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  • From Infinity War #6, the conclusion of a Marvel Crisis Crossover. Galactus shuts down Thanos in a way only a cosmic being could:
    Galactus: Silence, fool! Mighty Galactus knows what must be done!
    Thanos: Does mighty Galactus know that our chances of outrunning this disturbance are minimal?
    Galactus: Does annoying Thanos have an alternative course of action to suggest?
    Thanos: ...No.
    Galactus: Then let silence reign.
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  • This gets even funnier when Squirrel Girl meets Galactus in her own book and reminds him that she once beat up Thanos:
    Galactus: THANOS.
    Squirrel Girl: Yeah! You know him? Purple guy? Half goth because he's big into death, but half hipster because he makes his own gloves?
    Galactus: THANOS IS A FOOL.
    Squirrel Girl: Yeah, well, me and Tippy totally beat him up.
    Tippy Toe: And it wasn't a robot, clone, or simulacrum either!
    Galactus: HAH HAH. NICE. WHAT A TOOL.
  • His hilarious Odd Friendship with the future Frank Castle a.k.a. the Cosmic Ghost Rider, especially when Frank ends up meddling with history... and ends up as the lawyer representing Galactus and Reed when they were put on trial. Cut to a meeting in prison. Galactus, in giant prison orange, complains that there isn't any soap large enough to worry about dropping. Frank's advice?
    Frank: Okay, the first thing you gotta do is make a shiv...
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  • A series of short comics were made by Jim Davis. Yes, THAT Jim Davis. It features Galactus as Garfield, and Silver Surfer as John. Kind of Hilarious in Hindsight considering that one Sunday strip had Garfield eat Earth at the end of a dream.


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