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Save The World

  • After finding out that Plankerton is a lot tougher than she thought:
    Ray: As my good friend Skynet says: 'Extermination is the sincerest form of flattery'. So... prepare to be relentlessly flattered!
  • After asking the player to examine a Swirly Energy Thingy that saps your stamina when you approach it, and life when you get close:
    Ray: For now it would be best to stay away... That thing haaates you.
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  • Some of the quotes from the Loot Llama:
    Founders' Llama:(when confronted by a garden hoe) "You wanna bring that Hoe into this?"
  • Discovering Vlad's Castle in Fortnightmares, describing Vlad as either a monster or a successful entrepreneur.
    Ray: Either way, you *may* want to stay out of the basement.
  • The entire history of Hexylvania and the absurdly unhelpful guide Ray is reading. Said guide is also haunted.
  • The Gramophone Quest from the Fortnightmares event. Just... everything about it. So you start putting down an absurdly large selection of gramophones and records to broadcast a signal for evacuation instructions and Ray gets increasingly frustrated that nobody is coming. It turns out, the survivors didn't hear the message yet, and are now stuck with gramophones broadcasting "I don't like you, you don't like me, just come to the shelter."
  • In the "Spring It On" event, there is a questline involving finding and banishing a Leprechaun that's leaving explosive pots of gold around. Ray decides to contact the only person she knows who is an expert on Leprechauns, Southie. Except when she does, he proceeds to rant about how people keep asking him about that sort of thing because he's got an Irish accent and is from South Plankerton, not because he actually has any credentials on the subject (he doesn't). And she hasn't even said why he's talking to him yet.
    Southie: But nevermind that. How can I help the famous Ray?
    Ray: Erm... Leprechauns?
    Southie: I am humbled by your cultural sensitivity. Really, I am.
    • The player soon has to try to lure out out said Leprechaun by placing box traps with products advertised by Leprechaun characters in-universe. One of these attempts hits a brief snag when Southie informs Ray that one of said iconic Leprechauns sells car insurance.
    • When they do catch the Leprechaun but need to figure out his true name to banish it, the player starts examining vandalised garden gnomes for signatures. Except said "signatures" are either all illegible or just funny words the Leprechaun wanted to write down.
    • Eventually, Southie has the idea of investigating a local pub, because, well, Leprechaun. They find a confiscated ID. The Leprechaun's name? "Mr. Leprechaun." Ray and Southie agree that the best missions should end in a pub.
  • The Blockbuster questline involves Ray going missing, and Lok taking over as your Voice with an Internet Connection. Wait, he doesn't speak, does he? Well, now he does, and he bought the "silver screen announcer" voice from the store. While having the mentality of a seven-year-old. Poor Spitfire has to act as the Only Sane Man to a robot who keeps talking in movie cliches and thinks the best plan to deal with the sudden comet crash is to recruit superheroes with flyers.
    • When Ray comes back, she immediately revokes Lok's right to use that particular voice pack. And also a lot of other rights, too, as punishment.
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    • The Cloaked Star poses as an edgy Batman/Punisher rip-off. Ray does not take him seriously half the time. Her interactions with him are a riot.
    • When Ray discovers that Dennis is going to become a father, she tries to convince him that becoming a parent isn't exactly the end of his life. This backfires when Dennis cheerfully points out that if she can pull it off, so can he, stating that she's a single mother who also runs homebase. When she retorts that Pop and Lok are not her kids, he replies "oh, really?" She quickly realizes that the resident Dumbass Has a Point and freaks out.
    • Turns out Dennis basically thinks he's in Terminator. He drives poor Ray crazy with his delusions.
    • Finishing Sanitary Jack's questline has Ray reveal that Sanitary Jack has been dead for years. Jack then reminds her that Sanitary Jack was also his father's name, and he ain't dead. Her response is "oh, whoops, I thought we were in some kind of ghost story for a moment."
  • We finally get to Canny Valley because... A survivor from there rather angrily complains to Ray about being stuck in a basement for a year. She apologizes, since they've been so busy with event storylines that whole time.
    Ray: Well, it was worth a shot.
    • Syd, the second member of Steel Wool, shows up. Poor Ray nearly goes crazy trying to interact with him due to fangirling over him all the time.
      • Steel Wool practices a form of internal policing. Much to his shock, Lars is put on probation by a vote from all three of his peers. As Syd puts it, "band justice is firm but fair."
      • The ending of "Band Probation" is a shouting argument between Lars and Syd... Which ends in Lars suddenly apologising for making life hard for his bandmates, and making up with Syd.
      Ray: That was... Weirdly efficient.
      Lars: Yeah, touring does that to you.
      • Steel Wool's drummer, Anthony, has wandered off on his own. Again. So Ray decides to engineer Beat-Bot, who doesn't speak, but rather always does some form of a Sting for his "lines". As part of his training, Ray first sics a modified SEE-Bot who is a Drill Sergeant Nasty on him. When that doesn't work so well, she tries to make Beat-Bot listen to a lot of Steel Wool... And makes him too much like Anthony in the process. Including wandering off into the desert. Whoops.
      • When he learns that Anthony is also around, Lars is incredulous about the fact that he's still alive. While looking for Anthony, the player, Ray and Beat-Bot track down tapes Anthony was recording for show pitch. Aside from the fact that Skewed Priorities is in play here, they also discover that it's not Lars being insensitive, it's that Anthony is Too Dumb to Live and somehow interviewed a husk and got into a drumming duel with a Smasher. Ray is quickly wondering how the hell this guy is still alive at this point.
    • The buildup towards the Blackboot Ayers battle brings with it the most epic Lampshade Hanging of the constant 20 Bear Asses quests of all time:
    Ray: Didn't they have paperclips in the old West?! All this looseleaf is just blowing all over the place!!
  • Fortnightmares 2018 brought with it some new chuckles:
    • Pretty much all of Ray's interactions with Dire:
      • While looking for a cure for Dire's condition, Ray finds a poorly scrawled note stating that part of the cure involves "letting the big dog man into HOMEBASE", leading to this exchange:
      Ray: Wait a second, did you write this?
      Ray: This is really good! I'm so proud of you!
      Dire: (Happy barking)!
      • The actual cure involves killing the sun... with rocks. What's even funnier is that Ray actually tries this, hopelessly chucking rocks at the sky to no avail.
      • In the end, Ray cannot cure Dire (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) and kicks him out of HOMEBASE due to the strict "no monsters allowed" policy (though you can still recruit him as a playable hero if you wish). Plus, his teeth are "suspiciously red".
      • Later, while collecting garlic to defend against Vlad, Ray starts listing off common monster weaknesses. If someone on your squad is playing as Dire, an extra line is thrown in:
      Ray: Werewolves, of course, hate silver.
      Dire: (Growls)
  • Season 8 in 2019 brings with it the belated Valentine's Day event, "Love Storm", leading up to what Penny described as "a lot of snogging" on the battlefield, and Ray ordering you to break open every letterbox on the map to snoop through love letters.
    • One of the 20 Bear Asses quests involves searching office buildings so the Director can compile a HR memo concerning workplace relationships.
    Director: Here it is - the guide to relationships in the workplace. #1: NO. #2: The fact that you had to search for this is why #3 was required. #3: You're fired.
    Ray: Books can do that?!
    Director: Books can do anything.
    • Jonesy and Sarah fall in love (despite hating each other at first), volunteer to go to Hexylvania, and return with edgy costumes, having consumed significant amount of hate potion. Except they're still in love, they're just in denial and acting like brooding teenagers. It's Dennis who has to spell it out to them.
    • Penny falls in love with a husk. When she finally regains her senses, she admits that it still wasn't the least embarassing ex-boyfriend she's ever had.
  • The 2019 "Yarrr!" pirate event involves two hilariously inept pirates (Blakebeard and Keelhaul), another pirate who specialises in malware instead of regular piracy, and a treasure belonging to a pirate who is a fictional character.
    • Somehow, the two pirates who were planning to rob Homebase end up just... Sticking around. Even the stuff they do rob and bury is completely worthless.
    • They finally find the treasure that Blakebeard's father was searching for. As expected, not only is it not real, it's also just part of a geocaching LARP Blakebeard and Keelhaul's dad was obsessed with. Neither of them take it well.
    • In order to train the two pirates to actually be able to find treasure, the Director decides to, amongst other things, search for sea shanties to teach them to sing. The results of their search are... Mixed. One of these shanties is literally just someone trying to sing about how boring it is to spend all their time on a boat.
    • The Director and Keelhaul, during the training, point out how nonthreatening Blakebeard's name is. He tries to use it in a typical pirate sentence, and immediately sees what they mean.
    • Another part of the training is searching for table legs... To make peg-legs. Of several varieties for different purposes, including for ballroom dances, casual wear, and the classic gun leg. The Director even has statistics to show that pirates often lose at least one leg during their career!
  • The pre-summer event of 2019, "Tales from Beyond" is a mystery-themed plotline rather than the horror-themed Fortnitemares and well before the actual Halloween season, and Lok uses that announcer voice to introduce every mission like he's Rod Serling or something. With theremin music.
    Lok: Picture a man who... umm... Picture a... umm... Picture Dennis.
  • The "Beyond the Stellar Horizon" questline is also rife with funny moments. It's really just Ray trying to make a new episode of her favourite sci-fi show. Hilarity Ensues.
    • As usual, Ray is Adorkable when it comes to meeting her heroes, the example this time being Captain Clarke's... Actress.
    • When Clarke gets into character and assumes command, everyone suddenly becomes significantly more competent. Especially Dennis and Lars. When she hands off command back to Ray? Suddenly, Dennis is on a boat somewhere, and Lars is doing guitar riffs. Ray is not pleased.
    • At the start of the questline, Dennis deleted Ray's fanfic so nobody would see it. Later, Lars notes the script for the episode is oddly R-rated. It's Ray's fanfic, and it turns out there's a protocol that backs up anything he deletes and sends it out to most of Homebase. According to Lars, it's because Dennis kept deleting important Homebase files, and everyone else thought he was a spy at first until they realized he really was just that dumb. Ray's reaction to her fanfic getting out is priceless, and she starts hiding under a bucket out of shame.
    • ED-EE proposes that Homebase debate with the Husks. Despite everyone else saying it's a stupid idea, it happens anyway. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
    • ED-EE winds up letting the trolls steal the movie equipment because according to him, because Homebase stole the equipment, the trolls have as much of a right to steal it as well.
    • For the sake of their movie, Ray decided to have a rocket built out of spare parts lying around, what she forgot to check was to make sure it couldn't fly. It does. With ED-EE. Who decides to stop his usual "mediation" schtick at least long enough to berate Ray and Clarke.
    • The production of the movie goes so poorly that even See-Bot (as CG-Bot) has something to say about it...
    • Because the movie turned out so badly (the script involved Ken as a Witch Cop,) Ray orders you to gather tomatoes so that they can't be thrown at any of the actors on the opening night. Ken even gets promised a pizza party out of the deal so he wouldn't know why Ray was having tomatoes gathered. After the quest, Clarke tells Ray she should have gathered pitchforks instead.
    • Ray resorts to ordering you to gather red carpets for opening night. Why? So the actors and everyone involved with the production can know where to run, that's why!
    • Opening for the film, in all it's witch cop, volcano in space glory, goes off without a hitch. Homebase was apparently caught up in the absurdity of the whole thing, they thought it was a comedy. Which Ray conveniently decides to admit to.
    • While all this is happening, ED-EE is still stuck in space from the rocket mishap, and Ray decides the best way to allow him to land safely is with pillows.
  • "The Long Road Home" starts with a survivor saying "I know it's a lot to ask". Ray instantly knows what this means. Or, at least, she thinks she does. Apparently, Homebase has a big surplus of medkits now.
    Ray: One medkit coming right up! Do you need another medkit? Three medkits? My treat!
    • One of the main stars of this questline is Ned. As in, that one mustached survivor with the trucker hat (who is one of the male survivors who asks for a medkit). As if confirming a longtime fan theory, he apparently fell in a time hole. and he's still asking for medkits because he's been condemned to live out those few minutes of his life over and over and over. They're all the same guy.
      Ned: I need that medkit... for someone else...
      Ray: How much does she remember?
      Ned: EVERYTHING.
    • The meteorite from Season 4 is back. Much like its Battle Royale counterpart, it is stuck right above the place where it originally was meant to crash. Ray snarks about it being "too cool for gravity."
    • When the time traveler from the future is Dennis Junior (Dennis' son who Dennis said would become a time traveller), who reveals that Homebase is supposed to be destroyed in the future, Dennis attempts to flip a coin to decide their next course of action (even if he doesn't even have a choice in mind). The coin keeps changing between heads and tails, and everyone flips out.
      • Everyone except Ray is convinced that the coins they're flipping are all haunted. Ray notes that it's the wrong season for that, while Sarah also notes that them not being haunted is actually more scary because it implies reality is breaking.
      • Lars provides his scientific assessment of his own coin flip tests - "inconclusive results". When Ray asks him for his perspective as, well, Lars? "Confusion and panic."
      • When Dennis Jr. turns out to be the only person able to flip coins normally, Lars bitterly laments that Dennis Jr. is the only person apparently still living in a world where Newtonian laws continue to exist. "I really like having cause and effect."
    • While gathering DNA testers, Dennis and Dennis Jr. attempt to bond. It turns out Summer isn't actually the younger Dennis' mother.
      Dennis Jr.: Do you promise not to overthink this and screw things up with Mom?
      Dennis: I don't overthink anything.
      Dennis Jr.: Do you promise not to underthink it?
      Dennis: Actually, maybe don't tell me.
      • And then the reveal of Dennis Jr.'s mother is... Sarah. Yeah. Her immediate response to hearing the news is just "No." During her brief argument with Dennis, she is also horrified to be reminded that she commented that her own son was hot. Ray notes that this is a common time travel problem, and immediately alerts everyone to be careful as to not snog any potential relatives from the future.
    • Dennis Jr. reveals that his dad pulled a Heroic Sacrifice to save him when the shield went down. While everyone considers this genuinely heroic, Dennis himself is understandably not looking forward to it (despite also considering it to be an awesome act of heroism), since, well, he dies.
    • Turns out there is an alternate-timeline Ray called "Dark Ray" (which is amusing given Ray's Meaningful Name), and is a straight-up Card-Carrying Villain, despite actually cooperating with her good counterpart. Oh, and she's got Brooklyn Rage. It's really more or less an act, she's really just a Failure Knight with Survivor's Guilt, and is playing up the "evil" act deliberately, to the point of demanding a tribunal for the sake of Suicide by Cop. However, the main timeline Homebase residents realize this, and they pronounce her guilty, only to give her a slap on the wrist and invite her to their Homebase so she can make up for her mistakes.
    • Also, for some reason Ray has an email system that allows her to communicate with alternate timeline versions of herself. Apparently Dr. Vinderman really did think of everything.
    • When Ned goes on a spiel about being the "Forever Ned" and being eons old, Carbide decides to just shoo him away by giving him a medkit. It works.
    • While gathering materials to make a containment suit, Ned butts in on your radio chatter.
      Ned: I was worried... That you would never try to defeat me. (Evil Laugh)
      Carbide: Dang it, I hate it when we get the time-crazed Neds!
      Dark Ray: What're you talking about, that's when he's getting good!
    • The various solutions to prepare for the potential future calamities range from incredibly straightforward (establish a emergency cache of rations and can openers somewhere) to Insane Troll Logic (lock up a cache of weapons with a notice that it's only for "future people". When Carbide notes that doesn't stop anyone else from potentially stealing it, Ray just puts up another notice warning off anyone else, as if that'll solve the problem).
    • When Dark Ray starts fading away, she grumbles about "this is what growth and introspection gets you". When Ned calls her "Evil Ray", she objects, saying she's just a "Not So Great Ray".
  • At the start of the time repair questline, the Director returns from his holiday, and is exasperated when he finds out that the folks at Homebase somehow broke time while he was absent (due to the events of the previous questline as a consequence of the good guys trying to prevent a Bad Future).
    • All the time repair stations have turned into old-timey record players, much to the Director's irritation.
    • Then when the Vindertech instructions suggest that the timeline is basically beyond hope and they they should self-destruct the universe, he decides to look for second opinions on the matter. They're all Vindertech books that seem to be addressing him in real-time.
      • One book is basically an attempt at peer pressure, basically titled "all the cool HR Managers are doing it!" His response is basically "joke's on you, I have actual self-esteem!"
      • When he demands an actual explanation as to why they need to destroy the universe, "The Book Of Answers" comes up soon after, properly answering his inquiry. Then he meekly asks if there's any alternatives. Cue "Dr. Vinderman's Illustrated Book of No." Which is apparently exquisitely illustrated.
    • Ray has been hopping around time, trying to alter history. When she tries to stop Desiree from pulling a Heroic Sacrifice with the bomb at the end of the Canny Valley arc, she keeps arriving too early for Desiree to know what she's talking about, though Desiree quickly picks up on the fact that time is broken. Ray keeps complimenting her with what sounds like terrible insults.
    • Ray, when she's out of options, turns to Kevin the Cube for help. When he finds out about this, the Director decides to go home early, out of exasperation, because he is just ''completely done'' with this crap.
  • After Ray reboots the world by making a promise to Kevin the cube, everyone at Homebase not only remembers their brief Cessation of Existence but laments it ending, as not existing is apparently surprisingly relaxing.
  • "Yarrr! Returns" leads up to a much needed Lampshade Hanging on the Ascended Extra trend:
    Dennis: It's me again, isn't it?
    Ray: Dennis! You're just the person I need...
    Dennis: I knew it!
    Ray: go get Willow.
    Dennis: I also knew that.
  • New for 2021, the Valor questline brings back the much-sought-after NPC defender Val, who has to help bring back her old mentor Major Oswald after he started going stir crazy and ran off into the storm. Their big plan involves recording her messages to him and blasting them out into the wild, and Dennis makes her do one after another, telling her to jive it up and put some energy into it. She ends up sounding like Ray.

Battle Royale

  • As a very cartoony battle mode where just about ANYTHING can happen, don't be surprised if you find yourself laughing about how you won or lost, or find loads of YouTube videos of some of the craziest things that can happen in a game of ''Battle Royale''. For example, how can you help but laugh when you see yourself or someone else get eliminated from a great fall after someone knocked down their fort, get blown up from foolishly trying to shoot someone up close with an RPG, or even better, hitching a ride on a rocket and picking off opponents from a distance?
  • In Battle Royale Season 3, one of the missions for Battle Pass owners was touching 5 different ice cream trucks. This would have led to a problem due to the fact that ice cream trucks can be destroyed, so the devs of the game, in an attempt to avoid this, decided to give each and every ice cream truck 100,000 health (which is still surprisingly easy to destroy with Remote Explosives). This didn't stop players.
  • Starting Battle Royale mode for the first time after Season 4 gives you a parody of movie trailers with an opening.
    • A part near the end has a meteor landing in front of a guy and girl wearing the Rex and Tricera Ops costumes. Upon noticing the explosion about to hit them, the girl rips the Slurp Juice out of the guy's hand and downs it, while he gives her a "what the hell?" look.
    • The final part of the trailer has a staff rundown, except instead of staff, it just namedrops costumes and items:
      Epic Games presents
      In association with Black Knight and Sparkle Specialist, starring Rust Lord and Shadow Ops, also starring Rex and Tricera Ops, featuring Raven and Moonwalker, music by Power Chord, screenplay by Sir Glider the Brave and Funk Ops, edited by Sash Sergeant, produced by Love Ranger, directed by Renegade Raider
  • When the new Avengers crossover limited time mode came out, people tried seeing if Thanos can dance. Yes, yes he can.
    • Each of the kill feed messages for his attacks are also rather fun, with each one being a Bond One-Liner based on the Infinity Stones, particularly when it highlights the rather strange usage of the Time Stone to empower his basic punch combo.
    Thanos punched [PLAYER] into a new TIME zone
  • While the game doesn't let you drive the various cars strewn throughout the maps, you can drive shopping carts. Which can each hold one passenger. And people have developed strategies around them.
  • Most multiplayer games have emotes/taunts that your character can perform. This game does one better: it has dance emotes, complete with music that everyone close by can hear.
  • Near the end of Season 4, one of the rifts that appeared took something into the real world. That something was the Durrr Burger mascot.
  • An update during Season 5 added, among other things, some places around the island where you can shoot clay pigeons. Except sometimes the machines shoot out a rubber duck instead.
  • An early August 2018 update added in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater-style points for doing jumps with the ATK.
  • The trailer for the Getaway LTM. It starts out with a cutscene of a team of four Wild Cards, each with a different card suit on their mask, each one walking like a badass towards a safe. Intercut with this is a montage of them fending off other players and generally being cool. When they get to the safe, instead of treasure there's a ton of C4. They look up and see Ace on the getaway van, holding up they jewel they were trying to take and triggering the C4.
  • In the Season 6 trailer, after Loot Lake's island had just been lifted out of the water by the cube, Sun Tan Specialist notices Skull Trooper eating popcorn while watching the whole thing. Skull Trooper then looks back at him with a Defensive "What?" look on his face.
  • Season 6 introduces a costume named "Giddy-Up". It's Spitfire (the black male default outfit) wearing an inflatable llama on his waist. This looks just as silly as it sounds.
  • The Hand Signals emote. Gather up, flank their position, unleash the rockets for maximum kaboom... then do Take The L over their corpses.
  • The Food Fight LTM. Side with either Tomatohead or Beef Boss, and fight to destroy your opponent's restaurant. (Basically a giant Tomatohead/Beef Boss head.) The most hilarious thing? Every player on either team bears the head of either Tomatohead or Beef Boss, depending on who's side they're on. Which can lead to hilarious moments such as someone with the Tomatohead or Beef Boss skins wearing the head of their enemy.
    • The trailer reveal for Food Fight. The music makes it sound less like the open war scenario it was intended as and more like MTV's Jackass, and to sell the point further, someone's making the push with the shopping cart.
  • The Flush Factory area. It's a factory that makes toilets and nothing else.
  • The Disco Domination LTM. You're put in one of the two teams, then have to conquer the 4 disco floors BY DANCING. Also you have to kill enemies otherwise they will conquer the disco floors.
  • The Sneaky Snowman item. Wraps your entire body in an adorable snowman disguise. You can also temporarily immobilize people by tossing it on them. In addition, while disguised as the snowman, you can still do all of your emotes. Imagine a snowman breakdancing with just the player model's feet hanging out the bottom.
    • In December 2019, the Snowman got even better. You can now break it to create a giant snowball, which can be picked up and thrown to flatten people and structures alike. Or you can throw it downward, which covers your feet in ice and causes you to slide all over the place in a hilarious fashion.
  • The Baller vehicle. It's essentially a giant hamster ball you can ride in. Comes with a grappler attachment and boost so you can literally turn yourself into a wrecking ball.
  • Peely the banana character skin. He's a giant banana with arms, legs, and an adorable cartoon face. And he ripens as you play.
  • The trailer for Season 9. Jonesy and Peely run into a bunker to escape the volcano, the door sealing behind them and the lights turning on... revealing tons of fun stuff to do! A DJ deck, weights to keep in shape, a fully stocked arcade... and no food, the fridge empty save for an empty can. And as Jonesy and Peely look at each other, worried, both of them realize the possible solution. Peely is, after all, a giant banana... Time passes, and much later, the vault is opened by Sentinel, Rox and Vega looking on as Jonesy, now a crazy looking old man with a huge beard, walks out to look at Neo Tilted. and in his hand is a mug containing a banana smoothie... with Peely's face, Peely smiling happily when he sees their rescuers.
  • Wick's Bounty Trailer, which confirms that John Wick is now an official member of the roster, faces his own Expy.
  • The Demogorgon is now in Fortnite... as a character skin, which means it can do the same goofy dances as the rest of the cast.
  • After the collapse of the iceberg castle, rumors that a Kaiju was about to emerge from the iceberg started spreading, and the island's authorities responded by turning the volcano into a geothermal pressure plant, all to build something to counter it. Eventually it starts taking shape, looking for all the world like a Jaeger... and then it turns out to be a Cuddle Team Leader themed Voltron.
  • The giant robot (called Mecha Team Leader) doing a one-armed Floss after defeating the monster. Doubles as an awesome moment.
  • In the Pandora area, you once again are tasked to retrieve Claptrap's eye. How does something like this happen twice, man?!
  • Greasy Grove has returned in Season X! With a taco restaurant instead of a Durr Burger. Periodically, everyone in Greasy is forced do the Taco Time emote, getting a full heal while spicy tacos rain from the sky and the Taco Time emote's music plays in the flashing sky. Note that you can be forced to do the dance while you are gliding down from the Battle Bus, immediately going into the dance.
  • The Batman crossover event is cool, but also contextually hilarious in that you can not only use Batman skins (despite Batman famously vowing to never use guns in combat), but you can make Batman dance, amongst all sorts of other silly emotes. You can make him do this on the spot in Crime Alley where his parents died. And yes, you can do this with the Nolanverse skin as well.
  • In Chapter 2, you can literally carry your knocked teammates AND opponents. You can even "yeet" (throw them to their deaths) them if you're on the high ground. No, seriously, it's actually called that. Needless to say, a lot of players (mainly streamers and griefers) are having fun with the new mechanic.
  • Fishing is now a mechanic in the game. The worst item you can get is the Rusty Can. You can also kill people with the can.
  • AI Bots were introduced in Chapter 2 as well. As expected, they weren't very smart, and could quickly be identified by single wall placing, not engaging in player battles, making them extremely easy to eliminate, and constant wall-breaking. This has led to some extremely hilarious moments, led mainly by streamers messing with them.
    • When this was patched, the devs overcorrected, leaving the game with AI foes who can generate miles-high towers in a second and, once they've selected a player as their target, will ceaselessly follow them well beyond the point where a human player would have given up. It's like having a colorful Terminator on your tail.
  • There is now a Rickroll emote. No more needs to be said.
  • Some of the skins for the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass are utterly hilarious. One of them is the serious-faced Agent Peely, who is Peely the banana in a James Bond-esque outfit, and another is Meowscle, a shirtless humanoid cat with an utterly adorable cat face who is heavily muscular and makes his pecs bounce. Also, Deadpool is in the game as this season's "secret" skin, although he apparently was too excited and announced himself right away.
  • The new "hideout" that displays the Battle Pass challenges and contents is awesome, with high tech gear all around, and the skins for this season gathered around a holographic display table and looking cool. Click on the vent, though, and you'll be taken to a hidden area... which is pretty much just a filthy bathroom with junk everywhere and a computer setup showing Wade's challenges.
  • The first dedicated Marvel season starts out as a proper clash-of-worlds event, with Marvel heroes and villains united against the Fortniters. Then Wolverine bares his claws, causing Peely to return the gesture with banana claws.
  • Consider this: We can now make Doctor Doom, one of the most menacing and fearsome villains in the Marvel Universe... floss.
  • In the Authority, a single Shadow minion is mourning the loss of his comrades. In Retail Row, a single Ghost minion... is having a party and frequently dances around happily in his little apartment.
  • During the final battle, Iron Man has good news and bad news for you. Bad news? Galactus is now focusing his attention on you. Good news? Hey, he got the Battle Bus's stereo working!
  • The Zero Point collapse of Chapter 2 Season 6 has Jonesy forced to drag you along to close all the random portals, all while reality ripples start affecting the whole map while turning you into some of the new Battle Pass skins. Jonesy? He gets turned into the rift butterfly.
    "Alright. I'm gonna need you to be my eyes... and arms... and legs..."
    • Then when you get caught in a reality wave, which turns you into Cluck, the Easter egg chicken skin. Jonesy comments that you look amazing.
  • April Fool's Day 2021 brought with it the release of Diamond Hanz, aka Stonks in outfit form.


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