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Funny / Filly Fantasy VI

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  • The end of Scootaloo's introduction when Luna takes too long to catch up. "Hey, Moonbutt! Move your flank!"
  • Just like Sabin, Luna slips up and starts mimicing Applejack's speech patterns when fleeing the Imperial Camp.
    Applejack: But, Princess Luna! Ah ain't used one of these before!
    Luna: Applejack, it is simplicity itself. Ah don't know how y'all... I-I mean, I don't know what's so confusing about it.
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  • Pinkie's recruitment, she breaks the fourth wall as only she can. "I wanted to join at the start of the game, but the hacker didn't know how to do that!"
  • The Air Force boss is replaced with Derpy Hooves in a biplane "Muffin-2" with Dinky and Button Mash as her comrades. And then she starts throwing out magic-absorbing Muffins.
  • Celestia pretends to be a pegasus named "Solaris" to temporarily command the Diamond Dogs. Cadance questions if they noticed she was an alicorn. "At first. Fortunately, they're idiots. They think the horn is cardboard."
  • The top of the Fanatics Tower in the 1.0 release. Players open the chest to find their long trek rewarded with an Apple. Then they face the boss of the area, Screwball, and defeat her to earn Twilight's ultimate weapon, the Twilicane. This place was definitely designed by Discord.

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