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  • Alita testing out her new Berserker body by beating up every Bounty Hunter in the Kansas bar.
  • Just like in the movie, Makaku threatens to turn Alita into a living pendant/belt buckle by taking her limbs off... but unlike in the movie, where she responds with righteous anger, she's mostly just confused and calls Makaku a weirdo for even thinking of that. For readers coming in from the movie, and expecting the "FUCK YOUR MERCY" scene to be the same in the manga, this is hilariously jarring.
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  • Tiegel the slowest Motorball player ever, winning a race because all other runners are too damaged from fighting each other.
  • A special chapter in the original about how scrapyard Cyborgs are made, shows Ido making a super fast stomach for Alita, resulting in her having a bad time on the toilet and calling him a bastard afterwards.
  • Everything Figure Four does is either this or CMOA.
  • Alita learning that Shumira got together with an ugly, short, fat but loving man with whom she has nearly a dozen children ranging in appearance from their father to their mother. Her reaction is priceless.
  • Alita seeing the DNA organ and having a sudden urge to play it. Thankfully the others can stop her.
  • The first encounter between Zekka and Sechs in Last Order. Highlights include the most ridiculously over-the-top thumb-wrestling match ever, Sechs' scribbling on Zekka's bike and Zekka's response, as well as this gem of an exchange:
    Zekka: How old are you, kid?
    (everyone around them bursts out laughing)
    • Sechs, Zekka and scribbling seems to be becoming a Running Gag, with their last fight where Sechs was scribbling on Zekka himself.
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  • After finaly meeting again, Alita makes Sechs the first person she reveals to that her brain was replaced with a chip making her a perfect duplicate of the real Alita. However instead of talking about what that means about their respecitve existance, Alita starts to apologize for every insult she thought about Sechs, by listing them all in front of Sechs. Double funny since all the insults are incredible childish including:
    Alita: :I never even said the worst one to your face, I guess I should have. You have the personality of an egg plant.
  • Every omake strips. Highlights include the secret of where the material for Alita's blades come from, Zekka trying to destroy the environment with silly acts of pollution like taking plastic instead of paper bags or the Jupiter version of the cartoon show based on Mbadi's heroic actions.
  • What happens when over a hundred arrogant kung fu guys who all want the same thing gather in one room? A massive brawl to the death with metal shredding, body parts flying and nuclear explosions of course! Bonus fun points when many of those combatants are designed by fans of the manga.
    • This brawl going on while Alita and Toji have tea in the foreground.
    • The fact that at first they were all trying to politely talk to Zekka. The brawl started because he pointed out they were all fighters who wanted to join him in a fighting tournament, prompting a Mass "Oh, Crap!" before they all started attacking each other
    • At the end of the brawl, Zekka decides to recruit Rakan. But does so by literally dangling him in front of the camera by the scruff of the neck.

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