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Watching the people do these insane stunts was pretty funny in general, but even some of the moments between characters were fun to watch.

  • One stunt had the contestants walking down a runway... naked.
  • In the Second Chances edition, the gross-out stunt was filling a cup of flies with blended maggots then drinking it. Michael Thompson, unsurprisingly, heckles everyone throughout the stunt, but the CMOF came when he was heckling Carmen, and Gina freaks out.
  • Johnny Fairplay's heckling of Jonathan & Victoria. Even the other contestants couldn't bottle in their laughter.
    • From that same 3-parter, this exchange:
    Trishelle: First of all, I don't believe for one second Johnny Fairplay was a lifeguard.
    Joe: Maybe he was just the guy who screamed: "Whoa, dude, someone's drowning".
  • One stunt had contestants drinking ostrich egg. Throughout the stunt, shots of the ostriches' faces were shown looking disgusted.
  • In Return To Vegas, the second stunt involved swimming with piranhas. One contestant, who is African American, reacted with "I hope they don't like dark meat."
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  • In "Couples Fear Factor" one contestant was trying to pull a flag, and accidentally pulled the entire pole out of the ground.

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