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Season 1

  • "Randy only loves you because your boobs are full of food!"
  • "There are drugs in the fucking robot!"
  • Bash and Ruth observe an art piece, specifically a neon sign that says "Neon". Sam remarks that he loves 'art that tells you exactly what it is'.
  • Sam's dating video. Specifically when he says that his "cock works great".
    • Stacy immediately says that she'd date him, saying that he's cute, lonely, and once again, his cock works great.
  • How does Sam pitch the show? He says this:
    Sam: Porn you can watch with your kids! Finally!
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  • There's some pretty spectacular '80s Hair throughout, but none so great as the moment when Ruth takes off her Russian fur hat...and her hair is the same size and shape.

Season 2

  • The beginning of Viking Funeral where Sheila is trying to take a perfect group photo of the rest of the cast only to run out of film after climbing a roof to take a perfect shot.
  • Carmen's remarks about the probematic contract Sam gives them.
    My brother's contract came on a paper napkin. This is a step-up.
  • Ruth struggles to get the cast to not get excited about the mall while shooting for a main title sequence.
  • Arthie's reaction to Ruth and Yolanda's work-in-progress match:
    Arthie: Are you doing a white-girl-trying-to-break-dance act for the match?
    Ruth: No, we're doing a white-girl-DOES-break-dance act.
    Arthie: *laughs* That's spot-on. White girls definitely talk like that.
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  • Tammé's advice to Debbie on her new producer role:
    If you want to be respected, you've gotta make yourself useful. Unless you're a white man—then you just have to show up and wait around and eventually get promoted.
  • Debbie brings some Nerds candy as part of pitching an idea how to keep the audience awake.
    Sam: Well I appreciate you trying to suck up, but I'm an adult male and I have to say no thank you.
    (Bash walks in)
    Bash: What? Are those Nerds? I love them. They are like Grape Nuts, except instead of being healthy and delicous, they're just sugar...
  • Bash's comment after Zoya steals Liberty Belle's daughter.
    Bash: What is a mother without her child? Just a person!
  • Melrose and the cast are aghast to find out that Justine is having actual sex instead of them.
    Melrose: What are we gonna do about it?
    Most of the girls: Get fucked!
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  • The filming of the teen pregnancy PSA is hilarious and over-the-top cheesy: Carmen dressed as a giant baby whacking college (Britannica), a hot bod (Melrose), a fun party "Lisa" would go to (Dawn and Stacy), international travel (Zoya), Justine's cheesy acting, Bash playing the role, Justine and Bash looking like pastel preppies from Pretty in Pink, and Liberty Belle's southern drawl laid on thick.
  • Jenny agreeing to unplug Melrose's butt herself for the lucky jacket.
  • Debbie selling most of the furniture and her bed in her house and her losing it.
    (Lady picks up statue from table)
    Debbie: Mark used to say it looked like two dildoes groping each other.
    (Lady puts it down)
  • "The Good Twin" is an entire episode of the "GLOW" series, with a whole half hour of glorious Stylistic Suck. The highlight is the "We are the World" style musical PSA about how kidnapping is wrong.
    • Just the fact that Zoya was singing as if the song isn't indirectly about her was icing on the cake then "kidnappers" came out and sealed it.
  • Sheila's totally unnecessary clarification regarding Rhonda's fans:
    Yolanda: Which one's this one again?
    Sheila: Cupcake is the one who bakes for her. Not to be confused with the one who sends her chest hair clippings.
  • The Gilligan Cut from Bash and Debbie talking about how they need a good show and that they trust Carmen to write it... and then Carmen taking a giant hit off a bong.
    Carmen: I did a drug!
  • Kurt's revenge on GLOW for stealing his moves ends up just being to make Carmen wear a t-shirt that reads "The Lumberjacksons are my favorite wrestlers" on the front and "I peed the bed until I was 10" on the back.
  • The finale show
    • Sam and Ruths' reactions to Bash suddenly marrying Rhonda: Ruth remarks that Rhonda just married a millionaire sans prenup.
    • The wrestlers fighting over the bouquet (for the crown): even Rhonda (just married) and Melrose (who, in reality, doesn't believe in marriage).
    • Sheila tickling Liberty Belle's armpits.
    • Beirut and Junkchain wrestle, kiss, and Beirut defeats her.

Season 3

  • "Freaky Tuesday" has everyone switching roles for a night, leading to plenty of big laughs.
    • Carmen says she's the only other cast member who can play Welfare Queen due to being half-black, which everyone is shocked by.
    • Debbie has to pick out a camel toe from Zoya's too-small outfit in the middle of her entrance speech, muttering "Jesus fucking Christ!"
    • Melrose plays Fortune Cookie and Stacy plays Beirut, which is just as insanely wrong as it sounds.
    • Dawn as Junkchain does some horribly awkward showboating on a piece of cardboard.
    • Cherry as Melrose takes every opportunity for supposed Self-Deprecation that's actually just insulting Melrose.
    • Reggie isn't able to find a suitable character and just creates a new one with a Stern Nun.
    • Sheila eschews playing one of the regulars as well, going for a full on Liza Minnelli impersonation complete with twin martini glasses and a drunk woman act.
    • Throughout it all, no one bothered to tell Bash about the plan, and he spends the whole show completely befuddled.

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