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  • Reggie's opening dialogue on how he is a lot smarter than the other turkeys.

    • The other turkeys consider the farmer their friend completely obvlivious as he takes them to the chopping room.
    • School lessons scene—everything the elder says has the word "corn" in it.
    Elder Turkey: Our world is made of corn. [grabs leaf] Leafy corn. [has corn in hand] Corn. Corn. (points at the sun) Fire corn!
    Reggie: That's an awesome theory, but I think they actually call that the Sun.
    Elder Turkey: Out. OUT!
  • When Jake forces Reggie to break into the military base he wonders how to get past the gate.
    Jake: We just need to get past this impenetrable gate.
    (Reggie simply unlocks the lock with a single flick of his finger)

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