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  • The solicit for the second issue.
    The villains have taken over the world! The Teen Titans fight back! Can the inexperienced teen heroes do what the adults could not? (Answer: Nope. It goes very poorly.)
  • Lex Luthor trying to explain the intricacies of his plan to Bizarro, and then just giving up.
    Just put it down so that it's facing East... facing me... this way.
    • Before that, Bizarro tries to give Lex a flower as a gift. Lex tries to order him around, but Bizarro won't budge unless he takes it. Lex reluctantly does and Bizarro grunts with a smile on his face.
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  • While also as equally creepy and unnerving, Power Ring's ring gets a good quip in.
    Power levels at 15%, you idiot.
  • Stargirl and Shazam sharing what could have been a Meet Cute, deflated by Shazam being under the Firestorm Matrix's mind altering control with him throwing a car into a building. She is not impressed.
  • Whilst the rest of the Justice Leagues are being tormented in their Tailor Made Prisons, Shazam is having the time of his life fighting an unending stream of monsters & giant robots.
  • While the Rogues are in Metropolis, a novice bounty hunter named the Archer tries to get the bounty on their heads. Trickster knocks Archer out mid-sentence with a single Rocket Punch after an arrow hits him right in the pinky toe.
  • In Issue #5 of the main issue, Batman tells Lex Luthor's gang that if they work together he's in charge. They all just stare at him and Catwoman tells him maybe he should think otherwise.
    Catwoman: Uh... Batman? They're in charge.
  • Will Magnus' chagrin at his perfect, emotionless, Metal Men turning out to be the complete opposite.
    • Lead falls in love with a soda machine.
      • Poor, thick, lovable Lead tries to hide as a refrigerator in Will's apartment... and places himself right next to the refrigerator Will already has.
    • Platinum falls for Will... and Will almost reciprocates before coming to his senses.
  • In Issue #6 of the main series, Lex Luthor pretty much trolls Batman at the beginning and Catwoman tells him to just roll with it. The following dialogue ensues:
    Batman: Whose side are you on?
    Catwoman: The side of us surviving this. And you owe me dinner and a movie if we do.
    • Sinestro calls Lex out for chasing Superman.
    • Captain Cold's voice-activated trigger for his cold gun: Jingle Bells Batman Smells.
  • Pretty much any interaction between Captain Cold and Black Manta.
  • Issue #7:
    • Bizarro sees Batman and Dick Grayson hugging and forcefully hugs Lex Luthor.
    • Cyborg's entrance is both this and Moment of Awesome:
    Cyborg: Grid had a bad day.
    • This moment between Batman and Luthor:
    Batman: I'm glad we agree, Luthor.
    Luthor: I was being sarcastic.
    • Deathstorm falls head over heels for Superwoman as he's bound by her lasso. Remember that this is a guy who looks like a volcano-skeleton hybrid.
    • Lex Luthor brags to Ultraman about his solar gun which will stop him cold... only for his first shot to miss, and Ultraman heat-visions the thing before he can use it again.
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    • Luthor mentions that the villains who defeated the Crime Syndicate can likely have their criminal records wiped completely clean under certain conditions. Black Adam and Sinestro just laugh as they fly off, the former halfway across the world to another country, the latter into space.

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