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  • The argument between CO19 snipers and control.
    "Is the Wookiee a bear, over?"
    "What's a Wookiee?"
    "Is the Honey Monster is a bear?"
  • Omar's comments to Barry after he punched himself in the face to prove that self inflicted violence on the Muslim community will cause moderates to somehow instantly go Jihadi
    "Is that the Sufi Muslim Council running out of your nose?"
  • Waj's attempt to look tough on the video with his replica AK-47. His miniature replica AK-47 that is.
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  • Barry's Jihad tape getting interrupted. Followed by him blatantly lying about what he was planning to Omar.
  • Barry's knackered Citroën finally grinds to a halt... and of course it's a Jewish conspiracy. Also, eating Jaffa cakes = financing Israel = "Your dad's a Jew, Faisal."
  • "As I understand it, we shot the right man, but the wrong man blew up"
  • The inexperienced hostage negotiator's pathetic attempts to reason with Waj. "You wanna talk about girls? We can talk about girls. Please let's talk about girls."
  • "You FUCKING Mister Beans!"
  • You will either react to Faisal blowing himself and a sheep to smithereens with either utter horror or will burst out gut-laughing at how it's presented.
    After it turns out the sack of his remains is mixed in with those of the sheep "What is he, a martyr or a fucking jalfrezi?!"
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  • "Fuck Mini-Babybels!"
  • Omar's soul will be in heaven before his head hits the ceiling!
  • "I'm the Mujahideen and I'm making a scene!"

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