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"I want my journey to be full of laughter."

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • After meeting Yuna, Tidus' voiceover notes his immediate surprise, as he thought summoners were all old geezers.
  • After beating Bonus Boss Dark Ifrit in the PAL version, you're treated to a cutscene in which the SOB who summoned it is eaten by a fiend. Although the Dark Valefor one is pretty funny too (Evil Bald Summoner Guy gets pwned by a little girl, and runs away from the angry villagers).
  • The party meets Dona. She tosses off insults at Yuna and her many guardians, referring to them as "riff-raff" while her massive guardian stands behind her. And then...he speaks. "You're Auron, aren't you? May I shake your hand?" Dona is left completely wrong-footed. Auron is a legendary guardian. Wakka and Lulu then mock her for inadvertently insulting such a famous figure.
    • "Touch me with that hand and I'll remove it!"
  • All these exchanges in battles:
    Tidus: [to Auron] Don't break any bones, old man!
    Lulu: [using the poison spell Bio for the first time] This might help your complexion.
    Wakka: [facing a Giant Worm] Where's de early bird when you need 'im?
    • Encountering a Behemoth with Wakka active in the Calm Lands.
    Wakka: [facing a Behemoth] How many steaks you think we can get outta this?
    • When encountering a Dark Flan for the first time with Rikku in the party.
    Rikku: Wow! Say, is that edible?
    • When Yuna and Lulu are all out at once.
      Yuna: [bad Wakka impression] A lotta fiends here, ya?
      Lulu: [annoyed] Don't talk like that.
    • If you let Yuna use her physical attack.
      Lulu: Why don't you leave the physical fighting to us?
    • When Yuna, Tidus, and Lulu are all out at once.
      Tidus: Yuna! Aeon!
      Lulu: Just who do you think you are?!
    • After Tidus is made a guardian.
      Tidus: I'm a guardian now, so watch out!
    • After Wakka calls Tidus a newbie.
      Tidus: Newbie here!
      Wakka: (sheepish) So-rry...
    • Tidus sees a Tonberry for the first time.
    • Wakka sees Tidus get killed and revived.
      Wakka: This is new for you, ya?
      Tidus: What do you think?
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    • If you don't rent a chocobo on the Mi'hen Highroad.
    • Tidus uses Flee to get the team out of battles:
      Tidus: Uhh I'll be right back! (or) Live and let live! (or) I won't go so easy on you next time!
      • Even better: If you use Flee, the team will dart off in random directions.
    • Tidus uses Slice and Dice.
      Tidus: Eeny, meeny, miny, mo!
    • Wakka and Lulu are in the party.
      Wakka: Lu, I'll show you what I can do!
      Lulu: Go ahead...
    • Tidus and Wakka try to out-jock each other.
      Wakka: My fastball done broke da mouth!
      Tidus: I can top that.
    • Lulu casts Blizzara.
    • Facing down some gigantic fiend.
    • Rikku on the Thunder Plains.
      Rikku: Please don't make it rumble...
    • Rikku sees a Demonolith.
    • Rikku meets Neslug.
      Rikku: Let's go, escargot!
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    • After meeting up with Auron in Via Purifico.
      Auron: I hate this place.
      • This gets a great Call-Back from Paine in the sequel whenever you dress her up as a Songstress: "I hate this dressphere."
    • Fighting a Cactuar.
      Tidus: Don't you run, Needles!
    • When Lulu and Wakka are both on the field, on the Mi'ihen Highroad, if you are choosing to walk instead of riding a chocobo.
      Wakka: Sure wish we had a chocobo...
      Lulu: Walk, or I'll feed you to one.
    • After Lulu uses her physical attack for the first time.
      Lulu: Just thought I'd give it a try.
  • The cactuars sidequest.
  • The scene in Guadosalam when Tidus tries to smell Auron after Seymour says that Auron has the scent of the Farplane around him.
  • Where derp meets Shout-Out:
    Tidus: They say Seymour went to Macarena Temple.
    Wakka: Macalania Temple.
    Tidus: Aye!
    • Doubly funny when you live in Sevilla, Spain, where the Macarena Temple is a place that really exists (the Holy Basilica of Our Lady Of Hope Macarena, to be precise).
  • After the party is informed about the Chocobo Eater on the Mi'ihen Highroad:
    Tidus: A large fiend... Let's get 'im!
    Auron: Why?
    Tidus: It's the right thing to do!
    Auron: "It's the right thing to do"? (chuckles)
    Tidus: What'd I say now?
    Auron: Jecht said that a lot, too. And every time he did, it meant trouble for Braska and me.
  • Before fighting Evrae on top of Cid's airship, you can shop for weapons from Rin. After you've bought everything you need, this exchange happens:
  • The infamous laughing scene is this in a So Bad, It's Good kind of way, especially Yuna's reaction:
    Yuna: You...probably shouldn't laugh anymore.
  • Tidus clowning around on the S.S. Liki with the binoculars; specifically when Tidus first grabs them and all the player sees are the belts on Lulu's skirt. Pan upwards to her chest and Lulu scowls. A moment that's both funny and absolutely adorable is Yuna running to make sure she's still being seen in the binoculars.
    • Try talking to the binoculars guy after that. He runs from Tidus in fear!
    • And it's pronounced the "S.S. Leaky."
  • The party arrives in Luca where the announcers are all talking up how great the Luca Goers are and going on about what awful, breathing statistical impossibility of loss the Besaid Aurochs are. The Aurochs just take it as usual, used to it, and then Tidus grabs a megaphone and starts trash-talking, then raises his head and howls laughing. Wakka facepalms and then asks just what the heck he was doing, but the other players note that they really stood out, and even got on the sphere footage.
  • When the party is reuniting in the Bikanel desert:
    Rikku: Umm...There's something I wanna tell you guys, but promise not to say anything!
    Wakka: (camera zooms in on his face) HM?! (glares)
    Rikku: No glaring, either!
    • Another part that happens in the desert is when the player finds Kimahri, who keeps trying to walk up a steep sand dune despite falling back down it repeatedly.
  • Auron's story about Jecht meeting his first shoopuf. He was drunk and thought it was a fiend, so he attacked it. Braska and Auron had to offer all the money they had as an apology, and Jecht never drank again.
    • Also a CMOH for Tidus, who always wished his father would stop drinking.
  • Kimahri also has a shoopuf story - when Yuna was little she fell in the water near one, and it scooped her up with its nose. She liked it so much that she jumped into the water three more times. Kimahri adds "Kimahri worried." Turns into a CMOH when he goes on to say he was happy she had fun.
    • There's also this:
      Lulu: Riding a shoopuf isn't THAT much fun.
      Wakka: How little you know! Some things little boys never grow out of!
      Wakka & Tidus: Right?
      Lulu: (facepalm)
  • After Tidus' commentary at Home about the fate of summoners, we get this sole line from Kimahri: "It's quiet. Kimahri goes now." It comes across as unintentionally hilarious.
  • I'm annoying, huh?
  • Rikku's freak out in the Thunder Plains, followed by the party coming across an inn and Rikku begging to stay there. The way everyone except Tidus keeps walking away from her as you talk to her is too funny.
  • Kimahri telling Tidus in no uncertain terms to hold still until Yuna gets her new aeon at Djose Temple.
    Kimahri: Pick spot. Shut up. Wait.
  • An unintentional moment is made by an animation error on Seymour during the wedding scene, while Mika is threatening Yuna (at around 4:28).
  • The whole cast good-naturedly poking fun at Yuna when she wakes up with bedhead. The entire scene is hilarious, but Auron really takes the cake:
    • This line is so good, in fact, that there's a Call-Back to it in X-2, as one of the two lines spoken by Auron in Shinra's character database.
  • Tidus and Rikku talk on Mt. Gagazet about what to do next. Rikku jokingly tells Tidus he sounded like a leader. Tidus replies "Star player of the Zanarkand Abes, didn't anyone tell ya?" to which Rikku gives a magnificent mock bow.
  • Early in the game if you have Tidus and Lulu in the party, Tidus will celebrate winning a battle excitedly, and Lulu will snark "you're a modest one."
  • If you talk to Wakka after seeing the quick bit of Yuna about to marry Seymour.
    Wakka: I'm glad Yuna's okay and all, but what's with those fancy clothes?
  • Depending on who Tidus' "partner" becomes during the game, there's a scene where Tidus discusses the idea of Yuna getting married with him/her. If it's Lulu, then you have the option to say "You're more my type." Her response?
    Lulu: Interesting. I suppose I could add you to my list. I wish you good luck, little boy. You're going to need it.
  • After you rescue Yuna from the Al Bhed in Luca, Lulu tells the story of Yuna's parentage, then asks Tidus not to tell Wakka because of his Fantastic Racism. Tidus then realizes they need to let Wakka, still playing a delaying action against the Al Bhed Psyches, know that they've rescued Yuna, but Lulu is a bit slow on the uptake.
    Tidus: Whoa! I've gotta tell Wakka!
    Lulu: I thought I told you not to tell Wakka!
    Yuna: The game!
    Lulu: Oh! (sends up a magical flare)
    • On a related note, when they fight off the Al Bhed machina, Yuna then appears from inside the ship, having apparently rescued herself.
    Lulu: I hope you hurt them.
    Yuna: (smiling sweetly) A little...
  • One of Auron's Overdrives is him batting an enemy into the sky. While the sheer sight of this is funny on its own, it gets better when you use it on a big enemy, like a Sandworm...
  • Early in the game, the player is given a brief tutorial on elemental magic when a water Flan is encountered. Lulu comes in, and while the game requires you to have her use black magic, it doesn't control what type you use. So there's fun to be had with Lulu's "lessons" if you choose anything other than Thunder.
    Lulu: (casting Fire or Ice) That was a bad example. This is a water fiend, so it's weak against thunder.
    Wakka: Enough with the lessons, Lu. Let's get going, ya?
  • After Seymour is killed in Macalania Temple and the party is confronted while leaving:
    Kimahri: Away!
    Auron: Run! (the whole party runs, and an animation glitch happens - Auron's shoulder collides with a Guado guard)
    Guard: (is unphased by the collision for several seconds before suddenly being slammed to the ground)
  • "Stay away from the summoner!" And the old woman even says this no matter how far away you are from Yuna — basically, as long as you try and move in any direction except the one allowed.
  • This exchange between Kinoc and Auron:
    Kinoc: Really, now, what person would execute a dear friend?
    Auron: You would.
  • The Zanarkand Dome, where Yunalesca awaits, the Holy of Holies for the Church of Yevon, is the ruins of a blitzball stadium. Also makes Yuna's and Tidus's conversation about the importance of blitzball Fridge Brilliance and Hilarious in Hindsight.
    Tidus: Whoa, talk about pressure!
    Yuna: Haha, that's right!
  • When your last character gets KO'ed, they will say something with their dying breath. While most of these are suitably tragic, if you die on Besaid, Lulu comments on how you didn't even make it off the island. Auron sometimes quips "what a mess" or "unbelievable" as if he's watching someone else instead. If you die in the Thunder Plains, Rikku blames the lightning.
  • If you ride with Auron to Macalania Temple, Tidus comments how he's "no fun to ride with at all", which results in a shocked "What?" from Auron. Auron then tells Tidus not to do anything rash and complicate things, only to then go back on that advice and tell Tidus to make mistakes and make the most of his youth. The end result is a very confused Tidus frustratedly asking "so which is it?"
  • If your relationship with Rikku is very high and you pick the right options in Guadosalam, Tidus admits to liking Rikku, who is completely floored by this.
  • Remember the awesome Big Damn Heroes scene when the entire party slides down the rails off an airship to crash Yuna's faux wedding to Seymour? Have you ever wondered where Lulu was while during the rail grinding? Oh, make no mistake - she's there alright. If you look very closely, she's being carried by Kimahri.
  • This one is Hilarious in Hindsight. You can have two-thirds of your party composed of John DiMaggio, and fight one of three varieties of GIANT WORM!
  • The famous line "I'm gonna be a blitzball when I grow up!" Even funnier when you learn that it wasn't a translation error. That's how the line was originally written in Japanese! The Japanese was eventually corrected in the HD Remaster version, but the translators decided to leave it in the original form for the English HD Remaster release.
  • When Yuna escapes from Seymour at the altar, she tells her party to make their escape as well. Everyone is willing to go through with her order...except Tidus, who Kimahri has to hold back from getting his hands on Seymour. The game doesn't actually show it, but it's easy to just picture an image of Tidus being Dragged by the Collar.
  • Here's a little Developers' Foresight: Tidus, Yuna and Kimahri went to downtown Luca in search of Auron who's supposed to be in a café. The establishment that they went to progress the plot is, in Spiran script, actually a bar, not a café (the latter is another place that they apparently missed).
  • Should Tidus succeed in learning the Jecht Shot, he starts to gloat to himself...and gets taken by surprise by the rest of the Aurochs and Wakka who have crowded around him.
  • After Seymour remarks to Auron that Guado are keen to the scent of the Farplane, Tidus decides to actually start sniffing Auron. Auron shoves him away in annoyance.
  • Kimahri talking for the first time after spending a good portion of the beginning being silent. The look on Tidus's face was priceless as the expression was clearly saying "Holy shit did he just talk!?"
  • Tidus accidentally falling past the door to Yuna's room gives a very awkward moment between the two. After she leaves, Tidus then gets snuck up on by Wakka who puts him in a headlock, berating him for disturbing Yuna.
  • Right before the battle with Evrae Altana, there's a blue chest you can interact with and it inexplicably turns out to be a shop. One way to interpret this is that it's a Spiran vending machine.
  • Evrae Altana is potentially the fastest boss to die; throw two Phoenix Downs at it and this threatening-looking zombie dragon is gone. Even more hilariously, this is actually the better way (as opposed to going through a series of locked rooms) to defeat it, because you'll miss a few one-time items otherwise.
  • Explaining Jyscal's sphere, Yuna states "The sphere is his will. It says 'take care of my son'." To this, Tidus replies "His son. Seymour? Well, I know one way to take care of him." Of course, Yuna reacts by saying that she's sorry and runs off, but still...
  • If Kimahri uses his Self-Destruct Ronso Rage to finish the battle against Biran and Yenke, the one whose defeat ends the battle will declare that Kimahri wins...but since Kimahri is the only party member present for this battle, the game will declare a Game Over anyway.


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