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"I'm just gonna go to Nurse School or some shit like that. That'll probably make a good series."

Crowning Moments of Funny for Food MENT. Please list the examples in episodic order.

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     Episode 1 
  • Soma burns the restaurant to spite his father. Jouichirou's response: He abandons Soma at Tootsuki.
  • Soma is the only one left in the entrance exam because Erina scared everyone else by making them picture her smashing an egg (but picture instead of the egg their own genitals)
  • Soma won't insist Erina to evaluate him because he is considering going to Nurse School, wondering if it would make a good show. Erina has to insist he takes the exam.
  • How did Soma pass his test? He fed Erina corn flakes cereal. With SUGAR
    Erina: It's GRRRRRREAT!!!

     Episode 2 
  • Professor Chapelle's backstory of why he doesn't smile is very over the top: his fianceé kitchen knife perished in a car accident. He will literally explode of happiness if he smiles again.
  • Megumi also gets kicked out by her mother, so who is her mentor figure, the one she wants to impress? Cooking Mama.
  • Soma tells Megumi how he got accepted into the dorms. Instead of cooking something, Fumio subdued him into a Casting Couch. On top of being very traumatized, Isshiki creepily stalks him throught the ceiling before inviting him to the dorm party.
  • Ryoko invites Soma a cup of what looks like bull semen. She only says that Soma's comparison is too specific (and accurate).
  • Daigo and Aoki's introduction.
    Daigo and Aoki: I FIGHT THIS GUY!!
    Marui: Guys! We cook food here! Take your yaoi bullshit out of my room!!
    Daigo and Aoki: I'LL STOP WHEN HE STOPS!
    Yuuki: This isn't going to get anywhere unless you take out your shirts and do stuff!!
  • After the party, Isshiki tries to challenge Soma. His response? Soma throws a knife to Isshiki's forehead, intending to take down all the other members of the council in the same way.

     Episode 3 

     Episode 4 
  • Soma gets obsessed with medals, becoming his new Berserk Button.
  • Professor Chapelle returns after exploding in Episode 2. Even Soma keeps lamshading this.
  • Hinako forgets to buy ingredients for the students, but that's not problem for Takumi, because he always carries a goose caboose in his ass. While other students are offput by this, Hinako doesn't mind eating it anyways.
  • Takumi accidentally burns the kitchen with his combat aura, forcing all the class to evacuate to a second kitchen.
  • Soma and Megumi hunting a bear. Especially when Soma tells Megumi to shoot the bear, claiming it's evil. The bear, however, claims that Soma is the evil one, and tells Megumi to shoot him instead.
    • And all of this happens offscreen, with only the audio and the reactions of everybody in the classroom.

     Episode 5 
  • Soma's encounter with Erina has a sign in the background saying "NO romantic tension in the halls".
  • "Get ready boys! It's about to get MOIST."
  • Soma has a traumatic clown flashback, which fills him with so much rage in the present.

     Episode 6 
  • Another kitchen burns down and they are forced to continue their conversation in another room again. Doujima takes a while to catch up and arrive on time. He doesn't, but nice effort.
  • Apparently Tootsuki Resort has a Repurposed Sex Dungeon, with their resident moaning guy named Dave.
  • Megumi finally has enough of Soma bossing her around, to the point she snaps at him and prohibits him from saying anything. After that, all of Soma's responses are muffled sounds.
  • How does the "Magical Cabbage Girls" play out in this version? It turns out that they did cosplay with real costumes from the sex dungeon... except Sekimori, who just found out about the costumes.

     Episode 7 
  • Isshiki wakes up from his nightmare, disturbed because he wasn't naked in it. He decides to fix the problem right away by flashing himself throught the window.
    Billy: Looking!
    Mother: No, Billy! Cover your eyes!
    Billy: I can't look awaaaaaaay!! (voice changes into a baritone) I'M GAY NOW.
    Mother: I accept you for who you are!!!!
  • Alice in this version is a mix between Cute and Psycho and Crazy Awesome.
  • Soma speeds up his egg cooking so much, that he enters the Egg Zone. His journey is narrated by Ben (the old man who died eating Erina's food), and by the end of it, he's managed to cook ten million eggs, much to Dojima's confusion.
    Dojima: How is that possible? Who gave him that many eggs?
    • Soma reels from his experience in the Egg Zone... for fifteen seconds before his short attention span kicks in, and forgets it all.

     Episode 8 
  • Isshiki turns out to have made coconut effigies of everyone after they left.

     Episode 9 
  • Ben narrates the episode, and stops to remind the viewer that yes, he's still trapped in the Egg Zone.
  • News Girl has some great lines:
    News Girl: Twelve minutes ago, I attempted to put this chicken in my ear. I was told by several pass-by-ers to put it in my gob. Ears are not a place for chicken.

    News Girl: (upon eating a sample of Kaggy's Chicken) Oh my god. I cannot believe my ears. (quick cut) I cannot believe my tastebuds. (quick cut) This is certainly food. I give this dish— (quick cut) I give this dish ten chickens out of possible two chickens. That's a looooot of cock.

    News Girl: I have returned to this cursed realm to scavenge for what little scraps of nourishment remains.
  • Soma, Ikumi and Mayumi get constantly distracted from doing their chicken dish. They first go to the water park (with original fan art of the three of them through a slide), and then do a car wash (with another original fan art of the three of them in swimsuits washing a car).

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