
    Daenerys: So I should invite you into my service because you've killed members of your own family?
    Tyrion: "Into your service?" Your Grace, we've only just met. It's too soon to know if you deserve my service.
    Daenerys: If you'd rather return to the fighting pits, just say the word.
  • Seeing Cersei get repeatedly smacked on top of her head with a ladle by Septa Unella is as funny as it is satisfying.
  • Tyrion's bits of Brutal Honesty while selling his services to Daenerys.
    Daenerys: Your brother who killed my father?
    Tyrion: That's the one.
    Daenerys: Perhaps I will have you killed after all.
    Tyrion: Your queenly prerogative.
  • When Dany decides what to do about Tyrion.
    Daenerys: I'm not going to kill you.
    Tyrion: No? Banish me?
    Daenerys: No.
    Tyrion: So if I'm not going to be murdered and I'm not going to be banished —
    Daenerys: You're going to advise me.
    (Tyrion raises his wine chalice)
    Daenerys: (takes his wine away) While you can still speak in complete sentences.
    • Tyrion's aggravated reaction to yet another person depriving him of wine, nervously scratching away at his beard. And even more so because now it is a queen, and he can't defy her if she wants him sober.
  • After all the flack Daenerys got from fans for her "break the wheel" speech (before the season even premiered), it's pretty funny to see Tyrion rolling his eyes and debating her on her huge ambitions when she finally makes it.
  • Jaqen H'gar basically sums up why the House of Black and White is called the House of Black and White in his exchange with The Waif about Arya's training.
    The Waif: She is not ready.
    Jaqen H'gar: Perhaps she is, perhaps she is not.
    The Waif: And if she is not?
    Jaqen: It is all the same to the Many-Faced God.
  • The Lord of Bones was not pleased to hear Tormund has aligned with the Lord Commander of The Night's Watch, and lets him know it right away.
    Lord of Bones: You FUCKING TRAITOR!
  • Tormund beating the everloving hell out of the Lord of Bones with his own staff on their reunion is partly disturbing for its brutality, but mostly hilarious due to how abrupt it is and how little the other characters seem to care about old Rattleshirt's death.
  • During Jon's appeal to the wildlings to join forces:
    Loboda: My ancestors would spit on me if I broke bread with a crow.
    Karsi: So would mine, but fuck 'em. They're dead.
    • From the same scene, after Loboda refuses Jon's plan and dramatically walks out of the meeting, Karsi says what everyone else is thinking:
    "I fuckin' hate Thenns."
  • When Tormund is asked if he vouches for Jon, the two exchange a funny look as if saying "Do you?" and "Don't let my words go to your head, boy", and then Tormund starts his praising with a disparagement.
    Tormund: He's prettier than both my daughters.
  • Dolorous Edd is collecting some fallen dragonglass from the Wildlings hall, and finds that Wun Wun the giant is looking at the last piece. He decides to not even bother trying to get it back when the giant speaks to him in his ancient language.
    Wun Wun: The fuck you looking at?
  • Jon Snow, brave Commander of the Night's Watch, and his Sarcastic Devotee / Action Survivor Dolorous Edd's reaction to the horde of wights jumping off a cliff with the express purpose of getting right back up and turning the two of them into mincemeat? RUN. It's hilarious, in a terrifying way.
    Edd: Oh - FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!
    • Just before that, Edd's assessment of the situation is pure Black Comedy.
    Jon: [semi-concussed from his fight with the White Walker] The dragonglass…
    Edd: Fuck the glass! We're gonna DIE here!
  • During the fight between Jon Snow and the White Walker, when Jon manages to get his sword up and block the Other's attack. They both have a look of pure "what the fuck" for a moment before going back to fighting.
    • Also funny is the oh-so badass Jon Snow's little shout of terror and surprise as he blocks the attack. He was obviously expecting the White Walker's weapon to cut straight through Longclaw, followed by himself.
  • There's something endearing about Arya embracing her oyster salesgirl persona, yelling at the top of her lungs like a seasoned market crier.
  • Qyburn and Cersei complaining about the unfair trial she's facing, especially since the Kangaroo Court tendencies in King's Landing have been around forever. Now she suddenly sees this as a problem.
    Qyburn: I hope you'll excuse me for saying it, but belief is so often the death of reason.
    Cersei: I wish you had said it sooner.

     9 - The Dance of Dragons 
  • Trystane's idea of mercy is having Bronn slugged in the jaw, the same way Bronn had hit him.
    Bronn: The pie looks good... (is elbow-clocked in the face by Areo Hotah a moment later)
    Doran: Perhaps some soup instead?
  • Jaime barely concealing his fatherly concern when he sees Myrcella wearing a revealing Dornish dress.
    Jaime: What a lovely dress.
    Myrcella: You don't like it?
    Jaime: You must be cold.
    Myrcella: Not at all. The Dornish climate agrees with me.
  • Doran has some darkly funny lines to Ellaria:
    Doran: For their sake, I hope you live a long and happy life. Speak to me that way again, and you won't.
    Doran: I believe in second chances. I don't believe in third chances.
    • There's something quite amusing about the oh-so-deadly Sand Snakes killing time in prison by... playing a game of slaps.
    • Even when she's being nice, Ellaria can't help but insult Jaime.
    Ellaria:(kindly) You write like a seven-year-old.
  • Lord Tyrell arrives in Braavos and meets the Iron Bank:
    • Tycho Nestoris extends his hand to Mace, who meets it with a chummy two-handed handshake. The awkwardness is not lost on Tycho.
    • We finally get to see Mace in action as Master of Coin. His attempts to cozy up to Tycho Nestoris are amazing. The banker tries to stoically hide his dislike for the unwelcome situation, but his body language betrays him several times, which Lord Tyrell completely fails to see.
    • When Tycho refuses Mace's offer of Arbor wine by claiming he doesn't partake, good ol' Mace expresses his disappointment with a prolonged and bleat-like "oooooohh."
    • Mace relates that once upon a time King Maegor tried to ban usury and wanted to cut off the hands of the usurers.
      Tycho: Most unfortunate for the glovers.
    • A banker being told to his face that his business boils down to usury. Either the word carries no negative connotations in the setting or it's just Mace being an oblivious twit as usual.
    • The hilarity culminates when Mace suddenly starts singing, apparently encouraging Tycho to join in. The look on the Iron Bankers face is absolutely brilliant, as is the brief glance he shares with an equally-confused Meryn Trant. The scene ends with Mace taking Tycho by the arm, still singing, with Tycho himself smiling with barely-restrained discomfort and attempting futilely to interrupt. It's topped only by Trant's observation that bridges into the next scene;
      Meryn Trant: Thought that old shit would never stop singing!
    • And yet the funniest part has to be that we later find out Mace was SUCCESSFUL is renegotiating terms with the Iron Bank! Which leads one to wonder if either Mace is a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass beneath all his bumbling, or if Tycho and the other bankers found him so insufferable that they gave the Seven Kingdoms favorable repayment terms just so that he would go away...
  • When Arya infiltrates a brothel as an oyster girl, spying on a depraved Meryn Trant who keeps asking for younger whores, she's discovered and grabbed by one of his soldiers. She tenses, ready to fight... but it turns out the guy just wanted to buy a clam.
  • A man is debriefed by Arya:
    Arya: The thin man wasn't hungry today.
    No-one: Perhaps that is why a man is thin.
  • The Meereenese announcer at Deznak's Pit is a shameless master of Large Ham.
    • Better yet, the actor voiced Hawke (the player character) from Dragon Age II, well known for his incredibly Large Ham during fights (which was a very interesting contrast to his more toned voice in scenes). The character also lives in a City State that was known for their slaves and that faces great unrest. What makes this even funnier? His name is Nicholas BOULTON.
  • Daario and Hizdahr's banter during the first pit fight about which fighter would win. Daario's little assessment is cut short, along with the little fighter's head, and then Hizdahr puts on his best: "I told you so" face.
    • The sheer amount of punishment Hizdahr takes from all corners is tragically funny, the best kind of comedy. First, Daario implies that he's still as untrustworthy as ever and how pathetically hypocritical Loraq is when it comes to violence, next, Daenerys questions his manhood and his moral courage and then even Tyrion compares him to a poor man's Tywin and an armchair warrior, along with mocking his intelligence!
    • Just the fact that Daario takes his duties as royal-consort to the next level in clear public, brazenly practicing his Pornomancer techniques on Dany to distract her from the Great Games, her sultry, intrigued look while the sellsword brags about "beast faces" is priceless.
  • In an extremely black sense, when Hizdahr is poked full of holes by the Sons of the Harpy, Daario has a look that can be best summed up as: "Why on earth did you run out of the protective cordon, imbecile?" *winces* "Er... Sorry, for suspecting you all this time... My bad."
  • In an otherwise serious, awesome scene, Drogon goes from roaring into Dany's face to grinning at her like a puppy in less than a second. It looks like the massive, bloodthirsty dragon is begging for a treat.
  • Tyrion's Stealth Insult to Hizdahr. "My father would have liked you."

     10 - Mother's Mercy 
  • The walk of shame has some funny jabs amid the abuse.
    Onlooker: All hail the royal tits!
  • Jon's disbelief when he understands that Sam is no longer a virgin, with him repeating his name several times, completely incredulous.
    • He also wants to know how Sam managed it, since he'd just been beaten half to death. Sam's response? "Very carefully."
  • The entire sequence when Dany tries to wake up Drogon after their flight in the previous episode, and Drogon's refusal to do so. It comes off as a mother trying to rouse a lazy teenager. The fact that they are surrounded by the bones of Drogon's past consumed meals only further likens the dragon to an adolescent with an untidy room.
  • Tyrion, Daario and Jorah sitting in Dany's throne room in awkward silence. Which Tyrion, of course, breaks with his big mouth.
    Tyrion: (to both men) You love her? How could you not? Of course, it's hopeless for the both of you. A sellsword from the fighting pits, a disgraced knight. Neither one of you is fit consort for a queen. But... we always want the wrong woman.
    Daario: ... Does he always talk so much?
    Jorah: (nods miserably)
  • Tyrion makes the mistake of being a man and trying to align with Daenerys in the presence of Jorah Mormont. The Crazy Jealous Guy tendencies that Ser Barristan and Daario both got hit with come back in full swing. Though, Tyrion is far quicker to point out Jorah's hypocrisies than Barristan or Daario.
    Jorah: "We?" You're a Lannister. The queen intends to remove your family from power.
    Tyrion: And I intend to help her do it.
    Jorah: You've been here for how many days now? I've fought for her for years, since she was little more than a child.
    Tyrion: You betrayed her!
    Jorah: Careful, now-
    Tyrion: And she exiled you! Twice, I believe.
    Jorah: The second time, thanks to you.
    Tyrion: Don't blame me for your crimes, Mormont!
    • After Daario stops the argument between the two:
      Tyrion: Fine, fine, I suppose he can join us. Just as long as he promises not to kill me in my sleep.
      Jorah: If I ever kill you, your eyes will be wide open.
  • Tyrion's and Missandei's short conversation in Valyrian, with her hesitating to call him a dwarf and inter-changing it at the last second with "little man" and him declaring that he doesn't mind being called dwarf in the same language, before saying that his Valyrian is "a bit nostril".
    • Also, when Tyrion begins speaking Valyrian, Jorah looks slightly exasperated, as if he's thinking, "Of course the little bastard can speak Valyrian too!"
      • And then, Grey Worm's Death Glare reaction to being called: "the toughest man with no balls that I have ever met." By Daario.
  • The casual way Daario Naharis illustrates how limited Tyrion's abilities are when out in the wild.
    Daario: Forgive me, but why would we bring you?
    Tyrion: ... Pardon me?
    Daario: Have you ever tracked animals in the wilderness?
    Tyrion: Not precisely, but I have other skills that would be very usef —
    Daario: (nods) Can you fight?
    Tyrion: I have fought. I don't claim to be a great warrior.
    Daario: Are you good on a horse?
    Tyrion: Middling!
    Daario: So... mainly, you talk?
    Tyrion: (defensively) And drink, I've survived, so far!
  • The fact that Tyrion Lannister started out this season as a drunken exile in a shitty box and ends it in standing on a throne, in charge of another Wretched Hive — especially as the previous season was the exact opposite journey as a reward for a Moment of Awesome.
    • Per usual, the banter between Tyrion and Varys is highly amusing:
      Varys: Hello, old friend. I thought we were so happy together until you abandoned me.
      Tyrion: I suppose there's no point in asking how you found me.
      Varys: The birds sing in the west, the birds sing in the east. If one knows how to listen. They tell me that you already found favor with the Mother of Dragons.
      Tyrion: Well. She didn't execute me. So that's a promising start. Now the heroes are off to find her. And I'm stuck here. Trying to placate a city in a brink of civil war. Any advice for an old comrade?
      Varys: Information is the key. You need to learn your enemy's strength and strategies. You need to learn which of your friends are not your friends.
      Tyrion: If only I knew someone with a vast network of spies.
      Varys: If only. A grand old city. Choking on violence, corruption and deceit... Who could possibly have any experience managing such a massive ungainly beast?
      (Long Beat). Both manage to stay straight-faced.
      Tyrion: (cracks a tiny smile) I did miss you.
      Varys: (sagely) Oh I know.
  • Melisandre tries to cozy up to Stannis when the snow starts melting, to which he turns his back so fast that his armor whacks her on the jaw.
  • Verging into Black Comedy at this point, but Stannis's stubborn persistence when he finds out that sacrificing his daughter only really resulted in half his army leaving with all their horses overnight, the suicide of his wife, and the mistress he's been counting on abandoning him, and he still insists on staying his course.
    Stannis: (realizing his chances are slim to none) Get the men into marching formation. On to Winterfell.
  • Stannis's "fuck it" reaction as he draws his sword to engage Roose Bolton's way bigger army.
  • Stannis's confused reaction upon seeing Brienne of Tarth.
    Stannis: Bolton has women fighting for him?
  • By the time Brienne shows up to take her revenge on Stannis, the man is completely out of fucks to give. He's dismissive throughout their entire encounter, and the fact that she lists Renly as the rightful king of the Seven Kingdoms provokes a very visible "oh, for fuck's sake" reaction from Stannis.
  • Pitch darker humour than the event horizon of a black hole, but Ramsay cheerfully stating that it "looks like we're done here!" After the morning's massacre, as if this was his idea of a picnic. It's followed by him dispatching a wounded Baratheon soldier, then letting out a bracing sigh as if a gore-spattered battlefield is the best scent a man could absorb.
  • When Bronn is leaving, Tyene kisses him goodbye with the line "You want the good girl, but you need the bad pussy." It's so narmy that one would be excused for thinking it's a shout-out to a masterpiece by the name of Shark Attack 3: Megalodon.
    • Bronn's "This moment's going in the slideshow" expression helps.
  • The odd squeaky yelp Myranda emanates right before she hits the ground after Theon has pushed her off the battlements.
  • Arya doing her Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl impersonation in the brothel. Followed by The Glomp of Death!


Season 6

     1 - The Red Woman 
  • Falls into Black Comedy, but the Mood Whiplash of Ramsay going from mourning Myranda's death to telling Maester Wolkan not to bury her, but feed her corpse to his hounds because "she's good meat."
  • When Brienne and Pod arrive to save Sansa and Theon, one of the Bolton soldier's reaction to seeing Brienne is exclaiming, "A bloody woman!" just before the Beauty proceeds to slash his neck open.
  • Doran telling Ellaria before she kills him that he envies Oberyn's swashbuckling lifestyle.
    Doran: He traveled the world, fought men from every country, lay with the most beautiful women alive...
    Ellaria: And ''men'".
    Doran: And men.
  • When Obara Sand has murdered Trystane Martell, Nymeria's huffy reaction to the kill-steal is a petulant, "You're a greedy bitch, you know that?!". It also works on a meta-level for those who are fond of Dornish sitcom; nothing better after kinslaying your cousin than a frivolous one-liner that begs for a laugh track.
  • While taking a stroll in Meereen, Varys says Tyrion walks like a rich man, and that he used to steal from men like him when he was a boy.
    Tyrion: Good thing you're not a boy anymore... Because you have no cock.
  • Tyrion tries to offer a beggar money to feed her baby, but his Valyrian is so bad he actually tells her he wants to eat the baby.
  • When civil peace in Meereen continues to dissolve, Tyrion throws dirt in the eyes of fans who can't stand the Meereenese-knot with the pithy quip of, "Well, we won't be sailing to Westeros anytime soon." As the Harpy's Sons have just set fire to Dany's captured fleet.
  • Khal Moro's wives and bloodriders talking in subtitled Dothraki around Daenerys is hilarious.
    • One of the jealous wives keeps badgering her husband to "cut off her head". Moro comments that, even if he were blind, he would know that the fact his wives want Daenerys dead is proof that she's beautiful.
    • Moro asks rhetorically if there is anything better than seeing a woman naked for the first time, only for his bloodriders to start reciting some things that are better than sex for the Dothraki. An increasingly pissed Moro ends up conceding that "Seeing a woman naked for the first time is among the five greatest things..."
    • One of the bloodriders comments on Daenerys' white hair and asks his comrade if he's ever fucked a woman with white pussy hair. The second one quips yes, when he was fucking the first one's grandmother.
    • When Dany finally reveals she can speak Dothraki, she starts rattling off her many self-given titles. The Dothraki listen in silence, just staring at her even when she's finished. Then they burst out laughing because not a damn one of those titles means a thing to them.
  • Thorne offers Davos a chance to survive, and flee Castle Black. Davos, both to buy time and to fuck with him adds that he'll need some mutton for the journey. Cue Thorne's thrown-for-a-loop "what?", and as Davos explains his craving for mutton chop, Thorne turns to his comrades with a terribly confused expression to the effect of, "Is he for real?"
    • Davos isn't even trying to hide that he's fucking with Thorne, speaking in a rather chipper tone, and thanking Thorne when he's finished, promising to think it over. That Thorne appears to take this at face value and not simply try to bust in straight away makes it all the funnier.
  • One of Jon's loyalists admits that Edd bringing wildling reinforcements is their only hope of survival. Another laments the state of affairs when you're counting on old Dolorous to save their lives.

     2 - Home 
  • Bran asks Hodor what happened to make him only able to say that word, which goes exactly like you'd think. Doubles later as "Funny Aneurysm" Moment as we learn why...
  • As they're getting ready for their, most likely, Last Stand against the mutineers, Sir Davos apologises in advance to his fellow loyalists for being a sub-par warrior, so that they don't judge him harshly when he underperforms in battle (before they all die).
  • The abruptness with which Wun Wun smashes the Night's Watchman that shoots him with a piddly crossbow against a wall has some great comedic timing, especially when Wun Wun turns to face him. You can just see the giant thinking "Did you really think that would hurt me?"
  • While it takes place during a very tense scene, Alliser Thorne's response when Edd returns to Castle Black with an army of wildlings is a staggering instance of Hypocritical Humour.
    Alliser: ... You fookin' traitor.
    • The synopsis has a great laugh with this scene, as it describes it as 'the night's watch stand behind Thorn'. They sure do, way, way behind him, the moment a giant comes through the gates.
  • Olly attempting to charge at Tormund and failing miserably. Made even more hilarious because Tormund doesn't even bother killing him, instead just disarming him as if it were nothing and tossing him over to another Wildling to restrain him. It's especially funny because it's clear Olly thinks he's having a You Killed My Father moment... Tormund doesn't even look at him, let alone recognize him at all.
  • There's an extended scene of a drunkard claiming to be the one who flashed Cersei, and then being shown pissing against a wall. He then turns around to notice the Mountain stood right behind him, but doesn't stop pissing. A few seconds pass before his head is smashed into the wall.
  • Roose gets a good one-liner in when a report comes back that all Ramsay's "finest hunters" were slaughtered:
    • Later when he's mocking Ramsay's suggestion of murdering the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.
    Roose: If you acquire a reputation as a mad dog, you'll be treated as a mad dog. Taken out back and slaughtered for pig feed.
    • After being stabbed, Roose's face takes on a distinct "Yeah, I really should have seen this coming."
  • Tyrion's cock jokes with Grey Worm Varys and Missandei in the room. This happens after Tyrion decides to drink during their counsel meeting and Varys shakes his head and makes "tsk tsk" sounds.
    Tyrion: If I lost my cock, I'd drink all the time.
    (Varys looks at Grey Worm)
    Tyrion: Meaning no offense. He make dwarf jokes, I make eunuch jokes.
    Varys: I do not make dwarf jokes.
    Tyrion: You think them.
  • Tyrion bringing back one of his old one-liners when questioned on how he knows so much about dragons.
    Tyrion: That's what I do; I drink, and I know things. (sips wine)
  • Tyrion meeting Viserion and Rhaegal for the first time.
    Tyrion: (quavering) I'm friends with your mother. I'm here to help. Don't eat the help.
  • After Tyrion unshackles Rhaegal, Viserion looms so close he almost pokes him with his snout, making it unambiguously clear that he'd like his collar removed as well. He even tilts his neck to make it easier to reach for Tyrion. And what do these two giant killing machines do first with their regained freedom? Cuddle!
    • Tyrion's quip to Varys after unshackling Viserion and Rhaegal.
      Tyrion: Next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face.
    • Even funnier, Varys even gives a short but firm nod in agreement.
  • In a black comedy fashion, Balon's death becomes hilarious as it happens literally moments after he declares himself the winner of the War of the Five Kings as every other claimant has been killed, leaving him the last one standing (up until he is thrown overboard by his brother Euron). With his death, now the War has no victors.
  • Davos's theological argument about the LoL and the other gods: "Fuck him, fuck all of them... I'm not a devout man, obviously."

     3 - Oathbreaker 
  • Tormund tells Jon that the Wildlings think he's some sort of god because he returned from the dead. Tormund knows he's not: he's seen his pecker. What kind of god has a pecker that small?
    • Edd wonders if he's really Jon after he successfully cracks a joke.
  • Tyrion tries to make conversation with Missandei and Grey Worm, only to discover they're both a case of No Social Skills. They don't know how to make conversation, and they don't drink, so Tyrion is at a loss for what to do.
    • When he tries to bring up the idea of playing games, Missandei mentions how her previous master would let her play games, which cheers up Tyrion. "But only the girls," adds Missandei and Tyrion quickly realizes that's not a good idea right then.
    • A scene before that has Varys likewise trying to make small talk with the Unsullied.
      (fanning himself) "I don't know how you can stand it [the heat] in all that leather."
    • There's also something hilarious about him bragging about the loyalty of his little birds, only for the scene cut to show Qyburn winning them over very easily.
      • To be fair, in the books the little birds obey Qyburn because Varys told them to. The same may be the case in the show.
  • The Small Council:
    • A hilarious Right Behind Me moment when Pycelle is referring to "Ser Robert" as a beast who should probably be put down. This is just as Jaime, Cersei, and Ser Robert The Mountain walk into the room. There's a distinct sound of flatulence dubbed into the Reaction Shot the moment Pycelle realizes they've been standing there a while.
    • Cersei questions what Olenna Tyrell is doing in King's Landing. Mace starts to talk but is immediately interrupted, as usual. Olenna replies she came to see to the Queen's release. When Cersei thanks her for her concern, Olenna, in her usual form of tact and wit, tells Cersei she meant Margaery; you know, the actual Queen who is married to the King. Olenna then goes for the jugular and says she can understand why Cersei would be confused given her family.
    • When Jaime points out that the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard has a place on the Small Council, Pycelle starts to enumerate historical precedents, inconclusively. Jaime being Jaime just picks up a chair and soundly plants it in front of the table to settle the issue.
    • Jaime starts making passes at the... less than stellar mental capacities Ser Gregor had possessed even before he was turned into a zombie. Gregor gives him a sharp look, and Jaime actually recoils!
      Jaime: Does he understand what we're saying? I mean, to the extent that he ever understood complete sentences to begin with.
    • After they get up and leave, they pass by Robert Strong standing behind Cersei. Pycelle starts shuffling by, then looks up and sees Strong turning his head to watch him. Pycelle picks up the pace quite a bit and gets out of there as fast as he can without revealing his lack of disability. Hilarious in itself is that this came about because of Jaime, Cersei, and "Ser Robert" crashing the small council meeting, at which point the entire small council decides to get up and walk out because they don't want to deal with them.
  • Smalljon Umber proves to share his father's tact when he calls Roose a cunt to Ramsay's face. The way Ramsay has to practically restrain himself not to fly into a murderous rage is amusing as of itself, but not as much as Smalljon's shameless grin as he keeps doing it.
    Ramsay: When my father became Warden of the North, your house refused to pledge their banners.
    Smalljon: Your father was a cunt.
    Ramsay: My beloved father, the Warden-
    Smalljon: Your father was a cunt and that's why you killed him. I might have done the same to my father if he hadn't have done me the favor of dying on his own.
  • The entire way that the episode abruptly drops all pretense about who exactly "Robert Strong" is. You can easily imagine the writers deciding there was no way in hell anyone was going to be surprised.

     4 - Book of the Stranger 
  • Jon and Sansa acting like siblings with Sansa trying to apologize for being snooty to Jon, asking him to "forgive me" which Jon brushes away until she insists with a pout, to which Jon obliges with a laugh.
    • Also, Jon's comment that if he doesn't stay with and protect Sansa, Ned's ghost will come back and kill him (again).
  • Lord Robin being more interested in his falcon than if he should kill Royce or not.
    • Before that, he is shown practicing his archery and to be honest, he sucks as he can't even hit the target. Royce is looking on in disbelief at how bad he is but when Robin turns to look at him he immediately puts on an encouraging smile to him.
  • A particular Black Comedy one. When Ramsay tries to intimidate Osha with how evil he is, Osha mentions the Flayed Man on the banners and asks him if he eats the dead. Ramsay says no, and then Osha says she's seen worse. Ramsay's reaction shot to being told there was someone worse or more evil than him was hilarious, it's like he found out about his Always Someone Better.
  • When Edd asks Jon where he's going to go, he says, "South." When Edd asks what he'll do, he replies, "Get warm." And then gives a satisfied smirk at his joke, which drops when he notices the new Lord Commander isn't amused in the least.
  • Tormund's instant and gigantic crush on Brienne. His jaw literally drops, and he stares at her like she is the most beautiful woman in the world. When she notices him, Brienne's response is to clutch the hilt of her sword.
  • The meal between Jon, Edd, Tormund, Sansa, Brienne, and Podrick. No dialogue was needed.
    • It must be stated that Edd noticing Tormund's seductive eating of chicken to Brienne takes the cake. It's the most snark one can make without making a sound.
    • While it turns into a serious Oh, Crap! and The Call Knows Where You Live for Jon very quickly, his reading of Ramsay's letter starts off bored and indifferent, like he's reading a flyer for a new restaurant.
  • The Running Gag of Tyrion's Valyrian being absolute shit continues when he tries to appease some disgruntled former slaves, to the point that Missandei offers to translate for him before the slaves state that they can speak and understand the Common Tongue.
    Tyrion: (in Valyrian) My friends! Large sorry you wait so fat time.
    Missandei: Perhaps I should translate for you.
  • Daario's possessive fondness for his 'girls'. His famous arakh and knife which have hilts shaped like voluptuous naked women. We find out that the stiletto is his clear favourite.
  • When Daenerys is in the temple of the Dosh Khaleen waiting for the other khals to decide her fate, one of them calls her a midget and wonders why they even have to bother with her. A nice reminder that beauty standards are heavily dependent on culture.
    • Earlier, Daario cannot help but rib Jorah about how Dany is small but mighty in the sack and how the older man's heart couldn't take it if he tried to "ride the dragon."
      • Jorah and Daario witness a Dothraki man and woman getting busy right in the middle of the street, to which Daario remarks, "I should have been born a Dothraki." Jorah can't suppress a smirk at that one.
  • Ser Jorah's fight against a younger and stronger bloodrider doesn't go well and he resorts to throwing sand. And misses. The bloodrider briefly just stands there staring at him with disgusted disbelief.
  • Pycelle taking his really loooong time to walk out the room after his talk with King Tommen and then smiling to Cersei as he finally exits, stating that he can play the game too.
  • Tyrion's negotiations with the slavers are a very amusing piece of Realpolitik.
    Tyrion: Slaveholders will be compensated for their losses, of course, at fair prices. In exchange, you will cut off your support for the Sons of the Harpy.
    Yezzan: We do not support the Sons of the Harpy.
    Tyrion:Fine, fine, but you will cut it off all the same. I do hope you accept, my friends. You will not receive a better offer.
  • Tyrion talks about how a wise man told him that "we make peace with our enemies, not our friends". Becomes funny when you realize that he is almost quoting Littlefinger in season 1.

     5 - The Door 
  • The entire reenactment of Robert and Ned's deaths witnessed by Arya on a mission from the Faceless.
    • Especially portraying Ned as so dense that he decides to take the throne for himself because he literally doesn't understand what the words "lawful succession" mean, when the real Ned shot down Renly's offer to take the throne by reminding him of Stannis' claim.
      • The whole thing becomes funny on a meta-level when one remembers that A Song of Ice and Fire was inspired by The War of the Roses. Arya was watching an in-universe Richard III!
    • Amusingly, one of the few things the actors got right is that Joffrey is constantly being slapped.
  • Richard E Grant's cameo as the actor playing Robert Baratheon is both this and awesome.
    "Robert:" There are no small roles, only small actors.
  • It's kind of funny and sweet that Lady Crane, the beautiful woman portraying Cersei in the play, and Bobono, the dwarf who plays Tyrion, seem to be happily married and expecting children. This is in stark contrast to the real Cersei and Tyrion, who despised each other and never had sex despite the former's tendency towards incest.
    • Crane and Bonobo were likely just joking, however. Aside from that brief conversation, there's no indication of them actually being together.
  • Brienne has no idea what to make of Tormund, who is still leering at her at every chance he gets.
  • Brienne's summation of Jon: "A bit broody, but that's understandable, considering."
  • Edd being asked if they have to close the gate while being addressed as Lord Commander. At first, he tells them he is not the commander only to look around and see everyone watching expectantly, before finally ordering them to close the bloody gate. made funnier by the way the music fades out, resulting in an awkward pause, after the first exchange.
  • Euron Greyjoy's Refuge in Audacity at the Kingsmoot, proudly admitting to kinslaying his older brother and his intention to woo the dragon queen across the sea with his massive fleet and his "big cock."
    Euron: She's got a large army, three large dragons... (spreads his arms) and no husband.
  • The apparent drowning of Euron at the conclusion of the Kingsmoot. For a moment, it seems like the problem has resolved itself, dumb Ironborn tradition has backfired on the likes of Euron and Balon again, and Yara and Theon will be safe. Unfortunately, it turns out that Euron was Not Quite Dead.
  • How does Bran tell if the Three-Eyed Raven is awake or not in the dark cave? He digs some finger bones out of the ground and throws them at the old man.
  • Jon and Edd's brief exchange before they say goodbye is a bit of this and a Heartwarming moment.
    Jon:: (about the Wall) Don't knock it down while I'm gone.
    Edd: I'll do my best. Good luck.
  • Meera's one-sided conversation with Hodor, where she talks about how glad she'll be to not be stuck in a cave and eating moss every day, which leads to her tantalizing both of their minds with loving descriptions of tasty food.
  • When Jorah finally tells Daenerys that he is and will always be in love with her, they cut to shots of Dany's heartbroken face and Daario's face, which...doesn't look pleased, seeing as his and Jorah's adventure together has basically been one long pissing match and full of bickering over who could satisfy and love Dany better.
    • Not to mention another hilarious aspect of the scene. Jorah shows Daenerys his greyscaled arm and declares his love for her. She tearfully orders him to find a cure because... She will need him by her side. You guessed it right. Ser Jorah Mormont got friend-zoned one more time.

     6 - Blood of My Blood 
  • Good ol' Mace Tyrell appears at the head of his army and delivers once again, but not in the way he would expect:
    • He arrives in full armor, bringing up memories of Michael Dukakis in the tank.
    • Note also that the horse he's "riding" is being led around on its reins by one of the Tyrell soldiers.
    • He then gives his hammy speech, but no one finds it very arousing, with Jaime barely hiding his exasperation.
    • Though overall, Mace appears stronger and more confident in this scene than he has the entire series...that is, until his Big Damn Heroes moment is undercut by Tommen allying with the High Sparrow, at which point he turns to Olenna and wonders what just happened. Props to Mace for turning a potential awesome moment into an embarrassing one.
    • Olenna subtly telling him with a fan gesture to have his men stand down, it's like a mom telling his son to stand straight becuse he looks ridiculous.
    • One on the High Sparrow's side. He proclaims that the Sparrows and the Brothers of the Faith are willing to die for their cause. And then we get to see Lancel with an expression that just screams, "Does this mean I have to fight Jaime?"
  • Walder Frey belittling his sons for losing Riverrun.
    Walder: You lost it? How? It's a castle, not a bloody sheep; presumably you still know where it is.
    • Soon after, he corrects them: They lost the Blackfish at the wedding because he managed to slip away and then escape once things went pear-shaped, and the castle has been taken from them.

      Walder: If I wanted excuses (spanks the serving girl) I'd put her in charge! I'm not dead yet. Unfortunately for you.
    • The overall tone of his speech resembling that of another dictator losing his cool only adds to the hilarity.
  • Sam sneaking away, but not before "stealing" Heartsbane, his father's precious, precious sword. A fitting answer to Lord Tarly's jerkassery.
  • Play!Robert slapping Play!Joffrey.
    Play!Robert: Shut up, you swine! Bring me more wine!
  • Play!Joffrey's over the top death scene, which has Arya cracking up.
    • A wideshot shows the entire audience reacting to Joffrey's death with horror or sadness... except for Arya, who's standing in the front row with a massive shit-eating grin.
  • The scenes of Play!Tyrion which has him being a typical stage villain.
  • Arya saving Lady Crane from being poisoned. After having left the scene for a few moments, she abruptly reappears to smack a glass out of the actresses's hand. They hold awkward eye contact for several seconds, before Arya flatly tells her to watch out for Bianca and quietly leaves again.
  • Why is Sam nervous to return to Horn Hill?
    Sam: I didn't think I'd ever come back here after my father made me renounce my title and inheritance and, well, threatened to kill me if I didn't. A person just doesn't feel welcome at that point.
  • Sam defends not telling his family first that Gilly is a Wildling.
    Sam: I said you were from the North.
    Gilly: How far north? Sam, you didn't tell them I was a Wildling?
    Sam: Well, it wasn't a very large parchment...
  • Jaime griping about having to retake Riverrun for the Freys.
    Jaime: Apparently, Walder Frey can't manage it on his own because he's four hundred years old.

     7 - The Broken Man 
  • Most of the banter between Bronn and Jaime:
  • Lothar's increasingly transparently empty threats to execute Edmure.
  • Ser Blackfish's sustained trolling of Jaime during their parley:
    • He casually greets him with a disdainful "Kingslayer", to which Jaime can only answer with a business-like "Blackfish..."
    • Brynden inquires if Jaime is there to fulfill his promise about returning Sansa and Arya, and then wonders if Jaime wishes to resume his captivity, to which Jaime actually replies shaking his head.
    • When Jaime admonishes him for tresspassing and offers terms, the Blackfish remarks that bargaining with oathbreakers is like building on quicksand, and finally admits that he only spoke with Jaime because sieges are dull and he wanted to assess his disappointing adversary.
  • Black Comedy for sure, but there's something about Yara summarising Theon as having had "some bad years." Even as a shell of his old self, poor Theon manages appropriately stunned incredulity.
    Theon: Some bad years?!
    • These lines, from the same conversation:
      Yara: We'll get justice for you.
      Theon: (wallowing in self-deprecation once again) If I got justice my burned body would hang over the gates of Winterfell.
      Yara: (before Theon can even finish his sentence) Fuck justice then, we'll get revenge!
    • Then there's the way she ends the conversation, merrily popping off to screw the prostitute she'd selected. Really, Yara spends most of this episode doling out a lesson in Brutal Honesty.
      Yara: Now, since it's my last night ashore for a while, I'm gonna go fuck the tits off of this one.
  • Jon, Sansa, and Davos' meeting with Lyanna Mormont is one protracted moment of hilarity, as the adults find that their usual condescension and flattery does not work on the no-nonsense, brutally honest Lady of Bear Island.
    • When Jon brings up the fact that he served Lyanna's uncle, Jeor Mormont, she doesn't let him have two sentences before cutting him off and asking him why he has come. Looking at Jon's face, you can tell he wishes he could be dealing with the old bear right now.
    • After the agonizing process of recruiting House Mormont to the cause, Jon learns he just acquired a grand total of 62 men. Davos tries to make the best of the situation.
    Davos: If they are half as ferocious as their Lady, the Boltons are doomed.
  • Davos's exasperated, "Oh, for fuck's sake," as he suddenly breaks from a conversation between himself, Jon, and Sansa, to break up a fight between a Wildling and a Northman. Even funnier that both fighters get in his face like he stopped a friendly quarrel.
    Northman: Who the fuck are you?
    Wildling: Yeah, who the fuck are you?
  • When Cersei claims that she has to bear her mistakes every single day, Olenna inserts a simple "good" without missing a beat.
    • Right before that, when Cersei of all people actually says that she has made a mistake and Olenna is right, Olenna briefly looks hilariously baffled, clearly not having expected her to admit it.

     8 - No One 
  • The Hound offers one of the brigand Brotherhood members a chance for better last words.
    Brigand: (After Sandor asks the brigand where Lem is) Fuck you!
    Sandor: Those are your last words, 'Fuck you'? Come on, you can do better.
    Brigand: ...Cunt!
    Sandor: You're shit at dying, y'know that?
  • Bronn offers to teach Pod how to fight and tells him to take a stance. He starts to comment on Pod's footing, and when he looks down, Bronn slaps him in the face.
    Bronn: Lesson one, assume everyone wants to hit you. Because they do, everyone wants to hit a fookin squire.
  • The drinking and jokes scene between Tyrion, Grey Worm, and Missandei is all kinds of awkward, which only makes it funnier.
    • At the end of the scene, Tyrion tries to retell his jackass and honeycomb in a brothel story, and gets about five words farther than he did in the Vale — then he's interrupted again.
    • When Missandei finally cracks a joke, it's horrible. Tyrion tries to encourage her, only for Grey Worm to interrupt and say it's the worst joke he's ever heard. They're both shocked and Grey Worm points out he is a soldier so of course, he knows what a joke is. Grey Worm, stoic incarnate, has just been sitting there watching Tyrion struggle for his own amusement.
  • In another fine example of Black Comedy, Sandor bargaining with the brotherhood for the punishment of the renegade, as he wants to cut them to ribbons with his axe since hanging is too quick.
    Sandor: Drop that arrow, you bloody girl. Tougher girls than you have tried to kill me.
    Thoros: We're not butchers. We hang them.
    Sandor: Hanging? All over in an instant. Where's the punishment in that?
    Thoros: They die.
    Sandor: We all bloody die. (nods at Beric) 'cept this one here. I'll only gut one of them.
    Beric: No.
    Sandor: ...chop off one hand.
    Beric: We gave you two of the three out of respect for your loss. That's generous.
    Sandor: (throws down his axe irritably) Bunch of nances. There was a time I would've killed all seven of you just to gut these three.
    Thoros: You're getting old, Clegane.
    Sandor: (sizing up one of Lem's accomplices) He's not.
    [Sandor and Beric proceed to unceremoniously kick the stools out from under Lem and his brigands.]
    • After Lem's stool is kicked out and he's strangling on the noose, Sandor immediately starts sizing up his shoes before he's even dead.
  • Kevan Lannister cuts his conversation with Mace Tyrell short when Cersei shows up, as usual, and leaves Mace standing there idly.
    • Kevan once again cannot hide his contempt for his niece. When Cersei questions why she wasn't notified about the assembly, Kevan very dryly informs her that they're about to have an assembly.
    • Kevan sends Cersei to the gallery with "the other ladies of the court". As Cersei walks into the tier, the ladies promptly give her some breathing room and put some safe distance from the Mountain.
  • Brienne and Pod arriving at the siege of Riverrun.
  • Varys is conviently leaving right before Dany returns to Meereen, just as he conviniently arrived right after she left. It is as if the man is somehow reluctant to meet the woman he supports in person! (Although this might have something to do with the fact that Varys orchestrated a couple of attempts on Daenerys's life that viewers know about.)
  • It's easy to miss, but when one of the Sparrows buries his weapon into the Mountain's breastplate to no effect, you can see Cersei and Qyburn smirking at each other in the background.

     9 - Battle of the Bastards 
  • Tyrion tries to put a positive spin on the Masters attacking Meereen despite his attempt to bargain with them, all while Daenerys stares at him with a deadpan expression and the sound of catapult fire impacting the pyramid somewhat undermines his point. It works, and Dany's sold enough on the explanation of his intentions to listen to his advice against making like daddy and going on a "Burn Them All" rampage.
    Tyrion: Despite appearances, I think you'll find the city's on the rise. (explosions) Perhaps we should take shelter.
    Daenerys: The city's on the rise?
    Tyrion: Meereen is strong. Commerce has returned to the markets. The people are behind you. (explosion) Well, not all the people, of course. No ruler that ever lived had the support of all the people. But the rebirth of Meereen is the cause of this violence. The Masters cannot let Meereen succeed. Because if Meereen succeeds, a city without slavery, a city without Masters... (explosions) proves that no one needs a Master.
    Daenerys: Good. Shall we begin?
  • There's something very amusing in the audacity of the Masters to tell Daenerys that once she leaves Meereen on foot, they intend to sell all the Unsullied and Missandei back into slavery, and kill her dragons. In fact, as they deliver their ultimatum, the observant viewer can spot Drogon flying in from behind.
    • Similarly, it's hard not to laugh incredulously as Ramsay describes himself as "a man of mercy" with a completely straight face.
  • After Dany and her forces start to decimate the Masters' army, Grey Worm explains to their guards that they can stay and die for men who don't care two straws for them, or go home to their families. The guards respond with a mass Screw This, I'm Outta Here!.
    • Immediately after which, Tyrion quips to the three Masters, "Thank you for the armada. Our queen does love ships."
    • Adding to this is the utter WTF looks on the faces of the three Masters, not quite able to believe how the tables have turned on them so spectacularly.
  • Jon and Ramsay's meeting before the battle is wrought with tension, but when Jon challenges Ramsay to single combat and is cowardly refused, he proceeds to rib the bastard for all it's worth.
    Jon: Will your men want to fight for you, when they hear you wouldn't fight for them?
    (Ramsay attempts rather poorly to hide his boiling anger)
    Ramsay: He's good... He's very good!
  • Before Ramsay's party leave the scene, he makes a remark about Jon's party as he stated that his dogs are desperate to meet them. While at the same, Davos and Tormund stare at him with awkward silence.
    Ramsay: I wonder which parts they'll try first? Your eyes... your balls?
  • Tyrion reminding Theon that the last time they met was Winterfell, where Theon constantly made fun of his height. Tyrion then lampshades that everyone makes fun of his height and thinks they're the first to do it, and it's usually the same five or six jokes they all use.
    • Daenerys watching in silence as a Funny Background Event, not having a problem with Tyrion chew out Theon over his treatment of the dwarf.
  • Yara and Theon arrive to make their deal with Daenerys. Once they point out that Euron's offer is paired with, "His big cock," to Daenerys' amusement, she asks if their offer is free of such a demand. Yara replies she demands nothing but is "up for anything, really". Judging by her expression, Dany might be, too.
  • A bit of Black Comedy, Dany tells Yara that if she allies with the Greyjoys, their Rape, Pillage, and Burn lifestyle is not going to stand under her. Yara's response is essentially, "But it's what we do."
  • Jon and Smalljon Umber gear up for a grand personal duel, only to get overrun by the rest of the battle. Instead, Tormund's the one who gets to fight him, including a bit where they're so hemmed in by other soldiers that Umber can only keep headbutting him.
  • Ramsay's very transparent attempt at acting cool after he's retreated to the castle when he sees the Knights of the Vale ride in to save Jon's forces from his. Even his lieutenant calls him out on his bullshit right before the shit hits the fan.
    Ramsay: (flippantly) Their army's gone.
    Bolton lieutenant: Our army's gone.
    • Judging from his expression, Ramsay briefly contemplates murdering his mook on the spot for such insolence, before deciding he cannot afford to waste soldiers right now.
  • While Ramsay shooting Wun Wun in the eye is a very sad moment, Ramsay himself ruins it. It's unlikely he ever learned the giant's name, but he extends a new offer of one-on-one combat.
  • Tormund, during the battle planning, worries about Ramsay's horses since Stannis proved that was a significant advantage. Jon assures him that they won't be able to pull the same maneuver, but Tormund doesn't understand the terminology. Jon dumbs this down to "pincer move"; Tormund still doesn't understand. He settles on "attack from the sides", which earns a simple "good" from Tormund.
    • When Davos tells him that Stannis' downfall was due to "demons in his skull whispering foul things", Tormund asks "You saw these demons?". Davos then has to explain that he meant it figuratively and wasn't talking about actual demons!
    • Doubly funny as Tormund sounds disappointed that there were no actual demons.
  • As a token of friendship, Tormund offers Davos a traditional Wildling beverage made of strong alcoholic fermented goat milk. It sounds delightfully disgusting.
  • At one point during the battle, Wun Wun runs up to Jon and Tormund. In the process, he almost casually kicks aside a Bolton cavalryman charging at him.
  • As Jon climbs up the mountain of corpses to find Ramsay across the battlefield, a few Arryn knights can be seen in the background, stopping their charge to gawk at Wun Wun in awe and/or fear.
  • As sad as Rickon's death was, many people online also did a Facepalm, wondering why he ran in a straight line from Ramsay shooting arrows at him. So many tweets saying "Zig Zag, Rickon!" or "Serpentine!" — especially since after about halfway through the scene, Rickon is so far away that any evasive movements on his part would have made hitting him with an arrow a matter of pure luck, not skill.
  • Ramsay's expression of utter disbelief when he sees the Arryn cavalry arrive is less Oh, Crap! and more You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!.

     10 - The Winds Of Winter 
  • Olenna is in fine "Queen of Thorns" form telling the Sand Snakes to shut the fuck up. Made even more hilarious considering the fandom's hatred of them.
    Olenna: You murder your own prince, but you expect me to trust you?
    Obara: We invited you to Dorne because we needed your help. You came to Dorne because you needed our help.
    Olenna: What is your name again? Barbaro?
    Obara: Obara.
    Olenna: Obara. You look like an angry little boy. Don't presume to tell me what I need.
    Nymeria: Forgive my sister. What she lacks in diplomacy, she makes—
    Olenna: Do shut up, dear. (looks at Tyene) Anything from you?
    Tyene: [opens her mouth to speak]
    Olenna: No? Good. Let the grown women speak.
    • It's also hilarious that Olenna telling them to shut up is what the viewers had been thinking for a long time since the Sand Snakes are notorious for saying the dumbest lines in the show (e.g. "Bad pussy" line).
  • Bronn is annoyed at the Frey dinner because a serving girl is staring at Jamie because she wants to sleep with him...he thinks. In reality, it's Arya in disguise, quite possibly plotting to kill him.
  • In a moment of delightfully evil Black Comedy, Cersei's revenge on Unella is completed with three words:
  • A similarly dark but funny moment comes in the form of Tommen's suicide. The lingering camera shot gives a pretty good indication of what's about to happen, but it's so calm and unhesitating that it almost feels casual.
    • In a slightly Meta sense, many people immediately compared that scene to a certain similar scene in The IT Crowd.
    • In a case of Black Comedy Incredibly Lame Pun, the spoilered event certainly gives another meaning to "King's Landing".
    • And in a case of Mood Whiplash that had to be nothing more or less than the writers screwing with everyone, the scene immediately jumps to the Lannisters and Freys having a party at the Twins, with Walder Frey's toast to the Lannisters cutting in over the lingering shot of the window. And then we get Jaime and Bronn ogling women. It also plants the seed that the Lannisters might pull a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness on Walder Frey. Intentional misdirection, though, because Arya gets there first.
      • The Lannister troops apparently insisted on attending a celebratory feast while fully armed and armored, yet since they're mingling with the Freys this is perfectly understandable. It seems that after the Red Wedding, full plate became casual dinnerwear at the Twins.
  • During the Frey feast, Bronn is teasing Jaime about the attention he gets from all the ladies in the hall. Jaime then plays the laziest wingman ever by calling to the girls if they've met Ser Bronn of the Blackwater. Bronn doesn't really think that long about accepting this courtesy.
    Bronn: Maybe I'm not in the mood? (gives the girls a short look) Fuck it. (gets up)
  • Jaime turns down the girls because they're not his type. Bronn, of course, has to make the obligatory Cersei-incest snark. "Not blonde enough?"
  • Jaime's "you've gotta be kidding me" face when Walder Frey says he can't kill his son-in-law Edmure because it would give the family a bad name.
  • After Daenerys tells Daario of her intention to leave him in Essos, Tyrion's attempts to console her come off (even cinematically, with the two sitting casually in a corner of the throne room instead of some exalted position at the top of the stairs) like a dad/older brother trying to talk a teenage daughter/sister through her first time getting dumped, essentially telling her, "You're awesome and there will be other guys." It fails, and Tyrion even knows it's failing — but he does get points for trying.
    Tyrion: You turned away a man who truly loves you because he would have been a liability in the Seven Kingdoms. That's the kind of self-sacrifice that makes for a good ruler, if it's any consolation.
    Daenerys: It's not.
    Tyrion: No, I suppose not. I'm terrible at consoling.
    Daenerys: Yes, you really are.
    (Tyrion tries to console Daenerys after she revealed that she felt nothing after telling Daario goodbye)
    Tyrion: He wasn't the first to love you and he won't be the last.
    Daenerys: Well, you have completely failed to console me.
    • In a heartwarming moment, Tyrion declares that he believes in Daenerys. Then he says he would pledge his sword to her... but doesn't own one.
  • The Citadel bureaucrat who needs a serious update in his book. It's kind of funny how everything moves so fast between events and people learns about every important details in a matter of a few scene yet the guild of scholars that is in charge of the raven mail is so behind everyone else about who rules the Watch now.
    • And if that weren't enough, Sam's information is out of date, too. Jon's no longer Lord Commander and, by the time Sam reaches Oldtown, hasn't been for a while.
      • Also, the Maester says this utter gem of a line which is sure to become a meme:
        Citadel Maester: ...This is irregular.
  • Sam holds out a letter for the Maester, but he makes no move to take it. Sam exasperatedly has to shove it into his hand.
    (Raises eyes from his book and glances over Sam and Gily) [What the hell is this?]
    (A slight head tilt when Sam expects him to reach for the letter) [Yeah, big guy, not happening.]
    (Gives Sam a look over after reading the letter) [You're kidding me, right?]
    (A side glance to Gilly with a baby) [And they feature in your story... how?]
    (After Sam tries to win him over with his best charmer smile and a deep existential observation, the Maester gives him a long look, tightens jaw, briefly closes eyes) [Bloody hell, this is for real, why did it have to be me, alright, might as well get on with it.]
  • Sansa receives a white raven from the Citadel, a sign that the maesters have declared winter to have come. The look she and Jon exchange can only be described as "No shit, Sherlock."
    • Then they have a little sibling moment, talking about how their dad was always going on about winter coming.
  • Walder Frey can't even keep his own bastards straight.
  • Inside Winterfell, Lord Yohn Royce is complaining about the Wildings in the hall, calling them "Wilding invaders". Then, Tormund replies in an a-matter-of-fact tone.
    Tormund: We didn't invade. We were invited.
    Lord Royce: Well, not by me (sits down).
  • After Lady Mormont is finished with Shaming the Mob and nods at Jon, Jon looks at her for a few moments, in shock that this ten-year-old little girl effectively swayed an entire room of Northern Lords into naming Jon King in the North.
    • When the room starts chanting 'King in the North" she looks incredibly smug.
  • When the Northern Lords begin to declare their allegiance to Jon Snow, naming him King in the North Jon looks mildly befuddled, as though he's thinking "Are they really doing this?". When the room starts chanting, his look to Sansa is even more confused, like he's asking her "What the hell is happening here?".
  • During the ceremony in which The Northern Lords declare Jon "King in the North", you can spot Tormund, instead of cheering and chanting as well, munching away on food.
  • Cersei being declared queen is hilarious if one looks at a map of Westeros, and realises that every single kingdom, except the Lannister family's own Westerlands note  and the Riverlands note , has either openly declared for someone else or seceded. Cersei has no money, no land, no allies, and half the city is destroyed due to how she got to her position, and now she has every sword in the Seven Kingdoms pointed at her neck, through nobody's fault but her own.
    • By contrast, Jon rules over more than half of the seven kingdoms, and he wasn't even trying to.
    • It is nevertheless funny that, after the previous episode's talk of how Westeros has never been ruled by a Queen, Cersei ends up beating Dany to the punch.

Season 7

     1 - Dragonstone 
  • Lady Mormont rattles off one that's an Awesome Moment as well when some of the northern lords are skeptical about teaching young girls how to fight.
    "I don't plan on knitting by the fire while the men fight for me."
  • Euron's Refuge in Audacity when proposing to Cersei, telling her — in front of Jaime — that he has "two good hands" to offer her. Jaime's face when Euron says that is priceless.
    • When she brings up that he killed his brother, he suggests that she try it. Also in front of Jaime. Jaime himself has a look on his face throughout that screams "Is this guy serious?"
    • And even before Euron shows up there is his reaction when Cersei says she wants to make her reign of the Seven Kingdoms a dynasty, with three kingdoms at best, four enemies at her doors, and no heir. Jaime just became the Only Sane Man of his faction.
    • Jaime's apt summation of the Greyjoys and Ironborn.
    Cersei: They have ships, and they're good at killing.
    Jaime: They're not good at anything. I know the Ironborn, they're bitter, angry, little people. All they know how to do is steal things they can't build or grow themselves.
    • When Euron attempts to step forward towards Cersei, the Mountain interrupts him and unlike most people, Euron doesn't seem to be bothered by him in the slightest.
  • Speaking of Refuge in Audacity, when Arya encountered a group of young Lannister soldiers eating, the men naturally ask her why she's going to King's Landing, and she unabashedly says she's going there to kill the Queen. There's a moment of silence... then everybody laughs it off.
    • Also in this scene, the "new" song the Lannister soldiers are singing (led by one Ed Sheeran) is a bit of a Meta moment of funny because of how many jokes were made about how the Lannisters only knew two songs.
    • Also, Arya's short Eye Take when one of the Lannister soldiers mentions the Sept of Baelor being "blown to hell". Arya, who hasn't kept up much with the details of current events (she knew Cersei was queen, for example, but didn't know how it happened, and also doesn't find out until the next episode that Jon is King in the North), has a look on her face that says all too plainly, "What the hell has been going on since I left?"
  • The montage of Sam's less than glorious life in Oldtown — largely spent emptying (and cleaning) chamber pots. The Toilet Humor gets elevated when you realize that the soup/broth they serve to all the Citadel's denizens pretty much looks like a lighter shade of the filth Sam has to deal with every day.
  • Brienne and Pod are continuing their daily training lessons... and Pod is still quite terrible. The only time he gets a beat in on Brienne is when the lecherous gaze of Tormund distracts Brienne, at which point she knocks Pod face first into the snow. "You're a lucky man," Tormund tells Pod.
  • The Hound's jab at Thoros, especially since it can be interpreted as a Take That! against the "man bun" trend:
    "You're not fooling anyone with that top knot, you bald cunt."
    • He also notes that he just had to fall in with a bunch of people who worship the thing he fears most.
    Beric: (cheerfully) Almost seems like divine justice!
    • Thoros gets a couple shots in as well, calling Sandor "a grouchy old bear" and being completely unfazed by his insults.
    Thoros: Why are you always in such a foul mood?
    Sandor: Experience.
  • Sansa dismissing Littlefinger while also preventing him from getting in his customary parting shot with a line that the Queen of Thorns would be proud of.
    "No need to seize the last word, Lord Baelish, I'll assume it was something clever."
    • For his part, Littlefinger has a flabbergasted expression of "huh, no one ever got a verbal drop on me before."
  • Jon's absolutely aghast reaction when Sansa comments that Joffrey didn't listen to council either:
    Jon: Do you think I'm Joffrey?!?
    Sansa: You're as far from Joffrey as possible.
    Jon: [sounding truly relieved] Thank you.

     2 - Stormborn 
  • Jon choke-slamming Littlefinger against a wall.
    • Between the Curb-Stomp Battle dealt him by Brandon in his youth, Ned doing something similar in an early episode, and Jon now doing it (within arm's reach of his mother's statue, for added value), Littlefinger just can't seem to stop getting rightfully savaged by the Starks no matter how much he schemes. One wonders if Benjen will find a way to cross the wall and take his turn.
    • What makes it hilarious is that the composition is exactly the same when Ned slammed Petyr, and more importantly Ned's statue is prominently in the frame and angled in a way that says, "Way to go, nephew".
  • Melisandre arrives at Dragonstone, and tells Daenerys (in High Valyrian) of the prophecy of "the Prince Who Was Promised." Daenerys laments that she is not a prince, until Missandei explains — to Daenerys' delight — that she may have misinterpreted:
    Missandei: Your grace, forgive me, but your translation is not quite accurate. That noun has no gender in High Valyrian, so the proper translation for that prophecy would be, "The Prince, Or Princess, Who Was Promised will bring the dawn."
    Tyrion: Doesn't really roll off the tongue, does it.
    Daenerys: No, but I like it better.
  • Sam's Squick-filled peeling off Jorah's greyscale suddenly cuts to a close-up of someone at the Crossings Inn digging into their very similar-looking stew. You'll laugh through your nausea. Poor Jorah's bug-eyed screaming through his gag is also funny; you can just see him thinking, once again, "Typical Jorah luck".
    • Sam candidly admitting that he's not even supposed to be there, and if Jorah starts screaming they're both finished. Jorah does a double take as he's about to put the gag in, clearly thinking 'What the hell have I let myself in for?'
    • Sam giving Jorah rum to drink as makeshift anesthetic for the operation, then stopping him so he can take a swig himself.
    • Also, Sam starts describing what he intends to do and Jorah just turns to him with an expression that can be interpreted as either "Am I supposed to understand any of that?" or "Dude. I don't wanna hear it. Just get this shit off me."
    • Earlier, Sam's subdued "Oh," when the Archmaester informs him that the inventor of the greyscale cure died — of greyscale.
  • Once again, Hot Pie automatically assumes someone is a knight just because they wear armor.
    • The lovely Black Humor of Arya offhandedly mentioning baking "one or two" pies, and acknowledging that she didn't use Hot Pie's butter-browning technique. Blink And You'll Miss It but the look he gives her when he asks about her making pies shouts "Is that what you have been doing this whole time?"
    • Hot Pie calling himself a survivor, even funnier since it's kind of true.
  • Obara and Nymeria mocking Tyene who is constantly bringing up her mother. It culminates with them simultaneously shouting "Mama!"
  • Ellaria and Yara's extended flirting sequence is pretty funny, even if Ellaria's teasing the castrated Theon is a little on the cruel side. The funniest part of the proceedings might very well be Yara briefly abandoning all airs of cool composure in the face of Ellaria's advances and giving her brother an almost sheepish shrug, as if to say, "Well, what can you do."
    Ellaria: (spreading Yara's legs wide) A foreign invasion is underway.
  • Euron's hilariously over-the-top entrance as he rides the Silence's gangplank down on top of some poor mook.

     3 - The Queen's Justice 
  • Euron getting a hero's welcome in King's Landing, basking in it all, including kissing the air to a common woman who blew him a kiss. Then he tells his niece Yara that he's getting hard.
    • Then he fondly recalls Theon bailing on Yara.
    Euron: (High pitched voice) Oh no!! (Beat, lower, still high) What a twat.
  • One of the men in the crowd welcoming Euron simply shouts "Whore, whore, whore!" in rapid succession. One "whore" for each of his three female prisoners, presumably.
  • Euron continues doing everything he can to piss off Jaime, going as far as to ask for Cersei sex tips since Jaime has experience with that. He quickly throws what little subtlety he has out the window and just asks if she likes anal penetration before walking off and leaving Jaime completely stunned. Even better, he does it while standing almost two feet of Cersei and says "a finger up her bum" out loud in front of the royal court.
  • Cersei decides she's done with the pretense of their Open Secret relationship and blatantly allows a servant to see Jaime in her bed. Jaime looks as if he wants to make an excuse, then just shrugs and falls back on the bed.
  • Missandei listing off Daenerys' many titles and Davos realizing he needs to introduce his own king as well.
    Missendei: You stand in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, rightful heir to the Iron Throne, rightful Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains.
    (Prolonged Beat; Jon turns, shoots Davos a look)
    Davos: This is Jon Snow.
    (Prolonged Beat; Jon readies a second look)
    Davos: He's King in the North.
    • If you look closely at Tyrion during Missandei's introduction, he's got a subtle look on his face that's saying, "Oh, seven hells, are you really going to do the entire thing again?"
    • If you listen closely, you'll notice that Missandei's changed up the usual order of Dany's titles. Even she's getting bored with saying the same thing all the time.
    • The looks Jon gives Davos after Missendei says all Daenerys' title are also very funny. It saying "Come Davos, hype me up." Davos' own looks are saying "I'm trying."
  • Even when arguing with Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow can't resist that classic snark.
    Daenerys: And (do you see) the Dothraki, all of whom have sworn to fight for me?
    Jon: They're hard to miss.
  • Jorah pathetically tries to act like his greyscale just spontaneously healed on its own to keep Sam out of trouble. And then Sam is disappointed when he's simply given more drudge work afterwards, with simply not being expelled declared as reward enough.
  • After Tyrion asks Jon about Sansa, he asks if she misses him, earning Tyrion a look from Jon. Tyrion assures Jon that their marriage was a sham... and unconsummated.
    Tyrion: Well, it was. Wasn't. Anyway!
  • Olenna Tyrell's thorns have never been sharper, as Jaime finds out.
    Jaime: There are always lessons in failure.
    Olenna: Yes. You must be very wise by now.
  • Olenna can't quite recall what Joffrey named his sword.
    Olenna: That was Joffrey's sword, wasn't it? What did he call it?
    Jaime: "Widow's Wail."
    Olenna: ...he really was a cunt, wasn't he?
    • The way Jaime says it. He knows it a horribly pretentious name.
  • Drogon giving Jon a warm welcome to Dragonstone by pulling a draconic Buzzing the Deck, swooping mere feet over the poor guy's head. While Jon and Davos are left hugging the ground in alarm, Tyrion, Missandei, and the Dothraki are completely unperturbed. Missandei even shoots Davos a cheerful smile, as if to say innocently, "What, first time seeing a dragon? Yeah, they'll do that."
    Tyrion (Wryly) I'd say you get used to them, but you never really do.
  • Tyrion discussing how difficult the siege of Casterly Rock will be, as it's said to be impregnable. Then he does an epic Call-Back to Bronn (his comments on the Eyrie) as he brings up how well he knows the sewers of his home, including a secret passageway.
    Tyrion: Get me ten good men, and I'll impregnate the bitch.
    • The fact that Tyrion created a secret passageway into Casterly Rock for the express purpose of sneaking in prostitutes without his father finding out. Also a mix of funny and awesome that he managed to do all this literally under Tywin's nose without Tywin ever finding out.
    • This also goes into full Black Comedy hilarity after this entire awesome monologue gets hit by a combo of Unspoken Plan Guarantee and Instantly Proven Wrong, where the Unsullied are shown to have been lured to capture an empty castle while their naval force is back-stabbed by Euron's fleet.
    • Tyrion made a secret entrance to sneak in prostitutes. It's a hoe-door.
  • Tyrion enjoys some Lampshade Hanging as he approaches a cliff overlooking the sea and finds Jon already there.
    Tyrion: I came here to brood over my failure to predict the Greyjoy attack. You're making it difficult. You look a lot better brooding than I do. You make me feel as though I'm failing at brooding over failure.
    • Later, this exchange.
      Jon: How do I convince people that don't know me that an enemy they don't believe in is coming to kill them all?
      Tyrion: Good question.
      Jon: I know it's a good question, I'm looking for an answer.
  • There is something hilarious about Tyrion's dismissal of Davos' reference to taking a knife to the heart.
    Tyrion: You must allow them their flights of fancy. It's dreary in the North.
  • When Sam expects to get into trouble with his archmaester, Archmaester Ebrose, he gets complimented instead since he succeeded where others have failed. And when he expected to get a reward, the archmaester gives him a duty (actually punishment) of copying old scrolls and books, with the "reward" being not expelled. It's quite hilarious to see Sam's changing expression from scared to hopeful then disappointment, and you can't help but laugh that despite succeeding in a dangerous and forbidden greyscale surgery, he gets punished instead. Then Archmaester Ebrose ends his conversation with Sam with this gem;
    Archmaester Ebrose: All these manuscripts and scrolls are rotting away. I need you to make copies of them.
    *sees Sam's disappointed face*
    Archmaester Ebrose: You were expecting a reward? Your reward is not being immediately expelled from the Citadel. You better get started. Be careful of the papermites, they like flesh as well.
    *then leaves Sam alone with his punishment*
  • While trying to convince Daenerys to work with Jon.
    Tyrion: A wise man once said that you should never believe a thing simply because you want to believe it.
    Daenerys: Which wise man said this?
    Tyrion: I don't remember...
    Daenerys: Are you trying to present your own statements as ancient wisdom?
    Tyrion: I would never do that... to you.

     4 - Spoils of War 
  • Bronn's continued needling of Jaime about the payment he was promised for supporting the Lannisters several seasons ago now. Jaime hands Bronn a rather sizable bag of gold, and Bronn's essential reaction is to put his hand back out. Then Jaime comments that Bronn will have the castle he's promised after the war is over, and Bronn points out that he doesn't exactly expect Jaime's sister to be a kind and magnanimous Queen. (This is funnier and/or slightly uncomfortable if you know the history between the two characters' actors, Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey. Let's just say they aren't allowed on set near each other, let alone in the same scene.) The entire Jaime/Bronn dynamic is entertaining to watch, mainly because despite Bronn's status as an anointed knight that should be nominally loyal to the crown, he's basically able to say whatever he wants to Jaime because Jaime realizes Bronn (ironically because of his low birth) has unique skillsets and has the Lannisters completely out leveraged.
    • Also, in the same scene, Jaime still can't get Randyll Tarly's son's name right.
    • It's 'Dickon' — and Bronn's reaction, of course, is... well, the likely reaction of most viewers to the name Dickon, for obvious reasons. Of course, since this happens while Jaime's more or less trying to encourage the young warrior, Jaime shoots Bronn a brief look when he laughs like, "Really? I'm trying to give the kid a pep talk." Then Bronn needles Dickon about not knowing about No Dead Body Poops, saying he learned about that when he was five. The nonverbal reaction from Jaime is a mix of "Not helping," and "...Wait, what?"
    • There's also Dickon's expression when he has to correct Jaime on the correct pronunciation of his name.
  • Brienne's Lampshade Hanging on her much-mocked Failure Hero status in how little she actually contributed to Sansa and Arya making it back home.
  • Dany and Missandei engaging in girl talk about Grey Worm.
    Dany: What happened (between you and him)?
    Missandei:... Many things.
    Dany: (Smiling and raising her eyebrows) ... Many things?
  • Jon chooses that moment to appear with a brief, "Your Grace", and Dany and Missandei exchange barely-contained gleeful looks as if Missandei is saying, "That's the guy you like, hmm?" and Dany is responding, "Yes, not a word!"
  • When Dany and Tyrion are about to discuss what happened at Casterly Rock, Davos asked Dany if he and Jon should leave them to their business, but Dany tells them they're staying for this. Jon rolls his eyes at this thinking, "Great. Now I have to be involved in this?!".
  • Davos correcting Jon's grammar. Apparently, he took Stannis' lessons to heart.
    • Jon's assessment of Dany: "She has a good heart". Ser Davos notes that he's caught Jon staring at the Dragon Queen's "good heart".
      Jon: (rolls his eyes) We don't have time for that.
    • Without missing a beat, Davos continues needling Jon regarding his unfortunate choice of words.
      Davos: Speaking of good hearts... (camera pans out to reveal) Missandei of Naarth!
  • Davos's overly friendly manner around Missandei has led some to speculate he is attracted to her, as he always sounds suddenly far more chipper when speaking to her.
  • After Missandei calls Jon "Lord Snow" Davos tries to correct the title to "King Snow" then decides it doesn't sound right, and asks if it should be "King Jon". Jon just mutters that it doesn't matter.
  • When Missandei explains to Jon and Davos how great Dany is in her opinion and why everyone followed her from Essos, Davos casually asks Jon if he would hold it against him if he switched sides.
  • When Theon arrives and sees Jon standing on the beach, they both stare at each other in shock. Jon is pretty pissed due to Theon's whole Season 2 betrayal of his family while Theon's face is Oh, Crap! at seeing Jon again — and then Theon finally manages to say something (as casually as he can): "Jon... (beat)... I didn't know you were here."
  • Arya and Sansa's reunion has the former ask Sansa on whether she was the one that poisoned Joffrey in the Purple Wedding. Sansa replies with a smirk saying she wished she had the opportunity. Arya returns the sentiment, remarking that she felt angry when she heard someone killed Joffrey before she did. Made even funnier when back in Season 1, Sansa wouldn't stop swooning over her engagement to Joffrey much to Arya's annoyance.
  • Brienne instinctively booting Arya right in the chest during their spar.
  • As the Dothraki make their grand charge at the Lannister army, Jaime maintains that they "can hold them off." Drogon, ever the dramatic one, picks that moment to announce his presence with a monstrous roar.
  • Bronn manages to shoot Drogon in the shoulder with Qyburn's scorpion. An impressive shot, yes — but what goes up must come down, and in this case Drogon comes down right in front of the scorpion, rather pissed-off and still very much alive. Whoops. The small pause when Drogon lands almost has you believe the Dragon is thinking, "Really, Did You Actually Believe...? that would have taken me out?"
    • And of course, this makes Qyburn's "plan" all the more hilarious. From the moment he demonstrated that scorpion to Cersei, viewers noted obvious flaws in the demonstration, i.e. a dead skull without animal hide is not the same as a living, fire-breathing creature with extended flight times and battle experience, nor does that scorpion have a support crew to help with reloads, nor is it able to protect itself from dragonfire on a full-face blast.
    • To cap it off, Drogon smashes the smoldering remains of the scorpion with the most disdainful tail-flick imaginable.
  • Jaime's charge at the end is reminiscent of the paintings of Saint George and the Dragon, if Saint George was going for the maid.
    • Tyrion's reaction to his brother charging a dragon on the battlefield is an equally horrified and frustrated, "You idiot. You fucking idiot."
    • There's also Jaimie's face when Drogon turns to face him. Never before has an expression more clearly signified the phrase "I've made a huge mistake".
    • Daenerys seems to sport a look of disbelief, like she can't believe that someone would be stupid enough to charge straight at her while Drogon is right behind her.
  • It's an intense scene, but Sansa does a slight Double Take when Bran mentions that Cersei is in Arya's list. Evidently, she did think Arya was joking earlier.

     5 - Eastwatch 
  • The first words out of Jaime's mouth are a protest that Bronn could have killed him with his Diving Save. Bronn visibly takes a moment to process the stupidity of that statement before commencing with a well-deserved chewing out.
    Bronn: The fuck were you doing back there?
    Jaime: Ending the war. Killing her.
    Bronn: [Equal parts statement and question] You saw the dragon, between you and her?
    [Beat, Jaime closes his eyes in vague acknowledgement]
    Bronn: AND? [Sitting up] Listen to me, cunt. 'till I get what I'm owed, a dragon doesn't get to kill you. You don't get to kill you. Only I get to kill you.
    • Not much later, there's his brutally honest assessment of the Lannisters' prospects if Daenerys stops holding back: "You're fucked." He also notes that he won't be involved in that mess, as "dragons are where our partnership ends."
      Jaime: ...Don't you mean, we're fucked?
      Bronn: No, I do not. Dragons are where our partnership ends.
    • If Bronn was being sincere — and knowing him, he definitely was — Jamie would be the second Lannister brother he'd cut his losses on.
  • Jaime tells Cersei that Daenerys wants to meet with them, having burnt up a good portion of the Lannister forces, and Cersei asks if Daenerys wants to surrender. Jaime's face is priceless, and he needs a moment of composure to keep talking.
  • In a bit of dark humor, Daenerys demands the surviving Lannister soldiers bend the knee or die. A small number of them do so. Drogon looks them over and then roars. Knees start bending, rapidly.
    • More hilarious is that the timing of Drogon's roar pretty much confirms It Can Think with him. He's just putting the exclamation point on Dany's demand. "SHE MEANS NOW!"
    • Knees start bending even more rapidly when Drogon burns the Tarlys.
    • Alternatively, can serve as a hilarious callback to one of King Robert's lines in season one.
    Robert: Yes, bow before your king. Bow, you shits!
  • Jon's reaction to coming face to nostrils with a dragon quite capable of swallowing him whole is half fully justified pants-wetting terror, and half 'It's a dragon. Holy hells, it's a dragon. Should I pet it. I'm gonna pet the dragon.'
    • Meanwhile Dany, perched on Drogon's back, can't see what's going on, and is getting nervous. 'Did Drogon eat him? Please don't let Drogon have eaten him.'
    • Not long after that, Dany and Jon start a conversation about Dany's dragons where Jon initially disagrees with Dany's assessment that they are beautiful until Dany Death Glares him into submission. Then when he calls them "gorgeous beasts", Dany calls them her children and starts gushing about them growing up wistfully (much like a mother with grown children likely would).
    • The fact that the scene plays out a bit like an overprotective single mom who just found a guy who's good with her kids lends another level of hilarity to it...
  • YMMV, but Jon's face everytime he sees Jorah in this episode — first when Jorah and Daenerys hug, and next when Jorah volunteers to go wight-hunting and Daenerys shows her concern — looks exactly like the face of a jealous man. Is it hilarious? Very.
  • Tyrion and Davos go to King's Landing. Tyrion reflects the last time he was here, he killed his father. Davos retorts the last time he was here, Tyrion killed his son. Cue the awkward silence.
    • Then comes the following scene where Davos leaves the boat to get Gendry and Tyrion's reaction to it is priceless.
    Tyrion: What if someone takes the boat?
    Davos: Then we're fucked. Best hurry.
  • While the meeting between Tyrion and Jamie is very tense and tear jerking, this little bit exchange in the conversation is pretty amusing.
    Jamie: I once told Bronn that if I'd ever saw you again, I'd cut you in half.note 
    Tyrion: It would take you a while with a sparring sword.note 
  • Davos notes to Gendry that after spending so long looking for him, he was beginning to believe he was still rowing.
    • After they get caught by the Gold Cloaks, Davos tries to distract the guards by spinning a story about fermented crab being a male potency booster. Their faces as they eat it are hilarious, as they evidently don't like it at all. Better still, the ploy almost works... until Tyrion returns and gives them away.
    • Tyrion's lame excuse for his distinctive scar when the Gold Cloaks start questioning him.
      Gold Cloak: Where'd you get a scar like that?
      Tyrion: Fish hook. Some men you just can't teach!
    • After seeing Gendry killing two guards with his hammer, Tyrion says of this new arrival of whom he knows nothing but his name, "He'll do."
    • The look on Gendry was giving to the guards the entire time up until he finally smashed their heads in. He was definitely hoping he would have to.
    • Davos prepares for a hard sell to Gendry to encourage him to leave the safety of the forge and come with him to fight the army of the dead. Turns out to be unnecessary as Davos barely gets two words out before Gendry jumps at the call.
    • Before that, Davos being less than pleased to discover the price of bribing the gold cloaks to look the other way has gone up.
    Davos: I believe it was five gold dragons?
    Gold cloak 1: You must be older than you look. It's fifteen.
    Davos: FIFTEEN?!
    Gold cloak 2: Each. (a fuming Davos hands over the gold)
    Davos: (glowering) I can't say it was a pleasure doing business with you!
  • Tyrion asks Varys if he read the letter to Jon. Varys points out that it was a sealed scroll meant for a king. Tyrion, knowing Varys too well, asks him what the letter said.
  • Jaime telling Cersei that he met with Tyrion. For a few seconds, Cersei just silently stares at Jaime in a "Then why isn't he dead!?" expression while Jaime is visibly bracing for getting called out. Instead, she just settles asking what Tyrion said.
  • Gilly going through the scrolls and learning that the one who wrote them was incredibly detailed — including recording his own shits.
    • Sam gets so frustrated with needing to record the scrolls that he ends up telling Gilly to be quiet right as she's about to reveal Rhaegar not only had his marriage to Elia annulled, but that he married another in Dorne with the implication this was Lyanna Stark — which, if true, would mean Jon Snow is not illegitimate.
      • From the audience's perspective, this is a veritable nuclear bomb of a revelation, one that will likely change everything in the game for the Iron Throne... and Sam ignores it because he's been having a really bad day.
      • The fact that Prince Rhaegar annulled his marriage to Elia Martell in Dorne is hilarious Black Comedy, which just caps the misery of House Martell and Dorne in the overall plot of the show. The Dragon Prince came to Dorne (the region of Elia's hometown), shacked his mistress up in a tower, and then got the Westerosi equivalent of a "quickie divorce" and Vegas-style wedding, and then basically told the Dornish to send him an army to more or less fight and die for nothing and no reward. The Dornish are officially the chumps and Butt-Monkey of Game of Thrones.
      • He also charged Ser Aarthur Dayne, the foremost knight of his and many generations, to protect Lyanna. The Daynes hail from Dorne.
    • The best part may be Sam's ranting about the fifteen-thousand plus shits of the maester who wrote these scrolls, before Gilly quietly but firmly corrects him that the number he quoted was the number of steps he'd counted in the citadel.
    • Another one is when Gilly asks Sam to guess how many windows are in the Great Sept of Baelor. Sam snarkily replies that there are no windows, considering that the Sept had been blown up by Cersei. Even Gilly has to concede that point.
  • Davos had a practiced cover story for Gendry, but Gendry didn't use a word of it with Jon, opening with his actual identity.
    • Davos' reaction to Jon and Gendry ignoring his advice about going north because they're both so excited about recreating their dads' legendary partnership is priceless.
      Davos: Nobody mind me, all I've done is live to a ripe old age...
      • It's not hard to imagine a lot of conversations between Jon Arryn and a younger Ned and Robert went like this.
    • Jon and Gendry becoming friends, mirroring the friendship between Ned and Robert, becomes a bit of Black Comedy when you remember that Jon is the son of Rhaegar, who Robert killed.
  • When Jon returns to Eastwatch, Tormund asks him if he brought Brienne with him, even referring to her as "the big woman."
    • Earlier than that, it appears even Wildings know about the Lannister incest.
    Tormund: And you need to convince the one with the dragons or the one who fucks her brother?
    Jon: Both.
    • Even much earlier than that, the dialogue where Tormund actually asks why Jon is doing this stupid idea is actually funny since he's being direct with his foul words
    Tormund: Isn't it your job to talk him out of stupid fucking ideas like this?
    Davos: I've been failing at that job of late.
  • We learn that Tormund has captured the Brotherhood Without Banners off-screen and is keeping them prisoner. When Jon comes to see them, they try to convince him to let them join his quest, but almost everyone on either side of the bars has a reason to dislike those on either side of the bars. When Beric tries to persuade Jon by appealing to the foresight of a Lord of Light Jon doesn't believe in, the Hound interjects with all the tact and diplomacy he can muster.
    Sandor: For fuck's sake, will you shut your hole?
    • What really makes the scene funny is the fact that everyone knows everyone in that room; Jon recognises the Hound, Gendry warns Jon about the Brotherhood, Jorah recognises Thoros, and then Tormund realises Jorah is related to the same Lord Commander that gave them a hard time. Beric caps it off by lampshading the absurdity of the situation.
    • Thoros' biggest concern is how long it's been since he had a drink. As the team sets out, he takes a loving sip of his newly full supply and offers some to Sandor.

     6 - Beyond the Wall 
  • As they are walking in the North, Gendry ask Tormund how he can survive in the cold, and the wildman answers that walking is good, fighting is better, and fucking is the best. When Jon points out that there are no women nearby, Tormund looks at Gendry and says "We have to make do with what we got", clearly freaking Gendry out.
    • Just Tormund in general in the first half of the episode:
    Tormund: Down South, the air smells like pigshit.
    Jon: You've never been down south.
    Tormund: I've been to Winterfell.
    Jon: That's the North.
    • Continuing the Running Gag of Wildlings considering anything south of the Wall "The South," to the great annoyance of those from The North.
  • Gendry confronting the Brotherhood Without Banners about them selling him off to Melisandre. The Brotherhood went about it as though Gendry should be grateful that they set him up on a blind date and he was being an ingrate because the date in question went south.
    • After being put in his place, Thoros offers Gendry a drink, pats him on the back, and says "good lad", which annoys him even further once Gendry realizes from whom he accepted said drink from.
  • Tormund making small talk with Sandor, asking him if he is mean because he hates Wildlings, and when the Hound replies it's just gingers, he hates Tormund's response,
    Tormund: Gingers are beautiful! We are touched by fire.
  • Tormund Giantsbane telling Sandor Clegane all about his crush on Brienne of Tarth and how he wants to make world-conquering babies with her. Sandor is understandably weirded out, not least because the woman of Tormund's affections happens to be the same one who gave Sandor his most crippling defeat.
    • Made funnier by the fact that Tormund is talking as though he's got Brienne in the bag.
    Sandor: Brienne of Tarth? You're with Brienne of fucking Tarth?
    Tormund: Well... not with her yet. But I see the way she looks at me.
    Sandor: How does she look at you? Like she wants to carve you up and eat your liver?
    Tormund: You do know her!
    • Tormund calling the Hound "The Dog".
    • Clegane, fed up with Tormund prying him, sarcastically asks if he wanted to suck his dick. Turns out Tormund is unfamiliar with the synonym for penis and is enlightened when Clegane explains it means cock. Tormund finds himself admitting to liking it, which Clegane agrees he probably does.
  • When Jorah recounts Thoros of Myr's legendary heroics when they fought against the Ironborn at Pyke, Thoros cheerfully admits that he doesn't remember any of it due to being pissed drunk throughout the battle, but he thought that "it sounded like a good scrap."
    Jorah: I thought you were the bravest man I'd ever seen.
    Thoros: No. Just the drunkest.
  • How does Sandor Clegane break the monotony of freezing to death on an island in the middle of a frozen lake surrounded by the undead? By tossing stones across the lake, attempting to hit wights. The first one he strikes gets its lower jaw broken off, which it easily recovers from.
    Sandor: Dumb cunt! (grabs another stone)
    • What's even funnier is the way it suddenly dawns on the wight that the lake is frozen solid enough to cross, and then it goes straight for Sandor. And doesn't stop coming after him until he smashes a hole in the ice and sinks it.
  • Sandor's annoyance with the captive wight that won't stop shrieking, which he is forced to carry around. He ends up punching and kicking it a lot. When Daenerys finally arrives to take them all to safety, Sandor just impales the wight on Drogon's scales.
  • At the end, when Beric suggests they will see each other again, Sandor responds "I fucking hope not."
  • Tyrion and Daenerys discuss the previous men who fell in love with her and the dwarf points out that Jon Snow can be added to that list, which she denies.
    "He's too little for me." [Beat, on Tyrion's look realizes what she just said] "I didn't mean..." note 
  • Tyrion snarking, "Oh, my mistake. I suppose he stares at you longingly because he's hoping for a successful military alliance."

     7 - The Dragon and the Wolf 
  • The episode opens with a hilarious conversation between Jaime and Bronn as they watch the Targaryen forces form a perimeter outside of King's Landing. It's wonderful gallows humor.
    Bronn: I still enjoy it when they call me m'lord.
    Jaime: The thrill will fade.
    Bronn: (observing the Unsullied) If we live that long. Men without cocks! You wouldn't find me fighting in an army if I had no cock. What's left to fight for?
    Jaime: Gold?
    Bronn: I spent my life around soldiers. What do you think they spend their gold on?
    Jaime: Family.
    Bronn: Not without a cock, you don't.
    Jaime: (beat) Maybe it really is all cocks in the end.
    Bronn: And yet your brother has chosen to side with the cockless.
    Jaime: Yes, he's always been a champion of the downtrodden.
    Bronn: (the Dothraki arrive) I think we're about to become the downtrodden.
  • After seeing the vast might of Daenerys' army, we then see the Iron Fleet at harbour, then pan over to Dany's navy... all five ships.
  • The sheer number of Death Glares that occur when the two opposing sides confront each other at the Dragonpit in King's Landing becomes rather amusing.
  • Sandor remembering the last time he was in King's Landing, at the Battle of Blackwater, with Tyrion:
    Sandor: I left this shit city to avoid dying in it. Am I going to die in this shit city?
  • Daenerys' fashionably late arrival to the Dragonpit by way of Drogon seems to be partly an intimidation tactic, and partly an attempt to out-petty Cersei. Cersei does her best to look unimpressed, addressing Daenerys in a passive-aggressive tone akin to a teacher speaking to a rebellious teen.
    Cersei: (through gritted teeth) We've been waiting for some time.
    (Beat, accompanied by more Death Glares)
    Daenerys: My apologies.
  • Of all the great heroes and villains gathered at the Dragonpit, the Hound is the one to steal the first exchange by reaffirming his very personal rivalry with the Mountain. They don't end up fighting, but Sandor instead leaves his undead brother with one hell of a Take That!.
  • Sandor opens the box holding the Wight and backs away in fear, but nothing happens. Cersei's court looks at him strangely, then he tips the box over and finally gets the Wight to move. And this after the comically long time it takes to even open the box in the first place.
  • It's a bit of Black Comedy, but after the reveal of the Wight, while everyone else is reacting with horror and disgust, Qyburn's reaction is more, "I have got to get one of these down to my lab..."
    • Likewise, Qyburn looking utterly baffled as he holds the wight's still-twitching dismembered hand.
  • The sight of Sandor ascending the steps with the crate containing the Wight on his back is also quite amusing. The poor guy's visibly straining.
  • Tyrion and Theon's commentary on Euron's dwarf joke.
    Tyrion: I think we ought to begin with larger concerns.
    Euron: Then why are you talking? You're the smallest concern here.
    Tyrion: (to Theon) Do you remember when we discussed dwarf jokes?
    Theon: His wasn't even good.
    Tyrion: He explained it at the end. Never explain. It always ruins it.
  • When Euron interrupts Tyrion's opening remarks to threaten Theon about Yara, Tyrion and Jamie exchange meaningful and incredulous looks over the situation.
  • While it's a serious scene and is later revealed to be a lie, Euron's reaction to seeing a Wight in action is to ask if they can swim, and upon learning that they can't, bluntly telling everyone he's going home.
    • On his way out, he makes a leery pass at Daenerys and how if she leaves, they'll be the only ones still alive by the end of winter. Daenerys' facial expression makes clear that she is decidedly not amused. Also, Jorah and her Dothraki guards immediately come to attention the second Euron approaches her. Apparently even Dothraki can tell Euron's a sleazy sack of crap.
  • Tyrion and Jaime's dialogue outside Cersei's study regarding which of them is the bigger idiot for trying to convince Cersei of the necessity of working together against the White Walkers.
    Tyrion: You spoke with her?
    Jaime: At her...until she kicked me out. She thinks I was an idiot to trust you. A lot of people seem to think that, actually.
    Tyrion: I'm about to step into a room with the most murderous woman in the world who's already tried to kill me twice...that I know of. Who's an idiot?
  • Daenerys admits to Jon that she can't have children. His response earns a small smile and stifled chuckle from her.
    Jon: Who told you that?
    Dany: The witch who murdered my husband.
    Jon: Has it occurred to you she might not have been a reliable source of information?
  • Brienne arguing with Jaime about the need for Cersei to commit to the fight against the dead; when Jaime tries to beg off by saying he's loyal to Cersei and she's loyal to the Stark children, she angrily counters with "Fuck loyalty!" Jaime is shocked; shocked, I say!
  • Tyrion telling off Jon for not lying that he'd bend the knee to Cersei and Jon later agreeing with him using the exact wording.
    Tyrion: The more immediate problem is that we're fucked!
  • Littlefinger getting thrown completely for a loop when his perfectly orchestrated plot to turn Sansa against Arya and Jon suddenly becomes a trial in which he stands accused. The blink that shifts his expression from his usual Smug Smiler to a profound Oh, Crap! is particularly good.
  • The Ironborn fighting Theon tries a knee kick to the balls. Twice. To no effect. He apparently didn't hear Theon had been castrated. Bonus points for the smug little grin Theon gives right before he beats the shit out of the Ironborn he's fighting. It's probably the first time in his entire life that Theon is grateful for Ramsay castrating him.
  • Sam meeting Bran again, asking him what happened to him beyond the Wall. When learning that Bran became the Three-Eyed Raven:
    Sam: Oh! ...I don't know what that means.
    • Sam asking if Bran knew Jon was coming with Daenerys to Winterfell using his magic. Bran holds up just a regular ol' message.
  • Watching Jon trying to convince Daenerys to travel with him by boat via political/PR reasons becomes positively amusing when they later have sex while in transit. "Sending the North a message that we're allies" my ass.
  • After Sansa and Arya reaffirm their family bond, Sansa teases that Arya is still "strange and annoying." And Arya smiles at this, as if in total agreement and proud of it.
  • Whether it was intentional or not, the fact that Jon and Dany's sex scene is juxtaposed with Bran revealing Jon's true parentage and name, reminding the audience that the two are unknowingly committing incest.
    • They are Targaryens though. An aunt and a nephew is hardly the worst the family has gotten up too.
  • A darkly ironic but no less Hilarious in Hindsight example. Allister Thorne is sent to the wall for being a Targaryen loyalist. Thorne is constantly at odds with Jon Snow, and eventually betrays and kills him. With the revelation that Jon is Aegon Targaryen, this means that Thorne has basically abused and killed his own liege lord, the sole reason why he is in the Wall, without knowing it! (And for that matter, discounting their professional relationship in the Watch, Jon would still be in the right to kill him for all he did!) Irony at its finest!

Season 8

     1 - Winterfell 
  • The first words spoken by anyone this season is an exchange between Tyrion and Varys as they arrive in Winterfell:
    Tyrion: You should consider yourself lucky. At least your balls won't freeze off.
    Varys: You take great offense at dwarf jokes but love telling eunuch jokes. Why is that?
    Tyrion: Because I have balls, and you don't.
    Varys: [scoffs]
  • Sansa dislikes Dany the instant she arrives. They perform a low-key Alpha Female Dance every time they're in the same room.
    • Jon, sitting between Sansa and Dany, very noticeably does not move during this exchange..
      Sansa: [fake smile] What do dragons eat, anyway?
      Daenerys: [even bigger fake smile] Whatever they want.
  • When Yara asks why Euron keeps her alive to listen to his Evil Gloating rather than simply killing her:
    Euron: We're family. The last Greyjoys left in the world...well, the last ones with balls, anyway! [giggles]
    • And then he admits he's keeping her around because his crew are mutes, so he has no-one else to talk to.
  • The Golden Company arrives in King's Landing with 20,000 soldiers ready for Cersei. Well, almost 20,000. A few died in transit.
    Euron: They cheated at dice! Or maybe I cheated? Someone cheated... They weren't good fighters. You won't miss them.
  • Cersei is quite disappointed that the Golden Company didn't bring their famous elephants across the ocean... somehow. She's still bitching about it after sleeping with Euron.
    • And speaking of Euron, it must seem like some kind of Ironic Hell that after all her evil actions and burned bridges to gain sole power over the Seven Kingdoms, she’s once again stuck having lousy sex with a guy she doesn’t care about, and may even have to again pass off her baby with Jaime as his with how badly she needs his help.
  • Bronn's session at the brothel is full of hilarity. The girls are so busy reminiscing about the Lannister soldiers they used to service who all got torched in the Battle of the Roseroad that they barely acknowledge the customer in the room. And when Qyburn arrives and is propositioned, he nonchalantly diagnoses one girl as having an STD and less than a year to live... much to Bronn's worry.
    • Bronn's reaction to being asked to assassinate Jaime and Tyrion with Joffrey's crossbow, which perfectly sums up the dynamic of the Lannister siblings:
      Qyburn: [holds up crossbow] She has a keen sense of poetic justice.
      Bronn: [stunned] That fucking family.
  • This exchange, when Sansa and Tyrion reunite:
    Tyrion: Last time we spoke was at Joffrey's wedding. Miserable affair.
    Sansa: It had its moments.
  • When House Karstark arrives, Tyrion notes that their banner, a white sun, is better than the banner of House Seaworth (an onion), Davos amusingly agrees.
  • Varys, Davos, and Tyrion observe Jon and Dany from a distance, and discussion the political ramifications of a marriage between them. They are all clearly shipping them.
    Tyrion: I sense that you are leading to a proposal.
    Davos: A proposal is what I'm proposing. On the off chance that we survive the Night King, what if the Seven Kingdoms, for once in their shit history, were ruled by a just woman and an honorable man?
    [wide shot of Dany and Jon together surrounded by the camp]
    Tyrion: They do make a handsome couple.
    Varys: You do overestimate our influence. Jon and Daenerys don't want to listen to lonely old men.
    Tyrion: I'm not that old! Not as old as him [Davos].note 
    Davos: [smirks]
  • Dany invites Jon to ride Rhaegal:
    Jon: What if he doesn't want me to ride him?
    Daenerys: Then I've enjoyed your company, Jon Snow.
  • Rhaegal and Jon's first interaction is priceless, as Rhaegal looms into view and starts sniffing Jon like a dog who doesn't realize how big he is, while Jon is clearly trying not make any sudden moves.
  • Jon (very understandably) screaming his lungs out while Rhaegal takes him on the ride of a lifetime, with the dragon even closing his eyes and almost seeming to smile during one dive. Dany follows him with Drogon, grinning the entire time.
    • Jon and Dany start making out, only for Jon to be unnerved by Drogon staring at them like her kid just walked in on them.
    • The fact that the subtext of the whole situation is a shy nerdy guy trying to impress his cool new girlfriend by stepping out of his comfort zone and doing something dangerous just makes it all the more hilarious.
    • Also the behaviour of Drogon and Rhaegal makes them seem like a single mother's kids amusing themselves by messing with their mum's new boyfriend.
  • Yara's first action after being rescued? Headbutting Theon so hard he lies dazed on the deck for a moment.
  • While the scene is a pivotal and somber affair, there's a brief moment of hilarity when Sam tells Jon his true parentage. That is, he starts off by mentioning Jon's mother Lyanna Stark first, and for a moment Jon looks on in abject horror; the poor man must've thought then that not only was he a bastard, he was also a bastard born out of incest!
    • When Sam's explaining how he and Bran worked it out, he talks about finding the diary and "...whatever Bran has," clearly still having no idea of how the 'Three Eyed Raven' thing works.
  • While the scene quickly turns into a Tear Jerker, when Daenerys offers Sam a reward for his service to her in curing Jorah of greyscale, she is genuinely amused when Sam replies he needs a pardon from her, since he "borrowed" a few books from the Citadel without permission. Even Jorah is trying to hide a smile.
  • Tormund leads his men into the Umbers' castle after it's attacked, and when they run into Edd who's been following the same trail...
    Edd: Stay back! He's got blue eyes!
    Tormund: I've always had blue eyes!
    [Long Beat]
    Edd: (Sighs and motions for everyone to lower their swords)
  • When Arya goes to the forge to see Gendry, the Hound is also there to get a new weapon, and crossly reminds her that she left him to die. Arya just cheerfully points out that she also robbed him.
    • Gendry stammering over how Arya has grown up, like an embarrassed schoolboy, and the downright flirty smirk Arya shoots him as she leaves the smithy.
      Gendry: I always knew you were just another rich girl.
      Arya: You don't know any other rich girls.
  • Bran is repeatedly shown hanging out in the courtyard for no apparent reason, saying only that he's "waiting for an old friend". Then at the end of the episode it leaves him in exactly the right spot to be staring ominously at Jaime when he arrives. The implication is that he spent at least an entire day sitting alone in the cold for the sole purpose of messing with Jaime.
    • The poleaxed Oh, Crap! expression on Jaime's face when he sees Bran for the first time since shoving him out a window also counts. One can easily imagine that Bran is yelling "Worth it!" in his head.

     2 - A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms 
  • How uncomfortable Jaime looks during his hearing, especially when he glances over at Bran who continues to stare at him. Not to mention his Oh, Crap! expression when Bran recites "The things we do for love." line, confirming he very well remembers what Jaime did to him.
  • The little start Jon makes when Daenerys turns to him and asks his opinion, as Warden of the North, of what they should do with Jaime. He's a military commander way out of his depth with all this politicking, and his expression is clearly one of, "Leave me out of this! Please?"
    • More likely from the way he avoided looking Dany in the eyes after the meeting ended and hurriedly left it's that he's dealing with recently finding out from Sam that the woman he fell in love with and had been having sex with is actually his aunt!
  • The Death Glare Grey Worm gives Jaime when he all but shoves Widow's Wail back into his hands is quite amusing.
  • Arya goes off to pester Gendry on whether or not he's made her weapon yet, but he doesn't believe she should be fighting and argues he has a thousand more weapons to make. When he tries to tell her off by describing the White Walkers as "death", Arya proceeds to grab a dragonglass knife and throws it into a far off post, nailing all three knives there to Gendry's astonishment.
    Arya: I've seen death. He has many faces, I look forward to seeing this one. (walking off) My weapon.
    Gendry: (excitedly) I'll get right on it.
    • The man standing near the post looks up in surprise when he hears the knife land into the post. On the second knife, he squeals and quickly runs away.
  • Bran once again confusing everyone he talks to when he tells Jaime that he's no longer Bran Stark and has become someone else.
    • Bran's pragmatic reason for not revealing that Jaime is the one who caused his paralysis is that he can't help them if he's dead.
  • Tyrion telling Jaime that he didn't picture himself dying at Winterfell, and how he would have liked to die "In my own bed, at the age of eighty. With a belly full of wine and girl's mouth around my cock". He's probably said this story so much that Jaime chimes in to finish the sentence.
  • When Tyrion and Jaime reunite in the courtyard, they both see a Stark soldier spit down at them in disgust from the ramparts.
  • Tyrion finds some small measure of comfort in knowing that if he dies at Winterfell, at least he'll have denied Cersei the pleasure of having him killed. Tyrion also expresses hope that if the White Walkers kill him and raise him as a wight, he might be able to rip Cersei limb from limb when the army of the dead reaches King's Landing.
  • Jon rushing forward to give Edd a hug, but getting crash-tackled from the side and glomped by Tormund Giantsbane.
    Tormund: [to Jon] My little crow!
    • Sam wincing when Jon gets glomped.
    • And after telling Jon when the Army of the Dead will arrive, Tormund asks him if Brienne's around.
  • As Jaime and Tyrion sit by the fireplace and Tyrion admits he wishes Tywin were still alive, Jaime looks at him as if he has gone mad. Then Tyrion clarifies he would love to see the look on his face if he knew his sons were putting their lives on the line to defend Winterfell and the Starks.
  • Arya's look of utter shock when Gendry tells her he's Robert Baratheon's bastard. She's been cool, collected, and practically expressionless since returning to Winterfell, but her face at that moment screams "The fuck?" It's also hilarious to note that this is immediately followed by her deciding to lay him.
    • And Arya first quizzing him on his sexual experience, as if auditioning him for the job.
    Arya: I'm not the Red Woman. Take your own bloody pants off.
  • The above scene cuts to something that certainly describes the reaction of many viewers to Arya Stark stripping and laying: a crowd in an awkward silence, broken as someone says "It's strange, isn't it?"
  • Tyrion offers Brienne and Pod a drink, as the battle could start at any moment Brienne insists that Pod drink no more than half a cup of wine... Instead Tyrion pours Pod a cup literally overflowing and he gives Tyrion a small smirk and nod.
  • At the fireplace with Brienne, Tyrion, Jaime, Davos, and Podrick, Tormund tells them a story of how he killed a giant at the age of 10, slept with the giant's wife, and sucked her teats for three months, saying that the giantess' milk is the best because it made him strong. And he tops it off by chugging his bottle. While he drinks, everyone watches him silently, looking around at each other, wondering just what in the Seven Hells they just heard, and then finally;
    • Considering the fact that what prompts Tormund to go off on his story is after asking about Jaime's infamous nickname (though he mispronounces it as King Killer), before explaining how he became known as Giantsbane, it comes off like Tormund has picked up on the Ship Tease between Jaime and Brienne and is trying to show off in a dick measuring contest just makes the above even funnier.
    • The fact that Tormund seems to think that Jaime's nickname is one of acclaim rather than an insult.
    • When Tyrion suggests a song, he turns to Davos, who declines saying “You’ll pray for a quick death,” and to Tormund, who declines by grunting like a bear.
  • Arya is having a drink with sullen silence and constant threats from Sandor and preachy Beric Dondarion. Suddenly, she just gets up and leaves.
    Sandor: Where the hell are you going?
    Arya: I'm not spending my final hours with you two miserable old shits.
    Sandor: Thoros isn't here anymore so I hope you're not about to give a sermon! 'Cause if you are, the Lord of Light is going to wonder why he brought you back nineteen times just to watch you die when I've chucked you over this fucking wall.
  • Tormund's infatuation with Brienne continues to be a fountain of laughs throughout the episode, but special mention goes to the fireplace scene, where he bluntly propositions her with Must Not Die a Virgin.
  • Brienne appears to be somewhat terrified of all the cases of Ship Tease she is a part of in this episode. When Jamie initiates a perfectly cordial conversation with her she so off-put she interrogates him on why he hasn't insulted her yet. Then there's when Tormund greets her at the fire, her face practically screams "Oh gods, not this again!"
  • Sam listing his credentials when Jon tries to get him to go down to the Crypts, pointing out that he's the first person who killed a white walker, a Thenn and has stolen several books from the Citadel.

     3 - The Long Night 
  • Before Sansa heads to the crypts, Arya gives her a dragonglass dagger.
    Sansa: I don't know how to use this.
    Arya: (beat) Stick them with the pointy end.
  • Sansa telling Tyrion he was the best of her husbands gets a disgusted reaction from him (because she's telling him that he was better than Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton). She then notes it would never work out because the dragon queen would cause divided loyalties, and Missandei snarks back that "without the dragon queen, everyone would be dead".
  • There's something amusing about the shots Lord Varys hiding in the crypts, seemingly completely unperturbed, in his usual "hiding his hands inside his sleeves pose", as people get butchered all around him (and eventually in the crypts themselves) and escaping completely unscathed with his usual snarky calm.
    Varys (as the battle is beginning): At least we're already in a crypt.
  • Melisandre giving the Dothraki flaming weapons causes reactions of awe in pretty much every character present and there are several shots dedicated to show just how impressed they are by what they just witnessed. Then, the camera cuts to Dolorous Edd, off all people, who sports the widest, goofiest grin of them all.
  • When Melisandre is allowed inside Winterfell, Davos follows her and she cooly tells him that there was no need to go out of his way to try and kill her when she will be dead by dawn. Davos pauses as if he wants to make up an excuse before she walks off.
    • In the final scene for the episode, Davos again follows Melisandre and watches as she accepts her death, but is probably thinking, "If I kill her right now, no one would know."
  • Coming in the middle of an extremely tense sequence in the wight-occupied Winterfell library is a scene straight out of a Grossout Show or Ghostbusters - Arya stabs a wight in the throat with dragonglass, and it promptly collapses on her shoulder like it's falling asleep, barfing out classic black zombie goo over her as it does so.
  • During battle, Davos staring wide eyed and slack-jawed at Arya as she twirls the spear Gendry made for her and slicing through wights as if they were nothing.
  • The Hound's response to Beric's pep talk:
    Beric: Clegane we need you! You can't give up on us!
    The Hound: FUCK OFF! We can't beat them. Don't you see that you stupid whore?

     4 - The Last of the Starks 
  • Gendry talking with Clegane, and the way the Hound looks at him when he mentions Arya is a glare that only a Papa Wolf can have.
    Gendry: Have you seen Arya?
    Clegane: ...You can still smell the burnt bodies outside and that's what you're thinking about?
    Gendry: I just wanted to thank her.
    Clegane: I bet you do.
    • He then calls Gendry a "twat" as he tries to deny that he was thinking about sleeping with her.
    • Gendry tries and utterly fails to play it cool while asking about Arya, complete with awkwardly avoiding eye contact.
  • As Tormund prepares for the toast, he offers Jon his horn filled with wine.
    Jon: Vomiting is not celebrating.
    Tormund: (beat) Yes, it is.
    • The way he says that too, as if Jon had just tried to claim the sky wasn't blue.
    • And a later comment, while trying to impress Brienne, no less.
    Tormund: Which one of you cowards shit in my pants?
  • Tyrion's drinking game commences between Jaime and Brienne. Jaime begins by saying that Brienne was an only child. She laughs and proclaims that she had told him that before, but Jaime says she hadn't and made an educated guess. After she drinks, Tyrion lets Jaime ask another question.
    Brienne: Why does he get to ask another question??
    Tyrion: It's my game.
    • Jaime's next guess? "You danced with Renly Baratheon." Brienne looks over to Podrick who bashfully shrugs at his lady and she takes another drink.
  • As Brienne walks away to retire for the night, Tormund makes to follow her, only to be stopped by a smug Jaime and he leaves as well. Tormund stands there in shock while Tyrion sympathetically fills his horn with the rest of his wine, and Podrick gives him a cheerful smile.
  • Tormund's over-the-top dejection at being rejected by Brienne in favor of Jaime is this... made all the more hilarious by how delighted he is to get together with a Northern woman right after!
    • Clegane having to hear the woes of Tormund leaning on him for support and looking completely miserable that he has to deal with the drunk Wilding crying out his broken heart and bemoaning his unrequited crush.
    Clegane: (annoyed) Don't touch me.
  • Sansa's one-word response to the Hound about how she dealt with Ramsay — hounds. He actually chuckles at that.
  • After Gendry finds Arya and kisses her, he starts rambling on about how he's a lord now, but doesn't know how to be one, or which fork he has to use.
  • Jaime going to Brienne's room and having a drink with her. When he asks if Tormund "grew" on her, and made note of how sad he was when she left.
    Brienne: You sound like you're jealous.
    Jaime: (beat) I do, don't I?
  • As Jon sits alone in his room nursing his head, Daenerys comes in and asks if he's drunk.
    Jon: No. (stumbles) ...A bit.
  • Tyrion congratulating Jaime on getting together with Brienne, before asking some more personal questions, like what she was like down under.
    Tyrion: I'm happy you finally have to climb for it. (Jaime laughs) See? I finally get to make tall people jokes.
  • Bronn's entire scene with Jaime and Tyrion.
    • Bronn swats Tyrion on the nose with his crossbow to shut him up.
    Tyrion: You broke my nose!
    Bronn: I did not break your nose.
    Tyrion: How do you know?
    Bronn: Because I've been breaking noses since I was your size and I know what it sounds like!
    • Followed by him calling Jaime a one-handed cunt.
    • His reaction to Tyrion asking to talk? "Why not? Only death will shut you up."
    • Bronn's parting words:
    Bronn: No, my fighting days are done. But I've still got a few killing days left, do you hear me? I'll come find you when the war is done. Until then... don't die."
  • Arya's response when the Hound asks her if she's going to rob him before leaving him to die in the future? "Probably".
    • Followed by a guffaw from the Hound.
  • Jon noticing that Gilly is pregnant, and Sam goes off rambling about how there wasn't much to do at Oldtown. Sam's goofy and slightly baffled facial reactions sell the scene.
    Gilly: Sam. I'm sure he knows how it happened.
    • Gilly tells Jon she wants to name the baby after him if it's a boy. Jon replies that he hopes she has a girl.
  • As Varys and Tyrion discuss Jon's secret and whether or not he should take the throne in place of Daenerys, Varys asks how many people know that Jon is a Targaryen.
    Tyrion: Including us, eight.
    Varys: Then that's no longer a secret, it's information.

     5 - The Bells 
  • As Tyrion goes to Davos for a favor, he hardly sounds surprised at it.
    Tyrion: You're the greatest smuggler alive, aren't you?
    Davos: (beat) I'm not gonna like this favor, am I?
  • Tyrion speaks to an Unsullied soldier who is guarding Jaime in broken Valyrian. The guard just stares at him, trying to make sense on what he's saying. When Tyrion tries to talk to him again in Valyrian, the guard informs him that he can speak in the Common Tongue.
    Tyrion: I drink to eat the skull keeper.
  • Tyrion visits a captured Jaime.
    Tyrion: How did they catch you? (Jaime lifts up his golden hand) Have you ever considered taking it off?
    Jaime: Cersei once called me the stupidest Lannister.
  • One of the hardest hitting deaths is the beloved and long-running character, Cersei's wine.
  • Euron's dying words are all him crowing that he's the man who killed Jaime Lannister. He's wrong.
  • Cersei, on seeing Gregor and Sandor Clegane facing off, wisely sidestepping the whole thing and getting out of the area as quickly as possible.
    • And moments earlier, Qyburn actually tries to intervene and tell him to go back to guarding Cersei, only to get one of the single most sudden deaths in the entire series by Gregor yeeting him into the wall. It's darkly amusing how quick it happens.
      • Also, as Sandor arrives at the stairs of the Red Keep and spots Cersei, The Mountain and Qyburn, he gives Cersei a little nod and says, "Your Grace." Even during Apocalypse How, one must observe proper protocol, you know!
  • As Gregor is choking Sandor against the wall, Sandor pulls a dagger out and starts stabbing Gregor into every vital area he can. Gregor, being an undead monster, doesn't even flinch at any of these wounds, prompting the Hound to yell in frustration "FUCKING DIE!" with all the conviction of a child trying to beat his big brother in video games.
  • While it was almost certainly unintentional, the fact that the bells ring one last time and something horrible happens could be this, only Varys doesn't have to listen to them.

     6 - The Iron Throne 
  • Tyrion, true to form, comments on his impending execution with cynical wit.
    Tyrion: Now Varys' ashes can tell my ashes, "see? I told you."
  • Tyrion tells Jon that they both love Daenerys, Jon more successfully.
  • When the council of great lords decides to elect a new king, Edmure Tully tries to make a bid for the throne, greatly inflating his accomplishments in the War of Five Kings. Sansa cuts him off and tells him to sit down.
    • And when he does sit down, it's with a petulant scowl, bumping his sword into his canopy while he's trying to maintain his dignity.
    • The shot is framed to show the three Starks when she shuts him up and each of them has a different expression, all hilarious:
      • Sansa has an unfailingly polite smile, clearly thinking she's putting her uncle out of his misery.
      • Arya is the picture of second hand embarrassment.
      • Bran, The Three-Eyed Raven, just looks confused.
  • Sam proposes electing the king by popular vote.note  Everyone laughs their asses off at such a ridiculous proposition.
    • Tellingly, Sam seems to shake his head and laugh a bit himself after he sits back down, as if thinking "yeah, even I can't believe I just suggested that idea."
    • This is even more hilarious as Tyrion convinces everyone that the new king should be elected by the High Lords each time the old one dies from King Bran the Broken and on-wards. Given what happened in our world, it's pretty inevitable that this will eventually lead to democratic republics being formed centuries down the line.
  • Ser Davos votes "aye" for Bran to become King, but is unsure if he even gets a vote.
  • Grey Worm demands that Tyrion be punished for his crimes and King Bran does... by making him Hand of the King. Tyrion's response to it is Anything but That! The thing is that Grey Worm doesn't demand Tyrion be punished until AFTER Tyrion refuses to which King Bran explains why it's a punishment. Tyrion practically started this whole mess, so he will spend the rest of his life fixing it. It's clear that Tyrion and Greyworm just fell into Bran's trap and both of them have to accept this decision.
  • Tyrion informs Jon that he has been sentenced to the Night’s Watch. Jon is amazed it still exists.
    • His reaction seems to be a mixture of surprise and "Oh, I was expecting something worse." It's not like Jon hasn't already kicked ass in the Night's Watch before.
    • When Jon states they’ll probably never see each other again, Tyrion quips that they still might, given that enough time as Hand to the King would be enough for anyone to want to “piss off the edge of the world.”
  • Tyrion sits down to get ready for the Council meeting, then gets up to fix the positioning of the chairs. Then Davos and Bronn come in and scrap and drag the chairs out of position, much to his annoyance.
  • When Bran first arrives to the Small Council, they all greet him one after the other instead of in unison. When Bran leaves, Tyrion gives off a list of Bran's titles and bids him farewell with a "long may he reign". The others once again say it one after the other instead of in unison.
    Tyrion: That will improve.
    Bran: I'm sure it will(little smile).
  • Our last shot of the new Small Council of King Bran the Broken is of them having a spirited, but friendly, debate over the importance of funding the rebuilding of the city's brothels, with Tyrion musing on the time he brought a jackass (donkey) and a honeycomb to a brothel.
  • After Bronn's hilariously blunt and unsophisticated description of the kingdom's funds, Davos ends up having to correct him on his grammar, much like Stannis did for Davos all those years ago. Bronn just asks if Davos is also the Master of Grammar.
  • Sam reveals that the Citadel has prepared a book chronicling the events of the show...and Tyrion isn't mentioned at all.from the books 

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