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  • Pretty much everything Siegfried And Roy do.
    "I am going to travel forward in time and scowl at you! (Beat, scowls) I have arrived!"
  • Sierra's backpack, which features a design of an unamused monkey with the word "What?" underneath.

  • Sierra's introduction. "Jenna's stuck-up older sister is in heat and we're gonna watch her 'lower her standards.'"
  • Sarmoti both subverting and playing Pretty Fly for a White Guy straight by being an African lion who does the African pride fist whenever he proudly says "Africa" while otherwise sounding and acting like an Alter Kocker. One wonders if Carl Reiner was deliberately miscast just for that joke.
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  • "Kate, I'm sorry but your father an I broke up. I don't love him any more." Why is this line funny? Because Larry is the one saying it!
  • The lions' complete lack of interest (chit-chatting, reading magazines) while watching the magic show off-stage. Larry's completely deadpan "Oh my god, they're gonna die. Siegfried and Roy are gonna die." could give Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka a run for his money.
  • Siegfried calling Dick Cheney "vice principal" of the United States.
  • Hunter pokes his head outside after hearing his parents argue. Larry says "C'mere" and it looks like they're going to have a tender moment. Then it turns out Larry just wanted to eat some of the popcorn that was in Hunter's cone (Siera had been using it as a popcorn bowl while they were watching a movie).
    • And the setup before that where he and Sierra are watching a knockoff-brand version of The Lion King.
    Hunter: (his cone being used as a makeshift popcorn bowl, obscuring his view of the screen) What's happening now??
    Sierra: (annoyed) Oh, Simba was sad and then Darth Vader said some made up African crap.

"What's Black, White, and Depressed All Over?"
  • Foo Lin's cat Mr. Right at one point is seen mouthing the words "Help me".
  • Nelson tries to pick a fight with Larry, but Larry doesn't take him seriously and finds him adorable instead.

"Larry's Debut and Sweet Darryl Hannah, Too"
  • Siegfried makes Roy pay a swear jar for saying the word "titty", when all he did was talk about Queen Nefertiti.
  • While Siegfried and Roy are demonstrating their new trick.
    Roy: ...and Larry (clap clap) drops into the secret compartment!
    (Cymbal sting. Nothing)
    Roy: (Nervously) Er, Larry (clap clap) drops into the secret compartment!
    (Cymbal sting. Still nothing)
    Roy: (Aside to Siegfried) Why is not Larry (clap clap) dropping into the secret compartment?
    (Cymbal sting)

And The Revolution Continues
  • Larry tries to bond with Sierra by showing her videos of her with her as a baby with "Carry On, My Wayward Son" dubbed in. She shuts it off and walks out. Larry stands there glumly, slowly turn the tape back on... and continues to air-guitar to the song.
    Larry: Look how cute you were!
    Sierra: Yes, dad. All lion babies are cute. Nature does that so lion daddies won't eat them.
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  • Larry telling Sierra that their dinner with Siegfried and Roy is "for grown ups" (which is why Hunter isn't going).
    Sierra: Grownups? Last time, Siegfried and Roy dressed up like leprechauns!
    Larry: (considers this for a second, then realizes that he has no argument) Yes they did.
  • Kate thinking that Sierra wants to save Emerson so she can keep him as a pet (when in fact he appeals to her rebellious nature).
    Kate: Honey, you cannot have another pet. It'll be just like the cocker spaniel where I got stuck walking him and cleaning up after him.
    Larry: He was tasty though!
    Sierra: (Suspiciously) I thought you sent him to a farm.
    Larry: (Awkwardly) Yeah, I did.
  • Sarmoti is asked to bond with Hunter, so he takes him along on his date. Hilarity Ensues.
    • First, he tells Hunter to play darts while he's talking to his lady friend. Moments later, he looks over and the darts are in his nose a'la Bluto.
    • Sarmoti tells Hunter that "sweet piece of tail" means "a funny nice person." Later, he tells a joke in front of the family and Hunter laughs "Grandpa, you're a sweet piece of tail!"
    • "If you see me talking to a lady, you don't know me." Later, when he tells his date that he's raising Hunter by himself, Sarmoti tries to call him over. "I do not know you, sir!"
    "He's, um... he's dumb."
  • Upon her arrival, Barbra Streisand requests that a chair be brought to her room, a lamp she sees in the hallway to take home and an Oscar for directing The Prince of Tides.

"Catnip and Trust"
  • The very first joke! Larry and Kate are at a function for a school for gifted children, listening to the students perform a soggy folk song. Kate is quietly crying. Pan over to Larry looking bored as hell and snoring with his eyes open!
  • The various euphemisms for catnip (mulch, snorkle, monkey junk, street cheese and siamese coleslaw) that Kate reads from a medical journal when putting Sierra on the spot. At one point, she also calls it "Friedman," until Larry points out that she's just reading the name of the doctor who did this study.
  • This exchange, which appeared in most of the commercials.
    Sierra: You are the worst parents ever!
    Larry: No, we are not. My parents were!
  • When Kate asks him about it, Larry denies ever doing catnip, only for his friend Snack to come over and confirm otherwise.
  • Hunter tells his parents that Sierra made him pretend to be her (hiding under the covers) by threatening to kill Santa. Larry reassures him by telling him there is no Santa.
  • Sierra finally tells her parents that, while she's not on drugs, she does have an older boyfriend (with a kid) whom she snuck out to see after their argument earlier in the episode. Larry stares at her for a second, then asks that they go back to her possibly being on drugs.

  • At the end, Larry ends up telling another Celebrity Lie by claiming to be friends with Justin Timberlake. Once Hunter's class expresses their excitement at the news, Larry runs for it.

  • The opening Shout-Out to Spiderman, with Larry hiding on the ceiling just because he doesn't want to go to the tigers' party.
  • Larry: "We do fun stuff together all the time! We sleep in the same bed fourteen hours a night!" Kate:"I only sleep six hours a night."
  • Sarmoti referring to Tori Amos as "suicidal chick music" and, later, "boo-hoo broad music".
  • Blake's string quartet of cross-dressing monkeys.
  • Larry stealing the Tigers' TV because he thinks it'll fit Kate's idea of spontaneity, then being genuinely saddened when she tells him spontaneous doesn't mean stupid.
    • Which doubles as a Call-Back to the first joke of the episode, where Larry runs head-first into a wall as his idea of "spontaneous."
    Larry: Didn't see that comin', did ya??
    Kate: That's the problem, Larry: I did.
    • And of course, the TV ends up being what rekindles her passion with Larry.
  • While entertaining a large crowd of guests, Blake and Victoria spontaneously roleplay as a renegade KGB agent and a sexually ambiguous lawyer working at a book store in Delaware, respectively, and proceed to passionately make out on the floor.
    • Later, Larry tries a couple times to woo Kate with his "swarthy foreign handyman" bit and both times she tells him to shut up.
  • "Hey girl! Try not to cry on your boobs!"
  • The Snout Brothers interrogating Larry, in their own way.
    Brother 1: Take off your shoes!
    Larry: I don't wear shoes!
    Brother 1: Figures!
    Brother 2: Why don't you just tiptoe barefoot to your gay wedding!
  • The very, very dark joke about the tiger who was exiled for "something unspeakable," shown playing ping pong sadly by himself.note 
    "Seventeen love!" (Cries) "In your face..."
  • While watching their big screen TV, Larry notes that Webster is so big that he isn't even funny any more.
  • Kate, still on a high from their crime, suggests they steal Blake and Victoria's TiVo. Larry says it's too big a risk, but Kate reminds him that, come 9 PM, he'll have to choose between Law & Order and American Chopper. Cue a high-pitched gasp from Larry. Oh no, he likes both those shows!
    • They then don Nixon and Regan masks to steal said TiVo.

One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Girlfriend
  • While on a diet, Larry starts imagining everything in the house turning into food. Then he looks outside and sees a deer turn into... a deer.
    • Said deer turns out to be his and Kate's neighbor.

  • Seigfried and Roy leave Larry to recover from his fake injury and tell him that they left him a special get-well message in his house. The second they're gone, he rips off his leg cast and dances around before flopping back on the couch. Only to see a murel on the ceiling of them looking sad, with the caption "Please don't die, Larry."
  • Larry demonstrates to Snack that he didn't actually hurt his leg by banging it down on the table repeatedly... then rubs it because that did actually hurt a little.
  • Larry tries to trick Kate into keeping the medicated meatballs (which he's been using to get Sarmoti high and be nicer to him) by saying they'd make nice earrings. He doesn't give it two seconds before realizing the jig is up and he says, with an awkward smile, "I'm drugging your father."
  • Samoti's thoughts on Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood: when high, it's "feisty southern gals celebrating life." When sober, it's "southern hags having a bitchfest on my pay-per-view."
  • "My dad's in such a good mood. You think he's dying?"
  • Roy getting gradually more and more sick of Siegfried's puns that he eventually kicks him out of his car.

"The Siegfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie"

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