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  • In episode two, we have a few:
    • Germán waking León up from a bad dream by throwing him into a river.
    • León punching Germán in the face for talking nonchalantly about his mother.
    • Germán having what seems to be a serious conversation with his son, only for a scantily dressed woman to appear out of nowhere and start kissing him. Germán maintains a straight face while he explains that he needs to sire another heir who can inherit ZORO one day, as León inherited GARO. He then walks off with the woman in his arms, telling León that he's on his own for dinner that night.
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  • Episode 7 has León coming back to find Germán naked and begging money from him.
  • Every second of Episode 8, which shows just how Germán got that way.
  • Episode 10 has Germán meet Alfonso. Noticing the resemblance between Alfonso and Anna (his mother was Anna's sister), he immediately comes to the conclusion that he's another child of Anna's. He spends half the episode moping about it, until León nearly kicks him off a cliff.
    • Once he finds out, he's all too eager to help Alfonso retake his home. After all, if he's the Uncle of the next king, he could easily get at the castle maids! This time, León does kick him off.
  • Episode 16 has a Horror-possessed doctor who devours his patients after they recover. He actually manages to defeat Germán in battle... Then his compulsion to heal the sick and injured kicks in.
  • Episode 20 has one in the form of Alfonso innocently asking how Ema was, followed by León's freak out. Zaruba's smug offer to recount the story to Alfonso, who still has no idea what's going on, is the icing on the cake.

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