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FFXV may be the darkest entry yet. It's also arguably the funniest. We dare you not to laugh while exploring this page.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Episode Duscae/Episode Duscae 2.0 
  • Episode Duscae opens with the group waking up in a tent, and gives us the following gem:
    Gladiolus: If only somebody hadn't wrecked the car. Unbelievable.
    Prompto: [laughs nervously] I would hate to be that guy... Oh, come on, don't be that way! You know I didn't mean to do it!
    Ignis: Of course not. Sabotage is far beyond you.
  • When fighting Deadeye in a rematch in the wetlands, it's entirely possible for the Imperials to fly over you with their airships as in normal battles. Unlike those however, they don't even bother landing.
  • This exchange that can occur after the end of a battle.
    Noctis: You know, I even amaze myself sometimes.
    Gladio: Your ego is what amazes me.
    Prompto: Frankly, I'm just amazed that we actually made it.
  • At the end of Episode Duscae, both Prompto and Gladio are obviously a bit smitten with Cindy. Strictly for her personality, of course. Prompto can barely even hide it, and Gladio at least manages to be a little more suave about it. Cindy shoots them both down simultaneously, and leaves it an open question whether she even picked up on their flirting. Noct and Iggy are highly amused by it all.
    Ignis: We'll bring something by when we visit. For Cid, of course.
    Prompto & Gladio: [sigh]
    Noctis: Yeah...
    • Much like Prompto's example above, both his and Gladio's expressions on being sideways-shot-down are golden. Prompto even does a little "head-desk" movement when his final little flirtation leads to Cindy talking about the elder Cid instead.
  • The Tours in 2.0 have several gems:
    • Noctis fondly reminisces with Ignis about his drawing of a meteor shower when he was young...which he made by tracking mud into the palace.
    • Gladiolus' second Tour involves him finding a brooch he dropped in the Mistwoods. While going through the tunnel where they first encounter Deadeye, Gladio teases Noct about the expression on his face when Deadeye roared. Noct's response?
      "You mean like the expression you made when Ignis ran over your foot with the Regalia?"
  • Prompto attempts to take a group photo... and the camera falls over.
  • When you visit the Chocobo post, you can see a couple who loves feeding chocobos there. Visit them enough times and you will see the two fight and it ends with the girl slapping the guy and screaming at him for feeding the chocobos leftover veggies.

    Platinum Demo 
  • The Platinum Demo has a young Noct valiantly fighting his dream-enemies with...a toy sword and a squeaky hammer.
  • Taking too long in the second area elicits this quip from Carbuncle:
    "Are you sleeping or something? In your dreams, no less!"

    Final Fantasy XV 
  • Chapter 1 starts with the gang broken down in the middle of the desert, pushing their car to Hammerhead. As if that weren't funny enough, Noctis and Prompto are complaining the whole time and trying to get out of it, and Prompto puts on a very overblown Drama Queen performance as he gasps, "I've already pushed myself... to the brink of death."
    • What makes it better is that this is the opening title sequence—that bit that, in every other game of the series from the beginning, usually involves some dramatic establishing shot or narration to really drive home that your epic quest begins here. Yet here we get four dudes pushing a broken down car and complaining while "Stand By Me" plays in the background.
    • One of the first things Gladio says after the car breaks down is "Let's hope this isn't an omen". If you've played the game before, you know that this is very much an omen for everything to come.
  • Your party members react to being caught in the casting range of spells. Naturally, letting off a Fire explosion with Prompto in the radius has him promptly freak out, leaping away like he's chicken walking as he tries to put himself out in the most ridiculous way possible.
    • Also, when casting the Thunder spell, that any of your party get struck by lightning, especially Gladio and Prompto, will collapse to the ground and go through a spasm while making noises is something you should see for yourself
    • For an extra chuckle, if you can zoom in on one of the guys after you hit them with a Thunder or Fire spell, they'll be sporting an almost animesque Ash Face for several seconds.
    • And Prompto doesn't get it easy if you happen to make a sudden stop with the car for no reason; the lack of anyone wearing seatbelts results in him faceplanting into the windshield. While Gladio has his own freak out, Ignis' face also swiftly meets the seat infront of him.
  • While it can (and will) lead to some annoyance, attempt to salvage things... and sometimes Noctis will jump instead.
  • Cid doesn't seem to think too highly of Noct:
    "'Prince'; like they took your old man and kicked the dignity out of 'im."
  • Any time one of the four swings (or in Prompto's case, fires) their weapon too close to another one of the four. None of your guys will take damage from this, but you will get the would-be victim essentially asking the culprit "WTF are you doing?" and the guilty party essentially responding, "My bad." Noctis in particular is hilariously casual if he nearly takes a friend's head off, saying stuff like "Didn't... mean to do that, or even "...My hand slipped."
  • Goblins are apparently the ultimate Trolls. As if stealing your items and appearing out of the dark wasn't bad enough, when they're fought in mineshafts they use the items that they stole if they get the chance, and they love to shove abandoned mine carts at you.
  • When Iris shows Noct around Lestallum:
    Iris: You know, this almost feels like a date.
    (The player chooses to deny it)
    Noct: What? No, not at all.
    Iris: Would it kill you to play along for once?
  • While Ardyn is leading Noct and Co. to the Disc, where Titan awaits, we get the following exchange:
    Prompto: Hey Ignis, how's it feel being away from the wheel?
    Ignis: Positively frightening.
    Noctis: What are you saying...?
    Ignis: That I'm no stranger to His Highness's driving habits.
    Noctis: 'Preciate the confidence.
    • This exchange is even funnier if you're playing the updated version and have been driving the Regalia Type D a lot (which usually involves a lot of crashing into trees, falling down cliffs, and rolling the car).
  • All together, now: "That's it! I've come up with a new recipe!"
    • Especially so when said "recipe" is courtesy of a book Noctis just bought for him.
  • One sidequest involves Noctis getting scammed — by a cat, no less- into getting fish, and then cooking that fish because the cat refuses to eat it raw. For some reason, he never notices that the cat looks and acts nothing like a stray.
    • Then the cat returns in a later sidequest in a different place. When Noctis wonders why he's all the way out there, the party comments that he's probably there to see his friend Noct. Considering the player can spend 20,000 gil on cat food to complete the quest, they're probably not wrong.
  • You can try to get a massage at Galdin Quay, but Noctis clearly isn't having it.
  • When the gang walks into a fancy restaurant, a brief and but-gusting conversation can ensue:
    Prompto: Wow, this place is so romantic!
    Gladio: And you get to enjoy it with us.
    Noctis: All three of us~
    Ignis: You are a lucky man.
  • Prompto leans on the fourth wall quite often:
  • When Gladio temporarily leaves the group at the end of Chapter 6, we get this exchange:
    Prompto: Wonder what Gladio's up to...
    Noctis: Probably meeting some girls.
    Prompto: Son of a bitch!
  • One of Prompto's sidequest is to lure a giant monster only to get a cool photos; he will chide Noctis if he asks him to take the picture too early. Also you can choose which pose Noct can do while Prompto is taking pictures. If you choose the ultimate pose, Noctis will cover his face with his hand ala Jojo pose.
  • Prompto uses Piercer right to the Anak's asshole!!! See it for yourself.
  • The camp animations of the gang's just goofing off, sometime with chocobos as they eat for the night has some ridiculous ones. Such as Noctis taking pictures of Prompto while he twirl with his gun, then Prompto trips on the ground in pain. Sometimes you can see Gladio doing squats.
    • The animations if you spend the night at a caravan has some gems if you look closely, like Gladio can be seen asleep with a magazine covering his head.
    • In Cape Caem, if you decide to rest there, there's a chance of seeing Noctis and Prompto playing dart against each other. As Prompto wins that match, he gets so overjoyed that he promptly knocks out the darts from Noctis' hands with his little dance. Noctis just sits on the sofa after that, pretty miffed.
  • The reason why the group hunted the one-eyed Behemoth was that so the Chocobos could run freely. Another sidequest has you hunting a much stronger Behemoth because... Gladio wants the best noodle cup ever and a tipster tells the group Behemoth meat is the best topping.
    • This probably bears further deliberation: the entire sidequest is pretty much an out-of-the-blue Product Placement for cup noodles, with Gladio speaking in the most random, philosophical tone about how one has to seek their own ingredients to make the perfect noodle cup. Whatever your choice between Meat, Shrimp or Egg (the former two having boss fights attached), the sidequest then concludes with Gladio going on about blending the right ingredients to make the perfect cup noodles, as the others agree. Except Noctis does it in the most hamfisted way possible, as if awkwardly and creepily reading a cue card infront of his face.
      Gladio: You know something? Going through all that trouble to make our own custom cup, it's made me appreciate Cup Noodles even more.
      Ignis: Perhaps we truly can't improve upon perfection.
      Gladio: It's not about finding the single best ingredient. It's about crafting that perfect blend of meat, egg and shrimp. That harmony of flavors is key.
      Prompto: Yeah, you're right. Makes you appreciate how delicious these noodles really are.
      Noctis: I know I sure do.
      • It's also funny on a meta level too - the voice actors did two takes for this scene. One where they took it seriously, then another in which they read it all in an ironic and sarcastic tone. Sure enough, that was the take that got used.
      • Gladio and Prompto speak with a really creepy grin on their face, which should fall into the Uncanny Valley... yet the way the characters speak makes it sound utterly hilarious.
  • In the Japanese version: after spending the night at the Cauthess gas station before heading to Titan, Ardyn greets you in the shop with a "Gudu Moningu~"
  • By the time the party reaches the train, Ardyn has very much proven himself to be the biggest dick in the game and behind some of the most horrific things that happened. Yet, he's still very much the master Troll. It culminates with Ardyn tricking Noctis with an illusion that makes Prompto appear as Ardyn, to which Noctis starts chasing and attacking. Slightly less funny in retrospect, but the sight of Ardyn acting uncharacteristically and thinking Noctis has gone crazy is golden. As is hearing all of Prompto's lines in Ardyn's voice and accent. Yes, Ardyn's a monster, but he's also deliciously Laughably Evil.
    C'mon Noct. You're scaring me! Seriously, man, cut it out!
    It's not safe. Plus, you're causing a scene.
    Dude, are you seriously trying to kill me!?
    • Also on the train, Ardyn is implied to have taken out the three off-screen. When Noctis runs into the scene:
      Ardyn: Oh, there you are! I’m worried about your friends. They’ve fallen and they can’t get up. Why not lend them a hand?
  • The camp's photo reviewing has a few funny moments:
    • Ardyn admiring a snapshot of him, to everyone's discomfort.
    • Gentiana will be in the background of some photos, with the guys not being sure if she was there or not.
    • Prompto complaining he can't warp like Noctis.
    • Prompto pointing out that Ignis is actually smiling. Ignis is not amused.
    • Gladio and Prompto laughing at Noct when he's photographed being flailed by monsters.
    • They even indulge in some minor shipping when Gladio poses with Aranea, not that Gladio minds.
  • Prompto's photography in general is very random. Sometimes you get beautiful pictures of sceneries or poses worthy of being framed, sometimes they're pictures of your party members' arses. Other times they'll be of the characters in extremely awkward positions like flailing around, their heads stuck in each other's crotches, or clipping through one another.
    • It becomes even more hilarious when the gang says "Nice one!" when the picture is of them being knocked on their ass, covered in ice from a Blizzara spell, or even lit on fire. Or at a pixellated mess with the action obscured by plantlife.
  • Gentiana has none of Ardyn's bullshit and uses her power as the Glacian to shut him up by freezing him solid, before he even finishes his sentence. Doubles as an Awesome Moment for Gentiana as well.
  • Iris asking how the cooking works.
    Iris: So, you [Ignis] do all the cooking?
    Ignis: More or less.
    Iris: Gladdy, don't you help?
    Gladio: (embarrassed mumbling)
    Iris: Noct?
    Noctis: Eh... on occasions.
    Ignis: What occasion?
    Prompto: I do my part, I always set the table.
    Iris: That's some arrangement you guys have here.
  • Summoning Shiva outside the story event, Noctis can't keep his composure because of how cold the area is getting.
  • The whole gang backseat fishing Noctis. Just their banter if you caught a small fish will make you chuckle.
    • Gladio's banter to Noctis if you caught a small trout while fishing.
      Gladio: Puny just like yours.
      Noctis: Hey!
    • Prompto's response
      Prompto: Wah wah wah~
      Noctis: Talk about backseat fishing.
    • At the end of Noct's fishing quest after catching the Devil of the Cygillian, Naviyth will ask for his name. Noct introduces himself as "Gar. Noct Gar".
      • Even better, his name shows up as "Noct Gar" in the subtitles for a bit.
    • The actual catching of the thing. Gladio cannonballs without hesitation, Prompto pushes Iggy in, and Noct just outright kicks Prompto right into the water.
    • In the Royal Edition, you can take the boat out to sea and fish. An entire sea ripe for fishing, including new species never seen before — Noctis practically squees at the thought of it.
  • In the text prologue, Noctis reminisces:
    "I think I spent more time sneaking out of this room than I actually spent in it."
  • After Cid completes the final upgrades on the Engine Blade, he gives Noctis a memento of his own roadtrip with Regis: an old hammer with the words, 'Property of Mr. Hammerproof Thickskull'. Carved by Regis of all people.
  • An easily missable one given how coincidental the circumstances to hear it are (you have to have both Gladio and Aranea in the party, which can only happen if she happens to join in a fight randomly, as her mandatory time with the group comes when Gladio is gone), but if you use Aranea's Highwind...
    Gladio: You sure know how to work a lance.
    Aranea: ...I'm not touching that one.
  • Apparently, even after the 10 year timeskip, the elevator in the Royal Citadel is still running (and looks like in pristine condition as well) because the Big Bad specifically kept it so, just so Noct doesn't have to go through the Citadel's stairs to get to him.
  • You can put some levity into the Tear Jerker ending depending on which picture you have Noctis declare as the most precious in his eyes. Thematically it makes the most sense to pick one with all of your party members in it, but nothing's stopping you from picking ones with just Cindy, Iris, or Aranea, which has funny implications when Luna has to look at it, or just plain odd choices like a minor NPC, a random monster, Ardyn, the Big Bad of the game, or heck, even just Ignis making the most...ghastly smile.
  • Very rarely during combat when Noctis gets hit and is sent flying, he'll land squarely on his ass. Almost surgically so. Very much pointed out.
    Prompto: Noct...did you just...?
    Noctis: Not a word!
    • Or sometimes, even more amusingly:
      Prompto: Noct...did you just...?
      Noctis: You saw nothing!
  • When a party member gets affected by status effects, the others will make a comment about it. A few examples:
    • When Gladio gets hit by petrification spell:
      Ignis: Gladio's as hard as a rock.
      Noctis: The hell are you talking about?!
    • If Ignis is turned into a frog:
      Prompto: Ignis is a frog! What happened?
      • And if he's returned back to normal:
        Noctis: Look who's back, the green general.
      • Even better, when he changes back for an instant he's still squatting down in frog-pose; he comes out of it staring at his hands in horror. When Noct gets frog-ified Gladio will refer to him as 'Prince Croak-tis'.
      • There's also a fun bit of dialogue if Gladio gets confused multiple times in a battle:
        Ignis: Gladio's looking a bit touched.
        Noctis: Just great...
        (later, after Gladio gets confused a second time)
        Ignis: Gladio's looking a bit touched.
        Noctis: Again?!
  • "Horrors of the Night" playing while you're fighting Tonberry "Jedi" Knights. They're still one of the most adorable Final Fantasy monsters around and yet have one of the most ominous battle themes.
  • A few hidden gems can be heard after the group battles monsters or enemies. Some examples:
    Gladio: Anyone dead?
    Prompto: Not me!
    Ignis: Noct?
    Noctis: Does tired count?
    • How Prompto celebrates killing monsters:
      Prompto: Woohoo, we're alive! Now let's celebrate by eating something dead!
  • The fact that the in-game descriptions for healing items point out that they're just ordinary energy drinks infused with Noctis's magic. Brings up wonderful mental images of the team guzzling Red Bulls by the dozen while fighting monsters.
  • Sometimes when you have Iris in your party, Noctis will follow his attacks up by punching enemies straight on... which causes him to double over in pain while Iris heals him. And for the cherry on top, Noctis pats her head which causes Iris to happily spin in place hugging herself in joy.
  • In Altissia, the group can finally meet the "famous" artist who's been putting up various illustrations throughout Lucis, and even get a group picture done. It has to be seen to be believed.
    Ignis: I'd say she did a fine job capturing our most prominent features.
    Prompto: My nose is not that "prominent."
    • In Pocket Edition, with its Super-Deformed graphics, this is replicated (with a side of Painting the Medium) by having the artist produce one of the photorealistic publicity renders of the four. It gets even funnier with newly-added dialogue towards the end, with Noctis and Gladio absolutely [[Corpsing losing it]] at the sight of the picture.
  • A sidequest in Chapter 10 before venturing into the Royal Tomb has a journalist mention he wants the scoop on why the tomb is off-limited, but he's not up to fighting the monsters inside, so he needs photographs of a few key features, and thanks Noctis for agreeing to help. The funny part? He doesn't ask Noctis to do this, or even pause to give him a chance to respond to any of this; he just explains the situation, says what he wants, and presumes Noctis will do it and thanks him for it. Noctis lampshades the absurdity.
    Noctis: Why ask for help when you can demand it?
  • If Noctis and co will fight Adamantiose, the other three will have a freak out.
  • Prompto declares his love to chocobos:
  • If you manage to defeat the Adamantoise, the party reacts appropriately tired.
    Prompto: (catching breath) Ha ha... We actually did it!
    Gladio: Hrm... Piece of cake, huh?
    Ignis: After an infinite regression, we arrived at an answer: the turtle's all the way down.
  • Don't use Blizzaga on a lake.
  • Aranea's animation if she heals Noct or others while she's in the party. While the others will give reassuring pats to the injured party member, Aranea outright slaps whoever she is healing, sending him face down on the ground.
  • The Pitioss Dungeon is mostly creepy or hair-tearingly difficult, but there is a very brief joke that you might miss, involving getting a set of very useful Genji Gloves. How do you get it? By knocking down a giant statue of a scantily clad maiden by jumping on her boobs and discovering it in her belly button.
  • While threading carefully before goblins, this gem may occur:
    Gladio: UGH. Ugliest things I’ve ever seen.
    Noctis: I don’t wanna go anywhere near ‘em.
    Prompto: Hah! I don’t even wanna look at ‘em!
    Ignis: Hmph. I feel the same about you lot.
  • It is quite possible, if you put a lot of time in doing a lot of the side quests and hunts before advancing to the end of the story, to be quite overpowered when it comes down to facing the last few bosses. As such, it's very possible to be able to deliver the finishing blows to Ardyn whilst he's in the middle of his rant, as seen here.
  • When Ignis is hit with the Frog status effect he'll come out of it still in a froggie pose, to his shock.
  • Patch 1.10 adds a new recipe, Plump 'n' Pungent Tofu, which is modeled after the famous "Stinky Tofu" dish. Noctis and Prompto's reactions to it are priceless.
  • Patch 1.12 allows Cindy to upgrade the Regalia to a monster truck called the Type-D. The boys can get up to some crazy shit inside it, including taking selfies inside the car and launching yourself off of cliffs for points.
    • If you crash around in the Type-D the characters will fall over each other and get pissed. Sometimes Prompto will even slap Noctis. Even worse, an NSGO would do if your monster truck fell from the bridge! Shown here.
  • The promotional Cup Noodle hat. Which, like everything else you can also wear into serious plot cutscenes. Including the endgame. And you thought Noctis's mariachi outfit was bad enough.
  • If you're playing as another character and AI Noctis is hit with Confusion, instead of trying to attack you he'll do things like clap and laugh at nothing in particular or screw up warp strike, causing him to flop onto the ground and roll around for a bit.
  • Patch 1.21, amongst other things, adds some new banter among the bros, including this gem featuring Ignis, of all people, absent-mindedly humming the chocobo theme.
    Ignis: (quietly humming) (Beat) ...You alright, Prompto?
    Prompto: (bewildered) Were... you... humming?
    Ignis: I suppose I was.
    Prompto: Who are you, and what did you do with Iggy?
    Ignis: My lips are sealed.
  • In Royal Edition you can drive around in a boat. Some of the new photo ops are quite hilarious, including one of Gladio headlocking Noctis while Prompto steals Ignis's glasses and wears them himself.
  • Sometimes Noct will catch Prompto off-guard when calling him for a special attack:
    Noct: Ignis- No, wait! Prompto!
    Prompto: What?! W-Who?!

    DLC Episodes 
  • The Moogle Chocobo Carnival event promo video has to be seen to be believed. Featuring things such as Noctis awkwardly dancing in a silly outfit, being harassed by various people dressed as Final Fantasy mascots, and having the time of his life in a mariachi costume.
    • The Moogle Chocobo Carnival isn't super funny. The outfit you get with it, the Choco-Mog Tee, automatically makes the rest of the game hilarious. Possibly what makes it even better is that since the hat has a brim, sometimes it covers Noct's eyes, and makes scenes more dramatic than they were before. Also: You can wear it after the time skip and look like a complete hobo.
  • The Moogle Chocobo Carnival event is full of funnies and sillies as the game stops taking itself seriously, with various games and activities.
  • Episode Gladio, Cor and Gladio discuss Gilgamesh.
    Gladio: So, this 'Blademaster'.
    Cor: He's a master of blades. What, were you expecting something profound?
  • Even though Episode Prompto is a huge Tear Jerker, it still has some funny moments, considering what kind of character Prompto is.
    • When Prompto performs a stealth kill, he shouts out "Yoink!"
    • Prompto has an ability called The Selfie Shot that allows him to "set differences aside with his enemies and take a selfie".
    • Ardyn singing the iconic victory fanfare and smiling at the viewer at the end. Although it quickly becomes a Mood Whiplash as the next scene is Prompto waking up in his prison cell.
    • After beating the episode, you obtain the tundra attire, and the description accompanying that is no other than a Frozen reference.
      Change into your new outfit and let the cold know it never bothered you anyway!
  • From the Assassin's Festival:
    • Noctis and Prompto sound like excited children as they drive into town for the festival.
    • Noctis can hide from the Imperials in a dumpster. When re-emerging, Prompto will occasionally call him THE PRINCE OF GARBAGE!
    • Gladio asks Holly what the Festival is about. Noct is all too happy to explain, only for Gladio to retort: "I was asking her!"
    • Should the player choose to have Noct rent robes with his friends, Noct will make a big show saying he doesn't have a choice even though it's all too clear that he's itching to get into costume. Much to Gladio's exasperation. That, and Noctis being an overall geek for the whole thing.
      • Ignis seems a bit embarrassed after he puts on the costume, since it exposes a fair amount of skin. Cindy then teases him by commenting on how the outift lets her see a new side of him.
    • While watching some festivalgoers participate in the Crossing, Ignis contemplates taking part himself:
      Ignis: Can't spell "funamubulism" without "fun".
      Noctis: How do you even know that word?
    • There's another bench at the festival where Noctis can sit down next to Kenny Crow. This time it seems to be an actual statue, but he decides not to take any chances.
    • Noctis can happen upon Gladio flirting it up with a woman. Cue Prompto doing his best exaggerated Sassy Black Woman impression out of nowhere just to shoot a jab.
      Prompto: I am, disgusted.
      Noctis: You and me both.
    • When you talk to Ignis to start the "In Search of Truth and Treasure" quest, there is a rare chance that his character model will start spazzing out, twitching in place and shaking his head. Here, it's been taken to its logical conclusion. This could happen in the main game as well while the Festival was active, especially when obtaining a new recipe.
    • In regards to Noctis geeking out as aforementioned, whenever you happen to first perform the Assassin's Creed series' iconic Leap of Faith with him before they get back on track of their objective...
      Noctis: *Breathes in as he's acting in character* "I have joined them."
      Prompto: *Sarcastically* Congratulations. So, are we done here?
      Noctis: "We are Assassins."
      Prompto: *Annoyed* Okay, great. Can we go now?
  • From the Comrades Multiplayer expansion:
    • You're able to customize your player Glaive from top to bottom, from hair style to hair color, and from hats to shoes right down to their colors. There's nothing stopping you from making a rainbow-haired, tackily inked-out, unusually spry fatso decked out in gaudy rainbow colored clothing.
    • Among the voices you can choose, one of the male voices is a very heavy Brooklyn Accent that sounds a lot like Joey Wheeler.
    • Among the clothes you can wear are full body costumes. These include a Chocobo and Kenny Crow costume.
    • A.I. teammates are usually designed more realistically. But there's a chance one of your teammates will be none other than Kenny Crow - who will be wielding a pair of salmon. Naturally. Even funnier, Kenny is locked to always be 10 levels above the player.
    • One of the random cooks post-mission can be the owner of the Crow's Nest diner, and will groove out like he's at a rave or something in the background of the level up/rewards screen if you move your camera to show him.
    • Even better (or worse, depending), while the cooking generally involves dishes that were cooked, scanned and animated to be as realistic and appetizing as possible, two of the things Monica can cook for you... aren't any of this, namely the Too Well Done Meat (made from Gigantoad meat) and the Murky Soup (made from Marlboro Tentacles), which look absolutely disgusting. Monica's completely normal "Bon Appétit" sells it.
    • Cid constantly compares the player Glaive to Noctis. Favourably. He really didn't like the kid.
    • If you choose to spar with Prompto, he has the ability to petrify you. While you've turned into stone, he takes the time running up to you... and takes a selfie with your stoned form. If you're wondering, that happens every time he does that. The best part about this? Should you ever review the photos automatically taken with Vyv, you can save said selfie to your collection.
  • With the release of the VR side-game, "Monsters of the Deep", coming up, Square Enix realized that it made them think of another famous Japanese monster from the sea, so they made a mock poster in the style of monster movies of the era featuring the guys (and Cindy).
  • Although Episode Ignis lays very heavy on the drama, among Ignis' abilities, including Overclock (imbue his attacks with an element) and High Jump (perform the Dragoon's signature attack), is... Quick Recipeh. Yes, it's spelled in that way. Using this causes Ignis to cook a meal on the spot with jump cuts to different parts in his cooking. And he's completely invincible while doing so.
  • Right after Ravus interrupts Ardyn's attempted execution of Noctis, Ardyn places his hat onto the (still helmeted) head of a nearby trooper before dealing with him.
  • The non-canon bonus fight in Episode Ignis is between Ignis and a fully powered-up Noctis. What happens if you manage to beat him? Ignis forces him to eat his vegetables.
  • Terra Wars crossover level:
    • Before Noctis gains access to Sarah's team attack, trying to do a Link Strike causes an Epic Fail with both tumbling over themselves.
    • Noctis calling Sarah to attack sometimes has him call either Gladio, Ignis, or Prompto by accident before correcting himself. This confuses Sarah for a moment as she attacks. One example:
      Noctis: C'mon, Prompto— Oh no no, uh, Sarah!
      Sarah: Huh? What? Me!?
  • Episode Ardyn
    • The majority of the game takes place during Ardyn's one-man (with a huge assist from the daemonic Ifrit) assault on Insomnia during Founder's Day. Aside from gutting soldiers, Ardyn can also get extra points for being a complete troll by taking part in petty acts of vandalism. Popping big balloons, destroying lamp posts decorated with Somnus' insignia...and he'll enjoy himself doing it too!
    • To manually save the game, you need to find a bench for Ardyn to sit down and rest a while. This can lead to the hilarious imagery of Ardyn slaughtering the Kingsglaive during his invasion of Insomnia...then pulling out a magazine to take a load off.
    • Hell, the opening act to the Episode was kind of funny. As Ardyn steps out into the crowd, he dramatically exclaims "Now, let the fireworks begin!" and raises his hand and snaps his fingers to summon Ifrit...and nothing happens. He actually waits a couple of moments, looks around, and he quickly recoils to the realization he made a damn fool of himself in front of everyone, weakly exclaiming "Oh dear.." and looking genuinely embarrassed. And only then does Ifrit finally show up...something like two blocks away. The Gods aren't exactly all that reliable, and Ardyn knows it.
    • The fact that Ardyn can equip different hats for different stat allocations. He can tear through Insomnia's forces wearing a ten gallon, a Santa hat, or even a goblin's cap.
    • Upon reaching the Citadel, Ardyn quotes — of all things — Little Red Riding Hood:
      "Oh my, what big walls you have! All the better to look down upon his beloved subjects from."
    • At the end of the boss fight against Regis, Ardyn will demand that Regis summon The Old Wall so he can have a "chat" with Somnus. Cue Ardyn repeatedly stomping and kicking Regis, all the while calling for Somnus to come face him, until the poor man falls unconscious. Ardyn looks confused and thinks that he's actually killed Regis.
      Ardyn: ...Huh? *picks up Regis' arm and watches it fall immediately as he lets go* Is he dead? Oh dear. Perhaps I don't know my own strength.

    Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV 
  • From Episode 1:
    • The crew takes a pitstop at a diner to eat. Noct is nonchalantly taking all the veggies out of his burger and pushing it over to Ignis' plate.
    • Prompto tries to get a ketchup bottle to work, though it ends up spraying the entire table with ketchup.
    • Gladio and Ignis talking about how Noct gets babied by Ignis.
    • The boys teasing Noctis about Luna.
      Prompto: Wonder how Luna's doing. Any idea, Noct?
      Noct: Who knows.
      Prompto: "Who knows"? You know, don't you?
      Gladio: 'Course he does, that's why we're crossin' the sea.
      Ignis: He's more worried than anyone about Lady Lunafreya's well-being.
      Noct: ...I'm going to bed.
      Prompto: Whoa, you're turning red!
      Noct: Shut up!
  • From Episode 2:
    • We see Kid Noctis surrounded by several female classmates, all asking him how many servants he has. Noct's response is to abruptly turn around and walk off.
    • For those who are into schadenfreude, Kid Prompto face-planting.
  • From Episode 3:
    • The Running Gag of Noctis hating his veggies continues.
      King Regis: You didn't eat your carrots.
      Young!Noctis: I hate carrots.
    • Gladio telling Iris to stay put while awaiting an audience with Noctis, then closing the door to the room she's waiting in. He then almost immediately reopens the door to check on her.
  • From Episode 4:
    • Ignis' expression when he finds the utter mess Noct's apartment is in.
    • Prompto while walking home with Noctis after failing another test:
      Prompto: Your Highness, please ban exams!
    • Noct comes home from school to find Ignis preparing dinner, and is annoyed when he sees that Ignis added carrots. Cut to his plate, where everything but the carrots has been polished off.
    • Gladio playing truant officer. In a hoodie.



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