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  • The introduction of Saul has him hitting on a village girl who rejects him. Afterwards, he learns that Guinevere's nearby and immediately jumps to finding her. Dorothy calls him out on this.
  • Saul and Dorothy's C support features this gem:
    Saul: Don't be ridiculous. I found a young maiden being harassed by a very rude man.
    Dorothy: You mean yourself?
    Saul: Please, Dorothy, have some faith in me. Anyway, I drove the man off and rescued the maiden. I acted exactly as a holy man ought to.
    Dorothy: Really? You're not exactly very strong. How did you do it?
    Saul: I went to the man and clung to him, crying, 'I thought we loved each other! Why do you reject me?!'
    Dorothy: ......
    Saul: The man fled with great haste. The maiden, however, was also gone by the time I looked back.
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  • Recruiting Bartre with Roy has some fun banter between the two where Bartre keeps jumping to the conclusion that Roy's the enemy.
    Bartre: Are you with Etruria?!
    Roy: Y-yes...
    Bartre: We fight for the people suffering under your tyranny! En garde!
    Roy: W-wait! We're on your side!
    Bartre: You aren't with the castle?
    Roy: We're trying to capture it, actually.
    Bartre: Oh! Sorry then.
    Roy: I am Roy, leader of the Lycian Army.
    Bartre: Lycia? You've come a long way...
    Roy: We were sent by Eturia to rid the Isles of the bandits.
    Bartre: What's that?! So you are with Eturia!
    Roy: Please calm yourself! We share the same goal. We want to bring peace to the Isles.
    Bartre: ...You may end up against Eturian nobility.
    Roy: ...Our mission is to find and eliminate wrongdoers on the Isles. Social status matters not.
    Bartre: You, my friend, are a man of conviction! Very well! I think I'll join your little army!
  • Lance and Lot's B support has them playing chess, after the two finish they commend each other for their skills, then Lance drops this gem about Alen.
    Lance: Well, you can recognize your own mistakes, so you have skill. I played with Alen the other day, but it was over in 2 turns.
    • If you know anything about chess, this becomes even funnier. The Scholar's Mate, the quickest checkmate possible entirely from one player's moves, still takes four moves to execute; only the Fool's Mate, which is said to rarely occur even in games among beginners, requires the White player to move two specific pawns on their first two turns, one of them needing to be moved two spaces, such that the Black player can checkmate them on turn two. (Black's opening move for the Fool's Mate is in fact the same first move that would lead to a Scholar's Mate, so it's not unreasonable that if Black knows that they're far more expert than their opponent, they would open in the manner to make it possible.)
  • Bartre's support with Zeiss has him constantly praising Zeiss as a perfect example of a growing warrior while Zeiss just goes with the flow.
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  • The support conversations with Lugh that aren't tragic are mostly hilarious. It's not enough that he and Raigh are Polar Opposite Twins—it turns out that Raigh is a complete Tsundere over his orphanage family. But before that, the player will probably see Chad's supports, in which he loudly rails that he won't do anything nice to Lugh and then comes back with a pair of shoes... again with some classic tsun dialogue. And finally there's Hugh, the cranky mercenary mage who still ends up acting like this.
  • Some of Rutger's earlier supports tend to be pretty funny. His C support with Dieck gives the latter the idea that Rutger was trying to kill him simply because he was bored. However, his declining to spar with Fir in their C support immediately leading Fir to believe that he's sexist is even better. But it's not because he's sexist. He doesn't play around if he has a weapon in his hands, he kills people. Funny and badass.
    • His A support with Clarine is pretty funny too, when she tries to be nice to him for once, and Rutger's just like "don't try to be something you're not, you're better at screaming at me".
  • Fae's dragon form is this as it is adorable. Looking at the other dragons, one would expect them to look badass or terrifying no matter how cute their human forms look, but Fae's is a fluffy chicken-like being who sneezes in her critical animation. She also dodges enemy attacks by tumbling sideways.
  • The entirety of Gonzalez's supports with Trec. The two get off to a friendly start only to spiral into utter weirdness as they converse. Highlights include the two forgetting each other's name to Gonzalez remembering Trec's name as "Rec" which Trec then believes is his actual name.
  • Gonzales and Dayan's C support. Dayan teaches Gonzales how to shoot a bow, and the latter somehow manages to shoot himself by mistake.


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