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Funny / Full Moon o Sagashite

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  • In the Christmas episode two people try and get Meroko and Takuto to 'kiss' in their doll disguise. Then the pair vanish into thin air!
  • On a meta level, Arina Tanemura had sick days on the side comics, one covering one of her assistants finds her in bed... and promptly leaves. This forces Arina to call out another assistant by emergency calling. The assistant that left apparently did not know.
  • Jonathan, who looks like how the artist thought Peeves from Harry Potter looked like: a non-humanoid smiling ghost in a top hat.
    • When he's revealed to be Sheldon, there's a 4koma with Mitsuki standing next to him and lamenting that she'll never see Jonathan again. Unbeknownst to her, Sheldon's face becomes Jonathan's when her head is turned.


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