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  • Some highlights from when Winnie and Gene first meet:
    Winnie: Who are you?
    Gene: Who am I?
    Winnie: Oh, great, you don't know either.
    • Gene tells Winnie that he doesn't believe in witches. Winnie tells him that she can prove her witchiness, and boasts that she can light his desk lamp. As they both stare at it, Winnie...reaches over and flicks the switch. Gene seems unamused by her "old witch's joke", so she proceeds to show off how she can light the lamp without touching it. However, she accidentally blows up the bulb instead.
    • After the lamp trick goes wrong, Winnie demonstrates her powers to Gene by cleaning his room in the blink of an eye. Before she leaves to talk with TJ about possibly becoming his housekeeper, all the clutter spills out of Gene's closet.
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  • Winnie's tearful apology for using her vacuum to intentionally wreck a model of a busy strip mall:
    I'm sorry I sucked up your yuppies.

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