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  • When Walter and Catherine first met.
    Walter: No. I walked.
  • While Walter is trying to teach Catherine how to catch a fish barehanded. When a fish swims toward them, we get this:
    Walter: (in a hushed voice) Hey, here she comes again.
    Catherine: How do you know it's a "she"?
    Walter: Her mouth is open, now be quiet.
  • After Jenny hands Walter one of his whiskey bottles after he'd almost choked.
    Walter: (playing dumb) Why, how strange!
    Jenny: What?
    Walter: That you should bring me this.
    Jenny: I've done it before.
    Walter: No you haven't.
    Jenny: Yes I have.
    Walter: Shut up.
  • During the wedding.
    Houghton: There's a bit of paperwork to fill out, Walter. Who's the Maid of Honor?
    Catherine: Umm, Elizabeth Anderson.
    Houghton: And the Best Man?
    Walter: Uh, Harry MacGregor.
    Houghton: Harry?
    Walter: Just believe me.
  • Before the wedding, Walter radios the base for a chaplain. What's Houghton's response when the radioman relays the message without elaborating?
    Cdr. Houghton: A Chaplain?! Good heavens, he's killed her!
    • Followed up by the radioman's own shock, when he explains Walter and Catherine's intentions to get married.
    Cdr. Houghton: Married?! Goody-Two Shoes and the Filthy Beast?!