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Episode 2

  • The little eye-roll Henry gives when the 2000-year-old caller calls himself "Adam", quite possibly the most pretentious name he could have chosen.
  • Considering that Henry's and Abe's relationship is technically that of an obscenely young-looking immortal father and his 65-year old son (respectively), Abe's having to pick up Henry after an unexpected and completely accidental death becomes even more hilarious when factoring in that Henry totally ruined Abe's date. Abe's expression essentially screams, "Thanks a lot, Dad." when Henry asks how dinner went.

Episode 3

  • Abe trying to get a random police officer to arrest the villain of the third episode he's tracking because "she's a chemist who makes soup out of human brains". The officer, who knows nothing about the ongoing investigation, understandably mistakes him for a crazy homeless person.
    Abe: Can you tell this moron that we're here on official police business!
    Henry: No you're not!
    • Then after they leave, the officer arrests Abe for calling him a moron.
  • Upon discovering the key ingredient to the fatal Aeterna de-aging drug, Henry has Lucas talk about every detail of his life starting from when the first John Doe went missing. Upon reaching the bit where Lucas pondered his ex-girlfriend's birthday and her love of black labs (Lucas: "Why didn't I get her a black lab?"), Henry slowly grabs a seat, his body language screaming, "Oh, this is going to take a while."
  • Henry in full on Dad Mode when Abe is on the skateboard. At first, he looks like a nervous wreck, but when Abe makes it down the ramp, he is jumping with joy.

Episode 4

  • Henry and Jo noticing that Lucas is acting suspicious, and acting like a couple of parents who discovered that their son snuck out to a party. And then Henry praises him when he realizes what he did (snuck into a funeral home and did a biopsy on a corpse), while Jo facepalms in the background. Exactly like a mother going "You're setting a bad example..."
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  • Abe is annoyed at a rival pair of antique dealers, whom he claims are a bunch of ghouls who will step over a dead body to get to good pieces. Later, one of them cheerily tells Henry that if he finds any good pieces, to call them; they're not afraid of dead bodies, they'll step right over them.
  • Before that Abe makes a snide comment about the rivals on the phone right as he passes them. They yell out I'm Standing Right Here, only for Abe to reply, "Yeah, good," without missing a beat.

Episode 5

  • Henry decides that the toxicology is taking too long, and that he can do it himself faster if he captures the rats that ate the heroin-infused flesh of the victim. Or more specifically, if Lucas catches them. When Lucas wonders if that's safe, Henry admits it's not, and notes that rat bites carry all sorts of nasty diseases, including Black Death. His sage advice? Don't get bit.
    • He even sticks his torch under his face when he says 'Black Death'.
  • When Henry is arrested for trying to buy heroin, he explains that he wants to compare it to the sample in the victim's blood to see if he can track it down. The captain calls it the stupidest piece of investigative police work she's ever seen. Then Lucas walks in with a cage full of drug-addled rats all while Henry has a look on his face that pretty much states "you literally could not have picked a worse time to have walked in".
    Lou: Make that second stupidest.
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  • Lucas getting quickly attached to said rats. Henry is baffled when he finds Lucas performed life-saving surgery on one for a bowel obstruction.

Episode 6

  • While the episode is fairly serious, the episode description on CW Seed is hilarious and screams of underpaid intern.
    CW Seed: He's a 200 year-old detective. You have to know there'd be a Jack the Ripper episode.
Episode 7

  • Jo getting mad at Henry for using unnecessarily complex words like "vector."
  • Lucas repeatedly asking the others if they'd notice if he were abducted.
    Henry: [to the captain] I already told him yes, if it's not too busy.
  • After Henry saves a man's life, Jo asks if he ever wanted to be a "real" doctor. He's hilariously pissed. On behalf of both "real" doctors and medical examiners. note 
    • Has a Tear Jerker side; Henry stopped working with the living because he once let a man die to protect his secret, and now he doesn't feel worthy of the responsibility treating patients would require.
  • Henry tells Jo he used to be a gravedigger. And that he found it fulfilling. Her bewildered face says it all.

Episode 8

  • Henry is worried because Abe is dating his ex-wife. Whom he married (and divorced) twice. Apparently, part of the reason is because she shot him once.
    Abe: That wasn't her fault! She didn't know the gun was loaded.
  • Then there is where Jo arrests Iona just after she handcuffed Henry.
    Jo: Uh... no, you don't have to do that.

Episode 9

  • A father and son arguing about musical tastes. The funny part being is the father and son's physical ages are swapped.
  • When the Captain shows off her Jazz knowledge similar to Abe, Henry just looks at her with an expression that says, "Oh no, not you too."
  • Then he confronts her about the fact he has never seen her so passionate about anything before. Her reply basically means "change the subject".
  • Lucas once again goes one one of his Too Much Information talks with Henry's body language just screaming "Not this again."
  • Henry and Lucas's re-enactment of a murder is just full of funny moments.
    Henry: You're my victim.
    Lucas: Every day.
  • And then, while Henry is choking Lucas: "Harder! I work Method!"
  • Henry wants Lucas to illuminate him on the information he has found, to which Lucas then shines him with the autopsy light with a giant grin on his face. The best part is that Lucas is grinning the whole time as he knows exactly what he's doing and that he's pushing Henry's buttons.
  • After Abe was able to restore the Master Copy of 6AM, Henry bursts into the department with such excitement as if it were the most amazing thing he has ever seen done.
  • Lucas relishing the fact that he gets a chance to teach Henry something.

Episode 10

  • Abe threatens to microwave Henry's food, to which Henry reacts in the same horrified manner as if his teenaged son stated he was going borrow his car for a joyride.
    • Then Henry's reaction to Abe commenting that they don't even have a microwave with a look that seems to state, "Oh right, I forgot we don't have one".
  • Hanson showing up just a smidgen too late with an important deduction about the case. Repeatedly.
    Hanson: Henry already figured this out, didn't he?
  • Henry accompanies Abe to a funeral and immediately goes from friend to admonishing father when he realizes Abe is there not just to pay his respects to a friend but is actually there to hit on said friend, who happens to be the widow of the deceased (who happens to be another friend)!
  • Abe asks if he has police permission to break traffic laws. Henry says yes but Jo is loudly declaring on the other end of the phone that he doesn't.
  • After working a case of a con artist posing as a noble, Henry says he needs to tell Jo something. It looks like he's going to tell her about himself...and instead, in a perfect American accent, claims to be "Hank Morgan from Chicago." Jo just laughs that "there's no way you can fake being that British."

Episode 11

  • After Henry dies at the beginning of the episode, he resurrects in the river. Naked, of course. And then the cops find him. His explanation? He's a sleepwalker. And he sleeps in the nude.
    • Then after his meeting the entire precinct applauded for him, a female officer offers him her phone number, and they chipped in to get him a present. The present being a pair of swim trunks and goggles.
  • Lucas trying to make Henry feel better by stating he too does things that would be frowned upon by the police with Henry just rolling his eyes.
  • The cops later arrest him for stripping down to his boxers in an attempt to dive into the Hudson and retrieve some evidence. (While wearing the goggles, even!)
    Chief: This is the second time you've been arrested for indecent exposure in less than forty-eight hours.

Episode 12

  • While Henry is on sick leave, he's been replaced by a no-nonsense ME with no annoying quirks like rambling about history at inopportune moments. Everyone agrees they want Henry back as soon as possible.
  • It can also be seen as a Tear Jerker because of why. But just seeing him using his Sherlock Scan to figure out how a mouse died is quite amusing.
  • Henry talks about the difference between two rivers. Jo considers he is thinking about going for a swim in one of them.
  • Just the fact a man who is an immortal never heard of the Highlander.

Episode 13

  • Henry figures out who the guy is and to expect a long rap sheet. And once again Hanson then just walks in repeating the same thing.
  • Lucas and Henry are backtracking the victims last steps before he died trying to find where he got some red paint on his knuckles. Lucas is excited that he spotted a plant that was found on the victim, bragging on how he has been been working on his observation skills, right before Henry points out that the plants are right in front of a red painted door which he completely misses.
  • Then when they find out that the house is Jo's.
    Lucas: We are here for a very legitimate, non-creepy, reason... that Henry will now explain.

Episode 14

  • Abe finally speaks his opinion on Henry's dress sense.
    Abe: You know, it's not just our father's sins that we sons are not responsible for. It's also their scarves.
    Henry: *stares*
    Abe: Honestly, would you just butch up?
    Henry: *swooshes his scarf indignantly*

Episode 15

  • Henry orders Lucas to swab their victim's genitals to test for signs of sexual activity. To say that Lucas is relieved when Henry comes upon a discovery that makes his task unnecessary would be an understatement.
  • One of Abe's newly-discovered cousins is a Scottish sheep farmer with a nigh-indecipherable accent.
  • Henry's description of his uncle:
    Henry: I would hardly call him a gentleman. The man was a cad and a scoundrel and died in a duel. Shot in the groin—intentionally.
  • Coming upon the victim of the week, Hanson tells the just-arriving Henry that the likely cause of death was lung cancer. Henry checks the victim's physical symptoms, confirms it, and congratulations Hanson on his deductive reasoning...and then Jo reveals that they just saw the medical bracelet and called it in.

Episode 16

  • Iona's back, now teaching a class at a university on sexual fetish and psychology. Henry repeatedly insists on having her consult on the case—for the sake of the case, of course! Except Henry ends up buying a new scarf, which everyone notes, and it all culminates in even Reece noticing Henry's smitten with Iona, and she wants them to get together.
    Lt. Reece: Nothing happens in my precinct that I don't know about.
  • Henry's not the only one, and they're both well aware of it:
    Molly: New scarf?
    Henry: New perfume?

Episode 17

  • Henry is a bit too behind the times, technologically speaking, and does not know what a hacker is, and Abe needles him for that. When Jo calls them, Abe picks up, and before passing the phone to Henry, he jokes about it being a bit too advanced for Henry... and suggests to ask Jo to send a message written in papyre.
  • Once Lucas realizes that the victim of the week was a member of the Faceless (an Anonymous expy) he rushes out of the victim's apartment because he's afraid the group will start digging through his internet history and he's not particularly proud of some of his search queries.
  • Henry and Jo test the theory that their victim was killed because his apartment was flooded with natural gas. While waiting for their theorized time to run down they wait lying on the victim's bed and engage in pillow talk (including an examination of various ways to die) while wearing respirators.
  • Hanson's practically gleeful at being able to leave all the legwork to the cybercrime division.
  • "You shaved a corpse?"
    • Not only that but Jo's embarrased "not me" expression while she points at Henry ... who is standing beside her with a proud smile on his face.

Episode 18

  • Hanson and Henry hesitating to interrupt Jo's date because they hear Marvin Gaye playing on the other side of the door and Marvin Gaye can only mean one thing...
  • Lucas Innocently Insensitive statement to Henry wondering who would be dumb enough to get killed by a Flintlock Pistol due to its long reload time and short range.

Episode 22

  • Hanson is excited at being knowledgeable in the history trivia surrounding the case of the week: namely Roman weapons (he watches a lot of History Channel). He's crestfallen when Lieutenant Reece still defers to Henry's knowledge.

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